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From one War Zone to a Volatile War Zone
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05-30-2020 06:51 PM


We had made it to the States. After my run-in with Michael Graves, where I hit him with Kris The Hammer Von Bonn's hammer, after listening to him talk too much.

We were met on the private airstrip and then taken to one of Harari's private Villa's. Michael Graves was taken away somewhere and we were shown to our Private Quarters.

We were getting ready for the XWF's next Pay Per View, War Games, where we will be competing in the White House itself.

Yet I was standing watching a pretty worrying site. Watching the continuous coverage of the rioting that was going on across America all because of what happened to George Floyd who as we all know now, was killed because a White Cop used his knee to keep the pressure on his throat and effective snuff him out.

Of course, scenes like that would provoke outrage. It was always going to.

It's like we are now in the middle of a war and we are going to take part in a pay per view that focuses on War Games.

And inside the bloody White House whose occupant doesn't know what the hell he is doing. He doesn't know how to deal with Covid-19 and doesn't know how to handle violent protests.

"It's not my fault it's always someone else's fault."

I say to Trump. Look towards how New Zealand handled the COVID 19 situations.
We have almost stamped out the virus.
We have had 6 straight days of no cases.
We have over just 1500 cases.
We spent 5 weeks in full lockdown
Another 4 weeks in semi lockdown
And we are spending at least another month in partial lockdown but more with freedoms.

All because of one person. Our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

And Trump doesn't have a fucken clue on how to deal with Covid-19. Almost 2 million cases. The World has seen 6 million.

Anyway enough with that rant.

I was thinking of all that as Antony The Jerk walked up behind me.

ANTONY: "A penny for your thoughts."

I shook my head.

"Look at what is happening out there Antony. Bloody bedlam. For a country like the States, it's putting race relations back years if not decades, I mean we still have issues like this in New Zealand but not quite as bad."

ANTONY: "I think we just need you to focus on the up coming War Game PPV, it's a war within a war."

"Oh I'm focused Antony. I'm really focused."

ANTONY: "In what way are you focused?"

"I know we can win our match and make it to the Main Event, and even win that."

ANTONY: "Is that right? That's a hell of a comment. I know your opponents have changed in 7 days. Wanna tell me how you think that'll it happen?"

"Team Themis is no longer Team Themis any longer. The bitch dropped her balls as she did with the X-treme Title. And now it's called Team Mismash. It's like Bangers and Mash. All jumped up in one place. All thrown together thinking they have what it takes to compete against us and they don't."

I pointed the remote at the television, and it changed from the protesters to a profile of Ms Direction.

[Image: avatar_2450.png?dateline=1589234742]

"Take this bitch for instance. Ms Direction. We who know who this is, but yet she wants to play games and let everyone think it's someone else. It's obvious it's Vita Valenteen."

ANTONY: "Are you sure it's obvious?"

I nodded. Then changed it to a different profile.

[Image: 04b86d8b21727f4db76e6df05b79106a.jpg?dat...1588582911]

"The current x-treme champion. Felix Jones. I knew it was too much for Atara to turn up and captain someone who took her belt from her. Felix thinks he has what it takes to be able to keep the belt. I wouldn't be surprised if it was me who takes the belt off of him next. I would be glad to."

ANTONY: "Then you'll have a target on your back for the rest of War Games, do you really want that?"

"Of course I can then show everyone including Felix how it is done by keeping the title."

I then changed from Felix to another profile.

[Image: avatar_1860.png?dateline=1497599099]

"The so called Queen Bee of the XWF. Only Sarah Lacklan can have that title after what she was able to do last year. Jenny just wants to play copy cats. But she can't and would never be in the same league as Sarah."

ANTONY: "That's a bit harsh with Sarah no longer here. You use to hate her style of competing."

"I still do. But she was impressive. Jenny is not impressive in my eyes."

I changed to another profile.

[Image: 600px-Michael_Westen_S5_Shotgun_1.jpg?da...1590041174]

"The so called bad man with a gun and a massive ego in the XWF. Michael 'I'm so unforgettable' McBride. Because he's fucking truly unforgettable. He won't be around long. So we don't have to worry about him."

