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Can't Touch This
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03-25-2020 05:06 PM

---Thursday, March 12, 2020---

(It was supposed to be a celebration.

Scranton, Pennsylvania holds one of the biggest St. Patrick's Day celebrations in the country. This year appeared to be no different, especially with Centurion there to host a party. It was going to be insane - booze, women, an overall great time. That was until...)

Newscaster: Scranton mayor Paige Cognetti announced today that the parade and subsequent Parade Day celebrations have been cancelled due to concerns over the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Mayor Cognetti has urged people to avoid large crowds and to stay at home this weekend in order to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

(We open up inside a hotel room in Scranton, Pennsylvania. There, we see Centurion lying in bed, watching the news as the announcement of the cancellation of weekend activities takes place. Sitting next to him is Genevieve Tate.)

Centurion: Well...this sucks.

Genevieve: It's amazing how quickly things have progressed. A couple days ago, people were barely talking about this. Now, it seems like everyday, there's something new, something cancelled, there's a travel ban...

Centurion: The last time I've seen something like this - where the world shuts down - was during 9/11. And even then, it was it was a sharp stoppage, followed by the need of people to "get back to normal" as a way of showing the American spirit. This? This is...something completely new.

Genevieve: The world is more connected to each other now than it's ever been.

Athena: Mrow!

(The two can't get too philosophical as Centurion's cat jumps up on the bed, interrupting the conversation. Centurion rubs Athena's head before another thought comes to his mind that he immediately blurts out.)

Centurion: There's no sports! They even cancelled golf! The one sport you SHOULD be able to do in these conditions! What's next, the Spelling Bee?

Genevieve: Do you think XWF will cancel their shows? Is March Madness going to be cancelled?

Centurion: Pfft, hell no. The entire roster would have to be killed in order do that to happen. If we get banned from arenas, I'm sure Theo and the rest of them will just set up a ring somewhere in International Waters and dare COVID to shut them down. Besides, it's not like our fans are real anyway.

Genevieve: What?

Centurion: What?

Genevieve: Well, what did they do during 9/11, since you brought it up. Did they shut down then?

Centurion: Absolutely not. The attacks happened on a Tuesday, and we had to be at Anarchy on Thursday. And that's even after three of our roster members died in the attacks.

(Genevieve looks shocked at the absolutely real thing that happened in 2001, when three low level XWF wrestlers went missing and were declared dead in the wake of the September 11th attacks. Not only were these wrestlers killed, but it was hardly discussed outside of a two sentence announcement by Jon Brown, and the wrestlers themselves were so forgettable that Centurion can't even remember their names.)

Centurion: That's just the way it is. Now, I'm lucky enough to have a nice contract, so if I decided to skip an event, I won't be hurt by it. But back then? If they would have cancelled the show, I would have been pissed. I needed the money, much like a lot of people need the money now. So I can't sit here and say that the XWF is bad because they're working when others usually wouldn't. Our wrestlers and our staff is getting paid when others aren't.

Genevieve: I just wish we didn't have to decide between money and safety.

Centurion: Welcome to the world of capitalism, Dear. It's great if you're doing well, and it's shit when you're not.

(Centurion says these profound words as he pets Athena's head. Genevieve stretches and looks out the window as she continues to converse with Centurion.)

Genevieve: So, what do you want to do now? We have this place booked for a few extra nights.

Centurion: Yeah, but they're going to start shutting down the bars and...well, if you can't go drinking around here, you can't do anything. So I think we should probably just pack it up and head home.

(Centurion says this with a bit if a somber tone, but the words don't seem to affect Genevieve, who could take it or leave it. After getting her needed allowance of head pets, Athena jumps off the bed, causing Centurion to shrug his shoulders. Genevieve does some stretches in the room as Centurion changes the channel on the TV to find something "happier." The only sound in the room is the sound of the television for a few minutes. The silence is broken by the sound of Centurion's phone going off.)

🎵🎵Tryna win the race, but you can't keep the pace
Look at me and tell me that I'm something you can't replace🎵🎵

(Both Centurion and Genevieve turn to the phone with a confused look as neither recognize the song that's playing. Centurion answers the phone and puts it on speaker.)

Centurion: What the hell was that song?!

(On the other end of the phone is the culprit, though it shouldn't have been hard to figure out.)

