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Post Anarchy 6/25: Fuck Area 51 + Other Things
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06-27-2020 02:17 PM

An exclusive


The scene opens up to THUGS leaving the facility and driving off to a near by hotel. They get out of the car, and see’s robotic version of Sayors who holds a mic over their faces. Then they see Doja Cat in a skin tight green dress, and the duo looked confused as ever.

Sayors: “So THUGS are you guys upset that you didn’t get to escape Area 51?”

JB: “Not really, I mean Sarah thicc ass thighs done me in good, i mean, for as much she likes to flex herself on here… she can make a man like me sleep.”

Tommy: “Man, I wish i gotten my head stuck in between her legs JB, but honestly i wasn’t phased by not escaping. Just that bit with the TP on our foot was pretty funny.”

Then Doja Cat ended up eyeing up on Tommy, while giving the cold shoulder to JB (due to her being associated with white supremacist websites.)

Doja: “So Tommy, i heard you like my hit single Say So… well guess what, i’m going to perform it right now. Come meet me at the hotel.”

Tommy ignores her pleas, and she storm off but before he fleas, we see her holding a sign that said “TEAMSARUBY IS BETTER” and the robotic Sayors blaster her ass into outer space. Then finally the duo can speak to robotic Sayors.


JB: “Well Sayors, i know for one we are going to say that before we talk about it, we just wanted to congratulate Ruby and Lacklan for escaping Area 51. I SOOO hope that THEY both work together, and stop “crimes” together.”

JB and Tommy laughs like maniacs, and Tommy ends up speaking.

Tommy: “Look Sayors and XWF, we are planning on taking a long hiatus from here after July 9th. So this is our final time we will stink up the joint, i know those all those so called heroes and those who are better than us are going to be jumping out of their socks for this announcement. But here’s the thing, we still be around for any fuckkery that is taking place here. We just won’t be in that ring. Tell em JB.”

JB: “Like what Tommy said, for ten months we’ve busted our asses to get any sense of recognition and even a tag title shot since last Summer or so, but they have never given us that shot at all. So we had to fend for ourselves and make headway, so fuck Anarchy till the day we come back here. When we get back on Anarchy, with or without B.O.B; we are going to make everyone’s lives a living hell when we come back into that ring. After July 9th, there won’t be no funny skits and jokes; nobody is going to know what’s gonna happen from now.”

Then we see robotic Sayors malfunctioning and exploding to reveal Reggie aka W82 with long black hair and white face paint, and all three men look into the camera. He holds their flag, and speaks.

Reggie: “Vamos a destruir y quemar la anarquía y el XWF. Somos matones hasta que estemos muertos.”

Then the scene cuts into static..


Our Mission...Tear tha ring up, and take no shit from anyone!
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