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Brutal Domination!
Author Message
SUPER/Øshame/ShaneCarver.7z Offline
The Unforgettable One

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Women and gay men

(physically attractive male on every level; can seduce you; that disarming smile; those bedroom eyes)

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03-26-2020 09:19 PM

Shane walks up and just dominates Fuzz like crazy. He starts with a hard right hand that sends Fuzz into the wall. Shane tackles Fuzz through the wall! They end up in a bathroom and Shane rips the toilet from the floor and smashes it over Fuzz's head! Shane grabs Fuzz and gorilla presses him, sending him crashing up into the ceiling and bringing down the light fixtures in the process. With Fuzz stuck up in the ceiling, Shane hops up onto the sink, ricochets off the wall, and hits an "upside down cake" aerial superkick to Fuzz that dislodges him from the ceiling and sends him crashing down!!! Now it's time for the real punishment to begin as Shane stomps down onto Fuzz's head, arm, leg, foot, and groin several times over. Shane jumps as high as he can and brings both feet down into Fuzz's stomach, causing a thick ass stream of nasty ass vomit to shoot up into the air from Fuzz's mouth. Shane kicks Fuzz out of the way before his own vomit lands on him and suffocates him. "You're welcome," shouts Shane after basically saving Fuzz's life! Shane pops Fuzz up into the air for a popup powerbomb right through the sink! It explodes everywhere and water is blasting in every direction from the exposed pipes! Shane then grabs Fuzz's ankles and swings him around and around and around and around and around and around and around and sends him flying out the window!!!!!!!! Shane leaps through after Fuzz, likely landing on him with a stiffened pin.
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Jim "the Jim" Jimson Offline
The man, the myth, the legend, the pin

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Not Over

(the perfect heel; hated even by the fans who usually cheer heels; pisses off internet fans too)

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03-27-2020 02:15 AM

This is annoying as fuck to read, I hope you die a long and painful death for making me sit through that long and boring thing, I hope you have a 17-inch clit, shoved into your mouth and you choke on it, I hope you choke on some fat bitches 17 inches, no 27 inches, NO 40 inches of wet and sweaty, fat chick clit. No, that is not a good enough punishment for a man who has committed such a fucking sin like this, I am personally using all the blackmail I have on Vinnie Lane to make him shove his 50-inch clit down your throat, but you're not going to choke on the clit no, you're going to be drowned in his pussyjuice and possibly semen. It depends if Roxy decides to show up, would semen add to the drowning or would it be overkill, I don't know, Shane your experience in fluid drownings, would a semen ruin the drowning or not? I want to make sure you die a painful, but artistically pleasing death, I want to be able to hang your lifeless body in a museum, just to show people what happens when they decide to use this god awful font. Am I rambling, I think I'm rambling at this point... So.............. Wrestlemania looks like it's going to be a shitshow huh, but not as much of a shitshow that I'm going to make Warfare, I'm going to fucking murder that good for nothing demon child of a gummy bear that is "Ted. E Bear. Like what does the E even stand for I beat it stands for "Eh, I'm a demon and Gilmour is fucking good for nothing loser who records incredible videos, but he's not a demon, that's for sure. Wait I'm rambling again I'll stop now. P.S Fuck you Shane for using this font P.P.S Mr. Bear, You evil spawn of satan. [/font]
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Shawn Warstein Offline
Βασιλιά Μου
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03-27-2020 04:28 AM

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