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Post Anarchy 5/21: Sumthin Sumthin idk who cares.
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05-23-2020 03:43 PM

An exclusive

After that crazy ass brawl had "finished", we see the duo near an outhouse somewhere near the field itself. Then we see Mr After Hours, licking the blood off Green in near the rig where the match took place in. Then we see an 4'11, red dress wearing broad who holds a XWF mic to speak with them.

Joanne: Mr. After Hours, what was that match that took place just now? It was chatic and bat shit insane!

Mr After Hours: Fuck if i know, so longs they didn't take the fall, that all that matters to us. Also, shout out to Graves for getting that victory over his partner, i can smell the distrust between them both.

Joanne then comes up to Tommy, who oogles her up and down.

Joanne: Hey Tommy how did you feel about the four way tag match? I know it was confusing on who fought who right?

Tommy: Man you think i gave a fuck about that match? I knew Tula was going to be "sole" (get it) survivor of that match with Ruby. I knew right away there was gonna be fuckkery in the mix, so i just took my time to bask it all in. Hell, i even enjoyed the fans boo'ing us; thats how you know we are the shit in hur. Also, shout out to Themis sista's bailing out like basura they be, i'mma give them a receipt next time if i encounter dem hoez.

Jonanne tries to talk to JB, but he wanted no part of it. So she turned her attention to Mr After Hours, as Tommy ogling at her feet.

Jonanne: So what is going to be the next plan of the THUGS with your guys affiliated with Brotherhood of Baddies?

Mr After Hours: As time progress, we will become a dominate force of XWF and no man or so called "hero's" can stop the movement. I can bet on Graves making sure his team will be the soul surviver for war games, by any means necessary. But here's the thing though, me and my guys will watch afar in the white house.

Jonanne: Well that fair, well I hope you guys can continue your force within Anarchy and beyond. Well that is all tonight here folks, and make sure you tune in for War Games 2020 on May 31st!

The broadcast scene phasing in and out with static and in-between with the words "THUGS" written in blood then it finally shuts off.
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