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PlaceMarker Just the facts... when a witch and a zombie get together, magic happens
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Zane Norrison Offline
The Post-Mortem Punk

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(loved by some; hated by some; dips between clean/dirty)

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06-24-2020 11:27 PM

[Image: vqn1v1h.gif]

"Here's the facts..."

"My name is Zane Norrison and I am a zombie."

"I reside within a 3rd floor apartment in Manhattan, New York where I also work for a morgue, that's where I acquire brains from the recently deceased, in order to keep from going all feral and rabid, like a zombie that you might see in a television show, comic or movie. I'm twenty six but I look more like I'm 22, that's when I was abducted, my life was taken and I became the undead abomination, that I am currently today. I have an undead kitten named Swampy, short for Swamp Thing, she's lime green but she used to be white and she turned green after she became a zombie. I'm not sure why that happened but then again, there is so much I don't know about my own kind. And I know even less about living dead kitties. I don't really mind that my cat is lime green though, cause that happens to be my favorite color."

"Anyways, I wrestle for a company called XWF, primarily on a show called Anarchy, where I have achieved some success, although I have also appeared on other shows. I started my career in wrestling back when the XWF aired their programs on a shitty cable access show and I achieved notary and fame, right away. Gaining the Hart title in my second match ever, SOTM in my first month and the X-Treme title shortly after that. For the most part, I get along with the other wrestlers but there are those that just seem to despise me, for some reason or another.'

"Most likely jealousy, I'm fairly attractive and I'll always look this way, whereas they will age and wrinkle, also I'm talented and my abilities won't ever be hindered with age or eventually cease over time. Just some positives to being a zombie, gotta look on the bright side, right? Rather than focusing on the negatives of this curse cause that's really what it is in truth. A curse. I mean, I'm dead and I'll never have a normal life. That sux. Anywho... that's some information about me."

"Now lets talk about you, Minka Arzegotti..."

"You started wrestling in the XWF on February 25, 2016. You wrestled a total of one time, almost a year later after that and then... you disappeared for three years, only to return and attempt to pin Alexei Medved, which you failed to do even though you pinned him, while he was asleep. Asleep in the halls of the main XWF building for some reason or another. Cause he is apparently homeless or something. Perchance suffering narcolepsy too, why else would he just be asleep in the hallway? That's weird."

"Even weirder, you're still searching for your brother, Luca. STILL! SEARCHING! How??? Why??? You know what, here Minka, I'll help you out and solve the riddle for you, he is in the desert. That's where he wanders off to... after he comes back for a bit to the XWF, fails to do anything but lose a few times and does massive amounts of drugs, at least that's what Azrael Erebus told me. They were once frenemies, so I think the source is sound. You should go there, you know after you lose our match cause lets face it, that's what will happen, sweetheart. Of this there is absolutely no doubt. You don't belong wrestling, anyone... period."

"Sorry honey, thems the breaks and someone had to tell you, before you got placed into a fight with someone much bigger and stronger than you and wound up getting seriously injured or killed and trust me, you don't want to be dead. Take it from this animated corpse. Sure you'll be pretty forever but at what cost? What cost? Nothing is worth that."

"So darling, take this loss and head for the hills. Find your brother, put him in rehab and live your life to the fullest. Become a musician or something. Settle down somewhere, have kids and just live. Okie dokie, artichokie? Alright, that's all I got to say. See you in the ring tomorrow, doll face."

[Image: 7KdkMz0.jpg]

Laying in bed and very naked but don't fret folks, there's a thin black sheet covering my shame. Not that I have anything to be ashamed about, I am very well endowed, also my cock comes with accessories. Haha! Not wheels or anything, like the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. Just a couple of piercings. No biggie. What? I have piercings upstairs... why wouldn't I have them downstairs too? And trust me gentlemen, it makes sex like a million times better.

Rolling over on my side, I slide my arm around the attractive Asian lady, laying next to me and whisper softly...

"Morning beautiful."

She sighs and turns towards me, resting her head on my chest.

"Hey, I gotta ask you something."


"Are you sure things are done, between you and Dillinger D'Marco?"

That's right. I banged, Nyx Nephthys. A few times, actually but this is the first time I'm bringing this up. Cause well, it's been awhile since this zombie seen any action and when Nyx pounces on you like a sexy kitten, you don't stop her from doing stuff and start asking questions. You ride that wave and get everything you can out of the experience. And I mean, everything.

"Yeah, we're over as a couple."

"Is that why you're moving to New York?"

"Partially. Mostly cause I felt it was time for a change of scenery. Still searching for an apartment."

"You know, I have a solution for that dilemma."

"What's that?"

"Move in with me."

"Move in with you?"

"Yeah, why not? It'll save you the hassle of finding a place and you'll have an extremely hot zombie, helping you move your stuff. It's a win, win. And it'll be fun, you'll have all of this..."

I wave a hand over myself.

"Everyday. C'mon, say yes, please."

Nyx looks up at me and momentarily,,considers my words.

"Okay. Fine. Yes, I'll move in with you."

This causes me to smile broadly and I kiss her.


Today is going to be a good day.

[Image: hZM7vS3.jpg]

1x X-Treme Champ
1x Hart Champion
1x SOTM November 2018
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