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In Times of War Laws Fall Silent
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05-30-2020 01:49 PM

[Image: jA9tHix.jpg]

Angry. If he could describe the way he was feeling in one word. It would surely be angry. He was infuriated because he knew the injury was preventable. From the very beginning, Alexei never liked the idea of his brother being part of an unsanctioned deathmatch. But the choice was not his. He had offered his advice and guidance, but it went unheard.

Russian Rose was fed up with the lack of opportunities provided. The XWF was supposed to open more doors for the pro wrestler. But it seemed to be the opposite, that's why he took the offer. He was unhappy and looking for a way out. He was offered a lucrative salary for one night; he could retire with the funds. Indeed, he retired and with the funds in his pocket but sad to say the doctors aren't sure if he will ever be able to walk again.

::::The Following Message Was Recorded Earlier Today By Alexei Medved’s Interpreter::::

My brother…He was a shattered image of his old self now. Bedridden for the time being, confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. I'm not sure what was worse, the fact that my mother won't stop crying, or how my brother won't stop talking about how he will never be World Champion.

I'm so God damn selfish that I can't stop thinking about the fact that I won't see him pummel the living shit out of Peter Gilmour. I won't be able to watch him rip Dick Powers to fucking shreds. I won't be able to witness him showing off his true potential with the likes of Shane Carver inside the white house, chopping each member down like a Christmas tree. But that's fine, I've come to terms with the fact that I'll never see him wrestle again. One thing that I do know is that I now have the tremendous opportunity of throwing Team Carver one of the most remorseless drubbings in XWF history.

My brother may not be able to wrestle again. But when one door closes another one opens. His career has tragically ended and mine has shockingly begun. Now I get to face off against pieces of shit like the Hired gun who isn't even worth shining my brother's fucking shoes. You see I never wrestled Pro, but I can tell you I'm more resilient than any one of those members of Team Carver. Hell, I'm the hardest hitting mother fucker in the XWF. Anyone who has a problem with that can step up and try to solve it. We can start with bottom-feeding garbage like Red-X and end at the top dog, Shawn Warstein. The XWF’s paper Champion…Then the in-between, all the other insignificant poor excuses for competitors can try to stay relevant.

But I have a pact with Robert Main, with Chris Paige and whoever else wants to align with the future winners of Wargames. Collectively, Team Cataclysm will rain down on the XWF like a hurricane, like an earthquake, a natural disaster unlike any other witnessed by mankind. It will be the end of days, one by one, they will fall, bending at the knee or dying by the sword.

Men like Tommy Gunn have no idea what they have gotten themselves into. Tommy, I've had my people contact your family, more specifically your mother. We've made arrangements for her to start picking out your casket. I was surprised to hear she picked the cheapest lumber... pine. Just confirming that your existence doesn't matter, not even to your mother.

Tommy, you want to make fun of the Medved family? You want to talk shit? Well at Wargames, we will meet, and I will expose you for the bitch you really are. Because whether it's in the ring or on the street, you won't stand a chance against me. But with you I want to do my talking in the ring and let it culminate with you in that pine box that your mommy picked out. You will be food for the fucking worms.

Moving on from the sewer rats to the King of the jungle, Warstein better tread lightly. Because his team has that extensive ego, it's so oversized all I want to do is pop it. Like a floating balloon, it only gets attention because of its pretty little color and shape. Reminds me of the champ’s girl, looks like she wasn't satisfied and took an extended vacation.

My teammates have made a habit of knocking the Universal Champion down a few notches. When Fuzz is faced with the situation of kill or be killed his true colors will come out. YELLOW … But INobody from the XWF has come across the likes of a man like Alexei Medved. Might as well make a date with the grim reaper himself because death is not far behind. May thirty first, I plan on being in that last main event match. After I drag Peter Gilmour by the greasy hair from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. After Team Cataclysm dismantles Team Carver, their main event match will follow. Just like the match before, Team Cataclysm will rape and pillage until we have conquered all. We will take no prisoners, Bid D, Doug Whitford, that goes for both of you.

So, when I tell you, boys, it is time for your last words, I better not hear any crying or complaining. Because you have been all properly warned. If you talk the talk then you better all walk the walk or just lay down... Plain and simple. Because I will be at Wargames, I will be competing. Let it be known, Judgement day is coming.

