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Carzy Steve is here to play
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06-19-2020 09:23 PM

The scene opens up in creepy backstage area and he says hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Carzy Steve and I'm here to play with you all. In many weird ways I'm issue a fight warfare to anybody a straight up fight BECU I love to Hurt People a lot. Then he laughs at himself as he says come to Ring and fight me. As blood come from his mouth as he looks for his knife I love putting smiles on people's faces. But also love violence and pain. I'm ready to get out the psych ward and hurt some pray. It my time to make y'all decay. Then he takes some blood from his hand and writes Decay over and over on wall. I am known as a Psychopath with a lot of minds Becouse they tail me to hurt them and make them pay which will come warfare I will be Backstage if anyone needs a fight I'm here always. and forever To come. Nothing will stand in my way of ultimate power and violence as well. When you battle the devil you get the clown Prince of Warfare which is me Carzy f* Steve. The most dangerous and twisted man in xwf and king of mother f* hardcore. I am the best in the world so who wants me in a casket match who no one that who I'm starting my xwf career with a Damm bang by beating the s* out of all of you and making y'all my f* b*** at end of it. Nothing will stand in my way of gold and hurting people I'm the devil and I'm here to collect souls in after life. And make you fear this twisted clown sob pain and suffering. Then the screen switches to a coffin made by Carzy Steve and he says it custom made by me to put some in there for fun. I'm not a monster but you will have nightmare about me after warfare is all over with. I promise y'all will know the name Carzy f* Steve loud and clear boys are girls. And I also love when they scream for me it gives me sick enjoyment to hear them in pain. And hurting on floor as I roll them in my coffin and close that mother f* up forever. And never letting me them out at all. I don't fear no evil or no monster I am all of those things combined in to one. I am God I. This ring I am the best in the world at what I do. and no one does it better than me in xwf history. So who ready to fight me in match. I'm pretty sure nobody is ready for me at this time. As he laughs at camera man. Nobody is more dangerous than me in this ring and no one ever will be. and that because I'm creppy and insane and ready to reck people dead like no other. Before me in this business. I'm on hole new level that cannot be beating or stopped for that matter. I'm untouchable in this ring and in hell for that matter. I'm coming to warfare to Takeover and enjoy it very much. Because when it all over I will be a Damm God.
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