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(loved by some; hated by some; dips between clean/dirty)

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05-30-2020 11:59 PM

Wake up.
Smell the coffee.
Pay attention... might learn something

Building walls around myself, to keep them all at bay.

Locking doors, between their roars, screaming their cries of dismay.

Sheltering myself from the outside world, keeping the pain within.

Even the best of us get left in the dust of our long-lived lives of sin.

The more they try to call me out, the further I draw myself in a veil,

There's nothing left for me to do, nothing left to tell.

I feel the hands grabbing my feet and pulling me to hell...

...But I'm not dead. I let out a rebel yell...


|to be continued| comes trouble...

Come to me now all ye who hear this cry.

I don't give up. I don't back down.

I never, ever, surrender.

But I can see the landscape of a realm I once cherished... and I am lost in the world I find myself staring at. Every month, as years pass, this company slowly perishes. Death overcomes as I see useless scum drape themselves with what USED to be the most prestigious title in the world.

I remember the last time I was here... I was ridiculed, mocked, broken. I was made a fool, but this time? I use that heartache as a weapon to overcome those who've made the past three years of my life an absolute hell on earth. I don't look at you people as I once did. Remember--

Believe ye be worthy, and worthy ye shall be. Heheh... I know I am...

...But what are you?

Dust to dust, ash to ash, wind flowing through the cuffs of my coat, cutting through the neck... I feel alive once again. I wake up from my bed to find the miserable state I've found myself in slowly dissipating. The words and actions of the XWF faithful are beginning to transform from a knife in the back to a sword in my hand. I simply wish to let you all know that I'm not waiting around for someone to welcome me. I'm busting down the front door this time, and putting each and every one of you on red alert. Death will come for those who wait.

Dust to dust, ash to ash... time changes and the world evolves. The world revolves around those who don't wait, but instead those who take action and take what is theirs. And I'm finally ready to take action in this company, and leave my mark. I am ready to make a name for myself, regardless of which name that may be. Regardless...

...I'm ready. Are you?

|i'm gonna set this world on fire|

~ + ~

The world is a scary place. I don't know how else to put it. I've been through it all in my life, and I've been frightened at least half the time... but I persevere. Everyone I've ever crossed paths with has either used or abused me in some way. Just my life, I suppose. But I never, ever, EVER, give up. And I never move backward. Because quitting is for losers... and as long as I continue forward?

All I do is win.

So many men and women in my history have lived to see me fail. But you only really fail if you give up. So that's why, every time I fall? I get back up again. I will never allow another person to dictate how or why I live my life. I will NEVER allow someone to push me around and tell me what to do. I am a fighter, a warrior, and THAT, above anything else, is the kind of being I wish to be known as.

A warrior.

I'm ready to return to the realm that moved on and forgot me. I'm ready for the land that betrayed me and spat in my face. Anyone that reads this, please note... you're not safe. You can run, but you can't evade the Truth. I love this business, it's my passion, my heart, my soul... but you people have ruined it for me.

And the only way I can relight the fire is if I extinguish that of yours.

Be prepared.

|Believe ye be worthy, and worthy ye shall be|

~ + ~

Strong at heart, weak at body. Strong at spirit, weak at mind.

But each and every day I'm slowly recovering. I am on the track back to my yard.

.....Adrenalize me.

~ + ~


Graves has seen his best days, but i'm willing to elevate him to his old glory b4 he is put to pasture.

Mastermind has defeated me, which was probably his greatest achievement ever, seeing how fucking awesome I am. Anin't no thang. ^_^

Liam Roberts looks a lot like musical artist "YungBlud", which I'm unsure would be a compliment or a curse for the poor guy...


Miss Direction....uhhhmmm....... can I buy a vowel, who is this chick anyhow?? o__O

Felix Jones defeated me by the skin of his teeth, and he KNOWS if he faced me again, it'd be his last night as champion.

Jenny Myst is the name of a two-cent hooker and Michael Bride is her pimp.

The Wizard needs to hop on a air-baloon and get his whack ass back to Kansas!!!! XD


I should have been on Main and Page's teams, they know, I know, the whole world knows that was their biggest loss, and I offer my condolences

RussianRose is another chump who 'defeated' me, I'll admit it, but these losses are simply fueling me to my eventual throne built upon the Realm of Xtreme

Doug Whitford......LowMo......Who's hiring these guys?? .-.

BigD retired. ....I think?? o_O

Thunder Knux is the reigning X-bux champ.
Which means he's just a BIT above Scully and his Retard belt, I'm just sayin', I'm just sayin'!! [/kenJeong]

Carver has got a sure-fire winner of a team in Sweetie Petey, Tommy Gunn, The Hired Gun and Dick Powers. Dream Team right'chere!!!! XD

Tula Keali sounds like a Chinese dish, Chris Chaos still has the most generic name on the roster, Centurion is a has-been just like Graves, Fuzz Shawn and other geezers clinging to their spot.....

