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05-22-2020 07:28 PM

[Image: WG1.jpg]


[Image: wg2.jpg]

“NO WAY!!”

[Image: WG3.jpg]

“Are you guys REALLY trying to have War Games without booking the “The Queen Of The Damned” ~> ?”

“I am the frickin’ LEADER of THE Brotherhood Of Baddies!! I control some of the most MANIACAL villains the XWF has ever seen! With only one match under my belt, I’m already the fastest rising star in XWF history! Don’t believe me? It’s only a matter of time before I’m the Anarchy Champion! Everyone wants to see Ruby get her revenge for the attack that I orchestrated against her a few weeks back right? Well in order for that to happen, Ruby has to agree to put her Anarchy Championship on the line!”

“And WHEN that happens, it’ll prove to be this “hero’s” GRAVEST Oh look Shawn, I can do it too!! You know what else I could do? I could let Graves loose and watch him tear you to shreds, but I don’t want that, and do you know why? I’m SURE you THINK you know why, but I’ll tell you why. It’s NOT because I look to you like some father figure, and it’s damn sure not because I respect you or the career that you somehow managed to carve out for yourself between OD’s! The reason that I’ve held Graves back is because when your day of reckoning does come, it’ll be ME standing there, relishing in the moment as you realize that this little girl has taken EVERYTHING from YOU! And if you find yourself inside of the ring at the same time as I, it won’t matter which team I’m on, I’m either knocking you out of this match, or forcing you to go down a man, and unlike Thunder Knuckles, I won’t have a sudden change of heart!”

“As for the rest of the teams, you’d all be lucky to have me, and I wouldn’t TOTALLY hate working with any of you!!”

“Oh, except for Atara Themis… BARF!!”

“Good guy or bad guy, one thing I think that we can all agree on is that two timing whores are the absolute worst!! And BOY is this bitch a dirty frickin whore!! Remember when she was DESPERATELY trying to sink her claws into that hunk Noah Jackson? I know I saw it, and it instantly soured me on this bitch!! Not that she’s done herself any favors since by jumping on Fuzz’s cock, but I guess if you can’t win the stud, settle for the old man huh?”


“Ohhhh Kaaay, so I definitely don’t want to be on her team, but that still leaves 4 perfectly good teams for me to work with. I could end up on the same team as Mikey!! B.O.B. representing team Carnes!! Eh… No, maybe not. I can’t say that I personally want to share the same space as Zane Norrison anytime soon. Uh… For no reason in particular, just you know.. UGH! Fine, I have a zombie phobia OKAY!!? That’s another reason that I keep Graves around. He’s pretty good at keeping the walking dead from walking. At least until they glue their frickin legs back on!! Anyway, that removes team Hanari from the list, but that’s STILL A-OK!! We have maybe I can be in the MAIN EVENT!!? Not on team Carver of course, because that’s just asking to get your head chopped off… Uh… Actually, I’d rather the main event guys just not call me up to their teams at all. I’m rather fond of my head, and I’m not really in the mood to deal with “Stabby McStab Stab” team mates or no!”

“So the mid card it is!! And what luck! It’s the match where I get to cost Shawn! Just like I cost him the opportunity for the first pick in the draft! Hey, try an’ flip that into a positive all ya want big guy, but it doesn’t matter how many guys you claim that it took to take you out of that match, we both know that it was ME that robbed you!!”

“Oh and Centurion!! You don’t know me, but I TOTALLY know you!! I know that you’re kinda a whiny bitch!! I know that what little fans you have left are all AARP members!! I know that you had to CHEAT to beat a GIRL in an arm wrestling match!! And I know that despite all of that, you’ve proven yourself to be one of the consistent performers in the business. That Hart title reign alone is pretty frickin impressive, and that’s a good thing considering that most of today's fans ONLY know you for THAT! HAHaha! Anyway, my point is, you may be about as annoying as David Schwimmer, but you’re still just good enough that I wouldn’t be absolutely repulsed if called into your team. Besides, you have Robbie Bourbon on your team, and he’s a God damned national treasure!! Someone who’s TOTALLY NOT a national treasure though is Calvary. Calvary is the weak link on your team, and let me tell you why. Because he is a man who is lacking in true character. A two faced son of a bitch if I’ve ever seen one!! He claims he’s a hero, but then watches with a grin as his stupor-duper shemale backhands poor little Vita halfway across the frickin arena!! You can’t claim to be a good guy and then just stand by while some super alien is committing child abuse on national TV!! Fortunately for “team Cent’s not the worst, and that REALLY sucks” that act was nothing more than a distraction from just how bad this super dude with all his fancy powers has been shitting the bed lately. As a matter of fact…”

“AT THE FIRST SIGN OF B.O.B. Calvary seemed to just check out!!”

“I think Calvary just isn’t up for the challenge!! I think the sight of B.O.B. has deflated him so much that he’ll TOTALLY need SOMEONE to replace him, and when a hero let’s you down, maybe it’s a villain you need to get the job done?”

[Image: BOBVV.gif]

[Image: MDMG.jpg]
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