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Peter Peter Scrotum Eater
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05-22-2020 02:31 PM

War Games 2019...

We come back from commercial break to see Rain chained at the legs, waist and neck to a metal pole. His arms down at his sides. Resting atop his head is a shiny red apple.

About 200 yards away perched up on a structure of some sort is Tommy Gunn with his trusty Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle. He finally has the rifle in place and taps a button on the side to engage the red dot scope. The red dot them immediately starts dancing around the apple until it comes to a rest in the dead center of the juicy and delicious fruit.

Any last words fuckstick? Oh who am I kidding, he can't hear me anyway.

Uncle Tommy! Uncle Tommy! A somewhat familiar voice is heard mixed in with some static.

Tommy reaches down and grabs a walkie talkie and places it to his ear.

What do you need Christian? I'm trying to work here.

I'm hungry Uncle Tommy. Can I get a snack?

Fine. But it has to be something healthy. You're mom will be pissed if she saw how much sugar you've had since we've been here.

Fineeeeeee! Christian responds less than enthusiastically.

Tommy puts the walkie talkie back down and goes about his business and reacquires his target.

Just as Tommy is about to pull the trigger Christian appears on the scene....

Thank you. Christian grabs the apple off of Rain's head and then clears the target just as Tommy pulls the trigger.

A loud crack is heard and then Rain's head explodes into a billion pieces of blood, bone and brain matter. The only thing left of his dome piece is the bottom part of his jaw and a few teeth.

Suddenly a blood curdling screech scream is heard as Snow, Rain's sister and incestual love partner runs towards her brother's dead body. She rests her head on her brothers chest as she starts sobbing uncontrollably and then for reasons that will likely only make sense to other members of that gene deformed family Snow unbuckles her brother's pants, drops to her knees and prepares for one final act of incest...

But then Christian Gunn appears back on the scene this time brandishing a handgun. He walks past Snow and without even stopping his forward momentum puts a bullet into the back of her skull killing her instantly. Her body slouches to the ground in a pool of blood that hard already formed thanks to Rain's face being blown to bits.

Tommy quickly grabs the walkie again and puts it to his mouth, this time yelling at his nephew.

CHRISTIAN WHAT DID YOU JUST DO? Tommy asks as he starts to quickly disassemble his rifle and place it into it's case.

Joined the family business.

Your mom can never know about this you hear me? Never.

What happens in Russia stays in Russian Uncle Tommy. Christian replies as the scene transitions to a shot of the announce crew, their faces agape with shock.

Present Day

I don't want to be here. I really don't. I gave up wrestling years ago. It's not fun for me. Beating the ever living shit out of people for money isn't my idea of a good time. Not anymore. I like a challenge and beating on the half wits and physically challenged shit stains that the XWF employees is no longer a challenge. Hasn't been for years. Which is why I gave it up. Sure I could have continued breaking faces as I climbed my way to the top but for what? A leather strap with some shitty gold on it? Wrestling is like the Special Olympics for people too afraid to get their hands dirty in the streets.

That's how a guy like Peter Gilmour can beyond all reason and virtue make a name for himself when everyone knows that in the real world that walking abortion survivor would get his ass kicked by any real human. Like I don't know my then 8 year old NEPHEW Christian. Remember that Petey? I know you do. You've been ducking me for years. Fucking years. Like 6. Six fucking years you've been coming up with excuses on why you don't want to get your face beaten in by me. Six fucking years of hiding in the corner like the cuck that you are. Well not anymore pal. You see I agreed to come back to War Games under one condition and one condition only. So that when someone on Team Main shits the bed I get to step in and I get to personally beat you longer and harder than you beat your own dick.

Tick tock goes the clock Peter. Spend the next week or so preparing your financials and your family for what's coming because when War Games ends so too does the smoldering pile of shit that you call your wrestling career. Not even your new best friend Shane Carver can save you from the beating that I've been waiting six years to give you. No more hiding. No more excuses. I will literally beat down every single person on both teams if I have to just to get to you.

You hear me Vinnie? Theo? SBW? Atticus? If that LoMo fuck doesn't give the kind of effort he needs to then you have my permission to replace him with me. And if by some act of divine intervention LoMo does actually produce you have my permission to replace him with me anyway.

Now I understand that there are some other shinny turds in this event, even some title holders and if I have to pimp slap everyone of them back to the corner they came from to get what's mine I'll do it.Without hesitation and without prejudice. See I'm not here to help you win War Games. I'm not here to be a good team mate. I don't give a rat's hairy fuck about your agenda. I'm here to punch Peter Gilmour in his fat fucking mouth and to get paid. In that order.

You all saw what I did to Rain last year, believe me when I tell you that I won't hesitate to do the same thing to each and every one of you should the mood strike me.

[Image: PFcRGRj.png]

Record: 8 - 2
1 x RTX Champion
1 x Heavy Metal Weight Champion
1 x Federweight Champion

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