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Boris Has Been Busy
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04-19-2020 04:53 AM

Yes, Marshal, Boris is still here. I have just not had time to respond. This because I have been busy blin. What have I been doing? Catching up blin!

There were many things Boris could not do when I was locked up in hospital. I had to spend most days watching bad television and talking to nurses, who did not even realize I was Slav Superstar! This must be because I was not wearing tracksuit cyka. They did not recognize Boris.

Now that I have beaten Karenvirus, I need to catch up on the pleasures of life that I missed out on. So again I say, Boris was busy.

[Image: oFO92la.gif]

Blin it was good! It was like baby Boris tasting mayonez for first time. By the end of three days, I was in something I can only call a "mayonez coma".

Besides, Boris is not as bored as you, Marshal Gibs. Is a shame you have nothing to do. But the rest of us, we can not say nonsense everyday cyka blyat!

This does not change Boris goal. I will still throw wrestlers out of house, and I will turn mansion into Slav partyhouse. And we will be pumping hardbass ass day long!

But now Boris has new goal in mind. Since Marshal Gibs is getting shot at Universe Title, Boris should get one, too. Is only fair. What do you say, Shane Warren? Would you be willing to defend the title against the Slav Superstar?

Boris is coming for you, Marshal. And blyat, it will not feel good.

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Successfully Contracted Coronavirus
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