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La revolución comienza
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03-26-2020 03:15 PM

[Image: I811BtB.png]
The Revolution Begins

A black Nissan Maxima rolled down the dirt roads leading to the prison at the edge of Santo Domingo. All black, fully tinted windows. Even the rims were black. The white LED lights provided jagged illumination as the car rumbled over the horribly kept roads on this side of town. There was a slight drizzle in the air, and the palm trees danced gracefully in the warm tropical breeze.

The Maxima got within 100 yards of the prison. It was quiet. Eerily quiet. As the blacked out car pulled into the parking lot, the crunch sound stopped as the lot was the only thing within 3 miles that was actually paved.

The lights shut off, and the engine cuts. The jail has a big Dominican Flag blowing in the wind, atop a guard tower behind several feet of barbed wire.

The door opens, and Hanari's childhood friend Tomás steps out. Wearing just a beater and some gym shorts, his sandal clad feet, and a gold chain, Tomás looked like every other Dominican hoodlum coming to bail their friend out.

Reaching into the center console, however, he grabbed a revolver, cocked it, and stuck it in the waistband of his gym shorts before closing the center console latch. Walking towards the front doors of the massive facility, he found a sign that said Reserva (booking), and pulled open the steel door with a creak.

(The following dialogue---though this should be implied---is in Spanish. This is the translation):

Walking up the the plexi-glass window with smudges and fingerprints littering its exterior, Tomás smiled at the rather attractive middle aged women behind the desk--which was behind the glass. Pressing the microphone button, he greeted her.

"Hello, Miss....I am here to pick up my friend. He was arrested earlier tonight and I am here to bail him out."

The women's demeanor wasn't near as attractive as her looks.

"Name?" she almost spat the words out.

"Mine, or his?"

"His, yours does me no good, sir."

"Hanari Carnes."

The women's eyes fluttered a little. It was clear she was wearing fake eyelashes.

"You mean the revolutionist who broke curfew, the burn ban, resisted arrest and obstructed a police investigation?"

"Yes mam, same one."

She didn't look amused.

"Mr. Carnes is being held without bail until he can see a judge. It is the weekend, so that won't be until Monday."

Tomás reached into the left pocket of his worn out red gym shorts. Pulling out a wad, he flashed it n front of the woman.

Putting it down on the ledge, he slides it under the window.

"4200 Dominican Pesos" he said, "which is what I was told his bail would be".

"I am pretty sure you were just told that there was no bail until he could see a judge...and even then, he may just decide to have him dragged out back and shot. We have no need to revolutionaries here."

Tomás figured this would happen. Why would this woman lose her job and not make anything from it?

He reached into his right pocket. His fingertips grased the edge of the gun through the fabric of the worn of Champion shorts.

He grabbed another wad. This time, American dollars.

Everyone in the Dominican has a price.

"And I said, I have his bail money."

He showed her the bills. 4200 American Dollars.

"You said the bail was 4200, right? I have 4200 here. American."

The woman's eyes lit up. It would have been 77 US dollars to equal 4200 Dominican Pesos. The amount Tomás held in his hand was equivalent to 227, 304 Dominican Pesos.

"Keep it. Split it amongst who you need to split it amongst. But Hanari gets out, tonight."

The woman nodded, a tear running down her face. This kind of money would change her life. She called to someone on the walkie-talkie.

"Carnes. Cell 305. Bring him to the lobby."

The screech. Then the voice came back as "but, Carmen.....he has no...."

"American Dollars, Pedro, bring him."

She turned back towards Tomás and smiled.

"He'll be right out."


Hanari sat just as calm and as collected as he did by the fire. Chances were he wouldn't be getting out of here. They were killing revolutionaries left and right. The government wanted firm control over the citizens.

As looked up at the moon shining through the bars of his window he asked himself. "Do I want dangerous freedom, or peaceful slavery?" He knew the answer. He swallowed hard, ready to die for an idea he believed in rather than succumb to the ideas of others.

His head shot towards the cell doors as he heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Slow, methodical.





Accompanied by the jingling of keys. It was a symphony of misery, really.

The guard stopped at the door.

"You've got some rich friends, Carnes."

Hanari looked at him with blank eyes. "You can't put a price on revolution, screw."

