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One Night Only
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05-30-2020 09:48 PM

OOC: This is all I will be able to get up tonight. Lots going on and not able to really focus on RPing. Going to try and go head to head with the legendary Low Mo on this one. Enjoy, guys. It's weird. I'll go back to being less crackheaded next time, but for now... trouble is in the air!

For one night only,

Shane Carver's ghostly spirit essence possesses The Crimson Dong

and speaks through him!

BEHOLD the Dongly one in all his glorious shit and toilet seat pillow!

[Image: LHrXGBY.jpg]

There's just one problem... It seems like Dong is only capable of Dong talk even if somebody else is controlling his brain!?!?

Hey BLowMoe you fuckwad cum sucking pansyfied pedobeard nutflake you thinky you can fight the power of the dong but you fuck the flower of the dung muahahaha bitch I'm the Kimchi lock perfector doctor unlike the fleets of narcoticals you ingest to get by by! I am undefeated Alaskan Pipeline swallower! When ur down in that humbled humpino pluckery pop submits eon, you will tap tap tap tap tap baby I'm the scat pig that'll gonna be tap tap tap TAP TAP TAPPING PING PING PING TAPPING dat ass all over the ring.

Bitch I got the Diff. I got that c.diff so we dont even need the lube when you go raw dog on me hole. Don't fret lil LowBlow boy I'll supply the tarps and drop cloths ha ha ha but the gloves are off. War games comes a time or two a year but this one will be like no other as the protesting and rioting of the globe takes place right outside the White House where we will be perform! We will be performance the glory hold of destiny! No crowds of anger will hold my shit back if I need to clear out the lawn of 9000thousand prostates I will easily wax them the fuck off this Earth!

When my dead husk Carver's Sheath shows up to play he will be swinging chains and breaking brains. If I even can't control the nasty fuckin thing who the is? No! MLB or TNA don't matter to me when the puss is pushed in. Where's my next hit? Need dat puss. Dat puss.

Crimson Dong starts convulsing all over the room as shit flies out of his asshole in every direction as a result of that sweet, sweet Diff. Shane Carver's ghostly spirit essence is essentially unmercifully potato-gunned out of Crimson Dong flaming asshole and sent far across the galaxy...........

Meanwhile, not too far from the White House itself, we see the empty one- Carver's Sheath. He still has needles stuck all over his head and is sluggishly limping down the street, dragging a body by a thick chain that's wrapped around the bloody carcass' neck. There is a large shard of metal sticking out of the dead teenage girl's chest. Suddenly the sound of a siren blaring draws zero attention from Carver as the police pull up behind him and get out, aiming their weapons at the empty husk.

"Drop the chain and get both hands in the air now or we'll shoot!" - Clearly the police weren't playing tonight with all the chaos unfolding across the country. Just then the police are swarmed by a group of angry protesters as Carver's Sheath is able to disappear into the night, unchecked and unrestricted. Legend has it he would go on to easily slaughter countless victims throughout the night; some in their homes, some in their cars, some on the streets while everyone has their eyes on other distractions... yet no trace ever coming back to him. The only interaction Carver would have with the police that night would be when he appeared out of the shadows behind a total bitch officer - you know, one of those new female cops that has to try and act harder than Gilmour's dick? We've all seen them before, but it won't be the one Carver ripped the mother fucking jaw off of before stabbing the broken jaw bone into her eye sockets repeatedly. What's sick is the protesters witnessing this were cheering him on and supposedly even gave him a mask so he wouldn't be caught... but those same people have since went on to deny having any information on what happened, even though Carver stabbed one of them in the stomach and ripped his intestines out just before vanishing into the shadows again. Maybe nobody will miss that person. Perhaps for the sake of Carver's continued plaguing of the XWF, there must be a narrative somewhere that suggests none of this ever happened anyway.

And so the cycle shall continue...
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