"But maybe you should think about him just a little bit?"

I shook my head. No thank you. I changed to a different profile. But this profile was blurry.

"The so called Wizard, who called me out, but after I responded to him, he said nothing since. Just a waste of space if I ever knew a waste of space.

"So that's Team Mismatch. Perfectly mismatched and ripe for the plucking which Team Carnes will be able to do. We now have to look ahead to who our Main Event opponents have to be. I choose Team Centurion to beat Team Warstein. 3 on 3. Lucky fuckers."

[Image: avatar_2262.jpg?dateline=1552407047]

"Centurion will have an easy job taking care of the Universal Champion who has a nothing team who can't even provide back up for him. Centurion can and will be stopped by Team Carnes. His luck will run out."

ANTONY: "That's a surprising thing to say when you've never beaten him,"

"I don't need to beat him per se. Team Carnes, together will beat him."

I changed to another profile.

[Image: avatar_2434.png?dateline=1583948754]

"I know nothing about Tula Keali'i, and I want to keep it that way. She's nothing. Team Carnes can easily defeat her as well,"

I quickly changed profiles.

[Image: avatar_1668.jpg?dateline=1497599471]

"This fuckwit is a law until himself. He's got too many Plans to deal with things, that he ain't sure whether he's Arthur or flaming Martha. Chris has too much going on inside his own mind to be even considered a threat. Team Carnes will take him out."

ANTONY: "Who do you think you guys will deal with in the Main Event? Team Main or Team Carver?"

"That's too easy. Team Main of course."

ANTONY: "Care to explain?"

The profiles of Robert The Omega Main and Chronic Chris Page came up on the television.

[Image: 3FVmsKZ.gif?dateline=1587720883] [Image: Chris_Jericho_in_April_2016.jpg]

"These two egomaniacs are the current Tag Team Champions and they are teammates for War Games. But deep down they despise one another. And that's to our advantage. They have to trust one another. But can they really? Their fucking egos will just get in the way. Team Carnes will and can take these two out."

I changed to another profile.

[Image: tenor.gif?dateline=1590003622]

"Thunder Knuckles is a complete joke. A complete waste of time and space."

ANTONY: "And yet he's the Television Champion. The same championship you still covet to this day."

"While that is true, I know I can take him out all by myself, and I will prove it. He can't pay his way out of this situation."

I changed to the last two profiles.

[Image: karelin-549x668.png] [Image: avatar_2453.jpg?dateline=1587320407]

"Knock knock,"

ANTONY: "Who's there?"

"RussianRose and LowMo,"

ANTONY: "RussianRose and LowMo who?"

I smirked.

"Exactly. Who are these two worthless motherfuckers? They are nobodies, and they may be gone even before the Main Event, but if somehow Main and Page carries them both to the Main Event, Team Carnes and in particular myself will easily take these fuckwits out. And then we will focus on taking out Main and Page and Centurion and his woble merry men of no one cares.

"At the end of the day Antony, you know who will stand tall at the end of War Games?"

ANTONY: "Who?"

"Team Carnes and in particular me, myself and I..... Mastermind,,,, And I'll just leave it there and let people chew on my words,"

I turned and headed for the door. Antony watched me walk away.

Overall - 49 Wins 77 Losses 8 Technicals 1 Draw
Comeback Record - 24 Wins 34 Losses 1 Draw
5th Year Record 2020 - 6 Wins 11 Losses
4th Year Record 2019 - 12 Wins 1 Draw 21 Losses
3rd Year Record 2018 - 6 Wins 2 Losses
2nd Year Record 2015 - 1 Wins 9 Losses 2 Technical
1st Year Record 2014 - 24 Wins 34 Losses 6 Technicals

February 2020 Star of The Month
November 2014 Star Of The Month

Former Three Time X-Treme Champion
Former Television Champion - 129 Days (Just the 4th TV Champion to break 100 days, and now 2nd on the all time list)
Former Two Time Ark of the Covenant Champion
Lost in the 1st Round of the Woodstock Open - Wrestlestock 2019
Semi Finalist in the XWF King of the Ring 2020


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