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It would of been better if you would of kept quiet....
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06-26-2020 10:03 PM

"I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand..........they talk to me"

The scene opens up with Gage in a strip club getting a lap dance.....

"Tell me something sugar what are you here for?"

Gage downs another bottle of scotch, as just a few days ago he caught his ex assistant Giles having an affair (Wednesday Roleplay) with his accountant's wife.

"I just cant believe that all people this happened to me...."

"Wanna talk about it sweetness."

"I mean where do I begin? I got knocked out, sucker punched mind you by Mike Tyson. I paid him $25, then found out my assistant was paying monthly subscriptions to porn sites, and then on top of it he was having an affair with my assistant's wife..."

Gage looks into his glass of scotch as he downs it, obviously reminiscing about Giles betrayal.

"Well I sure hate it for you honey, but here let me take your mind off of all that trouble.

Gage palms the girls hips and picks the girl up and puts her in his lap.

"And how do you expect to do that?

"Well for one, I am a hell of an accountant, and well I could do wonders for you........

The girl leans in to Gage's ear, and whispers to him....

"IF YOU LET ME....."

Gage just smiles at the offer and begins to smirk....

"Well sometimes the hours......are long.....and could be hard.....

"Oh honey trust me I like it hard, I would expect it any other way....

Maybe a little bit brazen, and a little bit drunk, Gage takes the girl up on her offer....

"Well I think that we would make one hell of a team..."

"So then when do I start dadd......I mean Mr. Gannon.."

"You can start now....."

Gage picks Carmen up and walks her to his car.....

"You got your rules and your religion all designed to keep you safe, but when rules start getting broken, you start questioning your faith"

"Sometimes its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. First just let me say Tula welcome to the match. I mean I was kind of offended and was beginning to think that you forgot about me......oops you did. I literally watched as you spent about five minutes talking about Melanie....and yet there were no mentions of Gage Gannon. After I was even polite to you and gave you the benefit of the doubt that you may be a formidable challenge. And then you opened your mouth and you put me on your radar. Here's the problem I have with you. If you want to "use me as a stepping stone" as you say, then the first thing that maybe you should do is pay fucking attention and realize who is in the match. See I'm not a bad guy, hell I can even be kind when I want to. The problem is that most people would think that I would agonize over this match, because I am facing two women. Let me start by saying that hey I realize that this is 2020 and I am taking nothing from women. With that being said.....I make no apologies for what I do to you Saturday. I said before that I was an equal opportunity ass kicker, and hey it's not my fault that this match was made, I don't make the matches honey, I just win them."

"Now as far as this what did you call it blood feud between me and Melanie, let me assure you that there is nothing of the sort. See in my book to be honest i'm like you in that regard. To be honest when I think of Melanie......I don't. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, sticking her nose in my business while I whooped her boyfriend's ass...that's it. At the end of the day it is business as usual for Gage Gannon. Going into the match focused, and going into the match against both you and I will get to that weird chick in a minute but let me address you, because I think you have me all wrong. See you did the same thing, that you accuse the men of doing to you, when they are going to face you. You underestimate me."

"I get it you've had a lot of shit from men thrown your way right?? And as I found out from Melanie I had a lot of shit thrown my way. See this is where I know that you are aloof. You're at a disadvantage. I knew your history, I studied you, I watched a few of your matches, meanwhile you sit here and say that you don't know anything about me? You tell me that you are not going to go to the website to look my bio, well it sucks for you because you don't need my bio to find out about me. If you were as good as you THINK you are, then you would realize that I literally tell you what is going to happen to you. There's a blueprint that I use, and it's real simple. I'm an upfront kind of guy. I tell you what is going to happen, now you can either take it for what it is, or think that I am spitting shit out of my ass, but the problem is I know just how good I am."

"See while I don't know you personally, I know your style, I know how you like to wrestle. I already knew that you had some guys that maybe underestimated you because of your beauty, but that's all I will give you credit for. See you want to talk about a distraction, but I'm not distracted at all. If anything I'm focused with the task at hand of what I have to do. See i'm nobodies stepping stone. And I damn sure am not about to start this week with you. Understand that if I beat Melanie or if I beat you, it doesn't make me any weaker vs if I beat you. As far as I see it, you both signed your names on the dotted line and for that, that means that you are both equal opportunity. Now does that mean that I am going to focus on Melanie because you perceive her to be weaker, not at all. Hell, for all you know I may focus on you."