I don't care if it's Jenny Myst, Ms. Direction, The Wizard. I will squash you all like a roach underneath my boot. Myst wants to be queen? Be real and marry a King. Because there is no way you are taking the throne especially while you spend most of your time laying on your back. But it could be worse, you could be face down and ass up like your boyfriend Chaos while he gets pegged by Tula. I wonder if that's considered cheating? I don't think so especially since Chris will be doing the cuckold during her match on Sunday. Chris, will that be with dildo in or out? I guess it's whatever you prefer, or Tula prefers, or Jenny prefers...I'm not sure how that Triangle works. I wonder if Chaos Inc. teammate Hanari Carnes gets a piece of that as well. You guys got a whole new meaning to the words tag team.

The setting... One of the many D.C hotel lobbies. Windows from wall to wall, ceiling to floor. The bright morning sun illuminating the large room that buzzed with reporters. The flashes from the cameras glitter off the dark painted walls. They reflect off the giant crystal chandelier that hangs above the main podium.

Three black steel stairs, a long table draped in a black tablecloth are perched atop the podium. The background beyond the table and three chairs and the XWF Wargames logo. The energy in the room begins to heighten. The whispers grow into clusters of loud buzzing as Alexei Medved enters onto the podium. Slicked back hair, dark sunglasses, a red rose dangling from the breast pocket of his dark green fitted suit. He is all business as he chooses one of the outside chairs and takes a seat. He taps on the microphone in front of him, testing to make sure it works. He nods his head at the media acknowledging that it is on and working properly. A reporter stands up and is first to speak.

Suddenly his train of thought was interrupted by the sound of a women's voice.

" разумеется вам возможно как правило на "

It was a familiar voice, a Russian woman hired by the Medved camp as a publicist. In America, her services were never needed until today. But she has now coordinated the most important press conference that Alexei had ever been a part of.

"Alexei, on behalf of the wrestling community our thoughts are with your family at this time. First off, how is your brother handling recovery?"

Alexei has a stone-cold glare as he stares into the sea of reporters and members of the press.

" Recoverrr-y?"

Alexei shakes his head and looks down at the microphone.

" Brrrother Evgeni finish. Carrreer finish."

The simultaneous gasp from the crowd can be heard.

" Now I... Alexei Medved will take Russian Rose place at Wargames. I will rrrep-rrresent Medved name. I will avenge my brrrother. I will crrrush competition."

Alexei seems furious as he continues adjusting his blood-red tie.

" I have heard enough! Competitorrrrs will start to be accountable forrr worrrds. Enough is enough, people cannot go on disgracing my family name. People like Dominican piece of shit Carrrnes. He think he is bad... He think he is tough... beforrre he get chance to speak I zap him in mouth.

Robert “The Omega” Main and “Chronic” Chris Page both walk out from behind Alexei taking their seats as a barrage of questions come raining down as Chris Speaks up.

” Robert and I are not taking a single fucking question…”

Robert reaches for his microphone.

” Alexei on behalf of Chris and myself we want to offer our condolences. We will not let the Medved family down. Now Alexie if you don’t mind Page and I are going to lighten the mood around here and do what we do best.”

Alexie nods lighting a cigarette.

” You know what’s funny, Rob?” Chris Page and Robert Main are shown snickering as Alexie blow a thick cloud of smoke into the air. ” These fuckers still don’t pay attention and still think rambling off falsehoods is enough to take them to the pay window when it comes to dealing with the legit two alphas on this roster. Three with Alexei.”

” You can’t blame them anymore for flat out being uneducated regardless of how many times we’ve thrown the truth in their faces. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make that horse drink the water. What cracks me up is how these inexperienced unsophisticated jackasses keep attacking our Tag Team straps… The division is on its last legs… Hey guys and gals, this match doesn’t have a damn thing to do with our Tag Team Titles or the division… This is about Wargames you empty-headed lamebrains. What’s the excuse going to be after we walk out of Wargames with the “W”?” Robert grins raising his index finger into the air. ” Oh, I know… The Wargames teams were emasculated… Right? Why not just tell the God damn truth… You were clobbered by superior wrestlers… It’s amazing how the entire fucking roster needs a crutch to stand, besides the three of us sitting here at this table… We win and move onto the next one.”

” I just wish it was a little more difficult to combat rather than shooting fish in a fucking barrel.” Chris shakes his head dropping the mic from his lips before he continues.
” Let’s start this off by dealing with the first team we’re going to steamroll and that belongs to you, Shane. And the first monkey turd we’re going to slash to pieces is that of you, Gilmour.” Chris turns towards Robert as he sarcastically spouts. ” That ten grand belongs to me. Alexei grins waving his hand in the air then pointing to himself.”

” That’s left to be determined, yet ole’ Gilly has done what Gilly does, he opens his mouth and his verbal diarrhea starts to explode. I wish this guy would retire.” [orange] Robert rolls his eyes annoyed. [orange] “First things first when it comes to you Pete, we could clash one hundred times and you’d be humbled one hundred times. You do realize it’s hard to spit some shit against two guys just can’t seem to slay.”

