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Assemble Team Carnes
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05-22-2020 08:37 PM


Mastermind was in his mansion, after just catching up with his wife, Maria, and his two sets of twins. His twin boys Vinnie, and Jacob, and his twin girls Bernadette and Louise. He was trying not to think about what had happened the day before, the War Games draft. He had been drafted into Team Hanari. Hanari Carnes, was the team captain and he was an opponent who Mastermind had lost the Television title to, and the team included Michael Graves, Zane Norrison, who he had never beaten in 3 attempts and lost the X-treme Title to, and last but not least Liam Roberts.

He still couldn't get his head around the fact that the team he was on, was a team of opponents who he never really thought he could get on with, but he had to get on well with for just one night.

Mastermind was talking to his Misfits Manager, Antony The Jerk, about what he was expecting of Kris The Hammer Von Bonn, and Melanie "Crayzee' Childs when he decided to allow them to compete next month on Warfare and Savage respectively while he took the month off. Suddenly an email came through.

"Hold on, Antony, let me check my email."

Kris and Melanie were working out in Masternind's home gym. They were enjoying themselves.

Mastermind opened his laptop and didn't look amused.

ANTONY: "What's wrong?"

"I just received an email from Hanari Carnes,"

ANTONY: "And?"

"And it's in bloody Spanish. I don't speak Spanish."

ANTONY: "Neither do I,"

"I have an interpretation program on my laptop. I'll just run it through that."

Mastermind clicked on his program. And the email came out in English.


It is a pleasure to speak with you and welcome to the team. As my first draft pick, I have high expectations for you, as you have for yourself.

"My expectations are higher than what you think Hanari." said Mastermind to himself

CONTINUATION OF EMAIL FROM HANARI CARNES Said:I have a villa in the hills, and I know you like to travel in style as well, I would like to invite the team to the villa to go over strategy for War Games.

"Would you now? How fun is that going to be?" continued Mastermind to himself.

CONTINUATION OF EMAIL FROM HANARI CARNES Said:I am sending Limo transportation to the airport, I already know you are going to be travelling on your private jet. That will be enough room for you and for the Misfits but I would also like a favor from you. Pick up Michael Graves as well. And the two of you ride out together. Maybe you can reconcile your differences.

"Maybe but that's a big fat fucking challenge. I doubt it though. But I guess I have to do it, to get the team gelling better."


Please send me a message when you land and the car will be waiting.

See you soon.

Hasta Luego, Hanari

"Oh for fuck's sake."

ANTONY: "What's wrong?" What did the email say?"

"Bloody Hanari wants to have a team meeting at his private residence. He wants me to pick Michael Graves up along the way,"

ANTONY: "Sounds like it's going to be fun times,"

"You can say that again. Bloody Michael Graves. That's the last person I want to have on my private jet. I guess we better get going,"

A few hours later, Mastermind and his Misfits were on Mastermind's private jet, heading to the States to pick up Michael Graves, that's when Mastermind got the call from Michael Graves to pick him up in Japan.


Mastermind was standing around outside a Private Air Strip waiting for the arrival of Michael Graves. He thought Michael would be arriving by car, suddenly he heard a noise in the sky, and he looked up. Something was falling towards him.

"Surely that's not another plane?"

It didn't look like another plane. It looked more like a falling object. And then wham. The object hit the side of the jet, and fell to the ground.

Mastermind walked over to the object and discovered it was Michael Graves.

Michael sat up and looked at Mastermind.

"How did you get here so fast?"

When we last saw Mastermind, it was in Japan where he went to meet up with his War Games teammate, Micheal Graves. Why was Micheal in Japan? Long story short, he fell from space and basically exploded right in front of Mastermind. We now pick up some time later on board of Masterminds Private Jet, which is already airborne and heading towards its next destination. Inside we find Mastermind sitting across from a seemingly unharmed, albeit naked

(Because his clothes burned off upon reentry of the Earth's atmosphere)

"So, you got any pants I could borrow?"

"No... How are you alive?"

"Golden potato up the ass keeps me from getting hurt."

Mastermind is flabbergasted by that remark!

"If you don't want to tell me, that's fine, but don't insult my intelligence with your wildly vulgar bullshit!"

Graves shrugs knowing that ultimately, he really doesn't care if MM believes him or not.

"Eh, let's just say smoke and mirrors?"

Mastermind nods, seemingly accepting that reply.

