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Ecco the Dolphin

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Post: #1
06-23-2020 07:39 AM


It's YA BOY wit' the bad ass blowhole, from the only place deep enough to hold my DICK, the whole mah-fackin' ocean, Ecco the MF Dolphin! Now, too many y'all weak bitch land mammals out here talkin' shit, actin' like y'all run thangs. I RUN SHIT, BITCH. This MY hood. This MY side. You want purp? You want snow? You get that shit from ME or you get them little hominid balls snapped right off, you feel me? You think I ain't got guns? I got SUBMARINES, MY NIGGA.

Top of the line bottom prison bitch is this wannabe porpoise pussy James Jimson. That's right, JAMES, I called you by your SLAVE NAME because we ain't FRIENDS. You think you a bad ass? You think you can step to Ecco? I been top of the food chain in these parts since I capped Flipper in a alley off the coast of Martha's Vineyard in 1995. SIT YO ASS DOWN AND GET READY FOR A CETACEAN SEMINAR.

You got moves like this, cuck boy?"

[Image: CreamyPhysicalGnat-size_restricted.gif]

"Naw. Naw I ain't thought so. So here's wassup. I'm about to take this Federweight Title from Tommy Wish-he-had-fins, and then I'mm swim on up to Anarchy an' drop a challenge right in YO MUTHAFUCKIN MAMA'S LAP, BITCH. Mrs. Jimson fiddina get a rostrum jammed up that vajayjay an' she gonna LOVE IT, lemme tell you what. White bitches LOVE when Ecco goes down to pound town on they mammal muffins, ya heard? Y'all think I'mma fish but gat DAYUM that's where the doggone sea world stank come from right there. Them human cloacas is NASTY.

Tommy, get yo shit ass down on the floor an' let Daddy Ecco take his treasure back down to Davey Jones' Locker for the time being. Jimson, clock's tickin' BOY!"

Ecco flops onto Tommy for a pin.
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"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane (06-23-2020)
Tommy Wish Offline
Some Guy In XWF.

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Hardly anyone to be honest

(booed by most fans; hurts people even when not supposed to; often angry and shitty)

Post: #2
06-23-2020 08:08 AM

Tommy lets this Ecco flops on him for 2.9... then he gorilla presses him back onto the ocean in his boat as a form of a kickout.

"The only thing you run is how you manage to survive from not getting poached in the ocean by these so called "mammals"; you're pretty lucky to not get poached and used as a trophy, or worse yet... getting into sea world and being someone else's amusement. I don't know why you have beef with Jim Jimson, but that's between you and him. Unfortunately for him, he isn't the one to hunt you down and leave your remains at his Pinecone residents.

Also, that slang of yours is very terrible, i'm not surpassed that you aren't getting wacked off by an Orca Whale, who has way more credibility than you could even image in your own life, i bet he isn't the type to be doing all that flippy shit that you just did, and i bet he could out sperm you with his massive whale sized dick. Hey maybe size does matter when you under the sea or some shit.

So Ecco, i'm not going to lay down for no punk ass Dolphin like yourself, because you are the LEAST of my worries when i'm out here on this boat. I have more worries of a JAWS coming out of his slumber and eating you, before I."

[Image: Tommywish.jpg]
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"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane (06-23-2020)
Ecco the Dolphin

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Post: #3
06-23-2020 08:54 AM

Ecco cocks his head and does a backflip back on top of Tommy before he can paddle away.

"Oh HAYL naw, bruh! I know you did not just drop that racist-ass Sea World shit in my lap right here today. I know you did not. You so bad how 'bout you roll up then? How 'bout you meet me behind the Shoney's then, bitch? STEP UP, SON, I'M AT THAT SHONEY'S EVERY DAY, BITCH, THAT'S MY SHONEY'S BITCH, SHOW UP.

You won't though because you a scared little bitch wit' no balls between them knock kneed legs. I don't even NEED legs, bitch, I got fuckin' flippers an' I'll whoop you 'til you SWOLE UP from bruises, you heard? Take a good look at this smooth face, bruh, this what yo kids gon' look like someday."

