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From Russia With Love. Part # 1
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Robert "The Omega" Main Offline
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05-23-2020 02:13 PM

[Image: giphy.gif]

Main & Page observed a swirling storm of screaming silver just outside the warmth of the club's window. Outside the blizzard rampages forward like a freight train. Page places one palm on the fridge glass leering on as the world became a snow-globe in an instant. The snow became so thick that the trees off in the distance appeared as if they were dropping confetti as the flakes that danced their way down to the frozen ground below. Every crystal magnified from the rays of the minuscule sun trying to battle its way through the seething storm.

" You think this is going to work? You and I don't seem to play very well with others..."

Robert continues monitoring the storm.

" I have no idea if this is going to work and after that shit show on Savage who the hell knows what's going to happen. One thing I do know... If Fuzz thinks for one second that dropping syringes on my head is going to stop me, he's got another thing coming." Robert pauses for a second then grins revealing his gold teeth. " And your right Chris, we don't play well with others... Speaking of... What the hell is going on over there..."

Page adjusts his half of the XWF Tag Team Titles draped over his right shoulder.

” Question.” Chris whispers. ” Since you brought up Savage and all... Tell me when the fuck does a TLC match end with a pinfall and not climbing a ladder to retrieve your titles?” The question draws a simple shrug from Robert. ” It doesn’t even matter at this point because Chaos Inc, you’re in the rearview biting the dust just as predicted; and now that we’ve established our dominance over you it’s on to something we can sink our teeth into… Wargames.”

Robert took a moment leering over at his left shoulder where the gold glistened off the club's lights. He patted the championship taking a deep breath. The sigh that came was a signal of sorts, not of Robert's resolve leaving but of the level of distension he had reached. Robert again took another breath this time deeper as another sigh followed. This sigh was different from the first, fatalistic and a bit weary. It signalled the end of deliberate effort and the beginning of passive deterioration. It was a sigh so quiet that it almost went unnoticed by Page, it's sound and it's movement dissipated out into the vastness of the world and made no effect at all.

" Bob, what's up?"

Robert runs his fingers through his greying beard.

" I'm frustrated Chris, they keep feeding us these curtain jerkers... The idiots we faced on Savage was point and case... It's mindnumbing honestly... Especially when we have Fuzz running around here as Universal Champion. Did you see how he covered Centurion? These two are stuck together like dogs in heat... I can't wait until we get the FUZZ - vs - Cent Universal Championship no one wants to see. One of these elderly relics might break a hip, or heaven forbid we need an intermission so they can have their diapers changed... Jesus, what's this company coming too?"

Page smiles.

" The end."

” Wargames is an event the two of us happen to know rather well, you see I’m undefeated in this contest and you Chris, my partner in crime have a pretty good record in your own right. Wargames is the one event where it doesn’t matter what team you’re selected on because your one individual performance could determine success or failure. That all depends on who you are.” There’s a slight smirk that appears on Robert’s face before he continues. ” It’s not shocking that Theo and Vinnie had this potential to throw a great show… And then the card went up and you could seemingly hear the audible crickets chirping.”

” Dude, they fucked up a finish to a TLC match… If they can’t manage a simple process like that you’d have to expect this level of fuckery when it comes to the booking.” Chris shakes his head as Robert continues.[/green]

” Shawn, they can only protect you for so long… I’ve already exposed you and the powers that be have shielded you from another embarrassment by not having their top tier champion making it to the Main Event of their Pay-Per-View.”

” Careful big guy, don’t put the horse before the cart because even with shitty and predictable booking it doesn’t get more predictable than by which match amongst teams has top billing, it just further establishes the pecking order when it comes to Champions in this federation.” [i]Chris stares off in the distance before states.
” Cent, Shawn… How’s the view from down there?”

Some soft snickering can be heard from Chris.

” You do know the matches were booked based off eliminations from the Captain’s match, right?”

” Only further proves my point.”

” Touche’.”

[Image: giphy.gif]

Main & Page shifted their attention towards the inside of the club it was like dancing on the Northern Lights; beneath the swirling smoke an array of aqua, acid greens, neon pinks, and golds. The music played over the dance floor. It was wall to wall people dancing, there's isn't a spot for another soul. The music was all techno as the dancers, twisted, turning like they didn't have solitary care in the world. They were all grins, and looked like complete idiots but didn't care. Page nudges Robert with his elbow pointing in at the middle of the dance floor. There was Thunder Knuckles in all his glory.

[Image: tumblr_mhfd4yDnAO1rmazn7o1_500.gif]

What’s up, yo! Robert “The Omega” Main… Team fucking captain AND look at this mother fucker right here, Chronic Chris Page... Punch any eight-year-olds lately? I'm just fucking with ya man. Our opponents aren’t smart enough to think of anything better, so, get used to it. How crazy is this? Fucking Russia… Goddamn, I hope the press doesn't pick up on ‘Ol Thunder Knuckles in this communist hell hole. Fuck me, right?

Robert nudges Page both staring at Thunder Knuckles shirt covered in cocaine. Page leans in.