"I can understand a magician not wanting to reveal his tricks to a potential enemy."

"Potential my ass, you're basically chaffering me to your very own ass-kicking, or did you forget about Anarchy?"

Mastermind smirks his infamous smirk and chuckles.

"I think that crash really did a number on your brain Graves, it was me who won,"

"What!? Anarchy happened already? And I lost!?!"

Graves scratches at his head confused.

"Anyway, you could've given me a few hours to go girl hunting while we were in Japan ya know?"

One of Mastermind's aides walks down the aisle of the cabin, and hand's him a set of clothes. Mastermind hands them over to Graves.

"Those poor Japanese girls. No, we don't have time for you to stay longer than you should and cause an international incident. Not that I care, but we have a team meeting at Hanari's, and we need to get there. Put these on."

Mastermind throws the clothes at Graves. Struggling to get his legs into his pants, Graves ask.

"Team meeting, pffft! Like anything Hanari has to say is going to be useful. Jobs pretty easy anyway. Break Atari's joystick and smash Felix with a mirror. Seven years bad luck is more than enough for us to push on to the main event!

Mastermind watches Graves try to dress himself, but the fool was having trouble. This was amusing Mastermind.

"How the hell do you dress yourself in time for your matches? Atara isn't playing a game, and Felix is easy to deal with, but we need to be on the same wavelength with the rest of our teammates. I want to make the Main Event. I don't know about you, but take it seriously why don't you."

Another aide walked up with a bottle of bourbon. Mastermind takes one look back at a struggling Graves, He gets his aide to pass the bottle to Graves, and then without saying another word, he obviously had enough, gets up and walks off down the aisle of the cabin.

"Thats your fuckin problem, ya know that?"

"Excuse me?"

"You act like your so Goddamned smart, but some real dumb shit seems to always fine a way to slip outta your mouth. You wanna win? Really? Well no shit Sherlock! I'm sure everyone in this match "wants to win", like I don’t give a shit? ME? Tell me all know master of minds, what is it about me that makes you think that I'M not taking my shit seriously? Cause I remember day 1 saying that I was going to have to carry this shit team to victory! That sound like something a guy who "isn't taking this seriously" would say, huh?"

Mastermind keeps his back to Graves, but he smirks.

"Says the guy who was found stark naked, and fell from a height of several feet, maybe more. Don't lecture me."

"Fair enough man, you fuckin mastered my mind. I'll just shut up? Okay? OKAY!?!"

Graves huffs in frustration.

"You done?"

"No, why don't you show me why they call you Mastermind, huh? What's your fuckin bright idea to win this thing?"

"Will you just shut up, and just drink what you need to drink, so I can just get us to the States and then out to Hanari's!"

But Graves continues to talk in riddles. Mastermind stops in the aisle. Graves starts walking towards him, just continuing to sprout unrecognizable sentences. Mastermind has heard enough. Without realizing what he was doing, he turns, and he picks up Kris's hammer that he left on a seat while concentrating upfront of the jet working on a plan with Antony for his upcoming matches on Warfare next month.

Mastermind turns around to face Graves, and suddenly he swings Kris's hammer, and he doesn't have a good grip of the Hammer, and it goes flying and hit Graves between the eyes. Graves collapses to the floor out cold. Mastermind just stands there, shocked at what he just did.

The camera goes live to the XWF Universe. It shows Mastermind sitting in front of his laptop while looking to the side. What the camera doesn't show, is Mastermind's medic working on Michael Graves who is still out cold..... but not dead. Mastermind focuses back on the camera.

"So here I am. Team Hanari Carnes. What a fucking joke. But I think we have the best chance to win this year. It'll be my first War Games win. Surely. Out of three attempts, I surely have to have a team win sooner or later.

"Even though I think my team is a joke at the same time we have some strong individuals who will do well. Hanari Carnes, is the team captain. At least he had the decency to pick me as his first pick. So I'll let him away.

"Then there's Michael Graves."

Mastermind looks to the side again, at mentioning his name. Before looking back at the camera.

"Whatever is going on with Graves, he, I'm sure will get over himself, He will be a force to be reckoned with. As will Zane Norrison, I know. My issues with Zane are my issues, but I'm sure if I can work with Hanari, I can also work with Graves, and then Norrison. And finally there's Liam Roberts, the no-hoper. Hanari said he will be on Roberts back as much as possible to work with the team. I can't be fucked harping on at anyone who is a no-hoper. At least the Captain can do some work and deal with Roberts himself. He better work out, otherwise, he can continue to be a fucking useless prick in my eyes.

