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Tommy Gunn is a Dick Sucker
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05-23-2020 10:16 PM

War Games. The time of year where teams get selected and fight it out for bragging rights. It's one of the XWF's biggest shows of the year. This year will be just like the past few years. Teams selected fighting it out to see who's best. We got Team Main, Team Carver, Team Carnes, Team Themis, Team Warstein and Team Centurion waging war against each other. The teams were made and some picks shocked some people and others didn't.

One of the teams involved in War Games is Team Carver which includes Shane Carver, The Hired Gun, Brian Storm. Dick Powers and Peter F'n Gilmour. Quite a formidable team and a team to watch out for. They could shock the world and take War Games for themselves. But in order to do that, they got to get through the team that will PROBABLY win it all, Team Main, consisting of Robert Main, his friend CCP, Thunder Knuckles,Russian Rose and Low Mo.

This match will be hard hitting and a lot of stories will be told. But who will win this match and go on to the main event to win War Games? Can Peter Gilmour lead his team to a victory over Robert Main? Who the hell is Dick Powers? And how long before Main and CCP turn on Thunder Knuckles? We'll all see next weekend from our nation's capital.

The scene now shifts to the lovely and expensive mansion of our great leader Peter "Ohh, suuuck my diiiiick" (sung like the National Anthem) Gilmour. The sun is shining high above the clear blue sky as the camera shows Peter, inside his mansion wearing a grey tank top and black shorts. His hair is down to his shoulders and we can see his God-like muscles glistening in the sunshine. Settle down ladies. Peter has a book in his hands as he sits on a recliner. He hears the cameraman say "Action" and he smiles wickedly as he puts the book down and begins to talk to us.

Peter: You know this book is LONG. War and Peace, a great book I must say. But damn is it LONG. Kinda like my super dick but I digress. It's gonna take me months to finish this book. What is it like 1000 pages? Jesus H Christ on a pogo stick sucking his own dick. (Imagine that)

Anyways, so it's Memorial Day weekend here in the states and it's not like other Memorial Days when people would go out to the beach and get a tan or swim in the ocean or a pool. BBQ's would be fired up and parties would happen. Baseball would be going on. But alas, 2020 has not been kind to us Americans due to that fuckin virus named after a beer. FUCK THAT VIRUS WITH A SPIKED BEER BOTTLE! I hate that virus. It's killed a lot of people and fucked everything up. But we're slowly starting to recover and hopefully we can salvage this summer and get back to normal. But it will take time and we all got to practice social distancing. Yeah, good luck with that. Idiots!

Peter rolls his eyes as he settles into the chair.

Peter: Well it's that time again. WAR GAMES, one of my favorite events of the year, next to Lethal Lottery. I can't wait for that event to happen. Another chance to get to the finals and finally WIN IT ALL! But I'll talk about that at a later date.

Before I talk about War Games and the match I'm in, I want to address one Tommy Gunn.. I know I'm not supposed to do this but I dont give a fuck. Nobody tells Peter Gilmour what to do!

So Tommy, you spewed a bunch of bullshit on social media about me eh? Most of it was the same bullshit I've heard before. But you want to get into War Games as an alternate in case some asshole doesn't show. I personally don't give two shits if you're in or not. You disrespected my name and for that you are going to pay. People are saying I'm ducking you. HA! Bring it on you fuckin f a g g o t. You've been talking shit about me for years and still gloat about your son beating me years ago. First off, your son didn't beat me, he cheated by having his classmates attack me and pin me down. How the fuck could I have kicked out? I still to this day wish Shane Carver reversed that decision. But alas, I cannot do that. But I don't care. Your son is just like you a self centered piece of cow shit.

You wanna beat me up so bad that my career will end? Bitch, you could break every bone in my body and I'd still win a title before your lame ass. That's how fuckin popular I am. You ain't shit dog. Talk, talk talk all I hear is talk from you. try to attack me if you get on Team Main, I dare you. Even if you don't I'll be looking for you and I'll be ready to put a foot so deep in your ass you will be shitting out your mouth. Well, you do that already so it kinda doesn't make sense but still your ass will be kicked.

So bring it bitch I'll just have Shane dismember you or I could have Vinnie and Theo just ban you from the arena and the XWF for life.. Either way YOU LOSE! Now go on and do what you do best Tommy.. SUCK MY MOTHERFUCKIN FAT ITALIAN COCK!!!

Peter throws up the double birds and has a mean look on his face. He is pissed off to no end. Save it for the match Peter. Wow! Peter grabs a glass of Jack and Coke and swigs it down and then throws the glass clear across the room breaking into millions of pieces. Good thing he has more glasses in his cabinet or else he'd have to find some new ones. But we digress. Peter tries to calm down as he breathes heavily. He puts his hands out and breathes deep and lets it out. He then is ready to talk to us.

