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Test Continued
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06-30-2020 05:27 PM

His hand throbbed. His head didn't feel much better.

It was okay, he liked pain.

His hand shaking, he reached out and grabbed the bottle of Tequila. The blood smeared finger sized streaks across the glass and onto the label. He shakily picked it up, and poured a lot, the liquid heat running down his throat and warming his insides. Setting the glass down, he sat back in his chair.

Sitting, head down, he buried his face in his palms. He felt the warm liquid on his face, and he knew it was his blood.

The waves rolled in, their wooosh and crash, the sound of a distant seagull breaking the otherwise peaceful landscape. The shrill chatter from the Turkey's of the ocean.

The sand was soft beneath his feet, or so he guessed. His dress shoes pressed into the sand with each step, almost falling through as they created small craters in the softness. His shirt in tatters, and his hair an unkempt mess. He stumbled slowly towards the water. Each step only mere inches of progress, but they felt like a mile. The ocean was only 100 yards away, but it felt like it was across the desert. Behind him was a trail of crimson. His entire midsection was numb. His eyes squinted, the light burned. But he didn't care. The breeze felt good, a minor solace.

As he got closer to the water, he dropped to his knees. The tide rolled in around his dress pants. He looked out to the watery horizon, and opened his eyes fully despite the burn. The last thing he remembered was the fight.....the mistake he made, the opponent he underestimated and the knife that plunged into his abdomen. He knew he was toast, but at least he got to go to his happy place. Not everyone is so lucky. He dropped, face down into the water, his lips caused bubbles in the salty water as his breaths became more ragged. Another wave came in and covered him, and he felt himself begin to float and get carried to his watery grave. The water was crimson around him...........the water entered his lungs as he felt his body go limp.

Another shot with a shaky hand. He was NOT going to underestimate his opponents. He was NOT going to die wonering what if. His career WAS NOT going to end at the end of two men who weren't as talented as he was. He was going to hurt them, because if he didn't they would certainly hurt him.

Kill or be kill, its a dog eat dog world.

"I am the test".

He picked up his phone with the same shaky, bloody hand and told someone to get the limo ready.

[Image: 6GCoSfR.png]

"So this match just got a whole lot more interesting. Between the last time I took the airwaves until now, I have become the X-Treme Champion. This match now has a prize. So now, when you get beat up, you'll know you lost to a champion. You claim to be the God of X-Treme? Well, Peter, now you have your chance to be more than just hot air and large carbs. I beat Felix Jones within an inch of his life, and now I get to take you down a peg or two. Or ten. You see, your ego is the only thing God-like, Peter. For someone who loses so much, you'd think Peter Gilmour was a halfway decent wrestler the way he talks. All you are Peter, is a goon. A henchman. You're simple mind is easily manipulated. You're hired muscle, and hired cheap. Chris had a vision for you, and he still may. He has a purpose for you. He may believe in you. But let me tell you how I operate, chico.

Respect is earned with me. Chris may want an errand boy, but I don't. I don't want someone who is going to bow down to me, to answer my every beck and call. I want a soldier who is going to fight beside me, and fight to the death if need be. You talk a big game, Peter, but I must ask, when have you EVER backed it up? That is all you do, Peter, talk. Talk a big game and then lose. This game is about fighting. You're a tough son-of-a-bitch and you don't know when to stay down, but when it comes to in ring just don't stack up. You're a mid card wrestler with a top card push not because you deserve it, but because the powers that be get joy from watching the sought after Peter Gilmour meltdowns. They want you to lose so they can watch you complain. They get off to it. If you were facing the Wizard's or the Gage Gannon's of the card, shit Peter you'd be a force to be reckoned with. But you aren't. You're going up against me, and that's the worst possible scenario for you.

PeterGilmourTheWannaBeGod Said:Hanari, you may not know me and we've never met before or faced each other before so this will be a good test of my abilities.

You know, Hermano, they told me you were stupid. I didn't think it was this stupid. Dense. Dumb as a second coat of paint. Maybe all those shots to the head have affected your short term memory loss? Let's hope, so you can blame it on the CTE that will eventually kill you and not on the fact that you're walking around with an extra chromosome, without your helmet or leash. Bad boy! You've never been in the ring with me, really Peter? We've never faced off? Do you listen to yourself when you talk to do you mostly drift in and out? Do homework? Even pretend to know what's going on? August 7th, 2019 on this very program. Another Triple Threat. It was me, Ned Kaye and you, Peter. Then, later that night, it was Ned and I again along with Michael McBride and Mr. Kennedy and.........yes, YOU, Peter. So not only have you been in the ring with me, you've been in the ring with me TWICE on the SAME NIGHT. Also, in case your memory is lapsing a bit that 5 stages of hell match, I made you submit. I locked in the deadliest finishing hold in the business, Viva La Republic, and you said the two words that you swear to this day you never say....."I Quit."

Funny how you forget things like that, isn't it Pete?

I can assure you right now, I WILL be the X-Treme Champion going into Leap of Faith. Do you really think that I have worked this hard and come this far to lose to someone like you? I have busted my ass week in and week out to climb this far. A loss to you, Peter, would send me tumbling back down the card and you better believe I am not about to have that happen. You really think you or Apollo 13 over there would be a match worth the Pay Per View buy rate? Hanari Carnes versus Robert Main, for the X-Treme Title at Leap of Faith. Now THAT's box office. It's also bureaucratic bullshit, and Robert Main getting his way again. But that is another gripe for another time. Point is, nobody wants to see Peter Gilmour or Azrael Erebus even compete much-less compete in one of the Main Event's. Just do yourselves a favor........put some more money in that retirement fund because tomorrow night, I am taking some years off of both your careers. When I first come to this company, I said I was going to make waves. I said I was going to make impressions. I said I was going to win titles. I've done all of those things. The only thing left to do is to hold on to a title. I am the second highest champion in this company right now, and I know full well I am in for a war. I know full well that Hanari Carnes now has a target on his back larger than his home country........

