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Montar: Mi Gente
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05-23-2020 01:10 PM

The cigar was burning low in his hand. It was almost time to light another one. The Avion tequila bottle was about half empty.

The team was in route, he had planned it all out. He had a limo waiting to bring them all the the villa. He wanted to be honest with them all, truthful. There was a lot he was holding back that he had not told anyone.....these men were going to be the first ones to hear it. They got the honor of knowing who the real Hanari Carnes was. The hero in the white suit....the good guy who has to do bad sometimes to remain good.

Hanari looked out over the pristine landscape. His fingertips were turning black, and he flicked the butt. The clouds were moving quickly in the sky above, and the trees had a gentle sway to them. The giant window, the size of some houses top to bottom, made him look like a que tip in his white suit if seen from a distance. The best window money could buy.

Was this a good idea? Mastermind was an odd character, and he certainly had no love lost for Hanari.

Was he in it for himself? Or for the betterment of the team? Hanari had faith. You see, there was something about Mastermind......he had values. Sure, he was a little goofy and off kilter, but he had morals. He had respect. He had many of the same principles as Hanari. And...he was a proven champion. He is also the first (and to this point only) arm that Hanari had broken on this roster. But it didn't keep him down. That is what Hanari liked. Mastermind just kept coming, even after a horrific injury, he didn't let it keep him down. He had heart, spunk, and poise. Plus, a pretty kick ass private jet. Mastermind represented the side of Carnes that liked to live lavish but also liked to figure his opponents out. He was a valuable commodity...and Hanari was happy to have him, even if only for just one night.

Mastermind was fine. He would show up, he would do his job. He was, after all, the first one to reach out and thank Hanari for drafting him, despite the issues between them in the past.

Michael Graves, however, he seemed a little displeased to be drafted. He was going to be the black sheep, the outcast, the handful. Hanari wasn't sure what Grave's motives were. He just did things to do them. He was going to be a hard one to control.......but Hanari liked a challenge. Most of all, Hanari liked to be in control. He would look Graves right in the eyes and tell him how it was going to be and something deep down inside wished, begged, pleaded, NEEDED Graves to haul off and hit him. Draw blood. Maybe even chip a tooth. Hanari would get back up and hit him back. These two would have to earn each others respect but at the end of the day, Hanari would prove that he can get just as depraved and crazy as Graves. He could stoop to his level if he needed to. The things Hanari had done in his life......shit, he smiled as he shook his head. He wished he would have had a crazy hombre like this during some of his heists. Graves represented a side of Hanari that the Dominican had tried to keep locked away.....but War Games was a chance to unlock the door and unwrap the chains.

Graves represented a side of him that he so dearly missed. They would gel, it may take longer than the others, but Graves would get the job done.

Hanari pulled another cigar out of his pocket, and held up his torch lighter, flipping it open. He roasted the edge, building a nice charred edge, before bringing it to his mouth and puffing a few times. He picked up the Avion bottle and poured himself a shot. The clear liquid flowed into the glass, and he set it down on the table, sitting down. He picked up another folder on the table.

Zane Norrison. Hanari had gone to hell with him once, in a stipulations match of epic proportions. Hanari had come out on top, but Zane was a tough cat despite his figure. But how was Zane upstairs? Hanari chose him because he knew that Zane was crafty, mentally strong, and had abilities that were...."out of this world." He had been in the ring with Zane and he knew what he could do. The boy could pack a punch! But Zane also refused to stay down. No matter the atrocities, no matter what Hanari did to him, Zane just kept coming. It was a quality that Hanari valued perhaps above all else. Plus Zane was loyal. He wanted to prove himself when so many people doubted him, and Hanari wanted to give him that chance. He had faith.

Putting the Zane folder aside, he took the Avion shot. A few more cigar puffs later he opened the "Liam" folder.

This one was a wild card. He was Hanari's final pick, but he just had something.......Hanari couldn't put a finger on it. Would he hold his weight? Well, he certainly was better than Low Mo, Jim Jimson, Calvary, Brian name a few. He had to be, right? He had a he was better than guys like Le Strange and Doug Whitford by default.

