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I exposed the Wizard
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06-28-2020 10:02 PM

Tuesday 23rd June 2020
Miami, Florida
Misfits Command Center

Mastermind had flown into Miami, on his way to the so called Area 51 in Nevada, for Thursday Night Anarchy. He was sitting at his laptop with our manager Antony The Jerk, who was sitting beside him. They like me were waiting for my opponent to make his first so called cold open Promo.

I was pacing, waiting for news, waiting to see if The Wizard was going to put a promo up, so at least I knew he was ready to challenge me. As I continued to pace I looked at my watch. It just went midnight Wednesday morning. I looked at the backs of Mastermind and Antony.

"Well, did he get a late promo in?"

"No, nothing," said Antony

"We must have shocked him into being scared to deliver a promo," said Mastermind "Well done Kris, with your promo that you put up, you were able to expose him for the fake that he is. At the end of the day he's just another one of those people who talk shit. Who's not afraid to talk the talk, but afraid to walk the walk. A bit like Fuzz, a bit like Centurion, a bit like Noah Jackson, a bit like Sarah Lachlan."

"That's a big statement," I said

"It's true."

Mastermind closed his laptop and looked at Antony.

"I'll see you in France."

"You don't want a hand against BOB?"

"At this stage, no, but maybe sometime soon. After I've dealt with the Wizard at Leap of Faith, I'll check where our priorities are going to be redirected to,"

"Do you still want to go ahead with plans of introducing a third Misfit to replace you on Anarchy?"

"Very much so, is that Misfit ready to go?"

"I believe the Misfit is, yes."

"We'll talk about it again in France."


I see Mastermind stand up, and he walked towards me.

"I'll see you in France."

"What about Melanie?"

"She can take care of herself. Don't worry I planning to work with her in the next few weeks after Leap of Faith, after I deal to the Wizard. You focus on him next week, but I'll be there to get inside his head as we planned."


I watched Mastermind walk out of the Command Center.

"Where is Melanie anyway? Not that I care,"

"Preparing for her match on Savage."

"And she doesn't want me there?"

"That's what she says."

"Are you going to be there?"

"Of course I am,"

"You don't want me to tag along?"

"Melanie asked to not have you there, it is what it is Kris, but things will get back to normal soon."

"Am I in her bad books or something?"

"Not that I am aware. What's with all these questions? I thought you disliked Melanie?"

"Oh I do, but she is my stablemate, so I have to help protect her."

"You are so funny Kris. Anyway I'll pick you up after Savage on the way to France."

"Look forward to it."

I watched Antony leave the room, and then I headed out to the gym to continue preparing for my match with the Wizard, who I have now exposed as a fake.


The camera fades in to the Private plane of the Misfits, and it shows Melanie sitting by herself with ice on her back, after her triple threat match on Saturday Night Savage. A couple of medics are with her, making sure she is fine.

Kris comes along and picks up the camera and walks over to his seat and sits down.

"Hey Wizard, or should I say Fakeman. I exposed you for the fake that you are last week, as I called you out, but like the der taucschen that you are you failed to address me in a promo. How stupid is that Fakeman? That was the wrong thing that you could ever do, especially taking on the Misfits. You just dropped your balls is what you did, and it just goes to show that aren't up to speed as we think that you are. Mastermind is laughing in his boots that he is going to destroy you at Leap of Faith, but I get to destroy you first, and I so cannot wait."

"Wait.... We know what your next move is going to be Mr Fakeman. You are going to come out and say that you dropped your focus, and your main focus was on Savage. Good for you Mr Fakeman, good for you. We will give you that option. But we both know the real reason why you dropped your balls. You are too scared to take me on. Then you are too scared to take Mastermind on. This is after what we did to you last Warfare. You never expected what was happening. You thought we would show up? But you failed to do anything about, and Mastermind pulled your pants down, literally."

"You were so embarrassed about Mastermind making a fool out of you, that you went into hiding. Of course you'll say your focus was on Savage, and you never went into hiding, but the thing is FakeMan, your biggest mistake was not coming out and focusing on me. So now you have to live with your big mistake. No one forgets about things like this in the XWF, Fakeman. Everyone has long memories. Ask Centurion for example. Oh no wait, you can't because he got beaten so badly that he ran home to mummy and is now out of the XWF's public eyes trying to find a way to come back."

"But lets focus on Wednesday. If you ever do show up, I am going to be the one to make you quit, and say I Quit. It's as simple as that Fakeman, because you have no balls to stand strong and say I don't quit. After Wednesday your downfall will continue at Leap of Faith where Mastermind will take you to the cleaners and clean you dry. Then and only then will the Misfits leave you alone. And you are going to have to leave us alone, because won't have a choice, because we know that you are a fake, we know that Mastermind has your number, and I am going to make you say I quit, and then you wish you had, and you wish you would never have chosen Mastermind to take on, because us MISFITS are your worst nightmare."

"On Wednesday night, you'll be sentenced to a date with Mastermind, but I would have sentenced you to your biggest defeat to date, because I am your Judge and Jury and executioner. It's time to show you what a fake you really are. Get ready Fakeman. Get oh so ready."

And with that Kris shuts the laptop and the camera fades out.


'Does a Hammer make a noise
while it is in flight?
It certainly does when
it find it's Target!'


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