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In war there's no substitute for victory. (cont.from last RP)
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05-30-2020 01:36 PM

[align=center]There Alexei Medved, Robert Main and Chris Page stood, with a newly found desire for total authority and dominance. They called it something more straightforward… Respect… Alexie released his white-knuckle grip on his two duffel bags dropping them onto the floor.

” Thunder Knuckles think he take money and run?” Alexei changes his tone became coarse like rocks rubbing against one another speaking in Russian. ” YA ne lyublyu, kogda menya trakhayut. I take T.V. title.”

The basement they were standing in was once a wine cellar, holding the most expensive vintages that Eastern Europe had to offer each were meticulously shelved in wooden racks, trusted to the natural refrigeration of the soil behind the dense brick walls. Robert watched as Alexei crossed his arm leering down at the duffel bags filled with stolen money. Page tossed his bag to the floor running his hands over the ancient brackets that held candles every few feet, it's been so long since they were used that there isn't even any waxy residue anymore. Alexei reached upward pulling the tattered string of a solitary light bulb that is dangling from the ceiling. Alexei becomes more agitated. Pointing to the duffel bags planted at his feet.

” Next time I stick gun in mouth and pull trigger… Gromovyye kostyashki dolzhny zaplatit' za yego prichineniye vreda… Wargames we get revenge.”

Robert tossed his duffel bag to the floor.

” Listen, I know he tried taking all the cash from that bank robbery, but here we are all the cash in hand… Maybe we can use it as a bribe? TK has an unquenchable thirst for money. Hell, he says he’s seen the light, maybe he’s a changed man?”

” Net ... My yego ubivayem. Can’t be trusted.”

Page leans in.

” Main, Alexei is right, you cross us you’ve got to pay the price. Alexei where are we exactly?”

Alexei turns around smiling…

” Home away from home comrrrade Page…”

The basement of this abandoned house would have appeared to others as discomforting and sinister, but it was their only place of escaping from the rest of the world. Page sighs…

” Page… You doubt me…? You believe Alexei Medved stay in shit hole?”

Page shrugs as Alexei pushed one specific brick in, then the entire wall moved to reveal a colossal chamber, the walls - half-naked rock, half polished steel. Armed guards stood at the doorway with Russian AK-47’s watching as Alexei shouted at his goons.

” Get money idiot, count then divide thrrree ways…”

The two Russian mobsters quickly rush over grabbing each of the duffel bags.

” Welcome to United States base of operrrations… Follow…”

As the trio left the decrepit basement moving further underground things changed rapidly. There was a maze of titanium rooms, each one buzzing with computers other rooms loaded with the latest in weaponry. Page stopped as his jaw hung slack all he could do is watch… An entire room was filled to the top with money being counted from all over the globe.

” Before we leave, I have a favor. Can I lay in all that cold hard cash Scrooge McDuck?”

Alexei nods.

” This is going to be a good day.”

Every inch was recorded by security cameras… It was now clear what the Medved family were involved in, sure they were mobsters dabbling in cocaine, hookers and money laundering. They made most of their fortune in the gun business. The Medved’s were top-notch arms dealer, the wholesale provider of death and horror, not the sanitized version on the movie screens, but the tangible genocides, the executions of entire families. Alexei grinned revealing a dead quality to his eyes as if his soul had long departed and left this zombie-like man in his place, a monster to do the bidding of evil. Alexei was psychopathic through and through, with all the charm they use to manipulate and threaten all at once.

” Not too bad Alexei… One question though… After the past few days that we’ve had… Where is the bourbon?”

Page chimes in.

” And chronic? I need to knock the edge off before we continue our burial of these fools.”

” Main, we have finest Russian bourrrbon and cigarrrs… Page best weed in worrrld prrre rrrolled… Also set up live feed to cut prrromo forrr Warrrgames… This way…”

Alexei lead the charge as he was handed a chilled glass of Vodka, Robert was given a glass of bourbon and Page a Bob Marley sized joint. Page didn’t waste a second pointing at his unlit joint, as a guard quickly leaned in lighting it for Page.

” God damn! I feel like a freaking supervillain and it feels stupendous.”

Robert points.

” This camera?”

Alexei nods…

” Rrred light on… We arrre live.”

” Dude I’m so overrated I single-handedly eliminated HALF of Apex at this same event; hey Raven! Hey Drew!”

” Don’t’ be a dick.”

”Who Rrraven? Drrrew?”

” Not important Alexei… I’m just saying I’m so overvalued that I beat the unstoppable Nicole Jackson to win these little belts and I’m so over promoted that I walked into this company and was HANDED the top spot because the complacent little fucks that STILL run their mouths today are still in the same spot… On the fucking sidelines.”