[Image: 3303titlescreen.png]
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"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane (06-23-2020)
Tommy Wish Offline
Some Guy In XWF.

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Hardly anyone to be honest

(booed by most fans; hurts people even when not supposed to; often angry and shitty)

Post: #4
06-23-2020 10:55 AM

This time Tommy kicksout, and lifts up Ecco on his shoulders and F5 him back into the atlantic ocean.

"Yeah I dropped in that "racist" Sea World shit on your non amphibious lap, Dolphin. Hey i much rather you be treated like a slave to the humans, then see you become someone's fucking dinner this evening. If I had a fishing pole, i'd bait and hook you on it and skin you alive, and send your big head to Jim's house as a gift from me.

I don't know about any Shoney's you speak of, unless you are somehow closely related to the genetic freak himself, then fuck all that. You gotta learn that you are a sea creature, and a creature who's shelf life is limited beyond control. I know you want to flex your dolphin nuts, but who are you fooling?... that kid who wanted your kind to be free made a worse chose to have you be fucking it up for all Dolphin's who are just trying to live.

Also, i'm not going to have any kids, due to me not being able to procreate with your Dolphin mother, have you heard about that? I mean, if she had it her way she'd abort that body of yours, and let a face of a human run your kind. You're just Ursula, nah just one of her weak ass henchmen who couldn't get the job done."

[Image: Tommywish.jpg]
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Jim "the Jim" Jimson Offline
The man, the myth, the legend, the pin

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Not Over

(the perfect heel; hated even by the fans who usually cheer heels; pisses off internet fans too)

Post: #5
06-24-2020 01:46 AM

My slave name is Jimmy Johnson, not James Jimson, come on Ecco, even Theo Prince knew this.

Our paths will cross one day Ecco..... I gotta pinecone with your name on it, you flubbing piece of shit!

5x Heavymetalweight champin
1x Federweight champion

XWF record
3-9 33.3% chance of winning

Universal record
9-14 64.2% chance of winning

Fun Fact: Jim is owed 67k in xbux. PAY. UP. VINNIE

The relatives of Jim Jimson
Jimmy Jimson
Jim Johnson
James Jimson
J. Jonah Jimson
Jimmy Jimmy
Jimbo Jimson
Jackenhoffer Jiminez
Jimmy Jimmerson
Jim Jimbo
Jim Jackstiener
Jimmy Jim
Jim Jaghofferson
Jim "James 'Jim' Jimson" Jimson
Jimmy Jimbo Jimbob
Pinecone Jimson
Jimdick Jagoffboy
James Jimson
Jim Jimpin
John Jameson
Jim Jimjimjimjimjimjimjimjim
Jim Jopson
Jim Jimmy the Jim Jimmerson
Jim Jimpegmyass

You thought something was down here huh. Well, you must be pretty dumb. Maybe you should go check-up in the text for the pins
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"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane (06-24-2020)
"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane Online now or has been in the last 30 mins
The Guy

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(cheered; very rarely plays dirty but isn't lame either; many likable qualities)

Post: #6
06-24-2020 06:53 AM

What the... you know what, never mind.

How did I get on this boat?

Still Champion - Tommy Wish

[Image: dR5ZguS.png]
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Griffin MacAlister Offline

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Drug addicts, rebels, weirdos

(the villain you love to hate; has cult following; may deal drugs on side)

Post: #7
06-25-2020 12:32 AM

"I hate it when I suddenly discover myself on a boat and out at sea. This mechanic is not a seafaring or nautical man. Never have I had a good experience on a boat."

[Image: Teg4zqi.jpg]

Title History
3x X-Treme Champion
1x (and 1st ever) North Korean Champion (Now the Television Title/X-Bux Championship)
1x Tag Team Champion (Longest reigning tag team champion @273 days. 231 w/Sebastian Duke and 42 solo)
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