" Is that fucking nose candy?"

Thunder Knuckles give a slighted eye at Page before replying.

Pssh. You the fucking KGB, mother fucker? Chillout, you're at a goddamn rave, not a fucking a neighborhood bar.

" They got any chronic?"

Robert again nudges Page who shrugs.

"When in Russia..."

"What, ask for weed? TK you taking this whole thing seriously?"

As serious as a heart attack, mother fucker. Who are we fighting?

" Team Carver, The Hired Gun, Peter Gilmour, Brian Storm and Dick Powers? Hell, I don't even know who Dick Powers is."

That fucking hired gun mother fucker attacked me because of Shane Carver. Over getting paid...Yeah, it took ‘Ol Thunder Knuckles some time to come up with the xbux. However, it was paid faster than Vinnie Lane has paid anyone in quite some time. Did you get paid lately, Rob-o?

" Now that you say it the entire time I was Universal Champion I didn't receive one fucking xbux."

How about you Chris?

" I haven't been paid a dime. We won the Tag straps and did get shit."

But this cocksucker, Shane Carver, got paid far more than anyone thought ‘Ol Thunder Knuckles could pull off. Huh?! That includes you, yeah you, don’t act like you didn’t put up THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND xbux against ‘Ol Thunder Knuckles, Rob-o. What you failed to realize then, like the fucking scrub ass bitches on Team, cry cause you got paid. That ‘Ol Thunder Knuckles is a fucking XBUX Champion. Noone makes xbux like I make xbux. You wizened up though, I give you credit. Oh yeah, that little bitch “The Hired Gun”. Tell me how much, cry baby, Shane gave you for that attack?

Thunder Knuckles rolls his eyes.

Before he lost his mind.

Thunder Knuckles give a jerking-off gesture.

Nothing because my fucking people watch that shit every day. Hired… more like The Pimped Gun. I can’t wait to smack the shit out of that punk-ass little bitch.

I just got done proving how much a waste of fucking oxygen fucking Mike is.

Robert interrupts Thunder Knuckles.

" Wait a second here? Don't you mean that lowlife lose Brian Storm? Dude is more lost than each of the children Graves as abducted over the years."

Thunder Knuckles fake pulls his horn again.

Yeah, bland ass Mike. Then you got my dude. Peter fucking Gilmour fucking pig destroyer. You wait for the day, Gilly. One of these days me and you, we’re going to make a lot of fucking xbux together. Just you fucking wait and see, mother fucker.

Thunder Knuckles farts but no one heard because of the loud techno music in the background. The room became two degrees warmer and anyone around could smell that someone had farted. Thunder Knuckles looks around and blames it on the women behind him.

I think that bitch farted. Anyway, someone for the love of fuck, tell me. What is a goddamn, Dick Powers is? Sounds like Peter fucking Gilmour’s dick. Are we fighting Peter’s peter?

Robert “the Omega Main” and "Chronic" Chris Page look at Thunder Knuckles as if he’s crazy.

I’m fucking serious! I've rassled fucking half aliens, full-blown ass aliens, fucking robots, goddamn junkies, werewolf nazi bitches, and bitches like Centurion. It’ wouldn’t surprise me at fucking all that we’d be rassling Peter fucking Gilmours dick. It just wouldn’t. Jimmy isn’t here to explain this shit. So, someone has to fucking do it.

Suddenly the music come to a halt, as a thunderous screech that sounds like feedback can be heard threw the speakers. The packed club starts to bicker amongst each other until the spotlight shines near the DJ booth where Alexei Medved stands with a microphone in hand. He adjusts his charcoal fitted suit jacket before putting the mic close to his cherry red lips.

Welcome people to my club!

The crowd erupts with cheers as Paige and Main take a quick glance at each other. TK keeps his eyes locked on Alexei with a curious look.

Tonight... Special night. Tonight surrrvival of fittest. My brrrother will face off in a difficult match against a backbreaking opponent.

The crowd pops with anticipation for tonight's deathmatch featuring RussianRose.

" But beforrre that I want to intrrro-duce 2020 WarGames weeenerrrs! Firrrst we have Television Champion of the XWF, Thunderrr-Knuckles!

The spotlight rapidly does a figure eight across the club and finally stops after catching Thunder Knuckles with his arms up in the air with utter cockiness, nodding his head wildly as cocaine shoots across the table with each nod. A couple of good looking blonde girls start to grind up against him. TK entertains the Russian raver girls with a quick shimmy of his own before turning his attention back to Medved.

People...MY PEOPLE... Show some motherrr-fuckin rrre-spect to team captain Roberrrt Main and his tag team comrade, Chrrris Paige!"

The crowd pops as the Tag Team Champions stand there like two badasses taking in the love from their Russian fans.

Firrrst, Team Carrrver will fall. I know it will not be an easy task but I am confident... One by one each memberrr will be eliminated until only Team Cataclysm rrre-mains. Whetherrr you arrre team captain or fourrrth round pick YOU WILL fall by ourrr hands.