"See I don't get this, there seems to be a lot of this bullshit going on, that people knock me because I am confident. They knock me because I come out here and tell you that I am going to whoop my opponent's asses, and yet each and every one of my opponents....YOU INCLUDED tell me...."well Gage you have a chance to win this match." No that's bullshit, I AM going to win this match. See I don't have any doubt whatsoever in my ability. And I want to make something clear here....I don't think I'm going to win because your a woman, I am going to win IN-SPITE of you being a woman. See I don't look at you any different than any other opponent I face. Make no mistake about it, your not a stepping stone, your just another person who I am going to get in the ring with and beat."

"What you think that I'm just saying this, because I may be facing some lesser known opponents? You think I'm saying this because I just started a couple of weeks ago and I am trying to make a name for myself? Here's the difference between you and me. I don't give a damn if you are at the top of the mountain, nor do I give a damn if your at the bottom of the barrel. I can HANG with anybody in this damn company on my off days, and can beat anybody in this company on my bad days. Now if that makes me public enemy number one so be it......if it pisses off some people in this company, so fucking what I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to make money and win. You can take your respect and you can shove it. There are maybe a few who I have seen in this company that maybe one day I will get in the ring with, and I will respect. But today is NOT that day, it was going to go that way until you opened your mouth and you dared me to say it, or excuse me do it to you in a one on one match. You name the time and place, and I will beat your ass. Not because your a woman, but because you will learn to respect Gage Gannon. Hell by the time your done with me you won't even need to look up a damn bio on the website, you'll know first hand just who in the hell I am."

"I have a voice that is my savior, hates to love and loves to hate. I have the voice that has the knowledge, and the power to rule your fate."

"Now on to Melanie Childs. We seem to have developed a pattern here. Gage Gannon is minding his own business in his warmup exhibition with Kris and then you and your little goof of a manager Antony comes down to the ring. And even when it was 3 on 1 you couldn't get the job done. Now all of a sudden I find myself in a match with you an Tula, where all you wanted to do is drool all over the place and hump Tula. Then you have the audacity to have your manager speak to me as if he is on Gage Gannon's level. This goof has the nerve to say that he is going to take me to Loserville? That's funny Loserville, where the Misfits reside, with some roody poo named Megamind.......Mistermind???, oh wait NEVERMIND, because it doesn't matter who this goof is. See make no mistake about it you are the epitome of what happens when you mix the career of Kevin Federline with the talent of Milli Vanilli. See you are a few hours away from me wiping the floor with your sorry ass."

"And if it just so happens that your little no talent hack of a boyfriend wants to get involved, or if it is that goof of a manager Antony I'll mop the floor with all three of your asses. See everybody gets it but you idiots, Think about this, if everybody is saying that you have no talent, you suck, your garbage, your curtain jerkers, Megamind literally scrapped the bottom of the barrel to make out this group, at what point do you stop and go "Geez, you know what maybe everybody does have a point. Maybe everybody is right, maybe I do suck." At what point do you realize that maybe, you just may be crazy if you actually think that your talented."

"I was trying to help you out. I was going to put you on the short bus and I was going to send your goofy ass somewhere, where you could get help, but instead I think that you are content with sucking for the rest of your life. I get it, you hear the voices, and they are screaming to you. You would think that with the voices that you hear, they would offer you some advice on talent. Well here let Gage Gannon be a voice in your head right now. What I want you to do is close your eyes, wipe the drool from your lips, and I want you to hear my voice right now concentrate on only my voice.....

"You suck!! Your nothing!!! Your nobody!! You need help!!! Please please Melanie please go get you some help, please dump that goof of a manager, and please align yourself with someone who could make you seem somewhat competent in the ring."

"Now open your eyes Melanie, look at yourself in the mirror, and realize that in this current state the way that you are now, you are a waste of space. See I know that you look at me and you got a little itch for Gage Gannon. Tula won't play with you but don't worry because I will play with you. We can play all the games that you want.....Hide the Pole, Drool in the Pool, hell for all I care Melanie we can even play "Pretend you have some real talent." See make no mistake about it come Saturday, I'm just going to beat your ass and Tula's ass."

The scene ends with Gage smirking at the camera.

[Image: OMX9IA3.jpg]
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