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You Didn't Listen
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06-26-2020 09:55 PM

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Somewhere, in the dark recesses, he speaks.

I have to admit, I am disappointed. I thought that these three men would want to save their careers, would want to join the movement, would want to have something to show for their lives.

Guess not...

So I have to do what I have to do now. I cannot be held responsible for the actions I am about to partake in. I cannot be held responsible for the damage to their careers as well as their personal lives. You can't fault them, they don't know. They haven't been able to see the tyranny that runs rampant here. They haven't been able to witness the way that talent is buried and forgotten about the way I have. I guess it is on me to show them because cowards like Theo Pryce and Vinnie Lane won't come out of hiding in their luxury sky boxes to actually interact with talent.

"Talent". Funny word. Is that what we refer to them as now? Is that what we are calling guys like Liam Roberts? Liam Roberts who has less talent than the cuticle in my pinky finger? Guys who fuck up everything they touch? Liam cries out for attention, wants to be accepted, wants to be respected. He wants people to take him seriously. He doesn't even have the balls to respond to my challenge. A simple no would have sufficed. Now I get to show Liam what the upper echelon looks like. I get to show him what the division he so desperately longs to be in really looks and feels like. He won't want attention anymore, won't want to be included anymore....he will want to go back to his home, shrivel up and die. That may be the best option for him because after tomorrow night he isn't just going to not be able yo show his face on XWF Televsion again....but he very well may need facial reconstruction surgery.

Liam does it hurt to suck that much? Does it hurt to be a failure and a disappointment at everything you do? Does it hurt knowing that you were the mistake, the child your parents didn't want, and a walking embodiment of failure? Does it hurt? Because if so you must have the highest pain threshold I have ever seen. You have zero redeeming qualities and your promos are about as entertaining as watching a moth attack a light bulb. Have you even promoted yourself once since your debacle at War Games? You know, when you were the first one eliminated and everyone forgot you were even in the match halfway through? I suggest you don't even show up tomorrow night because at least being a coward will be something you don't fuck up at for once. poor sad sack of shit. Even Mastermind won' t give you the time of day, and I see why. You aren't worth it. All that talk about what you will do to him, but have we seen you lift a single finger? You are a gimmick in a nutshell. A character. Nothing else. A wrestler? Please. Tough? Puuuhhleeeze. You are a clown in a hood moonlighting as a fictional storybook character. You are nothing and will continue to be nothing. After tomorrow night, you will be exposed as the fraud you truly are. As the joke. You're almost as pathetic as least he doesn't hide his face.

You don't have powers, you're just a loser with a stick. All you have to do is remove that hood and you are donzo. Strong flex, bro. I should have known you were a loser when your promo photo is a stick figure drawing. That is about the value you bring to the XWF. Shame, I could have taken you under my wing, showed you how to be successful. Now I have to stop your "career" dead in its tracks. Oh well.

Wizard you don't know me. You don't know who I am or what I am capable of. You don't know my history or what I have been through. You haven't seen what I've seen, felt what I've felt, done what I've done. I end careers. I have 5 under my belt, how many more will I have? I guess you will have to find out.

Now that brings me to this putrid pussy known as Wrestler 82. At least he opened his mouth. At least he wasn't afraid to clap back. Even though he said nothing of substance and brought up history he knows NOTHING about, he didn't hide behind his own insecurities. He is confident and I respect that. That is why going to be a shame that I have to drop him where he stands and teach him the hard way. I wanted him to join me, to see the light, to make something of himself. Shame.

Let me tell you why I don't just go for the X-Treme belt and hold it for a year to get my chance at the Uni. Because then I have to constantly duck and dodge random attacks by undeserving puddles of panty waste like you on a daily basis. Because I step into the ring and I win championships and defend them, not lower myself to the level of people like you. The X belt is prestigious until someone with no credibility, no stripes in this game, no street cred get their cruddy paws on it. You never would beat me in the ring for that title or any title. That is why I don't go for it, because I am above it. Above you. Above everyone.

You have to wonder why I am in the opening match, vato? You said it yourself, punishment. That is why I gave you the chance to get out of it, your get out of jail free card, but you chose not to take it. Now I get to punish you. And your skill level and mine? Its a punishment to me to even be in the same ring as you at the same time. You insignificant miscreant.

I am the kind of guy you want to fuck up so badly in the ring that they won't even be able to recognize me? I encourage you to try. At least you'll put up a fight, not shit your pants and give up like the other two. I love crushing spirits as much as I love crushing bones.

I may very well be a snake in the grass, but you best believe I am a python. I am going to strike at anything that moves and once I have you in my grasp, it's good night for you.

So 82, bless your heart, but your ride stops here. You may exit the vehicle. I am not going to do anything more than teach you a lesson you desperately need to be taught. I am a legend. I am a hall-of-famer. I do have a win total that more than doubles my loss total. I have held every belt worth holding around here. I am that damn good.

I am Chris Fucking Chaos.

I am the best in the world at what I do.

How do you want to be remembered?

[Image: 9FyvCBf.gif]
[Image: L6BXH8W.jpg]
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