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Team Carver Will All Go Down Together
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05-30-2020 09:21 PM

"Oh yes, we will all go down together" - Billy Joel "Goodbye Saigon 1982". Such a powerful lyric and its fitting that it was about the Vietnam War. And its fitting that we're going into WAR GAMES tomorrow night. War, some people don't want it but sometimes it has to come down to it. The United States has been in many wars in its history. Persian Gulf, World Wars 1 and 2, Spanish American War. War of 1812, just to name a few. Many people didn't want the US to get involved in most of those wars but it was inevitable. Such like the War on Terrorism. We didn't have to go into war, but those bastard Arabs forced our hand when they bombed New York City back in 2001. But the thing about war is when you go into war, you think your country is going to win. We all know the US is the best country in the world and the only time it lost a war was in Vietnam.

War is inevitable. War Games tomorrow night is inevitable. Each team will go into war fighting it out to see who is better. For Team Carver, they all go in together fighting Team Main and the odds are not in their favor. But stranger things have happened at War Games and in wars itself. Who knew Germany would get owned the way they did in World War 2. Who knew the US would get destroyed like they did in Vietnam.

But War Games is like no other war we've seen before. It will be bloody and people will pay the price just to get their team in the final match. Can Team Carver do the impossible and beat the likely winners of War Games, Team Main? Or will Team Main obliterate Shane Carver and his team? We shall see tomorrow night at WAR GAMES!

The scene now shifts to a shot of Peter Gilmour sitting in a rickety old chair that's barely standing on its own legs. The paint is chipping off as Peter rocks back and forth in it. Peter is wearing a black shirt with "OZZ BLESS AMERICA" on the front and a picture of Ozzy Osbourne adorning it. He also has black pants on and his hair is down to his massive shoulders.

Peter has a couple of pictures in his hand. We can't see what they are since the room is dimly lit. Can Peter ever get into a room that's bright? We digress.

Peter takes a moment to run his hand across the pictures and then looks up and is ready to talk.

Peter: So, it comes down to this. War Games is tomorrow night and as much as I am looking forward to the event, I got other things on my mind. I mean, my team is going up against Robert Main, Chris Page and Thunder Knuckles. The other two members of the team I could give two shits about. We don't have the best chance to win this match but stranger things have happened at War Games.

Nobody thought a team led by myself could beat Mastermind a few years ago. But I led my team to victory. Nobody thinks Shane, myself, OG Hired Gun, Dick Powers and that piece of shit cumslut Tommy Gunn can beat Team Main. But we'll find a way. Somehow, someway we'll take Main and his cronies down and we'll go to the final match and shock the world.

I know it won't be easy because you got Fuzz and his team, Centy and his team and Carnes and his team. All decent teams I must say. But everyone on those teams sucks! That's right I said it. Everybody fuckin sucks! Like I said, Shane, myself, OG Hired Gun and Dick Powers may not be the biggest team or even the best team fighting this war. We know we're outmatched but I'll be damned if I let my team go down in defeat the way Main and his bitches think they will beat us. I will fight until my last breath to get my hands on Robert Main and Chris Page. They are due for an attitude adjustment, and no my name is not John Cena. Fuck him! I'm Peter Fuckin' Gilmour damnit! I am the anchor of Team Carver. Shane didn't pick me out of spite. He didn't pick me because we're best friends, even though he's been acting weird lately. He picked me because he knew how valuable a teammate I am.

You got people like Main and even my so called "teammate" Tommy "my nephew is a f a g" Gunn running around here saying Shane and the others will have to carry me to victory. Are we seriously going down that road again? How many fuckin' times do I have to tell you stupid fucks I was never carried when I was in a tag team or a trios team or even a War Games team. I never needed to be carried. McBride never carried me. Dim never carried me, hell even Soldier and Poppa Feder never carried me. I held my own damnit! I have won more titles than half of War Games combined. Go look it up! I will not resort to being "carried" in this match. I will do everything I can to lead my team to victory. And Tommy Gunn, SUCK MY DICK motherfucker! I don't know why in the blue hell you're on my team. I guess since you bitched and moaned about me earlier that Vincent and Theo decided to place you on Team Carver. We don't need you on our team. Hell, I would've been ok with Red-X on our team. At least he tries, although he lost to a fuckin car. A fuckin' car ladies and gents. But like I said.. HE TRIES!

Tommy, you can run me down, call me a coward everything under God's sun. I don't give two fucks. Let's see you even try to do the shit you are going to try to do to me. You won't get your filthy hands on me and you won't end my career. Many have tried, all have FAILED. Just like Team Main and the other teams will fail if Team Carver gets to the final match. You will all bow down and watch us win War Games. Trust me on that.

I'd mention a few names involved in War Games, but I got things to do, people to see. Wait, reverse that. I'll mention a few and then I'll take my leave..

Thunder Knuckles... thanks for calling me a legend. I have much respect for you but please take my advice and don't let the money go to your head. I see you've been losing a lot of X-bux over stupid shit. Trust me.. money isn't everything.

Page.... finally I get my hands on you. You've been like a snake the past few months. Every time I want to break your fuckin' skull you either back away or crawl inside Robert Main's ass. You two are great for each other. Just don't splash on me ok? *winks sadistically*

Main.. mister big shot. Like I mentioned in my earlier promo, you think you are an Alpha but you're not even a Beta or even an OMEGA. Your just like every other guy in this place. A shmuck! A lowlife. Gets his kicks off burying guys like myself. has his head so far up Chris Page's ass he can smell the weed that he ingests. How sickening. I told you those tag titles are on borrowed time. It's just a matter of time before my prophecy will come true. I'm not saying me and a partner I deem worthy to fight along with will beat you and Page for those belts. I'm just saying your time is coming. Don't believe me.. see what happens..

Far as Centy, Fuzzy Wuzzy and even Carnes go, you all can SUCK MY ROYAL DICK! You know you don't want none of the Xtreme Icon. You don't want any of what Team Carver is going to bring you all. When we beat Main and his team, whomever is left will get taken to the Xtreme and they will fall just like the mighty Germans back in WW 2.

Team Carver will fight until our last breath. And like the great Billy Joel once sang, "WE WILL ALL GO DOWN TOGETHER!"

We'll see you bitches at War Games.. May God have mercy on your souls. The blood will be on your hands, not ours. A War is coming. Will you all be ready?

Peter laughs wickedly as he throws the pictures to the ground and we can see they are pictures of his grandfathers who served in World War 2 when they were younger. Peter flips the chair as it goes across the dimly lit room. He then leaves the room as we get a final shot of the chair, all broken into pieces. The scene then begins to FADE TO BLACK!


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