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05-30-2020 07:49 AM

”You wanna know what’s worse than watching Mastermind babble on and on about nothing in those shitstain “promos” he puts out? Being trapped on a Goddamned private jet with the fucker for THIRTEEN FUCKING HOURS!!! Oh yeah, think that’s bad? I forgot to mention that he brought the entire black hole of fun with him. Speaking of, did that fucking Van Peter's mother fucker hit me with his hammer?”

No Micheal, Kris “The Hammer” Von Bon did not strike you with his weapon of choice, but you were struck indeed, by Mastermind himself, no less. Although judging by the look of you, perhaps answering your verbal question shouldn’t have taken precedence over the question that you’re subconsciously asking as I speak. That answer that that one, I’m afraid, isn’t likely to be one that you’d want to hear.

“Ugh... I don’t feel so well...”

I’d imagine not. You see Micheal, over the course of the past few hours, you’ve managed to slip in and out of consciousness for a total of 5 times. The odd part about this is the fact that every time you awaken, you seem to do so as a completely different personality than the last. It’s almost as though all of these entities are battling for control of your mind and body.



The sky dark, the desolate land devoid of any signs of life. Except for the cries of sorrow that fill the night. Hundreds, maybe thousands of men, but none of them are in sight. Yet still, their sobs flood the air.


[Image: 7ucwd-447264-Full-Image-Gallery-Backgrou...SX1080.jpg]

MG: "Holy shit!"

Graves stands still, shocked by the huge explosion off in the distance. Micheal is mesmerized by the ball of fire that reaches into the heavens off into the distance. So much so that he doesn't notice the shadowy character that crept up behind him.

??: "It's amazing how many of them cling to the idea that they can someday regain control."

Micheal jumps, startled by the unexpected interruption. He turns around to greet his guest with raised fists, but as soon as he sets eyes on him, confusion sets in.

MG: "What sort of witchery is this!?"

[Image: GSgraves.jpg]
Micheal Graves circa 1999

MG99: "Eh, so you're the newest reinvention huh?"

Graves studies the strange visitor up and down trying to make sense of what he's seeing.

MG: "Why is it that you look like me?"

Graves99 smirks as he realizes that the gravity of the situation escapes Graves.

MG99: "I look like you, Micheal, because I am you, and you are me."

Graves struggles with this revelation, but with nothing to say, he looks off to the distance where the explosion took place. The flames dance in the night sky as the sobs of thousands continue to fill the air.

MG: "What is this place?" He says as he continues to stare into the distance.

MG99: "This is no place, not in the physical sense anyway."

Graves turns his head, looking Graves99 right in the eye.

MG: "Explain yourself."

MG99: "This world and its people are not of the physical realm. Instead, this is the mental purgatory where all of your discarded identities stay locked away. Always fighting and destroying everyone and thing around them for a chance to regain control of our physical being. You've been here before, do you not remember?"

Graves observes his surroundings once more, looking for even a hint of familiarity.

MG: "I do not."

MG99: "Perhaps you've suppressed the memory of your time here? Most seem to look onto this place with the same fear as they would look onto Hell."

Micheal looks to Graves99, his muscles tense and his mind untrusting.

MG: "You said that all of the inhabitants of this place fight for control of my mortal body. If that's true, why have you not made a move yet?"

Graves99 lets out a hardy laugh.

MG99: "You need not worry about that with me. I have no desire to return to the realm of Xtreme."

MG: "Then tell me, how do I escape this place?"

MG99: "There is a portal of sorts. You must reach it before any of the others."

MG: "Then there's no time to waste! Point me towards this portal so that I may reclaim my mortal body and continue my mission!"

MG99: "I'm afraid it's too late."

Graves instantly turns to anger. Grabbing Graves99 by the leather belts that cross his chest and pulling him close. Through gritted teeth he ask.

MG: "What do you mean it's too late?"

Graves99 smiles a sly smile.

MG99: "Can't you feel it? Another has already stepped through."

[Image: ezgif-com-gif-maker-1.gif]

Back in the land of reality, Micheal awakens, but not as the child-loving head-smashing misfit that we all know and love hate, but instead as an earlier personality.

MG: "Whoa, wicked ride!"

Micheal sits up in bed. Wait bed? What happened to the private jet?

Just then, Harari Carnes greets his newly awakened guest.