Peter: Now that that shmuck is out of the way, let's get to my match at War Games. Welp, looks like it's gonna be a tough night for me as I am on Team Carver, and by the way, was there any doubt I'd be on his team? I should've been the very first pick and I'm glad I didn't go on Robert's team. I can't stand that abomination. He comes out thinking he's some BETA, not even an ALPHA and thinks he's gonna beat me again. WRONG! Robert, first off get your head and dick out of Chris Page's ass ok? You two both need to be taught a lesson. Those tag belts you hold are on borrowed time and it's only a matter of time before you both lose them. But when the time is right, you'll see it come to pass.

But while I'm on the both of you, not like that you idiots. While I bring you both up, it's fitting I'm in the same ring as both of you jabronis. I've wanted to get my hands on Chris Page for months now. He's been squirming around like a slug avoiding me. Chris knows I can beat him, much like I can beat you Robert, it's only a matter of time.

But you two guys must be humbled and with my team the way it is, we're going to do just that.

Then you got Russian Rose, probably the weak link on your team next to Low Mo. Nice picking there asshole. Both of them won't help you. And then you got Thunder Knuckles with you. A fierce threesome I see. Not better than a threesome with three hot ass asian bitches, but I think you know where I'm coming from. If not, you need some pussy badly my friends.

Anyways, Thunder Knuckles is a narcissist only thinks about himself and getting the most X-bux. You do know that can be fatal right TK? Having a lot of money could be good but what happens when it all comes crashing down? All the money goes away? Where will you be? You're not gonna factor in helping Main and Page brother. You get in my way, I'll slap the shit out of you. I'm going to lead team Carver to victory even if I have to do it myself. Then we'll go to the main event and win that match as well even if I'm not 100%. I'll die for my team. I'll sacrifice my own body for the better of the team. Shane knows this already.

Speaking of my team, let's talk about them. You got Shane, the leader of this fine group. He's not the Shane I know. He's different, something I've never seen before. But he still chose ME to be on his team because I know the old Shane is in there somewhere. He's still the guy who wants to make the XWF great again. He's still the guy who will fuck a potato so hard it will have spuds. Ok,very bad analogy there. Whatever. Shane Carver is going to kick your sorry asses and I'll be right behind him to kick your asses.

Then you got Brian Storm. Not a pick I was hoping for, I would've went with Michael Graves, but I think he is on another team. Imagine me, Graves and Shane on the same team. Holy fuck would that be EPIC. But alas, it may never happen. But never say never. Brian, I hope you're ready for war because we need your help to topple Robert's team. Show me that passion you have and show Shane why he picked you. I'm sure he didn't pick you out of spite, then again he may have been drunk I dunno. But bring all you have to this match, we might need it.

Then you got the Hired Gun. I think this is the OG Hired Gun but I can never tell them apart. I hope it's the OG Hired Gun because I know he'll be ready to kick some ass. Me, Shane and HG are a deadly threesome. We're ready for war and we'll bring it all to you.

But the ace in the hole, and I like this pick Shane made. DICK FUCKIN POWERS! The man, the myth, the legend! He is the fuckin man brother. Now you may be thinking it's my super dick but that is not true. Besides, I call my dick by another name which I can't disclose right now. But Maria loves it and she even has a name for it. But she won't tell you idiots.

But DICK FUCKIN POWERS. Man I'm already getting hard with him on our team. And that's not being homosexual because I don't swing that way so fuck you if you think that. Dick Powers is going to kick all your sorry asses and lead us to victory.

Face it Robert, all you got is Page and TK. You're team is a bunch of nobodies. We're winners and next weekend, we're going to shock the world by beating you guys and then winning War Games for ourselves. I want Shane to win so he can finally get his hands around that bitch Fuzz, er Shawn Warstein's ass. That bitch is avoiding me too and he knows I can beat him on his worst day. Maybe his team will get into the final match, maybe not. One thing is for sure, you better watch your back Shawn. *winks sadistically*

So at War Games, I will lead my team to victory like I did before when I was team captain. I will fight with honor and fight until I cannot fight anymore. So Robert, assemble your squad because it's going to be a long night for you guys. Team Carver will annihilate you and we will go on to the main event and we WILL go on and shock the wrestling world by winning War Games! See you punk ass bitches in the ring next week. Don't be late.

And with that Peter motions a kiss to the camera as he laughs sadistically. He then gets up and leaves the room as "F O D" by Green Day begins to play. The camera then goes outside to show an American flag strung out along the massive lawn. God bless America! The scene then begins to fade to RED WHITE AND BLUE.. then goes to BLACK!


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