Liam had a chance to put himself on the mat. Hanari was all about giving people chances, much like he had been given one all those months ago. Liam would have to hold his own, however, pull his weight. If he didn't, he would be dealt with. He shoved the folder aside. Pouring himself another shot, he stood up, walking back to the window.

This was truly the dawn of a new era. This was an event where legacies were made. A good performance at War Games opened up so much to you, and it became something people talk about for the rest of your career.

As Hanari fixed his tie in the reflection of the window, he snapped his head around as he heard the large door behind him open.


It was one of his interns.

"Si, yes, what do you need Jonathan? And damnit, hasn't anyone taught you to knock?"

"Yes....sir, I am sorry. I don't need anything, I just came to see if you did."

Hanari turned around, a big smile on his face. His pearly whites matching his expensive designer suit.

"Go back outside, knock, and then re-enter."

The intern looked at him with a puzzled look but did as he was told. He back up, shutting the door behind him.




"Come in"

The intern re entered the room.

"See, was that difficult?"

"No, sir, I'm sorry....."

"Don't be sorry, just don't do it again. And yes, my guests will be here soon. I need a cigar at every seat as well as a shot glass. Bring it a bottle of Avion and a bottle of Don Julio. A fruit basket would be nice, also."

The intern nodded, jotting it down on his yellow legal pad.

"Now....adios....." he shooed the kid away, and turned back towards the window. He smiled again as he heard the door shut behind him.

A few minutes later he heard a knock on his door.




"Come in"

The door opened as Hanari turned. It was his publicist, Pedro.

"At least you know to knock," Hanari said, "kids these days." He sat down at his big chair, his cigar about half way burned down. "Hit me."

"Mastermind's private plane has just landed. He has Mr. Graves with him."

"Bueno. Very good. Anything else?"

"There is a driver awaiting them to bring them here. Separate cars have been dispatched to get Zane and Liam. The team should all be here within the hour."

Hanari took a puff, blew out a ring, and smiled.

"Bueno, bueno. Very good."

The publicist reached down and picked up a laminated folder on the desk. "What are these?"



"Mi Gente......"

Pedro looked at Hanari. "Mi Gente, sir?"

Hanari poured another Avion shot, the bottle now down to its final 1/4.

"Si. For one night, these men are Mi Gente. They are the ones I am hanging my hat on. I have trust they will get it done."

"Then why the full background?" he asked as he flipped through the pages.

"If you're gonna do it, might as well do it right."

Pedro set the folder down and nodded, pressing his earpiece to his ear. "I'll be right back."

As he left, the young intern made his way into the room with all of the items Hanari had asked for.

"I have your stuff, sir."

Hanari said nothing as the kid began to put the items out on the table. He, too, inquired about the folders.

"What are these?"

"Mi Gente."

"Your what?"

"My people."

The intern nodded as he made sure everything was in place.

"Assembling a crew, huh?"

"You could say that....."

"Its the worst part of any heist...."

Hanari looked at the kid, there was a long, pregnant pause. Then the young intern pulled a dab pen out of his pocket, offering it to Hanari. The captain smiled.

[Image: BY7uF2K.jpg]

"All week long people have been asking me why I chose who I did, why I put together the team I did, and why I feel like our team has the upper hand. All week long I have been saying the same thing...I knew exactly what I was doing. I had a plan from the jump, and I have perhaps the strongest team top to bottom of any of these rosters. Every single one of these men are capable, proven champions sans Liam, and every one of them has something to prove as well. Something to fight for. A reason to show up and show out. Every one of these men has been disrespected in one way or another, written off, left for dead.....well I see what each and every one of them are capable of.

Put a little respect on their names!

'But why Mastermind first, Hanari? Why not Chris Chaos?'

Well, it's simple, do I look like Robert Main to you people? Everyone saw Main picking Page from a mile away.....everyone has been preparing for a package deal all along. That would have been the predictable thing to do, the thing everyone wanted. I have never been the type of do, or care about, what everybody wants. I roll my own way hermanos!

