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Ο πόλεμος μέσα
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05-30-2020 08:16 PM

“Where are you Osira?”

I paced around the battlefield. Peering over the bodies that lay at my feet.
“I knew you couldn’t resist seeing what was going on in here….” I place my finger on my temple and tap it a few times. “Surprised by what you’re seeing?” I hear a slight rustling behind me. “Oh your tricks don’t work here anymore, well they never did….”

With a quick snap of my fingers the battlefield begins to disintegrate. Slowly columns begin to crumble into dust. The bodies that litter the ground disappear in small clouds of black smoke. The landscape has totally been changed, only a few boulders remain, as I slowly and methodically walk towards them. Three boulders, all evenly spaced. Each large enough for a person to hide behind.

“Eeny, meany, minne, moe….”


The first boulder vanishes into thin air, revealing nothing behind it.

“Well then…. if at first you don’t succeed.”


The second boulder much like the first vanishes. Again nothing or in this case no one is there.

“I never was good at three card monte…”
A broken smile comes across my face. “But there’s only one left. Come on out O. Let’s not make this more difficult than it needs to be…” After waiting a moment and a deep growl later. “Stubborn… just like Atara.” Osira should’ve known something was amiss right then and there. Something had fundamentally changed. We hadn’t called her Atara in a long time. It was always ‘Dear, Sweetheart, Atty’ and anything else other than Atara.


The last boulder disappears, and before I knew it Osira lunges right at me with a blade in hand. The blade barely missed my throat. With a quick shove to the small of her back Osira falls face first to the ground.

“There you are.”
Osira rolls over on to her back but her glare doesn’t leave my glowing red eyes. “Let’s have a chat shall we.”


Everything surrounding the two of us slowly fades away and manifests into an open field with nothing surrounding the two of us. Osira is lifted from the ground and placed onto a chair that has manifested itself under her. A few ropes begin to slither around her wrists and ankles. Binding so tightly that her hands quiver under the pressure and just as quickly fall limp. She doesn’t have a look of worry in her eyes, more of a sneer of defiance, and an anger worthy of her heritage.

“Where is she?!”
A visceral growl as she yanks on the restraints. She begins to rock the chair back and forth. “If you hurt her….”

“Oh never that lil adelfi…she’s…home.”
I smile and quickly snap my fingers, as the restraints fade away. Osira grabs her wrist and stands up. I raise my index finger to the sky and quickly whip it towards the ground. An unknown force pushes Osira back into the chair.

“Don’t believe me she’s at home? Let’s take a quick peek shall we?”
I snap my fingers as I turn my back towards Osira.


I slowly open my eyes. The low humming of the ceiling fan above the bed where I’m laying, spins. The clattering of the drawstrings against one another is quickly drowned out by the sound of a door being flung open.


Atara rushes up and grabs my body by the shoulders and begins to shake them side to side.


Atara grabs a glass of water from the side table and throws it on my face.



I shake my head and glance over my shoulder in the direction Osira, who herself is slowly opening her eyes.

“Ohh did big sis not run to your side?”
I lick my lips and draw air deeply through my nose. “Would it make you feel better if she was at your side? Okay… I can make that happen.” The annoying, yet thunderous sound of my fingers snapping echoes.


Once again as I open my eyes Atara is still trying to awaken me from my comatose state. Slowly I struggle to breathe, as I strain to speak.

to… Osira….”


“Okay, you should feel her presence in a minute.”
I slowly take a few steps towards Osira and squat down in front of her. “Why don’t you like him…” A puzzled expression falls over Osira’s face. “What did he ever do to you other than care for and be there for your sister? Huh? What did he do that was sooooooo egregious?” Osira doesn’t blink, staring daggers and a small snarl.

“I told you all I wanted was a chance to talk…. well for you to listen.”
I clasp my hands together and lean forward. “Let’s get started shall we…”


Atara is hovering over the body of Osira, clasping her hand tightly and a look of dread covered her face.

“Hurry up Shawn…please hurry up…”


“Where to begin.”
I let out a short sigh. “Well that damn carnival. Oh he holds that day in such high regard. He sees it as the day everything changed. That was the day he pushed me away.” A low growl emanates from my stomach, Osira still glares at me unmoving. “Let’s make this a little clearer for you then…”


A large plume of smoke fills in next to me, and slowly cascades to the ground. A man is tied to a chair head slumped over, and blood trickling from his nose, ears and mouth. I walk over to him and lift his head up by the chin.

