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Victory is fleeting. Defeat is forever
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05-30-2020 06:37 PM

"Alexei ready?"

"He about to come in now. Dude's got his shirt off and everything, he's amped to ten...So, how are we doing this?"

Robert grins as his smartphone begins vibrating.

" The old school way Chris... We all cut a promo... Unlike everyone else.

[Image: rXHU8eW.jpg]

[Image: giphy.gif]

Centurion finally became entertaining! The same guy, just to watch him bitch and moan about not being treated fairly by management.

Thunder Knuckles in the worst Centurion impersonation ever says,

“My team is at a disadvantage.”

Then in the same bad Centurion voice, this time whiney and nasally says,

“Is this even legal.”

Grow up, shit stain, It was at a disadvantage the moment you were named team captain. Draft better dick wad. While we're on the topic of a team who’s not even going to make it to the Main Event. Tula “Buttermilk tits” Kealiʻi! Did I get the name right, toots? Do you feel like you can beat Thunder Knuckles for the Television Title? You can bring your boring ass after the next Savage. I believe I have a title defense on the first show back already. So, wait in line, I’ll be with you shortly. Maybe, I go back over and give the mountain that casts its shadow down on you. A run for his money again then choose which Championship to keep. I said it before and I’ll say it again the only chance, Centurion had was when he drafted Robbie Bourbon. Unfortunately for him, Robbie Bourbon, realized he had to carry Centurion and said the load was too hard. Robbie took his ball and went home. Because FUCK Centurion. Centurion, you then went and drafted Chris Chaos. Two time...Champ- Noone gives a fuck, Chaos. What have you done since? Lose to Shawn at War Games before Shawn loses to us, ME! Suck a dick. I'm glad you took up for Taco Carne Asada, very loyal of you. As you say FUCK Centurion and start Team Choas. That you can be knocked for.

Now let’s talk about the winners, soon to be losers.

BigD. Wow. I’ve been kicking your ass since I got here, haven’t I? Think about it. Debut. Fucking boat. Fucking splash. There goes BigD. First match. Ever. Goddamn… Sorry, Jesus… If that wasn’t enough in the promos leading up to my second match ever. I told Madison Dyson aka Grandma Lemon Tits beating her would be as easy as taking all your xbux. Now she wasn’t that easy because the lord above knows. I've pretty much-taken everything you had… THEN paid you a stimulus check for crying about being screwed once. BigD wins the television title after buying it from me. Good. Boosts sales. Every title shot ‘Ol Thunder Knuckles ever sold has granted the buyer the belt. So what did I do? I beat the man who beat BigD THEN has held because I still do, the title longer than BigD. Now, that's fucking funny. Look at me, BigD, I'm a fucking winner, you're not.

Doug Whit-whatever, I said you can cut a promo. Not untrue. It’s been a little while since I fought some good ‘Ol fashion shock salad. That’s all you are while looking like a yester-year pedophile. You and Micheal Graves should team-up. Fuck! Join B.O.B.

Now we can get off the subject of teams who are fucked from the jump.

Team Ms.Direction! First, I'd like to say, I smite thee foul heathen! In the name of the Lord! Jesus Christ! You are pure evil! Sent to this company by Satan, himself!

Jenny Myst claims to not know who the television champion is. This is supposed to be the person with their finger on the pulse of this generation? She sees herself as a legitimate threat but doesn’t know who the television champion is. Get the fuck outta here, Jenny, you dumb bitch. Go run your little interview segment on my show. While I defend my Championship. By the way, third grade wasn’t hard Jenny. Well, not as hard as my cock when I slap you in that dirty little whore mouth of yours. It was funny when you talked shit on Main and Page’s look. I mean, come on, right? Then you went a step too far... When you said you're not scared. Bitch, you're terrified. Terrified your actually going to advance and back up those fucking claims

Felix Jones for someone with luck on your side. It sure looks like it's run out my friend. Better luck next time? I think you're THE threat this team has to offer.

Micheal McBride, still such a stupid last name. You should change it. Seriously. I'm glad you're excited to be here! I'm excited too! I'm excited that scabs like you still exist! Knowing your fate you still showed up for your first promo. You're a fucking sweetie pie, aren't you? Well, make no mistake pal. I'm going to gut you for Christ!

The Wizard if there is one thing I know for sure is that the Wizard will take out MasterMind. Why? No one wants to put their hand on MasterMind more than the Wiz. Too bad the Wiz kid doesn’t have what it takes against Team Robert Main’s level of high octane brutality.