HC: "Ah, it's good to see you awake my friend."

Graves turns his attention to Hanari.

MG: "Friends?"

Micheal thinks hard on the subject. It's not the easiest task to call forth the memories of another, even if they share your body.

MG: "Where am I?"

[red]HC: "My villa, of course, do you not remember? Mastermind picked you up in Japan and brought you here."

MG: "I... I'm sorry, I'm just having trouble remembering some stuff."

HC: "I can imagine, and I would like to apologize for Mastermind's actions."

MG: "What did he do?"

Harari is caught off guard by that question. Did MM really hit him THAT hard?

HC: "It doesn't matter. What does matter is that you're here, and we have some things to discuss."

Hanari turns to exit the room. He pulls the door closed behind him, but peaks back in at the last second.

HC: "I must admit, you're not quite what I was expecting. Anyway, when you're feeling up to it, get dressed, and meet us downstairs."

Micheal nods and Hanari pulls the door closed.

Graves dresses in the black suit that Hanari apparently laid out from him. Convenient considering that his wrestling attire was burnt to ask upon reentry into the Earth's atmosphere. (see ME FIRST) And meets up with the rest of the group.

As Micheal walks out of the house, it's all eyes on him. Partially because he's a loose cannon, and partially because he looks sharp as fuck right now. A far cry from his typical discount Halloween store look.

[Image: mgsuit.jpg]

MM: "Micheal..."

Mastermind says as he approaches the group.

MG: "Uh, hello? Who are you again?"

Daggers from the rest of team shit. None of them trust him and none of them want to share the ring with him. None of them that is, except for Hanari Carnes, who drafted Graves to this team. Hanari knew early on that he would rather the pychopedia brotanica of violence fight as part of his War Games team than against it. Presumably though his connection with Chris Chaos, he knew that Micheal's particular set of skills would come in handy for any team, and definitely wasn't something that he wanted to have to deal with standing on the opposing side.

HC: "Ah, Micheal, I'd glad you could join us."

Micheal just sort of nods, trying to be polite, but still unsure what is going on.

MG: "So what is this? Are we in some sort of stable together or something?"

Suddenly it's Carnes staring daggers at MM.

HC: "I told you, you hit him too hard!"

Graves tilts his head slightly to the side as those words leave Hanari's mouth.

MG: "Hit me too hard? What are you talking about?"

Hanari quickly backpedals, afraid that telling Graves what happened now may cost him another teammate. Something team shit just can't afford right now considering that they've already suffered the loss of one Zane Norrison, which honestly isn't even a big deal until you factor in the possibility of Red X weaseling his way on to the team and somehow making it an even bigger joke.

HC: "Nothing Micheal, nothing. you are among friends here. There was just a small accident on your way here. Mastermind may have accidentally struck you with a hammer."

Micheal looks to Mastermind, who is eyeballing him pretty hard. I suppose he's waiting for Graves to give him a reason to put him down again, but this isn't the same Graves that Mastermind thinks he knows.

MG: "I doubt it was an accident, but it's cool bro. I'm sure I deserved it."

The group look to each other, confused by the lack of intensity in Micheals's response.

MM: "Are you sure that you're well?"

MG: "Never felt better!"

Or in other words, he's just happy to be free from that hellish prison inside of his own head.

MM: "I think the hammer shot did him some good. He seems more agreeable now."

Yes MM, he is more agreeable, but this isn't the man that Hanari drafted. So it should come as no surprise when Hanari creeps up behind Graves with a golfclub.

[Image: Untitled-13.png]


"Close call! War Games was almost ruined when Mastermind decided to strike his own teammate down with a fucking hammer! See, this is just another reason as to why this team is so shit! In fighting? Do you see anyone from Robert Main's team trying to off one another with hand tools? Do you see crazy mindless Shane sheath trying to, okay, bad example? The point is, these fuckheads don't want to be called shit, but they damn sure aren't acting like a team that wants to win! Of course, why would they? We all know that the only reason that I was drafted into this team was so that I could carry their asses to the main event anyway. Who else here can withstand inhuman amounts of damage and still crack skulls as if they were watermelons? I'm the best Goddamned talent on this team, and they all know it! That's why Hanari struck me with that golf club. Because he doesn't need friends, he doesn't need an agreeable yes man, he needs a monster that will rip the flesh from his enemies and then suck the bones dry, and after Masterminds folly, he did what he had to do to bring ME back!"