....and speaking of the Universal Champion, yo, Warstein, yeah you, after I unoficially lead MY team to the main event and we destroy all to our spot on the top, the sole survivors of WarGames.... I'm coming after that title of yours. And when I'm finished with you?? You'll be lucky if you can still stand, much less wrestle. You think you're the elite? Well, bitch, I'm the FUTURE, and I am destined to lead this company to heights it's never seen before. Because that's what I do.... BELIEVE IT.

~ + ~

The scene opens to an arena, an XWF house show taking place as we speak. Steve Sayors is mid-ring interviewing some no-name j0bber who's about to compete... when SUDDENLY, the lights cut out.

The X-tron displays the following in crimson;



The lights begin to flicker various hues of red, as the curtain jerker in the ring displays clear fear... when out of nowhere, red liquid splatters all over his body from the rafters, resembling blood pouring down his skin. He slips, as does Sayers, and the two drop to the canvas... a heart appears on the X-tron, pulpitating in and out, blood dripping with every pulpitation.

Speakers: Do you know why this business is dying? It's because of jackasses like the ham and egger in that ring. It's because of guys like Felix Jones and Carnes who've RUINED this company. I have had my fill, and soon? I will return, and bring the ceiling crumbling down upon your heads. The time has come and gone for these disgraces to the XWF and pro wrestling itself.

Speakers: ......beware.

~ + ~

No more.

No more crying, no panicking, no more giving up.


- - - - -

The tron is blank. A black void. Two men combat center ring, somewhere in the middle of a house show card laden with no names and used-to-be's. Suddenly, the rafters fill with crimson pyro, shaking the roof. The lights dim and blood red liquid pours down upon the two also-rans, as they slip and slide onto their backs. Static slices through the X-Tron, as the fans build with excitement. The static is then replaced with the image of a black heart before a red backdrop... blood drips from the heart, as a young girl's voice rings out from the speakers.

Girl: Do not be alarmed... it is only the end approaching. You see those lights heading your way? They are not the gates of heaven opening, but instead? The oncoming of a mac truck, ready to steamroll you into oblivion. You latch onto your only shred of comfort, but you shouldn't be spending so much time worrying, draped in fear... No. For you see, the time for fear has come and gone. No more. Don't run and hide. Don't scurry from the shadows in the dark. Don't be afraid.

Be prepared. See you on the other side, my darlingz.

Afterward, the red liquid flows down the tron, cascading over the heart, before the lights are cut out... when they return, the two j0bbers are piled one atop the other, their hearts cut out through a gaping hole in their chests, blood splattered upon the canvas. Their last breaths have escaped them... and the tron is left with two words speaking loud and clear;


I wish I were where you are. All of you. I miss you guys...

...Though, the longer I further myself from you...

...the more I wonder why I cared about you in the first place.

See, there was this notion in the back of my mind that you people cared. That, when I returned, you held this flicker of a flame for me. Somehow, I came to the idea that you actually gave a damn.

Naievety, indeed.

However, now I've returned to the shadows I once took solace within, I see the truth for what it is. You never cared. Not when I first called XWF my home, not when I returned for the first time, nor did you when I returned for the second time.

I felt betrayed, seeing that the show went on without me.

No more.

If you don't need me, I don't need a single solitary one of you. I'm better than every last one of you, and when I return? I'll prove it. I no longer need celebration or sympathy. All I need is to see bodies broken by my hand, fallen on the mat at my feet. And as god as my witness you will see them.

You will be them.

The XWF was slowly sinking back in 2014. And now, as the years pass by, things digress further and further, making the landscape sorrier as the moments move on. A company can't build itself around a champion who'd just as soon take his ball and hightail it back home. He's untrustworthy, holding onto gold when he should be passing the torch...

...The Federation needs a resurgence. XWF needs a man that can guide it to a new plateau... or bury it in the backyard. There has never been a sadder state in wrestling than that of the XWF in recent times. Know this-- regardless of how things may be, things never remain the same. Change is constant, whether it be for better.... or worse.

Flight is an ability that only so many creatures are gfted with.
Though, that depends on your definition of the word 'flight'.

I can fly. I can soar. I can leap with the best of them, but the difference when it comes to my career is, I have been passed over and belittled more times than I can count. Though, when it all comes down to it, I brought it upon myself. That's the lesson that so many of today's stars tend to forget...

You fuck up? You learn... or you're lost in the sands of time.

I HOPE it cuts you up. Every missed curve ball. Every dropped pass. Every time you step into the ring and fall just THAT short of having your hand raised in victory. Stare up at those lights, sit up from the mat, dust yourself off, and then take it all in as a learning experience. Otherwise?