It’s a damn shame that you guys are going to lose to the following team.

Team Taco Carne Asada! Taco Carne Asada chose not to talk about ‘Ol Thunder Knuckles in his last promo because… Well, he's an idiot. His one chance to show leadership by pointing his team in the right direction. Nope. Now MasterMind has to think for himself. I wonder which retail store he’ll be working at next? Who knows? It’s anyone's guess!

Micheal Graves, I'm going to save you for another day... I'm no fool.

Boris, Congrats! You’ve been selected to be a replacement! Now just watch out for that banana peel. You know what? You’re going to slip on it eventually. It might as well be now.

Red-X, Congrats! You’ve been selected to be a fucking replacement! I’m as shocked as you are. You lost to a car! That’s about the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Honestly.

Am I done with this team… Fuck… Chasm’s boy. Liam Roberts. Please for the love of all that's holy. Shut the fuck up.

Notice a team that isn’t going to advance got more of my time, Taco Carne Asada? It’s because it's going to be a war. Not many of your teammates walk away from your first match.

For prosperity's sake, I’m going to address Team Carver quickly. They're already done. I’m just gonna dig that spear a little farther into the rib cage like the Romans did to my boy, Jesus Christ.

Peter Fucking Gilmour, you’re a legend, a story of the past, not the present. I’m the present and the future.

The Pimped Gun is a C minus fighter with a D minus in courage. Which isn’t going to serve him well.

Tommy Gun, tell me how it is to be the punch line to this joke when it’s over, okay?

The Husk of Shane Carver. I’m not big on this whole boogie man thing. You’re as scary as kittens on Christmas, pal. If Shane Carvers, not the Husk, was in charge of this team. It would be in better shape and would have stood a chance. I can’t wait to slap around this bunch of fucking insubordinate and churlish fucks. If they would have just acted like a team. What happens to them come War Games would have been far less brutal. Now they have to deal with the consequences. I gotta go, Bartholomew, is about to give a sermon on how Jesus calms the storm. He said I’ll need the lesson for after bathing the roster in their own blood at War Games. Main I'll see you fuckers soon...

" What in the blue hell just happened?"

" TK just phoned in a freaking promo... That's classic."

"Who was that?"

"Your old pal TK... He just phoned in a promo..."

"So, we kill him afterrr pay-per-view?"

"After this is all said and done you can do whatever you'd like Alexei..."

" It was quite a contrast from last year in my motherland. I remember watching Main defeat his buddy Page live and in person. Now a year has passed and in less than twenty-four hours I will be competing in my first pro wrestling match. But it is more than just a wrestling match. This is a street fight with the potential to escalate into a full out brawl. That is the type of fight that I am accustomed to, that is the type of situation that I relish. My brother and I are two different men but we were both born and bred to not just fight but to win. He was like an eagle who got his wings clipped before he ever got to fly.

The same blood runs through our veins and I plan to dedicate our WarGames win to him. Because it has been all but officially determined but Team Cataclysm will leave WarGames victorious. We have the skill, speed and strength to win this and then you add me into the mix and it's a guarantee. I may not have the experience or the knowledge but I am the toughest mother fucker in the XWF. I owe it all to where I came from and where I grew up. You see for kids like my brother and I are we already had the odds stacked against us from the day we were born.

But we made it out of there stronger than ever. Now can men like Peter Gilmour say that? Growing up in the 'mean streets' of LA. No wonder he is so soft, he probably grew up playing with barbie's and auditioning for American Idol type talent shows. Face it, Gilmour, you aren't cut out for this sport and you never were. You see Team Cataclysm has LowMo as their weakest link and the whole world knows it but Team Carver has three or four weak links. I'll be surprised if they all show up on Sunday. Because each one of them knows Team Cataclysm means businesses. They know that when we meet in that White House that we are not taking any prisoners. So, Shane Carver, I'm sorry but your team was done since the day it was announced that you would face Robert Main's team.

Now, either Team Mishmash or Team Carnes will face off against us in the main event. In my opinion, they are both trash. Team Mismash will be full of disfunction. The only real credibility they have is the two minute X-treme Champion, Felix Jones. He is the only one that has the balls to step up to me. If he does I will beat his scrawny ass from wall to wall. I will give him the beating his father never gave him but definitely should've gave him. As for Jenny Myst and Ms. Direction... They have no place in this Man's world. So I won't even acknowledge the fact that they are even a part of this match.

