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It is Delicious.....
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06-26-2020 08:37 AM


“Did you even hear what I said?”

The restaurant around the two of us is buzzing. Bus boys running around cleaning tables. Everyone seems to be enjoying their meals in the comfortable ambiance of the room. Not a single person isn’t dressed to the nines….

Well everyone except for me, just a pair of jeans and a crisp white tee shirt. I just got off of a flight from Texas and rushed right over to this restaurant on the word of a man whom I haven’t seen in a decade.

“Seriously are you even listening to me?”
A few quick snaps in my face and AIDAN COLLINS. Like the rest of the patrons in the restaurant he’s in a tailored suit, with a comically large button on his chest with his face on it. “Listen bro, have you been following my stock advice?”


“Well then why the fuck are you even working anymore bro?”
It was a good question. I didn’t and still don’t need the money. Yet this run was never about money, it was always about legacy. It was about proving to everyone that no matter the era, ownership, competition, or any other mitigating factors, that one thing will always remain constant.

Shawn ‘Fucking’ Warstein is the XWF. Not a single soul can claim some of the records I have. I literally have unbreakable records that no one can touch, yet when looked back on I’ve always been seen as in the top tier, but not THE top tier.

“You know why AC.”

“Yeah gotcha, respect… yadda yadda yadda.”
He opens and closes his hands in a playful manner. “So did you end up going with that company in San Francisco?”

“I did. Thanks for the tip on them. I’ve made my money back tenfold.”

“I told you. So what’s your account pushing now?”
It’s a sensitive subject. I know that I don’t look the part of someone worth as much as I am and that’s for a reason. I want people to be around me for me, and I don’t have to tell you there aren’t many of them. Which makes my current situation that much harder.

She didn’t care how much I had in the bank, that was never a factor in anything between the two of us. She stood on her own and never asked for help. Hell, I crack jokes about her being broke just to get her attention for a minute. Sure it leads to an argument, but it’s funny. It just felt good for someone to want to be with me for me. Not for the money, not for prestige. Someone there just to be with me.

“If everything keeps going up by the end of the month….”
A swelling of gasps comes from the other patrons in the restaurant. Aidan looks over his shoulder, as I lean to the side to get a view of what everyone’s attention was on.

“Told you he’d be here tonight.”
Aidan said, swinging around grinning as only he can. “I’m telling you bro, I know him better than he does.” Aidan holds his hand up for a high five. I let it sit there for a few seconds, and once he sees I’m not going to respond he promptly gives himself a high five.

“Yeah, I’m sure you know him so well.”

“Well of course I know him…”
Aidan pulls out his cellphone and slides it across the table. “The dumbass never changed his Google password. You should check out some of the pics on there.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”
Paying no attention to what is on the phone, I slide it back to him. Aidan slides it back into his jacket pocket and begins to drum on the table.

“So what’s the game plan?”
He raises his eyebrows and then raspberries as he begins to drum on the table faster. I reach across the table and stop him from drumming any more.

“Well, I’m going to send you over there to talk to him first, and then I’ll come over once you’ve broken the ice a little bit.”
Aiden rolls his eyes and slumps back in his chair.

“I thought you guys were close?”
As a puzzled look comes over his face.

“Yeah we were, but I don’t know where we stand right now. There’s a ton of moving parts, and the Atara situation… It’s all honestly in flux. So that’s why I even bothered to call you.”
That’s when a server comes up to the table. Before she even says a word I interrupt her. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but is the owner of the restaurant here tonight?”

She lets out a sigh and just points to a man sitting at the bar. I stand up and begin to walk over towards the bar, when I stop and lean over to Aidan.

“Listen AC, just loosen him up a bit. I’ve got some business to handle.”
A quick cough from Aidan as I begin to walk away. “Fine.” I toss a Black Card on the table. A wide smile comes from Aiden and just as soon as he had the card he was off on his mission.

——————An Hour Later——————

As I return to the table Aidan is still over at the other table. I grab the glass of bourbon and swirl it around for a moment before finishing the drink. I can hear laughing over a chorus of glasses clinking together. I shake my head and raise a hand for the waitress, she quickly comes over and fills the glass. A quick smile and nod as she walks away.

“Laugh it up fellas.”

“That’s what everyone has been doing lately. Shawn can’t get it done. Shawn is washed up. Shawn isn’t what he once was, and do you know what the real crux of the situation is?”
I take a deep breath. “Maybe they’re right. Just a few months ago not a single soul wanted to step into the ring with me. Now?”