The crowd is silent, seemingly hanging off every one of the manager's words.

" Now I'll admit I'm not verrry familiarrr with memberrrs of Team Carrrver but I can promise you one thing. After Warrrgames they will be familiarrr with RussianRose. They will not forrrget."

The music begins to come back on as people from the crowd continue to dance and let the music be there inspiration. Alexei at this point has disappeared into the swarms of dancing people.

" Did you see Alexei's hands?"

Robert looks to Page who has white powder on his nose. Page quickly wipes it away before responding to Robert.

" Dude don't give me the stink eye okay... This place looks like the movie Scarface. There is cocaine everywhere... And it's free... Don't hate participate Main..."

Robert shakes his head no.

" Not happening... Remember last time you talked me into doing something? Did you see his hands?"

Page nods.

" Yeah he had tats... So what?"

" Do you know what those tattoos were?"

Page shrugs.

" They were tattoos man? Don't get Alex Jones on me. Plus how in the hell did you see that far away?"

Robert grins.

" Because I'm not 85 years old that's how I saw them. You need glasses you old ass."

" Real fucking funny Main... What's the point?"

Robert responds pulling a glass of bourbon off a waitress tray as she walks by.

" Russian Mob..."

" God, I hate that you know everything... It gets annoying... How in the hell do you even know shit like this?"

" Drew and I had a run-in with the mob once..."

" So what's that mean for us?"

Robert takes a small drink of bourbon.

" We fuck this up, we are dead Tag Team, Champions Chris."

" Seems to go with the territory lately. Nice to know I might be leaving in a body bag... Hey, where in the hell did Thunder Knuckles go?"

Robert points to the bar where Thunder Knuckles is on his smartphone.

" Ever since Alexei introduced us, Thunder Knuckles has been on his phone... Something seems off..."

" Like what? He seems like a cool dude."

Robert shrugs taking another drink.

" Not sure, but one thing I do know is we have lots of enemies and they'd do anything to take us down... Just watch um and let's see where things go. We've got a deathmatch to watch..."

” I suppose while we wait we might as well get to what everyone is waiting to see and hear because nobody has this federation on pins and needles more than we do. So let’s talk about Wargames.”

” If they didn’t fuck up enough they certainly have killed the idea of Wargames by having it at the fucking White House.”

Chris quickly chimes in with sarcasm.

” Dude don’t get me started.”

” Nonetheless we’re going to make chicken salad out of chicken shit with this one just like we’ve done with the entire Tag Team Division since our inception because that’s what we do. The team that I’ve put together is going to shock and surprise the world because not only do we have the deadly combination of Page and myself but we’ve put together a team that is going to dominate and dismantle anyone that is put in our path… including you, Shane.”

” We didn’t ask for this… We’re merely playing the hand we’ve been dealt, and unfortunately for you and you’re squad you’re the first sacrificial lambs that we must slaughter to accomplish what we’re setting out to attain. You and I have a lot of history; we once fought for nearly three hours as we literally tried to kill each other, only neither man got the job done.”

” But as history shows when the playing field was level and you and Slater were locked inside that Steel Cage with Page and I closed the book on both of you. That’s the past, here in the present things have gotten a bit more complicated. Sure things have changed a bit and you’ve now moved to the forefront of this company, not as comic relief, although you’re amazing at it, now you’re looked at as a serious player.”

” Funny what the right win at the right time will do for you.”

” And while we must now do battle once again I do not expect you to hold anything back because now that we’re in this fight we both want the monster that we’ve unleashed to rear his ugly head.”

” No excuses! No remorse! Just some good ole fashion ass-kicking.”

” I like the sound of that.”

” Shane’s a sneaky little bastard and has put together quite the little team in his own right. Let’s start with the Hired Gun because there seems to be more incarnations of this guy than Red X… But I know who is under that hood. That’s right, I’ve studied your movements, I’ve listened to your words and I’ve done my homework. I’m not one to spoil surprises but the last time you stepped into an XWF ring without a hood over your face was at James Raven’s “XX” show. Tell me I’m wrong.” No fear in the eyes of Chris Page as he continues. ” It’s because of who you that I’m going to acknowledge what you bring to the table and while our paths have never personally crossed I’m looking forward to them crossing come War Games. It’s rare that I have the opportunity to square off in a first-time encounter… but this one is ten years in the making.”

” Doesn’t matter who is under that hood because you’re just another body for us to break down and throw away.”

” Speaking of bodies to just break down, PETE!”

Robert rolls his eyes before stating.

” Oh my god.”

Robert lets out an audible sigh before replying.

” Do we have to do this, again?”

” Don’t give me that attitude, Shane picked him!”

Robert shakes his head.

” Pete, this is all too familiar territory and you already know how this is going to end. You’re probably the first or second elimination for this team Shane has selected; it’s okay to accept your future now so you’re not disappointed when it happens. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about that Gilmour Cutter from months and months back because you’re still owed a receipt and it’s a receipt you shall get curtesy of a Dead Man’s Hand.”


[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: fMJwa5h.png]
W- "Chronic" Chris Page

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