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06-26-2020 07:07 PM

How far are you willing to go? How extreme are you willing to get?

It all depends on how we are wired, really. Some people have it, some don't. Some people are extreme from child hood, and some people are grown adults who pretend to be.

Hanari sat on his porch, smoking his cigar as usual. This match was going to be brutal, and he knew it. He remembered back to his childhood. Talk about brutal.

He took a few puffs as he looked off into the distance. The area around him molded like a dream, with the fuzzy, just barely visible edges. Like you could touch them....but never quite reach them if you tried.

He remembered sitting on a porch very similar to this one, except not nearly as sturdy. The nails would poke through the wood sometimes, wreaking havoc on bare feet. The paint on the railings was chipped too, peeling. The squirrels and chipmunks would run around and play their games, chasing each other like a furry game of tag.

Little Hanari would watch them, his eyes bouncing back and forth with their movement. Reaching down under the chair his hand felt the lukewarm steel. He pulled his bee-bee gun was always fun to practice. And necessary. Any male adult in the Dominican needed to know how to shoot.

Unfortunate reality.

He would shoot a few times, and miss. He expected it. You always needed to fail to know how it feels to succeed.

But eventually, he would hit. He always aimed for the back legs. He didn't shoot to kill, but would shoot to incapacitate. He liked to do the killing himself.

On the old rickety table next to him was a knife, and a bucket. It still had blood on it from the last time, which was hard and dry from the tropical heat. There was a godawful smell coming from the bucket, and a few flies around it.

After a few tries, he heard the dull thud of copper sinking into flesh, and a few branches rustle as his target fell. A small smile cracked across his dry lips, and he slid his flip flops on. The deck creaked under his weight, and he set the gun down, siding it back under the chair. Grabbing the old crusty knife and bucket, he made his way into the yard, near the treeline. What he saw made him smile, even though it shouldn't.

The target was still squirming, its one back leg shattered and hanging almost off, the other three legs trying to crawl forward.

Imagine the pain it must be in.

He bent down, talking to it all nice like.

"It's okay little one.....its okay."

Pinning it down with his hands, he could feel it shaking....feel the heartbeat. He loved the heartbeat.....especially when it was fast with panic. How the eyes go wide with fear but begin to drain of life when hope falls short.

He takes the knife, and with a swift movement, cuts off the injured and dangling leg. The blood stains the grass, the animal squeals a little. Little Hanari pulls out his lighter, and cauterizes the wound.

Least he could do.

He smiled again. He was just trying to help the poor bugger.

That had always been Hanari's struggle. He always wanted to help people, and creatures, he just had a wacky way of showing it. A unique way. His way.

The animal still pinned, he flipped it over onto its stomach. It was trying to scratch and claw at him, even bite, but it was to no avail. The grass was soft under his knees as he brought the tip down to the fur covered stomach. Little nicks here and there, small incisions that drew blood. He could kill this animal in one fell swoop, but going slow was his M.O.

Slow and steady wins the race, his mother would always tell him.

Little by little he dissected this animal while being very careful to make sure that it stayed alive. It was important to him that it stayed alive.

Little by little he cut the skin off. Little by little he cut around the bone, into the soft tissue. By the time he was done, it was a breathing skeleton.

This poor creature, its only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When he was finally done, he stepped on the creature, hearing the bones crunch and the organs he left inside mush beneath his hand made flip flops.

When his mother called him in for dinner that night, he gleefully accepted, leaving the bucket, the knife and the fresh squirrell skin on the back deck for a later endeveour.

Hanari chuckled to himself as he remembered this, ashing his cigar. He couldn't understand as a kid why he did that but with perhaps the most brutal match he's ever had looming in the near future, he took a moment or two to reflect on it. This poor creature didn't have anything that Hanari wanted other than control.........

Power and Control.

The ability to dominate something to its very core, and go in for the kill when he saw fit.


Its intoxicating.

Poor Felix is like this squirrel. Wrong place, wrong time, with the wrong belt. He isn't extreme. He is the opposite. Hanari is going to torture him, take his power, take his control...take his sanity........

Then break his arm and take his title.

Hanari smiled as he poured himself another shot, the squirrels chattering about in the distance.

"So Felix decided to come into this fight swinging, only his punches felt like a 3rd-grade girl slap. Weak, boring, and snooze-worthy. I really thought Felix was a bit smarter than he has displayed. Shame on me for giving this puta the benefit of the doubt. Shame on me for thinking he was worth more and a few squirts of piss. Shame on me for even considering, somewhere in the back of my brain, that I wasn't going to snap his arm and end his career after I took his title.......