“That still holds true. Did you really think that my confidence was shook? Please. Just look at Robert. Says been there done that… twice. Now he’s set his sights on the X-Treme title. Come on everyone…. we aren’t that stupid are we?”

“Shhh Rhetorical again. We all know why he’s set his sights on that title. It’s the same reason ANYONE goes for that title. The briefcase at the end of the rainbow. Robert doesn’t want to face me one on one, he would much rather use a briefcase. I’m not going to judge, but I did in fact offer him a shot at Leap Of Faith, only for him to turn it down. For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. So that left us with Page to pick up the title. And wouldn’t you know for a second there I actually thought he did.”

“The card was made for the masses, and there it was , Main Event. Top Billing. Everything Page ever wants. Chris Page versus Shawn Warstein in an Ironman Match for the Universal title in MSG. Then my agent called me and said nope Chris once again tucked his tail between his legs and said NO.”

“Now I’m not going to get deep into everything about it, but it’s curious isn’t it? Why would Chris Page decide NOT to take a title shot? There are numerous reasons and I don’t have enough time in my evening to list them all, but let’s just say this…”
I look around and lean in over the table. “He knows that once the title is on the line I’m a different kind of beast. Once I actually have something to lose he can’t beat me. The only hope he has is a lazidical attitude from me and not really caring.”

“Ohh but that’s just it isn’t it? I can’t have that attitude with you Page. It would physically make me sick knowing that…..”
A smile comes across my face as I begin to choke back laughter. “Sorry. For a second there I was about to actually give you some credit. Page if you couldn’t keep up with a heroin junkie what makes you think you’re going to keep up with me now? We all know the history. We don’t need to go over ad nauseam like you did. So cliff notes then? Okay.”

“The same thing I said, and it still rings true to today you said very eloquently…”

“Excluding ME.”

“It’s nice to see you finally show some sort of humility. I’m glad I get to watch this version of Chris Page. It’s not going to stop me from doing what I always do to Chris Page, but good on ya.”
A quick thumbs up, and I’m back.“It’s also good to finally see you realize all the time we’ve spent. All the money we’ve earned. Everything that comes along with this, but there’s one thing you failed to realize.”

“I don’t take bites larger than I can chew. Hell even at War Games I set out and did what was necessary. Want me to break it down for you? Okay. I’ll oblige. Did I want to win War Games? Of course I did. Anyone that says otherwise is incompetent and frankly moronic, yet that doesn’t mean I didn’t have other goals in mind on the way. And each and everyone of them were met.”

“Firstly I had to dispatch Centurion. A constant thorn in my side. Check. Then set out on mission two. Showing the world that Chris Page is the beta in Cataclysm. Mission Accomplished boys. While Robert can claim victories for the team, you can’t. I know deep down you wanted to be the ONE. You wanted to… Wait…. Did you say you were going to be the one to drive the final nail in my coffin?”

“Are you thick? If you wanted to do that, then why not attempt to take the title from me? Right. My bad I forgot we went over that already. So if you think that a random match is going to be the final straw then your brain is worse than schwag weed in the middle of the dry season. Through all of this it’s been a numbers game. Every step of the way. Wave after wave. Match after Match. Two on one, three on one. And what happened every time Chris?”

“Sure I called out the numbers, and you guys call me a coward with excuses. Yet over and over again I still got up, dusted myself off and flipped you the finger, with a smile on my face. All that shows is fear. It shows that you fear me. That regardless of everything that happened, it still took more than one of you to take me down. Hell not even keep me down, just to make yourselves feel better. Make you feel anything, because in reality you’re broken. You’re hollow, just like all of the threats you’ve posed.”

“Neither of you can live with failure. Knowing that no matter what you do, how far you take it, I’ll still be there. I might be hurt. I might be bloodied. Hell, I might even be titleless. Yet I still come back. Each and every time, much to the chagrin of many people in the back, in the front office, and even the fans.”

“Page for as long as you’ve known me… when have I ever come off as someone who calls his shots to the public? You say I should’ve called you guys out…”
I begin to nod my head. “I did. Remember? *Marijuana Effects Memory*. Even if that wasn’t the case… I’ll Bond villain it for you.”