“See Osira… He’s harmless.”
Shawn struggles to open his mouth before I firmly grasp it shut. “Shhh…” I shove his head to the side and walk right up into Osira’s face.

“We haven’t been formally introduced…”
I slowly back away from her and hold my hand out towards Shawn. “ why I’m here.”

“Just get to the point Shawn…”
A snide comment if there ever was one.

“Don’t call me that….”
I walk up to the chair and kick one of the legs out. The chair falls backwards, as Osira falls to the ground, but is quickly levitated back to a seated position. Shawn lifts his head slowly and finally opens his eyes. His eyes dart around searching, as a look of dread comes across his face.

“Moving forward. Ever since that day Shawn was so happy, so much in fact that he didn’t need ME anymore. So he, still being in charge, benched me.”
I shrug. “Good for him right? Clearing out the demons. Finding something, or in this case someone to put him at ease. I would finally be able to rest. I was done.”

“Is there a point?”

“In due time lil sis.”
A wide smirk comes across my face. “Then he did it. The one thing WE swore we would never do again…” I turn to Shawn and shake my head. “He said those three words.” I walk up behind Shawn and place my hands on his shoulder. “Only to be rebuffed. Cast aside. In the claims of someone gasping for straws. You want to know the sad truth there Osira?” I walked back around towards Osira.

“He meant it.”
I stifled a laugh and tried to compose myself. I clear my throat before I continue. “Right? Oh when she didn’t say anything in return, it broke him. Then Noah told him he was leaving, and the circle continued. Poor little Shawn all alone on top of the mountain. Sure she stuck around…. Kinda.” I smile again and get in Osira’s face once more. “That’s just it with him. He’s always been a loaner. Everyone he put faith in pulled the rug out from underneath. The Black Order, he was the black sheep. The New Wave, never really trusted him. War Games last year, forced into an unwinnable situation. Noah, up and left. And then there was Atara. Still strong, still vigilant, still so distant. Unwilling to open herself fully like he did, and now….” A quick shrug and I’m back to a short distance from Osira.


“Nothing? Seems out of character for you. So when you answered the door and let us in? Yeah have you wondered why or how I’m in control here?”
I walk over to Shawn once again, patting him on the top of the head. “He knew you were there. He had already let me back behind the wheel. He knew you’d somehow get in here” Once again tapping my temple. “All so you and I could have this little chat.”


A look of worry comes over Atara’s face as the body of Osira begins to convulse.


“You’re not long for the mortal world there O.”
I walk right up to Osira. “I was and always have been a man of my word. I told Shawn I wouldn’t hurt Atara and I won’t… but you on the other hand. Fair game.”

I raise my hand as Osira begins to levitate off of the ground. Swaying in the air back and forth. Feet lifelessly dangling. I reach into my pocket and pull out a small dagger. I run the backside of the blade across her cheek.

“I wonder how big sis is going to react?”

I rear back with the blade and thrust it forward. My hand fights with the blade. It doesn’t get any closer to Osira than several inches. Try as I may, the blade won’t get any closer. I feel a hand on my shoulder, and I’m whipped around.

“I’ll take that.”

Shawn, risen from his debilitated state, had broken the restraints, and grabbed the blade from my hand.

“If you do it… you can’t go back.”
I pleaded with Shawn. He smiled at me and showed the three orbs in the palm of his hand.

“I know.”

The blade pierced my chest as I fell to the ground, Osira did the same. I reach up towards Shawn, and grasp at his legs. He kicked me aside without a second thought. He stood over Osira, and bent down placing the three orbs in her hands. My vision slowly became like a tunnel, and before I was out the last thing he said was to Osira.

“I’m not the bad guy here…”

Fade To Black

[Image: quote-only-in-love-are-unity-and-duality...-15-30.jpg]

The scene fades back in, and there’s Shawn sitting on a throne. The room is unchanged from the first time we have seen it. The only discernible difference is there is a second throne next to his. Currently empty, Shawn stands up and looks over a room of 25 people prepared for a battle in front of him, mumbling to themselves and causing a fever in the room. Four persons walk up behind Shawn as he raises his hands to quiet the crowd.


Two bodies behind Shawn fall lifelessly to the ground, as do a number of others standing in the room.