You will regret it as I have, year after year, match after match.

There came a time in my life, not too long ago, where I found myself spinning my wheels, going nowhere. I wanted more. I wanted to make a name for myself, I wanted to make an IMPACT. I had had it up to here with all of the laughter and loss. I needed to know within my heart that I was more than just another also-ran, some face in the crowd destined to be one more statistic in the grand scheme of things.

I'm no longer a number.
No more.

The XWF is a shipwreck. Its roster consists of those whose tanks are running empty, and even worse than them? Those who never had a full tank to begin with. When I am ready to return, believe me-- it will indeed be with an impact.

You wouldn't even recognize me anymore.

I hope some of you atleast have been noticing my messages. The little warning signs I've strewn about the XWF landscape. I'm almost there, ready to grab the reigns once again and to meet you all in the battlefield. I've changed. I've found myself, and I'm never turning back. Forget what you knew... all that matters is what you WILL know.

I never forget.

For so long I stood cold, unlike myself. I was frozen inside my own self made cell. I didn't want to stay there idly waiting for things to change, so I returned, from the tomb... Unfortunately, things were only worse than I remembered. So?

I took it upon myself to MAKE change.

I spent every waking moment building a story, bringing the people into my world. I was sick and tired of allowing myself to be used, abused, misused and misled for as long as I could remember. So, I showed the world where I came from... so they could realize where I was going. From the bottom to the top, to prove each and every last goddamned one of them they were wrong.

And not just about me. This was and IS bigger than me, TRUST me.

You are all a part of the game. The evolutionary struggle between then and now, them and us, the ready and the waiting. And the waiting don't always wait long enough. Change, ladies and gentlemen. We all have a deeper, more robust version of ourselves buried within us. It is up to each of us to dig underneath and find that side, or be left in the dust.

Are you strong enough to move forward? Or will you be forced to face the consequences?

The truth can be twisted, but it can always be unraveled again. Don't underestimate the forsaken. Don't overlook the forgotten. We rise, and we do so together. As a band, as a flock, as a pack. Mighty and unstoppable, we will show the world why you should always be careful how you treat a person...

...cuz he may just turn around and treat you to your final resting place.

Believe. And be prepared.

|Till we meet again|



Lost and found, turned around, I find myself divided.
Upside down, trapped in the sound of the world they have provided.
The years I've spent, the time I've lost, falling every day...
I fight, I scratch, I bite and claw, but nothing seems to change.
Confined within a hollow Earth, built from broken men.
Blood staining the floor and every inch of everything it can.
Walls, ceilings, bodies and hands, the madness slowly envelopes... is here where I am lost and my eternity slowly develops...

It's the world I know through a screen,
Everything I've seen in this scene,
Slowly draping itself around me,
Forcing me to wait and not be involved,
With the world I helped revolve,
Trapped in a mystery I cannot solve...

...but I can't wait for long...

That's just not me.


The autumn air whipped at my back. The concrete ceiling floor below my boots felt like home after walking the thirty or so flights of stairs to the top. I've always hated elevators. Something about vertigo and the intense, migraine headaches and dizziness I've felt since I was younger. I wear a mask, black with a crimson cross etched in the front... hiding myself from the world around me. My gloved hands gripped the bannister tightly as I gazed out at the city. I stood here, taking it all in and feeling its aura surround me...

Washington felt as right a place as any other to begin...

Soon, it would be the right time.



Thank you. Thank you everyone, now, before, after... everyone. Thank you for bringing me to an end... so I may return like the Phoenix, bigger, better, badder than ever. I rise from the flames as a force unparalelled. The XWF is slowly falling down to its foundation, a company that could have toppled all of its competition is now struggling to remain relevant... undeserving champions, a management team unworthy of its stature... The XWF cannot be saved. So, it is with that in mind, that I allow you all to realize..... all remain on borrowed time. And WarGames will prove to be the first shot fired. The XWF WILL die...

The end is near...
We are your end.

"And the earth turned grey
The sea turned black
The rivers turned red
The sun turned cold
The beast turned pale
The stars turned fast...

"...And the air turned to poison"

Replay:"I am the bastion of illumination. I am the trailblazer for a new generation. I feel it in my bones...
WELCOME, to a new age. WELCOME, to a new Xtreme Wrestling Federation!! ........... let's dance."


W: 1 // L: 8

learn, survive, believe & thrive...
...become the best & eat them alive.

'...what happens when the joke dies...'

Replay:When I was a little girl, my mother spoke of a prophecy, of a time when all the world would be covered in darkness and the fate of mankind would be decided. One night I finally got the courage to ask my mother, why God was so mad at His children.

'I don't know,' she said, tucking the covers around me, 'I guess He just got tired of all the bullshit'
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