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Man becomes his most creative during war.
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05-30-2020 02:09 PM

As Robert stepped into the matured factory building it was like stepping into a whole other world. It was like venturing onto a set of old train tracks and following them as far as they'd take you, ignoring the grass peeking up between the slats and the bits where the metal was rusted and broken. The building seemed to shudder in the wind and sway as the rain attacked it.

” Even the one guy you all said wasn’t going to show up showed the fuck up.” A sly smirk graces Robert’s face as he continues. ” A fate worse than death am I right Jenny Myst? I’ll keep my royal flush I was dealt and you uh… Keep spreading falsehoods and wishing upon a star… Tell me how feels to swallow your fucking words? Of all people Jenny you should know better to talk one once of shit about me… You’ve witnessed me dismantle Chris Chaos up close and personal how many times now? I’ve always got an ace in the hole and if you sheep could see the gravity of the situation you're all in you’d each be shitting your pants collectively. I’m the only captain that saw my team’s legitimacy. A team that everyone overlooked and said I was thickheaded for picking… I have an eye for talent unlike the rest of the captains in this match. I’m the one sitting pretty having the last laugh. My team is one of the two teams that showed up for this thing. Jenny tell me when Page and I haven’t had a gigantic bullseye on our backs? We are the white whales of this company, the pot at the end of the rainbow… We are the straw that stirs the fucking drink. Prevailing over us opens every door you didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to open yourself. We cherish the idea of everyone having a vested interest in us. We are the holy grail and the end game in the XWF… I for one don’t need to throw around my accolades Jenny, all I have to do is keep on annihilating and moving on.”

He pulled down his hood. The building was empty, but for a few obsolete pieces of rusted factory equipment, pieces that seemed perfectly at home within the building's vine-covered walls. Just as it had been outside, the inside looked like something out of a dystopian movie, the corrugated walls as rusted and useless as the equipment they housed. Beams stretched high overhead, as the rain dripped down through cracks in the ceiling.

” Tula, hi my name is Robert “The Omega” Main, I’d like to welcome you to my show… The one I’ve been running for years now. And you thought I forgot about you… Darling, I scout all the talent of this company… Now what I’m about to do is offer you an olive branch or a way out of this hodgepodge of a cluster fuck Centurion created for the three amigos. Listen to me, while you have the chance walk away from all of this. Save yourself the embarrassment, Centurion will let you down. He’s let me down before but that’s neither here nor there. The impending doom that is about to unfold isn’t worth a career-ending injury, over here on team Main we take no prisoners… This is business and lady you are smack dab in the middle of our business. I’m not underestimating you or your team’s ability to make it to the main event… I just don’t believe your whining team captain has it in him… He picked a turd, and no matter how he wants to polish it up… It’s still just a turd… All the fancy words in the world will not get team Cent out of the six-foot hole HE dug. Tula, I guess what I am saying here is no matter how this plays out, it’s survival of the fittest and from where I’m standing team Chump or team Cent is dead in the water.”

” I’d mention Boris or Tommy Gunn but why?”

He stepped further into the building, looking around as he left wet footprints on the floor in his wake. His hands trailed along the old beams, turning back to the door he had entered. The abandoned factory seemed like an odd place to do much of anything, let alone a suitable place to cut a promo. His breath seemed to still in the cold air, leaving a gap of soundless space as he stood there. A gap of nothing but a challenge. Only the rain dared to interrupt, pounding hard against the walls of the building like it didn't care about their stupid conversation he was about to have with the rest of The XWF roster members involved in Wargames. And it didn't.

” Felix Jones…” Robert places his palm on his forehead. ” Here’s a guy who believes he’s got it all figured out. Now I would applaud your monumental effort rookie if it weren’t so fucking evident …” Robert makes a jerking off motion near his custard launcher. ” Why not tell me the color of the sky next time? Jesus H. Christ son…Thanks for pointing out the conspicuous imperfections of my team. But for the sake of saving a bit of time here, I’m going to kind of fast-forward over TK and Lomo situation if you don’t mind. I just don’t see the need of beating a dead horse anymore, especially after everyone involved in this pay-per-view has come to this same conclusion…” Robert golf claps while shaking his head. ” Good on you for being a maverick there Felix, I thought you were different from the rest… But with those words, all you did was prove without a shadow of a doubt you are nothing more than a sheep.