Nellie: That's Daddie Juju! I wanted to make my ringtone personalized. You know, so you always know it's me when I call.

Centurion: Your name pops up on the screen...

Nellie: Yeah, and I know how you like to just ignore phone calls without even looking at who's calling. This way you won't ignore me.

Centurion: I can still ignore you.

Nellie: Yeah...but you WON'T.

(Centurion looks over at Genevieve and gives her a nod.)

Centurion: So how is everything there? You staying safe?

Nellie: People are FREAKING OUT here, Dad. They've closed all the schools. The governor isn't saying for how long, but we don't think the kids will be going back this year. Our school board meetings have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. There's a lot of unknowns right now.

Centurion: Yeah, they cancelled the Scranton Parade...

Nellie: Holy shit, are you serious?! We must be entering the first stage of the Apocalypse.

Centurion: RIGHT?! I've seen this parade run through a hailstorm. Of course, it's not going to stop the locals from getting drunk and being fools. This place will probably become ground zero for the virus after a weekend of Guinness and fighting.

Nellie: You act like that isn't exactly what going to happen in Wildwood, too. Anyway, I wasn't calling to talk about the virus. I got a really strange phone call today. Do you remember Tula Keali'i?

------Stay Six Feet Away From Me------


That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Slater has finally done it! After decades of others claiming they WOULD do it, Slater is the first person to pull off something truly spectacular!

See, I have been EXPOSED! Tristan Slater has tore down the walls around me and shown the world who I TRULY am! He has shown the entire XWF world - fans, staff, and roster alike - who the REAL Andy Cortinovis is! I have OFFICIALLY been exposed... a manipulator.

Was that a bit anticlimactic? Yeah, it was for me, too.

I always laugh when folks who are considered masters of "mind games" try to get into my head by either a) bringing up shit that has been brought up a million times before, or b) try to say something that isn't an insult, despite being utterly convinced that it is. Slater's most recent attempts at getting in my head falls under both of those categories.

Do I manipulate situations? You're damn right I do. I work in professional wrestling. It's one of the keys to the job. If you're not willing to do a little manipulation, you will be left in the dust very quickly. I've been one of the best in the world for 19 years. I think it's safe to say I've picked up a few things along the way.

There are ways of being a manipulator that can either make you a cunning strategist, or just a prick. For example, I have learned how to control the narrative and to make people think they have to do something they really don't have to. Like? Well, like a wrestler willingly putting his career on the line in a match I was willing to take anyway.

The other manipulators are the ones that do it for greed. They're the ones that like to see people squirm. They're the ones who use people's emotions to cripple them. They're the ones...who get into the mind of a broken former champion and get them to do their bidding in order to avenge hard feelings from eight years ago.

Hi Shane Carver!

Basically what I'm saying, Tristan, is you know a lot about manipulation, not because you've done it so much, but because you've been the victim of it so many times. Hell, the situation you're in right now is all because of manipulation - you were manipulated by Chris Page to return to the company, you were manipulated by Shane Carver to join his parade of misfits, and you were manipulated by me to put your career on the line.

Oh, yeah, that's right, you think you did that "willingly". That's the thing about manipulation - the person on the receiving end rarely knows it's happening. Yes, in your mind, you think you did this as some sort of attempt to "psych yourself up." You say you wanted me at my best, and you know this will bring it out of me, and you also say having your back against the wall makes you a better fighter. All of these things are admirable, and I'll go as far as to say it could all be true. You MIGHT be a better fighter when the chips are down...but that's a handy excuse for what really happened.

What really happened was, for months, I have been calling your talent into question. It wasn't always loud and in front of millions of people, but rather, it was always thrown in somewhere. It was a subtle jab here and a small quip there. I did it over and over again, all while you were in a horrible blood feud with Chris Page. While you were attempting to kill a legend in the middle of the ring, another legend was consistently needling you, telling you that you were worthless, and that you're one of the worst wrestlers on the roster. Then what happened?

Well, you lost to Chris Page. Because of course you did. Because I've been around this business long enough to know Chris Page doesn't get taken off guard more than once, and if you were going to show up with Carver and his goons, Page was going to show up with the California National Guard. I can talk a lot of shit about Page, but I'll never say he's "unprepared".