Now Team Carnes has a poor foundation to start with. You see the team Captain is shit so naturally, the team, in general, will be shit. It's not that I don't like Carnes it's that I fucking hate him. I can't stand his voice, I can't stand his look. There is nothing about the man that I like. It will be my pleasure to hand him one of the most cold-blooded assaults that he will ever receive. As for his last round pick Liam Robert's... I would love to meet him in the main event also but I just don't see that talentless loser making it that far. But Liam it would be great to beat your ass. After all, you do deserve it for having such a big mouth. Like I said before I can't see you making it that far, some people have it and others do not. You fall into the do, not category, Mr. Robert's.

Moving onto the other match to determine the last Main Event spot. Team Centurion vs. Team Fuzz... a three on three match. Chaos, Tula, and Centurion against Big D, Whitford and Fuzz. I don't care who wins this one because Tem Cataclysm will win it all no matter what. But they both seem like intriguing opponents. Centurion who is someone who has been called old and boring but boring or not, that makes no difference to me. All I care about is kicking his ass and spitting on his Championship. He means nothing to me, just another fake king atop his fake throne. But at least he had some sense in drafting Tula. She seems to know what she's talking about especially when she called RussianRose the steal of the draft.

Fuzz, his time is over and my time is right fucking now. He has less than twenty-four hours before he becomes Cataclysm's sacrificial lamb. Whoever he brings with him, he will be leading them not to war but to their slaughter. I can't wait to be there to see it with my own eyes."

[Image: R1H3uya.jpg]

” The things I’ve heard this week flow from the mouths of the less fortunate brought a smile to my face as you further established my point when saying you’re all a bunch of broken fucking records that have to regurgitate the things someone else has said and failed with.” Chris starts to slowly pace back and forth in front of Team Cataclysm with his hands resting behind his back as he continues. ” It seems that perhaps it’s time to show every one of you exactly just who the hell I am for no other reason than you need some reminding.” Chris stops pacing where he faces the camera. ” For the guy that you’ve labeled as a has-been or washed up why don’t you take a look at more recent history over the last twelve months because I was the blasting cap this federation needed in a time when things where at a low.” There’s a brief pause from Chris before he continues.

” James Raven knew who to call and ask for a favor, so excuse the fuck out of me if one of your XWF darlings didn’t reach out to ANY of you and instead made that call to me for no other reason than he KNEW I would deliver. Or let’s talk about how the highest ratings in the modern era came when I was feuding with the very man I now hold Tag Team gold with today, Robert Main.” Chris starts to shake his head from right to left as he states. ” Until “they” took it away from us because we shattered their glass ceiling.” Chris chuckles under his breath before continuing. ” Or let’s talk about how both Robert and I have been approached to challenge for the Universal Title, which we’ve declined for the sheer fact that the Universal Title division DESERVES to fail because had Theo and Vinnie not changed the course you’d be living in a different XWF and not the same old garbage wrestling that your deluded minds are comfortable with calling the status quo.”

[green]” What has everyone else leaving skid marks in their underwear and gives them that nervous feeling in the pit of their stomachs is knowing that in just about twenty-four hours the mouths shut and the fight begins and they’re not going to be able to back their fucking play while I will continue to do what I fucking do damn near every time I have a match….”
Chris shifts to a softer tone as he states. ” Steal the show.” With sheer sarcasm he spouts out. ” So what does that say about every one of you knowing you spout out nonsense about being overrated when if you could hold my jock it would have been you getting monthly notorieties and not me.”

“I don’t have to do anything other than state the truth because the truth outweighs anything any of you can say and unlike most of you I’m still man enough to back my fucking play, but don’t you worry boys and girls if you don’t take me at my word on that then might I suggest you take a good long look at what I am personally going to do to anyone that fucking dares to cross my path. I am on a mission that I will see to its conclusion good, bad or indifferent and while I won’t be stupid enough to say I’m going to win it all what I will say is that I’ll be seeing some of you in the Main Event and we’re going to see if you're capable of walking away on your own accord. This is going to be the most unique and barbaric sets of War Games matches that none of us can rightfully prepare for, so stop fooling yourselves.”