But enough on how you are a boot-licking parasite, let’s talk about why you should be concerned…”
Robert bit the edge of his lip in a vain attempt to keep his creeping grin at bay. The intention behind his perking lips wasn’t something that could be easily kept in check. ” For one your team captain ghosted you and I mean flat ass didn’t fucking show up Hoss. Yet you have the gall to talk shit about Lomo, he showed his face no matter how limited the time was… He did his part and in the grand scheme of things and that’s all we needed him to do.” Robert glanced at the floor when his eyebrows slightly raised as his mischievous look spread even further. ” Here’s a bit of free advice n00b in this game of three seconds the pawns go first without exception. You’d think a man living in a glass house would be the last person throwing stones… Yet here we are… And yes, I realize I have the gluttonous TK on my team but at the very least he’s showing up. He’s putting in the work no matter of his intentions. Thunder Knuckles has pulled his weight as far as I’m concerned… Can you say the same about the shit show you call a team?”

Mischief is in the eye of the beholder. It certainly was in Robert’s case.

” What I still find astonishing is how everyone is counting out Alexei Medved… This guy is a calculated, remorseless savage and if he gets the opportunity you along with everyone else in this shit- show will see unsympathetic up close and personal. Medved is the defection of barbaric, this bloodthirsty man will go to any length to do what he does best. Brutalize feeble people like you Jones… You can meet the challenge with humility, grace and even a courageous soul... But when it comes to that final match it will be Chris Page, Alexei, TK and myself kicking teeth down throats.” At times Robert could be a bit forward, a little intrusive, but it was clear that his mannerisms were due to his assertiveness. ” Someone like you Jones will be fortunate if you even get out of the damn starting blocks let alone make the main event against a couple of contract killers. I’m not sure if you have noticed this unequivocal fact. So, I’ll spell it out for you jackass. This team that I hand-selected and gotten so much shit for…

This is the team to beat… Do you know what lambasting a man like Chris Page or I will do for your career? I’ll tell you…”
Robert acts like he has a slingshot in his hand. ” It will propel your pathetic career here in the XWF further than you would have ever dreamed… Everyone involved in this thing knows it, including our idiot Champion. That’s why we are mentioned in almost every promo… Now, Felix, there was one thing you said that I found noteworthy, you had the beach ball-sized man nuts to say you didn’t know if I Robert “The Omega” Main had what it takes to cut it in this business anymore. Kid, I’ve seen more than a few thin dicked politicians in my day, you can push the propaganda, but in my ring, I pop your skull every time. I’ve been taken down twice in over a year, by a demon, you wouldn’t last a few nanoseconds with. When it comes to the big one junior, I come out on top… It must suck… The moment you realize you don’t know shit. You couldn’t lace my boots pal. I pray you get to the main event Jones… So, I can slide my dick down your pessimist throat. Sorry, Dick Powers I’ve got to do it.”

Lightning illuminates the abandoned factory as Robert's eyes lifted towards the heavens. Roberts eyes then wandered for a few second. Then came the refusal to smile, to show any warmth in this game of emotional warfare. The laughter evaporated from his eyes. Graves crossed an invisible line offending Robert for the last time.

” We have Graves standing there, grimacing, giving me that irritating side-eye he’s given me since the day we met. I did try to trade Lomo for you? Absolutely, and I do it again. I thought it was an even trade… A turd for a turd… But what aggravated me is what you tried next, the fly by night bull shit Michael Graves is known for…” Robert’s blood drained as his heart hammered away erratically. ” You tried swinging that dick around and what happened? It got smashed. What you did, that is some appalling, cowardly, spineless shit. I don’t want to go hard proving a point here so pay close attention. You see, Michael, whatever you do, no matter fucking what, you don’t mess with the new world order in this federation. And the new world order is Cataclysm, and it’s very uncomplicated, so, even if you’re ignorant, which you may very well be, you can understand it.

We will shut your sex offender ass down, no freaking exceptions. We will bring the hammer down so fast you won’t even know what just hit you upside the melon. Do you believe you’re some sort of a hero in all of this? Graves let me share a secret here, you are and always will be a nothing. A nobody way in over your head. You’ve always been a backstabbing, double-crossing dirt-bag. You tired fucking us over. Now there is no getting out of this mess. Whether it’s at Wargames or later, I wouldn’t accept your surrender if you came to me begging for mercy on those knees.”
Robert’s cold eyes had a deadness, a stillness as he continued burning Graves down to his foundation. ” I’ve always had a shit load of confidence that I can lead people down the right path. Thunder Knuckles for example… He might have been a mistake and I’ll own it. I took a chance on the man, thinking I was doing the right thing, and from my view, all I did was punch myself in the dick.