” Sideline hoes.”

” If this was Twitter it’d be all Shawn all day every day, yet you’re delusional as fuck if you think we’ve shot our best shots when it comes to dealing with you, sir. We’re just getting started if anyone is on borrowed time it’s you. You’re the guy that loves to evade challenges from legitimate challengers; you’re the guy that plays one broken record after another… But more importantly, you’re nowhere near as tremendous or wonderful as you might think you are.”

” Shawn you’ve loved sitting on the sidelines talking about how my title reigns haven’t meant a damn thing and now here you sit in the driver’s seat with an engine that won’t even start. You’re dealing with guys like Calvary. Damn bro, you’ve burned me. The fact of the matter is this Chump you’re not ready for conflict like this.”

” For a guy that’s talked so much shit about how we’re pretty much nobodies in this profession and yet in the same sentence talk about WANTING to get your hands on us, NEW FLASH fuck boy, we aren’t hard to find and if you’re as serious about wanting us. You would have already accepted Main’s challenge and put the only thing that makes you relevant on the line; the Universal Title, and since you’re not going to do that fearing yet another loss… Why don’t you defend it against me?”

Robert chimes in directly.

” He’ll find a reason not to. Plus, Centurion is the next contender. You don’t need a fortune teller to see it coming.”

” I don’t see the problem with it; I mean I’m washed up, right? I’m a has-been, right? I’m only successful because I ran a company, right? It’s a shoe-in victory for someone such as Shawn Warstein because I can’t hang, right?” Chris intently gazes into the camera speaking directly to the Universal Champion. ” If you think I’m punched out… Try me, I dare you… or better yet, keep your fucking belt and just come fight me… at least when I beat you you’ll have that shiny belt to fall back on.”

” In the meantime you say that you want us? Cool story bro, we’ve never been hard to find and while people can play the hit and run game all they’d like it’s something completely different standing in the middle of the ring with us daring you to do something… When it comes to getting it done when it matters; no one on this fucking roster stands a chance. Shawn the last time we saw each other I did exactly what I said I’d do. I sat you down on your prissy little overvalued, overpromoted, overestimated pumped up ass … You’re not going to have to look for us come Wargames, we’ll be in the main event waiting to slaughter whoever it may be.”

” We’re going to be waiting especially for you.”

” Oh... And if you can, bring ole Doug Whitford with you.” Chris immediately starts bursting out into laughter at the mention of Doug’s name which draws the ire of Robert. ”What’s so funny?”

” Dude you do realize we’re the only two guys Doug mentioned outside of his opponents.”

” Well, of course, Chris, this is the shit that happens when you are at the top of the food chain. These lowlifes will go out of their way to mention us trying to gain that fifteen seconds of fame… Some clout, Doug be careful when you mention the names of God’s, you might not like the outcome. Doug, do yourself a favor and just shut the fuck up now and stop talking like you belong in the same conversation as Chris and me. You, much like everyone else seems to think that this a game but there’s nothing funny or no games being played when you step up the Everest of this company. If you’re lucky enough to survive Centurion, if you can get past the King of the Mid Carders and reach that Main Event we’re going to be waiting… Untouched and nearly at full capacity we’ll see if you got the sack to back up your play.”

Robert pauses.

” Don’t you worry little lad, don’t you fret because should you make the Main Event your tenure will be short-lived, you can thank us for that.”

” Speaking of short-lived, Centurion… Old buddy, old pal.”

” This guy seriously thinks he belongs in the Main Event…. Dude, I hate to break the news to you… You’re not on that level regardless of how much you pep yourself up. Your deluded logic that I “tried so hard” to keep Shawn out of the top spots of the Captains match makes about as much sense as a Peter Gilmour promo. I didn’t try anything; I showed up and kicked his ass, clobbering him right after he beat you.”

” This cocksucker right here has a lot of gall as he chases your Hart Title record while trying to convince the world that Shawn versus Centurion would sell some fucking tickets. Dude, I booked you opposite Nick Fucking Ryan because that’s where you belonged; and what makes you boring as fuck isn’t that proverbial shit talk, oh no, it’s the lame productions you show us beforehand. So, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, go kill yourself like Hana Kimura and do the entire world a favor in the process.” Robert shifts his attention and stares at Chris which prompts him to say. ”To soon?” Robert shakes his head as he returns his attention towards the camera.

” Way to embrace the dark side Chris Chaos, once again playing second fiddle. Seems about right.”

” Didn’t we just demolish him and Carnes, nothing left to see here.”

” Atara showed she doesn’t have what it takes to step into the forefront. But we already knew that going in.”

” Carnes can thank his lucky stars because the only way anyone on his team was making the finals was with the lack of promo time the opposing team put in. So, it looks like our original thoughts of Atara/Shawn/Us has been spoiled.”