” To navigate your way to success in a scenario like this is to have some smarts inside your head, and with all due respect some of you still think Robert is the brains behind this after we’ve plainly stated, I dunno, like one thousand times that I brought Robert to the dark side, so smarts aren’t most of your cup of tea. I say all of that to finally say this… I can give two shits about who you think you are or what “spot” you think you deserve because I stand before you challenging you to try me one for size just one time and the last thing you’ll be spouting out is that I’m a washed-up has been when your body is being carried out of the White House on a fucking stretcher.” There’s another brief pause from Chris before he continues. ” We’ve out talked you all over the last two weeks and the only thing that’s left is out performing you all on the grounds of the White House. How does it feel knowing that you all dedicating so much time to Robert and I it negates every point you’ve tried to make? How does it feel to know that when it looked as if Thunder Knuckles was going to fuck us he actually fucked every one of you that clamored for a screw job because none of you is man or women enough to put the screws to us yourself? Or how does it feel to know that even if he had stuck the knife in our backs it wouldn’t change the end result that either Robert, myself or both of us collective are going to find a way to survive.”

“You should feel pretty shitty but I’m sure you’re all going to find a way to cry about it later, right Cent?”

“Speaking of Centurion, I have one simple question for you since you seem to think that Shawn versus Cent screams box office attraction, how would you sell that knowing Shawn put you down in the Captain’s match? Yeah, bro, I didn’t think you could either.”

“The time for talking has officially come to an end for me and now all that’s left is action. So all of you do yourselves a favor and go ahead and come to terms with the fact that losing to Chris Page doesn’t mean you suck… it just means you’re like everyone else.”

[Image: vBO5MjR.jpg]

" I'm going to touch on our hero Champion first... Fuzz I've slaughtered you so many times this doesn't need a sequel, but here we are it’s kind of feels like I’m kicking a corpse at this point. War-games I’ve always shown I’m a different breed of person, this match has always been my element, the past victories and skeletons are evidence of just that. On this night "The Omega" has and always will be untouchable... What I am is a person who isn’t intimidated by one ounce of scrutiny, unlike you Shawn I’m not dying for exposure, this naysayer shit is so underwhelming and over the years I have become conditioned for all the persecution. Blowing up my Twitter Fuzz just makes me bigger. Just a mere mention of my name triggers you. I’m not sure how many times now Page and I have relayed this message but for whatever reason, you keep missing the point. You are out of your league wearing that Universal Championship. You keep trying to judge your engine by your paint job. Wargames you're looking to continue a legacy? Shawn, if we cross paths I'm going to make you night a living hell. If I were you or any other competitor in this match, I'd start begging for mercy right fucking now. Wave the white flag... The only issue, this team has no compassion. After this night Champ, you will no longer be able to face yourself or your fans... The only thing that will be left is for you to run away in shame. Page, has told me numerous times I should dumb it down because I’m too conscious for you Champ. This is career suicide, a self-assassination if you do make it to the finals, you'll have to do more than shoot at me with a red rifle BB. I’d put your seat belt on CHUMP because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Robert clears his mind for a few moments when the thought of that snake in the grass Centurion begins to creep in… Robert squints his eyes as images of their past endeavors flash through his mind… There is almost a smile when Robert remembers the truth. Cent was always there like a shadow until you needed him the most. His ready smile was only for those who gave freely and didn't require any help in return. In the past, Robert welcomed Cent with open arms and would have given his life for the man.

” Ya know Centurion, sleeping on my team is a stupendous mistake. But when it comes to career blunders you’ve always put in a Herculean effort. Hell, when it comes to misadventure you, my old friend are a trendsetter. You of all people should know not to fire a single shot at me unless you want to get cremated. Cent, do you believe for a split second that you are going to get that “L” Raven and I gave you back through a loophole? The envy of that match we had over a year ago keeps you awake at night, doesn’t it? Once again, the Universal Title slipped through those feeble hands… It was all on the line that night, the Tag Titles and the Universal Championship… What a night…”

Just like a bad penny Centurion always show up when he needed something. Like a career resurgence for example… Robert shook his head.

” You brought The Engineer to the party and I brought James Raven… You came armed to the teeth sure, but like always I was one step ahead and I brought an army with me… In the end, I may have been screwed… But knowing I kept you from gaining your first Universal Championship win… That’s priceless… That’s worth its weight in gold… I told you going into that captains match that you were standing in my fucking lane. You could have easily stepped aside while tucking that tail up into that vagina you carry around. But you had to be defiant, didn’t you? You needed to be relevant, you had to step back into the limelight you lost a decade ago. I cannot help that you chose the ladder and now you want to complain about holding a live hand grenade. You were the one who painted yourself into a corner...”