I say bring it on.

All of it. I want it. There is blood in the water and I am the Great White Shark. I am more hungry now with the belt than I was without it. I am out there every single night to prove myself. People think that because I am affiliated with Chris Chaos that we think the same. We don't. We have a mutual respect and understanding, but our goals are quite different. You see, he just wants to burn XWF to the ground.....I want to build it up. Yin and Yang. Good Cop, Bad Cop. He wants you to burn, I want to cleanse. I want to be the hero, like I stated a few weeks ago. I am on a mission to cleanse the XWF of the toxins. To cleanse them of people like you. Yes, Peter, you are toxic. You want everything, you contribute nothing, and you stomp your feet when you don't get your way. I mean, Robert Main does the same thing, but at least he wins, Peter.

And AZ, don't think you are exempt from the toxicology report either. You have all these whacky sci-fi powers, a crazy high pain tolerance, and an affinity for space travel. But, despite all that cool stuff, we never know when you're actually going to show up. With Az come in and run through everyone like the "legend" he is, or will Az stand there and be a crash test dummy. You're inconsistent, AZ, and it is, I believe, because you lack confidence. What you have in powers, you lack in skill.I am the best technical wrestler on this planet, and as I showed last week, I am pretty damn extreme as well. Now, I have done all of this talking about Peter, and it isn't fair. Azrael deserves an equal share of the roast. I'd be lying if I said I understood all of his promo, his rambling about his sci-fi beginnings and the big spooky words he used to put himself over. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think it was all fluff to mask his swift drop off from the talent he used to harbor. And I would be lying if I said I viewed him as a legitimate threat.

As I sifted through the debris of that promo, I did find a few things he said to be true. His son did beat me and take my Television Title last year. His son did end the reign after only a few matches. But if you learned anything from his "I used to be good and now I am not as good" rambling, it is that people change. Some for the better, some for the worse.

Yours, was for the worse. Mine, well, its clear mine was for the better. I was a different person back then. I wasn't ready to be thrust into the title picture. I was green. I was on over my head. But since then, I have earned my stripes. I have battled the best here, some wins, some losses, but I fought tooth and nail to hold this title I currently brandish. You can rub it in my face all you want, but you just sound jealous and petty. Jealous that I hold the second highest title in this company and the title run you are so proud of, has fallen far, far out of anyone's memory. I am proud that you held the Television Title so long, and I am glad it is something you can hang your hat on, but it ended 6 years ago. At this point, it's a campfire story. Do you have any idea how long 6 years is in the wrestling business? You basking in the glory of holding the companies lowest rated singles title longer than anyone in history has as much merit as Barney Green continuing to boast at being the World Champion once. It just doesn't matter anymore. To anyone. Anywhere. I hate to break it to you, chicano, but its just not an accomplishment that anyone besides you holds in any sort of high regard. It is also true that you have never had the pleasure of facing me in the ring. At least you remember our history, unlike our other opponent. I applaud you for that. It is about the only thing I applaud you for. You're "legacy" is a faded cloud of steam. You are a rusty door hinge, just waiting to be open and shut one more time. One last time. I am the champion of champions, and I'll admit the pressure is on me. I'll admit that this is a must win. I'll admit that I have a whole hell of a lot more to lose than you do. I'll own that, I'll accept that, and I'll take my loss to Donny boy on the chin. Fact is, I am still here, where the hell is he? Part-timer must run in your weird space family. I am going to bust my nuts to EARN a lengthy title run, and I am going to go into Leap of Faith and BEAT Robert Main. You're gonna fade back into the distance and become an afterthought, just like your title run.

Hey, at least your hair is red now, so it'll be harder to notice blood oozing from your skull. Small victories.

Now, before I go, I want to address something. I want to shoot down your argument before you even make it. We all saw Savage...which, lets be real, is the best show in the XWF right now (because I am on it)...and we all saw Chaos spear Felix Jones out of his shoes in the middle of the ring. I want to make this crystal clear. I don't want his help, I don't need his help, but Chris Chaos does what we wants, when he wants. It was wrong place, wrong time for Felix Jones. Now, he can be mad all he wants, but the only person he SHOULD be mad at is Theo Pryce. Felix was unconscious. I could have been out of there with my belt before he even woke up to realize his arm was sideways. it would have save him the embarrassment. But Noooooooo.....Theo has to stick his nose into others people's business....restart the match...........

And the rest is history.

I saw an opportunity, and I took it. I see an opportunity this week as well. I see an opportunity to make an impression, to take on two men who both have their eyes on my prize. I see an opportunity to not just win, but to make a statement. This was just going to be your average triple threat, but now......I get to hurt you. I get to use any weapon I see fit and at the end of it all.......I get to do whatever I want to you, and its all legal. So Peter I encourage you to get extreme. I encourage you to go over the top. I encourage you to bring your A++ game because that way when you lose to me you can say you gave it your best. Az, I recommend you do the same. You are both going to respect the name Hanari Carnes, and I am going to make damn sure of that."

Viva la Republic!
Viva la Dominicano!
Viva la Hanari Carnes!

[Image: jsviGwY.png]
[Image: jyx8yLL.jpg]
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