” Congratulations Team Carnes for being the only other team other than my own to have all your teammates bother to do some work and build your respective matches, and while you thwarted our bracket thank God this isn’t March Madness. I know you’re all getting super excited, but you shouldn’t be.”

” Making the final means you’re going to be looking across at us, and you all already know how that’s going to play out.”

” Let’s take a closer look at the third piece of the equation that will comprise the Main Event of this Pay-Per-View because it’s not a matter if members of Team Carnes make it it’s a matter of how many.”

” We can cross Mastermind of that list.”

” I’d agree with that.”

” That prick has been given more opportunities to win major titles only to squander them all, literally.”

” Two words that sum him up, gloried fuckup.”

” Speaking of glorified fuckups, Hanari Carnes… Jesus Christ, you talk about a bandito. Listen up chumpstain, we’ve already been down this road as recently as the last edition of Saturday Savage. You and everyone else want to call Rob predictable for selecting me first… Do you all not realize how fucking retarded you sound by that mere notion? Collectively we’re UNSTOPPABLE. Why wouldn’t Robert pick me? Fucking moron.”

” Let’s not forget that collectively we’re the XWF Tag TEAM Champions and let’s not forget War Games pits a TEAM together; are you smart enough to see the trend we’re going here? I like to win, Chris Page in a winner.”

Chris quickly interjects.

” No Robert, I’m overrated. Remember?”

” Kind of like Shawn I get it, Chris…Carnes, you can continue this myth that you mean anything in this federation and we’re going to continue this reality that we ARE this federation.”

” If Michael Graves is the strong link to this team then why are we wasting our time dealing with everyone else? It’s safe to say whoever makes the finals off Team Carnes will only be sniffing the Main Event spotlight for as long as we allow them to be involved in it.”

” I mean that is a good point.”

” Graves’s body is already in our collection; don’t you remember how he protected Vita a while back?”

” Ah yeah, that’s right we have dropped him already.”

”I know we’ve dropped for people than Polio but all the more reason to do it again, this time legally.”

” Oh and Michael, you want to know why I picked Chris over you? I don’t roll with fucking underachieving has-beens…”

” He prefers overrated has-beens, we tend to run circles around everyone else.”

” It’s what we do. Chris and I are in this for ourselves and Alexei we’re in this to further stick it to Theo and Vinnie. It takes a lot of balls to step to the plate week after week professing to be second to none and then backing it up with anyone that bothers to put pen to paper and face us. We’ve made no mistake about it that we are coming to Wargames to rip ass and take names while taking the level of destructiveness to a level that none of you ever thought was possible, and yet you’re all too fucking simple-minded and pay attention.”

” We know that all eyes are on us and we know that we’ve got the two of biggest bullseyes on our backs because beating us actually means something around here. This is the environment in which we thrive, there’s a reason why we’ve stolen the show every time we’ve stepped foot inside a ring or graced a show with our mere presence… And we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

” But we’re oversold and we’re carrying a liquidated division.”

” Yet we have a standing open challenge to any team that wants a try to take the belts away from us… yet none of you signs the dotted line, but love to talk shit about it… Funny how that works out.”

” Speaking of funny how things work out, correct me if I am wrong but didn’t just about everyone slams my choice in teammates only for all of my team bother to cut promos for this fucking thing while four teams are going to be filled with scabs because all of you didn’t bother to promo for this?

” Even fucking Low Mo wasted three minutes of my time.”

” Three minutes more than nine others that just flat out didn’t give a fuck.”

” Why don’t you enlighten all the ignorant fucks why you handpicked who you handpicked

” First pick was a no brainer; we don’t need to run your credentials nor provide a story for why I picked you. Chris Page is a national treasure who more than holds his weight in any given situation. He’s cold, he’s methodical and he’s precise with every move he makes.”

” And I’m overrated.”

” We do have to talk about the elephant in the room.”

” Dude you didn’t tell me Shawn’s mom was coming.”

” I’m talking about Thunder Cunt, I mean Thunder Knuckles.” Chris rolls his eyes. ” Rumor has it he’s accepted an offer to lay down in the first of two of our encounters for War Games. Allow me to firmly address this here and now by simply saying I don’t need Thunder Knuckles in the finals when I’ve got Chris Page and Alexei standing right beside me.”

” Bro that was last week, he isn’t diving.”

”Oh yeah… With or without Thunder Knuckles in the equation doesn’t affect the result and that result sees Team Cataclysm standing tall while further establishing why we are the measuring sticks and the rest of you are just supporting casts.”

”Goddamn it’s good to be kings.”

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[Image: fMJwa5h.png]

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