But who knows maybe just maybe he will see the light and do the right thing for the first time in his career…? Maybe not… I like the guy, I always have… But cross me and you’ll be making pizzas at pizza hut after I’m done castrating your ass… All I got to do is snap and that Television Championship is gone…
Robert snaps his fingers. ” I don’t want to do it, but again if needed myself or one of my hooligans will prove that point, I spoke of earlier. But let’s switch gears here and talk about that time you “kicked my ass” in Lethal Lottery, shall we? When we stood across the ring from one another it was you and Peter Gilmour - vs - me and that crotch stained deadbeat Justin Sayne… Far from the picture you tried to paint… Like always your trash talk has more holes than a slice of swiss cheese. I didn’t have a partner and went into this alone, I may have been subjugated Graves, but not one second in that match did you ever steamroll me. We face off one on one I’d break your fucking back and never leer in the rear-view. You can’t fucking touch me and you know it. I never take an “L” what I do is take careers and make them disappear.”

Water washed over Robert's skin so strongly that it feels like he was in the flow of a river rather than an inside a building, one that leaves him standing yet lets him know that it is here to stay for a while. And so the only thing to do is to keep walking forward, to accept it as easily as the air he was breathing, to see it run over the earth beneath the soft soles of his boots.Robert’s wide-opened eyes reflected everything in front of him but saw nothing… Behind them was something more interesting than the normal clenched jaw.

” Do you know why I picked Page? Because he is my partner in crime and something you could never be… A real friend, someone I can trust with my life… He isn’t a sick freak trying to stick his dick in every under-aged girl he can find either. And while you may have found my trade offer degrading, it’s all you are worth Graves. It’s all you’ll ever be worth in my eyes… You are worth a fucking Lomo…” [orange] Robert flips Graves the bird. [orange] “Fuck you Graves and I mean that from the bottom of my black heart. When I saw you strutting your way down to the ring on Savage, we let VV go. You didn’t ask shit. She walked away under her own power, you, on the other hand, got crushed under the weight of Cataclysm. I might be a bastard nowadays, but the image of her locked in a basement flashed in my mind so we laid you out… And by the way, who the fuck are you to ask us to do anything, you stuck your nose in our business and now you are bitching because you got smacked around? This is nothing more than a case of sour grapes… No one has taken you seriously since you abducted Dolly Waters and trapped her in a cage dude…”

Narcissism comes from having a brittle ego, people like Shawn “Fuzz” Warstein manufactures walls of indifference and seek prestige to conceal their vulnerable self… This is our Champion in a nutshell…

” Fuzz thinks he is being cute with his Greek title. Hey, dick you’re not the only educated one in the room. “The road to the end” is fitting title Shawn I mean after all Page and I have eradicated your confidence over the past two months. Not to mention eroding any credibility you had as Universal Champion… March Madness was a flop, and then there was that captains match where I pinned you, I’m sure you’ve heard all the negative comments and gossip. You know? How I own that ass… Just want to let you know that you're sitting' in my chair. Honestly, man, I can’t imagine the stress that you’re under. Most don’t see you for what you truly are, Shawn they look at you through rose-colored glasses. What I see, what I know is the truth. The weight of that Championship seems to be making you weak in the knees. Before you know it that yellow spine will collapse underneath the pressure of the crown you were never fit to wear.”

The narcissist losses that skirmish every day, always choosing to use their selves first. Just ask Noah Jackson.

” Yet there are people out there saying that you of all people are going to end my career… That’s comedy gold… I can’t help the fact that you are elderly and resentful and can’t hit me where it hurts. Watching you try to talk shit gave me a God damn concussion. You want to get your hands around my neck? Are you drunk? I mean really…? Because when you step to me Fuzz, I set you back down. You must be drunk trying to beef with me, you’ll need a tall ladder to get up onto me level pal… All you can do is raise that voice while I keep raising the fucking standard… Shawn when you became Universal Champion you took a hefty shit on everything that I built from the ground up. You woke up the bull man and all I see is red. Fuzz you’ve become a weak target that I’m starting to feel bad for killing again. I guess all those Tweets have backfired huh Fuzz…? But hey who am I to judge? You’ve always been a parody..."

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