” He did lay you out with a Cutter, that shit was funny.”

” Fuck off. Not funny.”

Alexei points to Robert making a Gilmour cutter motion.

” That’s good shit, Alexei… Look Robert’s pouting…” Robert extends his arms out to his sides flipping his partners off. ” But since when have I dodged you, Pete? Do you seriously believe the things you say? I tell you what since I’ve been skirting you, I’ll make you a deal; after I collect my ten grand for your elimination I’ll pop on over to Warfare and own you on your turf, again. How about that little boy? Does that work for you? I mean, unless you’ve got more pressing matters to contend with you ignorant fuck.”

” Dude why waste your time? We already know how this story ends.”

” Yes… Dead in ditch.

” Sometimes lessons have to be taught regardless if it’s time-wasting or not.”

” Speaking of time-wasting, shrimp Dick Powers anyone?”

” Centimeter Peter…”

” Isn’t that the dude that gave Gilly a hard-on after telling you to get your dick out of my ass? And we’re gay? This is getting retarded.”

” Regardless of how unintelligent things are going to get… We’ve got to stay the course… Painful yes I know… Oh, and yes Pete’s dick got hard thinking about another man, again.”

” I honestly thought I was looking at a Vita promo when hearing the lame remarks made in our general direction. I often wonder why people elect to use THE SAME MATERIAL that has failed… I dunno… EVERYONE else?

” We can’t help that you’re a clueless twit that hasn’t amounted to anything other than bad comic relief, but Dick trust me when I tell you that we’re going to thoroughly enjoy whipping your ass and thumping you within an inch of your life… While sending you crawling back under the rock in which you’ve emerged from. You might want to peek at what every other person that’s crossed our paths have said and I don’t know…Maybe not REPEAT it, then again it takes talent to be original which is something you know absolutely nothing about. Just keep the sperm worm in your pants and everything will be over relatively quick…”

” Oh and by the way, Lowmo showed up… What other lies does your magic 8-ball have for you?”

” Chris, I didn’t know you were overrated? I lied… I did know that… You are…”

” Oh yeah man, I’m certain everyone has said it time after time after time after time… Hired Gun isn’t any different. I mean for someone who is as overrated as I am to have 17 World Title under my belt, to have beaten the best of the best this profession has to offer all the while making it look effortless, to running a successful company… Yeah, bro, I’m as overrated as they come and you’re apparently a Non-Playable Character. Oh, and fuck you…”

” You haven’t beat the best of the best dick… You’ve never defeated me… Page flips Robert off while Alexei seems to be enjoying the banter. ” At least I’m not gay.”

” If you use the logic proposed by everyone else... You are, deal with it.” Robert simply shakes his head. ” I didn’t tell these fuckers to be generic, yet that’s all they’ve done.”

” Well K-Money… “ Chris smacks Robert on the shoulder.

” Dude I told you that in confidence!”

” Oh… Right” Robert redirects. ” Well Hired Gun I wish I could say I was impressed with your display but that’d be nothing short of a fabrication. I’ve never lived in a fairytale and I’m not going to start now… Let’s be honest you cheap MK rip off you’re as cookie-cutter as cookie-cutter gets. You keep thinking you can stand toe to toe with either myself or my overrated partner and we’re going to show you firsthand, live and in living color how wrong you truly are.”

” And finally there’s Shane Carver who is doing what Shawn won’t do… Sell.”

"Shane will always do Shane and I hate that we have to be the two that stalls his momentum; however, this is business and we’ve got nothing but time and opportunity to send them all packing.”

” When it comes to Carver this isn’t personal… but we’ve got a job to do and that job is being the last two standing in this entire cluster fuck they’re calling a Pay-Per-View. We’ve already won round one and now we’re on our way to winning round two. This is going to be easier than Gilly’s dick getting hard for another dude.”

” The way we see it is like this… Team Carver - vs - Team Cataclysm ends one way… With Cataclysm standing over all your broken bodies and taking that next step to the Main Event of this program where talents like us belong… The rest of you can only dream of attaining.”

” I wish I could say our job is done but being as overrated as I am and you being the failure as a champion. Isn’t it funny how our names couldn’t help but overflow from the mouths of damn near everyone involved in this program? I can’t say I’m surprised being as overrated as I am yet being one of the top men to beat is kind of an oxymoron.”

” Aw Chris, you know people will say whatever they need to in order to sleep better at night. Walking talking contradictions.”

::::To Be Continued::::

[Image: M8HN8TM.png]
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