'But Hanari, you barely showed up in the captains match, you were the second elimination'.

Oyie, chicos, it doesn't matter. The guy i wanted, I was gonna get him no matter where I chose. First or fifth, Mastermind was my guy. I sat back, I let the pieces fall in place, and I let the other captains show their hands.

Oh what a crazy game of poker this is!

I chose to fold so I could live to play another hand. They went all in, and ended up belly up. They ended up being forced to carry their teams.....I have a team of 4 other men, two of whom could also be captains if they so chose. I put together some of the most dynamic, unique, talented and flat out dangerous individuals on the XWF talent roster. Guys like Robert Main are stuck with Russian Rose and Low Mo and and forced to tell everyone with a straight face that they aren't shitting their pants. I also put together a team of men who have been in the ring with each other before, who know each other inside and out. What better way to be successful on offense than if you know which defense will work best? What I mean is, these men know each others tendencies and when the shit hits the fan, they know where each other will be. How each other will respond. The rest of these teams are a crap-shoot, a wildcard. I knew that would happen. I called it from the beginning. I had this team on my radar from early on, and I got exactly who I wanted.

Now that I have assembled the team I am confident in, I look ahead to who we get to prove ourselves against. Team Atara. Sure, this team doesn't have to worry about the flaming bag of shit on a doorstep known as red-x, but talent wise at the top, did they really get that much better? They have an X-Treme Champion who hasn't had a real test yet inside that ring and has been coasting through his title run, a blonde bimbo who calls herself the Queen when all she's ever ruled was inside her own mind, some weird farmer dude and a Dolphin fucker. At the top? A shallow, weak-minded attention whore whose spent more time with her face in the pillow than she has with it watching film. Fucking her way to the top and too stupid to realize that Shawn Warstein only wants her around to live out his Bonnie and Clyde fantasy and keep his nuts drained.

Reallllll good leader ya'll got.

Team Atara was doomed from the start.

Centurion, Warstein, Main, Shane you all seem to have the same idea of me. Taco this and Taco that.....but you all jus' sound stupid and racist. None of you can say anything about me because you all know I can beat anyone on this roster on any given day. Ask Warstein, I took him to the limit so much that he had to steal his belt back. I had the pinfall on Griff and this entire roster knows I should be leading Team Carnes into War Games as the Universal Champion.

But water under the bridge at this point. I am here to lead my team of underdogs to War Games glory and prove everyone wrong.

Guys like Robbie Bourbon claim they have "never lost" at War Games. Robert Main won it last year. There are many names in this match I haven't faced off against, and many that I have. Several of which I have beaten. It gives me great pleasure in seeing that all this hype, all this hooplah, over the "mystery competitor".........Big D. Really mang? The man I beat to go to the March Madness finals? The man I made tap out and beg me to break the hold? This is the best you guys could do?

All that hype, all that build.

Talk about blue balls.

I see Thunder Knuckles is in this tournament as well. The tough guy whose arm I bent backwards? He cried too, by the way.

I am beyond excited to get into this ring and lead my team into battle. I am excited to show the world that Hanari Carnes is a true leader. Hanari Carnes is the hero they can get behind. Hanari Carnes is the most skilled and most brutal technical wrestler on the planet today. I will walk through the walls of the White House as the true leader of this great company and when the smoke clears, and its all said and done, it will be Hanari Carnes sitting atop that throne.

They told me I had to do a "cold open". I had to do some introduction promo, some lead in. My team has done a good job of showing up for the camera already, and it was only fair I join the party. They have been focused and committed. Where is everyone else mang? We haven't heard from the masked fat man, haven't heard from 50 cents-turion, haven't heard from Chaos or Shane or Atara. They don't want this as much as we do, as much as I do.

You wonder why I chose who I did?

Like em' or hate em', they show up. They are prideful. They want to win. They want their message heard. They are all in, and they are all in for team Hanari.

Larga vida a Hanari Carnes

[Image: vkE3QjC.jpg]
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