"And our opponents are Team Themis. Atara Themis the team captain. The girl who took the X-Treme Title off of Fuzz, when Fuzz held on to it for so long. She said she would be another great X-treme Champion. But she dropped her 'balls' and lost the title to Felix Jones, less than a month later. The same Felix Jones who she chose on her team as her first fucking pick.

"But hang on let's get back to Atara. She was a ring in, to replace Red-X who fucking Management said could be a team captain, but like Atara, he dropped his 'balls' by once again failing to live up to XWF standards. What a fucking retard. Why would he be chosen as a fucking captain when all his career he has let himself down and those around him. I don't give a rats ass about Red-X but I put my name forward to be a team captain for a second time, and Theo bloody Pryce chose Red-X instead. Knowing all too well his track record.

"Yet when Red-X fucked up again, Pryce didn't choose me, he brought in Atara to be a first time captain, because he wanted to piss Fuzz off well enough, and screw him of a decent team, by choosing Atara as a team captain. That's who you really are, Atara. Someone to be fucked with, because your so called friend, Fuzz, doesn't get on well with Management. You are a game to them. You are an afterthought, and because of that, your team is going to get fucked over big time.

"Team Carnes will take down Team Atara.

"Next up is Felix Jones, the current X-treme Champion. The same one who took the title off of Atara. How can you work with someone who takes a title off of you? There's doubt in both of your minds that you guys can work together. You are lucky to have Felix on your team, Atara. You are lucky to be even captaining the team.

"Then you have Jenny Myst. She is trying to make a comeback. She's miraculously recovered from a broken back after she almost destroyed Savage as a GM. You were lucky that Black, White whatever his name is, came along and took over from you. He has rebuilt Savage after you made it a mess. Do something useful Jenny and stay away from this trouble, otherwise, you'll probably be on the invalid list again.

"Then you have Shooter Syn! Shooter fucking who? Who the fuck is Shooter Syn when he/she is at home? Who the fuck cares about Shooter Syn. Just another waste of space on a team of useless nothing of poo because the captain was chosen as a replacement.

"Then there's Jim fucking Jimson. The waste of space who talks to dolphins. Or who he thinks he talks to dolphins and whatever else he likes to think he can talk to. What a fucking weirdo. You not only dropped the ball when you lost your title to Felix, Atara. You dropped the ball when picking Jim Jimson.

"Your team is a joke. You are a fucking stupid joke Atara. You are an afterthought. Fuzz wanted you but couldn't get you. You've chosen a team of no hopes, and you are going to pay for it. Because Team Carnes whatever our differences are going to run right through you and your joke of a team.

"Hey what's the difference between Team Hanari and Team Atara? Team Atara is nonexistence when it comes to the Main Event because Team Carnes will be filling the spots in the Main Event.

"You can say whatever you are going to say Atara, so will some members of your team! But at the end of the day, the talking will lead to us showing you who will be the best come War Games. And that's all I am going to say for now."

Mastermind starts smirking, but looks across out of camera range to where Graves is. The medic gives Mastermind a thumbs up, as if to say Graves will be okay. Mastermind looks back at the camera, and turns it off. The camera fades out.

OVERALL - 49 Wins 69 Losses 8 Technicals 1 Draw
COMEBACK RECORD 2018/2019/2020 - 24 Wins 26 Losses 1 Draw
5TH YEAR RECORD 2020 - 6 Wins 3 Losses
4TH YEAR RECORD 2019 - 12 Wins 1 Draw 22 Losses
3RD YEAR RECORD 2018 - 6 Wins 2 Losses
2ND YEAR RECORD 2015 - 1 Wins 9 Losses 2 Technicals
1ST YEAR RECORD 2014 - 24 Wins 34 Losses 6 Technicals

February 2020 Star of The Month
November 2014 Star Of The Month

Former Three Time X-Treme Champion
Former Television Champion - 129 Days (Just the 4th TV Champion to break 100 days, and now 2nd on the all time list)
Former Two Time Ark of the Covenant Champion
Lost in the 1st Round of the Woodstock Open - Wrestlestock 2019
Semi Finalist in the XWF King of the Ring 2020


Check out back page for victories and losses

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