"Now I'm sure you're all wondering how well team shit's going to hold it together at War Games. It should be fairly obvious that none of us really care for the other. Sure, they try to hide it, but how often do you really think that any combination of Carnes, MM, or Laim.. uh? Fuck it, let's just keep calling him Jelly Jam Face. So how often do you think those guys interact with one another outside of matches? If you said never, you'd be right. Even if this team wasn't complete shit, it's definitely a ragtag group of misfits that seemingly have nothing in common. It's almost like Hanari threw darts at pictures to decide his draft picks. The best part is that he STILL somehow managed to assemble a better team than Atari "where did she go?" Themis! This match right here marks the SECOND time that bitch has found a way to slither her way out of a schedule confrontation with me! Need I remind you all of the Savage a few weeks back where I was supposed to challenge her and FuZz for their respective titles? Do you guys remember the interactions for that? Where they would only give me the shots if I faced BOTH OF THEM in the same night. Separate matches of course, but same night. I give Atari a lot of shit, all of it deserved, but still a lot of shit, and you know what? I have to give her credit there. Because when those matches didn't happen. When management chose not to book what was definitely going to be a top-rated Savage when I walked out two titles richer, I knew the truth. I knew that Attacus Black and White didn't just randomly decide to ROB his show of this amazing night. I knew that someone had to have gone to him. Someone had to have begged for the matches NOT to take place. I figured it was both of those clowns, but looking at the recent history of the once "great" HA! Yeah right! Atari Themis, we see a woman who was handed a title that she couldn't hold on to. A woman who was handed a match with the legend James Raven, and just couldn't find the fortitude to step up to the challenge, and a woman who was handed her own team, but couldn't be bothered to put in the work."

"Does this sound like the type of person that you would want as captain? Does this sound like the type that could assemble a top-rated team? Obviously not, since most of them seem to have dropped out with her. Atari Themis has been handed everything that she's ever had in this company, and even so, she still finds a way to fuck it all up. Honestly, I'm thinking we have a new female Gilly. Maybe now we can give the real Gilly a break and direct some of that ridicule to someone who truly deserves it!"

"Somebody else that deserves a little ridicule is a guy who's known only as Big D. Fitting name since he's been nothing but a BIG Disappointment since day one! So obsessed over the idea of winning the Universal Title, that it's all he ever seems to talk about! You had your shot Big D, and you lost! Now that you're retired, how about just shutting that big yap of yours and fading into obscurity where you belong!"

"Oh wait, what's that you say? You're NOT retired? You're one of the mystery men that FuZz got saddled with against his will? How fitting that you would return to the ring to work War Games. Even more so that you would end up, sheerly by chance, as a member of the champs team? Just imagine if you do well. Get him to the Main Event. Win it all. Maybe he'll reward you with a title shot? One more chance for Big D to fall flat on his face and look foolish. Not that you can look any more foolish than you already do!"

[Image: heardyouweretalkingsmack.jpg]

[Image: superpuss.jpg]

"You admitted that you were too much of a pussy to meet me in the ring, and you went on to further prove it last Savage when you ran out of the ring like a scolded dog at the first sign of trouble. Still, you couldn't have landed on a better team had you tried, considering the fact that your fearless leader has been ducking me ever since he realized that him and his bitch were on the fast track to irrelevancy were they to go through with those title defenses!"

"You all need to realize something real quick. Micheal Graves doesn't run from a fight!"


"I'm not ducking that ! He just picked the most inopportune time he possibly could to throw down a challenge. After choking the life out of Thunder Knuckles last Savage, the match is set. Graves vs TK, TV title, and unless he also finds a way to duck me, you're looking at your NEW TV Champion! Maybe since he decided to go all Jesus freak and return my money, he'll actually make it to the main event and we can have a little preview of that match!"

"You're being awfully confident that you'll make it past me!!"

Graves looks to his left, the source of Ms. Directions' voice.

"You haven't told me to take a dive have you?"

"No, and I won't. Because the results of this event are pretty meaningless and do not further my plans in any way. So in other words, enjoy yourself."

A sadistic smile crawls onto Graves face as he turns back to the camera.

"Oh I will"



[Image: Gravesbanner2020.png]

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