So he beat you, after all the blood and sweat and emotion you put into trying to take him out. And still, you have me on the sidelines, telling you how you've lost it, calling you nothing more than a lackey. And that shit got to you. You KNEW you had to fight me. You KNEW you had to defend your name and your legacy or else you'll be remembered as a coward forever. But there was one problem.

You had just lost to a legend. If you went in, just one on one, with not only another legend, but one who currently holds gold and is on the best run of his career, well...let's just say there was a really good chance that things wouldn't end up much different. So you needed something extra to motivate you. Titles don't mean shit to you - not anymore, so that wouldn't work. No, you needed something to give you a kick in the ass. Something you didn't have when you fought Chris Page. You needed...your back against the wall.

Shane Carver can take credit for being the puppet master all he wants, but I was truly the one pulling the strings the entire time. I told you before - you were at the top of my list of people I wanted to face when I returned. I also told you that I wanted to eliminate you in order to prevent further embarrassment of you and the entire anti-Carver movement of the early 2010's. But I knew if I just walked out on stage and said "hey, Slater, I want to retire you", you would have laughed me off. You would have fought me, sure, because your pride wouldn't allow you to say no, but you would have had no reason to put your career on the line.

Besides, you would have found a way to get all of your friends involved in the match. The management would have made this a Fire Pit Of Hell match or some other stupid shit, because that's what they like to do, and all of Shane's horses and all of his men would have stuck their nose in our business to try and get you that win.

Now? I'm not worried about it now. Because this isn't about the title. You're not just proving something to me, and you're not just proving something to the fans - you're proving something to yourself. You want to prove how much of a bad mother fucker you are, and there's only one way you can do that.

By pinning me. Clean. In the middle of the ring.

Oh, you'll have Shane out there and there is likely to be some shenanigans, but it won't be the complete bullshit festival it would have been under any other circumstances. YOU want to be the one who shuts me up - not Carver, not Gilmour, not one of those weird Hired Gun fuckers - YOU. So you'll keep the dogs at bay.

And that's the moment you'll seal your fate.

You can't beat me without them, Tristan. You just can't. You had a shot with your army around you. Straight up, one on one - you have no chance.

You talk about this match - bring it back to the old school, elements of Japanese strong style, no gimmicks or bullshit - like it benefits you. I have news for you, Tristan - I may look pretty, but I'm a bad ass son of a bitch. I'd much rather hit someone with my fist than hit them with a chair. And if you knew anything about XWF history, you'd know how fucked you are.

And no, I'm not going to pull out the "look at all my wins!" thing, nor am I going to brag about being a legend. No, there's a very specific reason I mention my history.

If you look at my long list of accomplishments, one thing you will see is a shocking number of Canadian Title wins. New wrestlers have no idea what that is. They just assume it was another title that was thrown into the mix to keep people happy. But the Canadian Title had a very specific set of rules.

There were multiple referees. There were time limits. There were no weapons, or glass tubes, or any other bullshit. It was pure, old school wrestling...and I was the dominant player in that division. And I wish it was still around - this "every match has to be a gimmick" bullshit is really getting old.

I know you're a badass, Tristan. I'm not going to downplay your abilities. And I want you with your back against the wall. Because while you see yourself as the brave, fearless fighter looking to stand tall when the chips are down, I see a wounded animal backed into a corner. Oh, you'll throw all you have at me. You will come with me with everything you have in the tank. But it just won't be enough.

Don't take it personally, Tristan. Someone had to be your last. You should be happy that it's me. That's a lot better than going out on the losing end to some newbie who thinks he's hot shit, or some random roster member who only shows up every three months and does absolutely nothing the rest of the time. You get to go out looking at the lights against a legend. Not a lot of people can say that. So you should be thankful for this.

Oh, and since I know you're all sitting around somewhere watching this and jacking each other off, let me send a message to your little buddy, The Engineer.

I'm flattered that you consider me the next in line for your title. And trust me, there will be a time - and it will be soon - that I will not only be fighting for the Universal Title, but I'll be holding it. But get something through your head...

You don't get to call that shot. That's where you seem to fuck up all the time. You tried it with Fuzz, you tried it with Kenzi Grey-Lacklan, and now you're trying it with me. I understand, you think you get to dictate the next challenger to your throne, but here's something you need to remember.

I AM the fucking throne. You may have the belt, but I have the legacy.

But don't worry, Engy. In due time. But first, I need to put your little friend out to pasture, when I make Tristan Slater meet his...


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