“There has been so much said about me, so let’s address some of the biggest offenders first shall we?”
I pull out a packet of parchment from inside my Kings robe and uncurl them.“Peasant Myst said that I struck out with Atara? Right. Okay. See the only thing you need to concern yourself with is what are you going to do now that she’s gone? You’re going to rely on Felix? Well you do you, but before you go calling me out about being the best but not being the best, you might want to rethink that. Your boys couldn’t, and can’t hang with me, and don’t get me started about what I think of you. There’s not enough time in the world, I would need probably about 531 minutes. So next time my name comes out of your cum catcher , you need to rethink your methods, and go jump back on Chaos’ dick, because this CHAMPION is no longer interested in your opinion.”

“Who is next?”
I flip through a few pages. “Okay Michael Graves and Thunder Knuckles… Irrelevant. Anything they could possibly say means nothing. Ohh this is interesting Tula. Well she didn’t seem to have a whole lot to say, other than trust issues, and would I do things differently.” I pause for a moment and begin to nod. “Nope. The fact that I ended up with Doug and D is irrelevant. Are you forgetting the fact that Theo basically drafted my team for me? You act as if I had a choice in what was happening. And as for trust. The both of them are like puppies. Shit in my house one too many times and you’re outside. They have yet to soil my floors, and I don’t think they will be doing that any time soon either. I look forward to seeing you in the White House.”

“Then there was Chris Chaos, who said, ’I don’t have much to say, I’m just going to show up and fuck shit up.’ Really? We will see about that.”
Cue a massive eye roll. “The only thing you’ve fucked up is any of the good faith you’ve ever had in my book. I mean it’s only fitting that you are teamed up with Cent and Tula here. Not too long ago you were cowering from him, holding onto a title shot as if it was your first born child. Running and hiding. Only to fall victim to your own teammate when you had the opportunity. You think I have any concerns about you in this match? That what you did four years ago matters? You think that of the three of you you’re not at the bottom of my concerns? Please, you’re not dangerous at all… you’re just sad, and pathetic, I mean calling me a champion during a weak period? Okay. See unlike you when morons speak about me in that tone it doesn’t bother me. Like if it’s so weak, why aren’t you champion? I know what I am and who I am. People watch me because of what I do, not for my next big freak out, because let’s be honest no one is tuning into a Chris Chaos promo other than for the lulz. Get the fuck out of here you pathetic joke of a man.” I shuffle through the papers once more and then toss them aside to the ground.

“Then there was Centurion. A man much like myself. A person out of time, and I don’t mean the literally. You said that the odds have been stacked against me, and you’re right. I didn’t know what I was getting when it came to Doug and D, but the fact that the six of us are in this position tells me all I need to know.”
I pause for a moment and let out a deep sigh. “I know that you and I have resorted to tactics that have worked in the past, and have yielded great results. And what do we get called? A villain. A snake. A coward for me, and all they can say about you is that you’re boring. If being all of that means we are in the Hall then guess what… Call me all of that. Wear that boring label like a badge of honor. It’s all jealousy. They hate us because they ain’t us. Yet I must admit something Cent, you are like a crushed light bulb, you’re all out of shine. War Games may be stacked against us, but we both know only one of us is capable of winning the whole thing. Unfortunately we both know it isn’t you.”

“And Cent that’s not a slight on you at all. Please believe me when I say that. Over the course of my long career, you’ve always been there in lock step. Attaining almost everything I have. That’s the difference between us. While you walk the line of fair and decent, I have no problem getting dirty. The main difference between us isn’t that you lack a killer instinct, it’s that mine is always on display and yours has to be pulled from you. The odds have never mattered to me at all, Theo stacking the deck? Don’t care. All eyes on me? What else is new. Shawn Warstein overcoming everything to stand y’all at the end of the show? Check the last three PPV’s… tell me if I’m lying.”

“Then there is the small feat of the match that follows mine. Caver and his batch, and Team Follow the Leader.”
A quick shrug and half smile. “I’m not worried about Carver but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that what happened on Savage was only the beginning. Then there was the trio of Rose, Page and Main… Sorry I mean Rose’s brother I guess. So they can make the rules up as they go, but I can’t? Okay, sure the blatant disrespect is cool and I can deal with that. Both of you are attached at the hip. I can’t help but laugh to myself. The two of you were at one point at the peak of this company, now the only thing that matters about the both of you and your promos is who else you’ve got featured with you. It’s as if you’ve become a chararichature of each other. The best parts of both of you are gone, and we are left with the husks of what is left. Neither of you can do anything on your own right? The best of Robert was with Apex. The best of Page was when he was running his own place. Now both of you have my scraps. My leftovers. And when War Games are over…” Once again a slight chuckle. “You’ll both be left with my sloppy seconds again.”

“Until Next Time”


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