“I’ll tell you my plan every step of the way. Take down Team Cataclysm one member at a time. Brick by brick. I heard TK say he’s close to a Title shot thanks to the TV title. Good. Medved couldn’t hold onto the X title for the life of him…. and we can both agree Lo took care of himself already. Then there’s the two of you.”

“I’m going to huff and puff.”

“And I’m going to blow MSG down. You said that I’m all sizzle and no steak? That a true champion doesn’t back down… tell me Chris… who said they didn’t want this match for the title? Who backed down and cowered? Who said No?”
I quickly hold my hands up and shrug. The waitress once again appears at the table and places a plate down, with a done covering it. Once again a quick smile and nod as she walks off.

“I know you think that you’re the big bad guy, and that you took an L for the team, but you did so much more than that Chris. You showed me your weakness. You are all of a sudden willing to sacrifice everything for the Greater Good. You stand by your broken morals. You fight a fight that doesn’t make any sense. You have become everything you’ve wanted. You have become one of the most hated people in XWF. You’ve garnered the attention of the Universal Champion. You’ve got all eyes on you. You know what you’ve become Chris?”

“You’ve become a fucking Republican.”

“You’re one of those assholes at a #BLM protest screaming. ‘All Lives Matter’ or ‘Police Lives Matter’, all while asking to speak to the manager. Just like the Republicans you’ll take no responsibility for your actions, and pass the buck. Leaving the rest of us to somehow figure out a reason why you’re in the position you’re in.”

“Did he earn it? No, that was the electoral college. Well does he know what he’s doing? Nope, he doesn’t have a fucking clue. Well he must be good when there’s something like a national health scare right? Honestly I’m pretty sure of the two of them he doesn’t even own a mask.”

“That’s the crux of the situation. No one really knows where you get your arrogance. You’ve done jack all every time you step into the XWF. You’ve never finished any of your goals that you set out. All of them crash and burn quicker than the Hindenburg. You strong arm your way into positions only to piss down your leg when the lights are the brightest. You look at me as if I need to be vanquished, when the reality is…”

“I’m what you want to be. I’ve always been what you aspired to accomplish here in the XWF. From your introduction here, all the way till now. You have always lived in my shadow. It’s a shame too because being younger than you it should be the other way around. I should look up to you and your career, it’s just I’ve surpassed you long ago. All under on my own terms. All with the skills I have gained over the years. All on my own. Hell, you even said there was a backstage agreement for me to drop a title to you long ago.”
I lift the lid off of the plate in front of me. “Newsflash asshole. I don’t deal with backstage politics. If there was ever an agreement for that…. it didn’t come from me, as the results showed.” The camera pans down as I dig my fork into the apple pie sitting on the plate in front of me. I smile as I eat the pie. I quickly wipe my mouth with a napkin.

“That is delicious….”

“It’s time for your humble pie Chris.”

The fork clinks on the plate as I stand up and stretch. I can still hear the laughs over at the other table where Aidan and our guest are sitting. I brush myself off and walk over to the table.

“Mind if I join you guys.”
I stated as I placed a hand on Aidan’s shoulder. All I felt was two sets of eyes burning a hole right through me.

“No, I don’t think so. There’s no room at the table.”
I nod and get the attention of the waitress, who quickly ushers a busboy to the table. He drags an adjacent table over and butts it against their table. “I don’t think that’s how this works…”

“It does now. I bought the place.”
Aidan begins laughing hysterically.

“Did you just Dark Night this place!?!”

“I guess you could say that.”
I pull the chair out and sit down, as a glass of bourbon is placed in front of me. Still the glare burns a hole, but I don’t pay it any attention as I take a drink from the glass.

“Bets, can you give us a minute?”
The woman we all saw at CuntFest quickly stands up and gives the man a quick peck on the cheek.

“See you around Bets.”
Aidan chimes in as she walked away. Aidan raises his eyebrows and begins to dig into the steak dinner in front of him. “So Shawn… I got him all loosened up for you. Talk away…”

“I need you to do something for me.”
The man takes a deep breath and smiles.

“I know Steve already called me. Just tell me what you want from me so I can promptly tell you to fuck off.”
A quick smile and shrug from him.

“Just call him and tell him it’s his time. If he wants it all he has to do is say the magic words.”
I slide my phone across towards him.

“Come on. He will listen to you James.”
James Raven shakes his head and picks up the phone.

“Why do you want this so badly?”
It’s a good question, and I hadn’t thought that far ahead yet.

“It’s not for me… it’s for him.”

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