But now, oh...perro....

Now, that would be doing him a favor. Calling this sham of a career quits now could give him time to focus on things he may be better at....though I am not sure who is going to hire him with an arm that is in two pieces.

You sure like to brag for someone who has made a habit out of beating up on XWF's stuffed animals. You've caught up to my reigns? Well, good, fucking golden. Are you seeking a pat on the back, or is balloons, a clown and a pizza party more your steeze? You strike me as a guy who enjoys balloon animals. Something about your face.

But despite all your empty bragging and throwing two short title runs in my face (that's nothing new, everyone has tried the same lame bullshit), I was still going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you weren't this dumb. Shame on me.

I was ditched for Peter Gilmour? My tag team partner Chris Chaos left me for Gilmour? You dumb son-of-a-bitch. Let me tell you how Chaos gets down hermano because you obviously don't pay attention outside of your little bubble. If Chaos "ditched" me, he woulda left me laying in the ring, or tried to. He would have made his intentions known. Discretion has never been his strong suit. What he has been good at it recruiting. Peter was an acquisition to Chaotic Inc. Nothing more, nothing less, as you so elegantly put it.

Chris Chaos left one of the top executives in this company damn near in a wheel chair on national television. If he can do that to Theo Pryce without batting an eye, what do you think he'd do to Hanari Carnes? Unless, you think he wouldn't be able to do that to me. Kinda makes the "you're nothing" comment seem a bit shallow, doesn't it? OR, maybe its the language barrier, maybe I am not understanding. MAYBE you are saying that Theo Pryce is a bitch for getting beaten up by Chris Chaos. Theo, the head of creative, XWF legend, member of the kings. Or maybe you feel like Chris Chaos is the best wrestler on this roster.

I am not sure what you feel, hermano, but any way you slice it you look stupid. If talking out your ass were worth a dollar a word, you'd have the highest paid contract in XWF history chico. What humors me also is you seem to think I fear you. Ese, I have taken dumps bigger than you. Dominican holidays and that food.....ey yey......and the spices......

The point is, I fear nobody. Not Main, not Page, not Centurion, not Warstein, not Theo, not Chaos....and sure as shit not you. You puff your chest out and walk around all big and bad like that title gives you validation. That's small-dick energy, holmes. It's like a lifted truck or a loud civic to you. You seem to think it makes anyone look at you in some radiant glow, like your some baaaaaad mothafucker who we should all be afraid of.

What we see, Felix, is a scared little boy with skinny jeans and a bad hair cut who feels too confident holding a belt that labels him a "big boy". You aren't. You've caught up to my reigns....good....who have you beaten? What signature matches have you been in? Have you ever even used your finisher? Felix, the fact you even have a job here proves Chaos's point.....the XWF talent relations team has more holes in it than a brain cell after a whippets binge. But it's okay, because that 20 pound piece of leather and steel has given you the confidence that you would last more than 58 seconds in the ring with Robert Main. You seem to want to face him.....

I've always thought you've had more balls than brains, kid. But this is extreme rules. This isn't where I get to sit back and admire your courage and compliment on the sizes of your balls.....this is where I get to chop them off and feed them to you. This is where I get to hurt you as badly as I see fit, and its all legal. Nobody to stop me, nobody to help you. Saturday Night you will know what real competition looks like, and trust me, pina, you won't like it.

I thrive under pressure. I love competition. And why did Chaos want me in Chaotic Inc? Because I like to hurt people. Win, loss or draw, my opponent doesn't leave the ring as the same person. They always take a little piece of me with them. I am going to make sure that you take a little piece as well. I am going to take my pound of flesh.

You better sleep with that belt snuggled tightly to your chest, puto, because your days are numbered. If I didn't take it from you, Robert would have. I am just pushing the loss up a week or two. You should thank me because that crazy perro would have hurt you even worse......all I wanna do is break your arm, Robert would have taken your soul. He doesn't care about you, he is a machine. You guys have "unfinished business", but he will want nothing to do with you without that title. It was all he was after. He saw it as a layup, an easy win. A "small bump in the road". Your words, not mine.

So hold onto that belt dearly like your life depends on it because once it ascends into the upper echelon of talent where it belongs, you're never going to see it again. I haven't had the displeasure of wasting my time in the ring with you yet, but I get to Saturday Night. I've seen you on tape but now we get to tango in person. I sure hope you wrestle better than you promo, or it is going to be a long night for Felix Jones.

I do not fear you.

Oh trust me, chicano, you will."

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