” Now we move into Wargames and here you are hitting us with all this Barbara Walters shit you and your team is coming at us like the set of 60 minutes. It’s quite humorous honestly man, you want to tell the world how I went to extraordinary lengths to make sure Shawn didn’t make it to the final two…?” Robert pauses for a second. ” Duh mother fucker this is war, this is about cementing a legacy, this is about winning and losing moron. I cannot help the fact that you and Shawn are play checkers and I’m busy playing three-dimensional chess. Of fucking course, I did what I had too to pin your knight in shining armor to the canvas… I would have done the same to you if you were still in the match... I want to walk out with my third War-games victory and remain undefeated.” Robert holds up three fingers. ” I want to give the men on my team who each busted their asses something that will move their careers forward… That’s the entire fucking purpose of this thing called Wargames fuck-wad. To establish dominance, something you’ve never seen I might add… Tell me why in the hell you are trying to shake -n- bake with me and everyone else watching at home?

Are you searching for brownie points or something here? You want to go as far as blaming management? What a damn hypocrite. SOMEONE GET CENT A COTEX!”
Robert chuckles. ” What’s next Centurion, are you going to blame management for the Robbie Bourbon pick? I've never heard a man who believes he is the next Universal Champion cry as you have... Take a fucking Midol and shut up... Someone get Dick Powers to insert his sperm worm into Cent's mouth so we have some quite... We have all watched as you sobbed into any camera that had a red light on... If you were as boundless as you believe you are then being disadvantaged would have never come up... Centurion what you are looking for is a way out... You need an excuse to say I told you so... You want to talk disadvantaged? Dude, you've been handicapped your entire fucking career, this should be nothing new at this point.

Then you have the nerve to say I’m paying Theo Pryce off for your shit choices? Bro, news flash Theo and I despise one another… I’ve been calling him out for weeks now… Pay attention to the bouncing ball… My God Man wake up… No matter the order of eliminations you and Fuzz would have been locked in against one another for a simple fact… You sitting in your rocking chair old man, I’m asking because I’d hate to startle you with the news… Do me a favor and turn off Magnum P.I. and turn up those hearing aids up so you can hear this.”
Robert places his hands to his ears turning up his imaginary hearing aids smirking. ” You and Fuzz are managements next big thing, there next colossal money maker… Well… At least that’s their hope… Two shriveled up pricks fighting with walkers… It’s going to be the biggest fucking debacle since Robbie Bourbon won the Universal Championship or when Jim Caedus came back and went real-life nuts… The real kicker is how you said I let people down?

Damn man that one cut deep… Tell me who exactly I’ve let down? Did I let you down when I carried your crippled ass over the finish line at Wargames last year…? Didn’t you get eliminated…? Yeah, ya did… In normal Centurion fashion, you folded like a cheap suit. I know where I let you down… It’s when Raven and I blew the doors off you and the Engineer isn’t it? You of all people should not be talking about letdowns brother… When the chips are down you can’t be counted on… I hope that your team has faith in you because from what I’ve seen up close…
Robert pinches his nose shut. ” Garbage! You’ve got your draftees fooled into thinking that you are a true leader when you couldn’t lead a one-man parade. You may have the wool pulled over their eyes Cent, but you can’t dupe me… I’ve been in the trenches with you and when its time to pull the trigger you seem to have this terrible habit of misfiring. You’ll under-perform for them in the first round just like you did last year when you flat-lined for me. Just do me a solid, if you are still thirsty after Shawn’s team cuts your throats get your own canteen.”

Robert looking over his shoulder at his team before motioning them forward. Page stands to the right as Alexei stands to the left.

" In the main event, when it comes time to get down to business, I'm going to take the last several months of frustration out on whoever is standing across from this team... Each of you has a plan going into this thing, having a plan is essential, but like all things in life never work out accordingly... Once the first shot is fired everything goes out the window... Most of you I'm not going to respond too because well let's be honest our paths just won't cross... Or will they ever... I get why we are despised, your promos get no views, our names pop up anyplace its an instant click. That right there is why I am different, why we are different, we don't need clout, while the rest of you deadbeats are desperate to make a living off our names... It pisses all of you off knowing you're going into a fight there is no chance in hell of winning. Most of us on this team make more in a single day than any of you do with an entire paycheck... Like a general, I will lead my team to victory and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do to stop us.

This one is for you Cent!


[Image: 7n6MrLD.jpg]

[Image: WPoUWuI.png]
[Image: fMJwa5h.png]
W- "Chronic" Chris Page

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