"Yeah? Well he just did. You're free to go but I am sure we'll see you back here."

Hanari stood up and dusted off his shirt, fixed his hair in the rickety mirror.

"I am actually quite sure you won't," he said with a shit eating grin. "Have I told you I am going to climb Pico Duarte?"

"Too many times."

The guard grabbed him by the arm and ushered him out. When he got to the lobby he shouted, "Tomás!"

The two hugged, and the gun was exhanged in the swap.

They turned towards the door. "Okay, well thank you, we must be going now."

He still had the 4200 American in his hand.

"Ummm, excuse me?!" The woman yelled. "The payment, mister! You still have the payment."

They kept walking, Tomás put his hand o the door when he heard the gun behind him cock. The guard.

"Get back here now!"

Hanari turned towards her with a smirk on his face. "No."

They pushed open the door just as the first shot whizzed by his head and hit the wall.

When they got outside, there were probably 100 cars, all black, with every gun you could think of drawn. When the guard ran outside after them, he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Tomás, you brought the neighborhood."

"They heard what happened at the bonfire. They wanted to come."

The woman behind the glass had obviously sounded an alarm, as guards poured out of every orifice of the building.

The two men looked at each other, both nodded. Hanari pulled the gun out and began to fire.

The ensuing firefight was louder than any fireworks could ever be.

[Image: nM6hQ2E.gif]

Bodies dropped on both sides. Blood stained the pavement. Families were torn apart, lives were ended......a revolution had begun.

When the black Maxima carrying Tomás and Hanari, which was riddled with holes and hobbled along the road on only 2 good tires, reached his Aunt Lucia's house, there was already a riot.

The people were on the street with signs and bats, cops in riot gear doing their best to beat them back--even using the tear gas.

The rushed into his aunts house and closed the door behind them, double-locking it.

His young neice was watching the Lion King. Hanari, who had been hit in the leg, hobbled into the room. He smiled at her, she smiled back, as they both turned their attention to the screen.

"Oh, I just can't wait to be king........."

Hanari closed his eyes, he saw Pico Duarte.

Hobbling outside he stepped right into the middle of the mob. Taking the 4200 American that was used to bail him out, out of his pocket, he threw it up in the air. People scrambled, diving on the pavement to pick up the most money many of them had ever seen.

He slumped against a tree, his leg burning like a thousand fires, as he watched his people--rioters and cops alike--stop what they were doing and grab the money. For only a moments time there would be peace......then........


It had begun.

Pico Duarte stared at him over the village, and he knew, right then and there, that he would die before he would fail to reach his goal.

“A revolution is not a bed of roses. A revolution is a struggle between the future and the past.”

[Image: 8otRJI6.gif]

"I think Big D can add Dumb to his list of D's, mang. Big Dumb. I even go out of me way to speak perfect clear English when I say.....don't be vanilla in ya promos. So what do you do? Chu know that chu es about as creative as a 2 by 4 slab of what do chu do?

Chu copy, almost word for word, what Thunder Twat said. Lets take a look, eh?

TheToughGuyWhoTappedOut Said:You beat two guys, who were burnt out from the road, to win the Tag Team Championships.

Ahh, now, what did chu say?

BigDanielTheDoucheBag Said:And let's not get big headed because you beat Apex's weakest members. You pinned a past his prime James Raven, a man who should worry more about being a road agent than an active competitor; and Drew Archyle's been nowhere to be seen for months now

Well, de reason he hasn't been seen is because Hanari snapped his arm in two. BUTTTTT, chu literally used de same attack as Thunder did to downplay the accomplishment.

Let me ask chu, chico......If Drew and James were so washed up, so worn out, were de "weakest" members of Apex....why you no take them out? It es easy to observe greatness from a distance, chico, but when et es time to get hot n heavy, that es a whole new level. One chu has failed to reach. I was able to do what nobody on dis roster was able to do. How many weeks were dey the champs? How many tried and failed before dey came across de Arm Collectors?

Oh, and did I mention, dat de same night Steve Justice and I WON de Tag Titles, chu LOST the titulo de television to Thaddeus Duke. Just anotha big match to add to the loss column, another smudge mark on da resume of Big "Daniel". I have been up front and honest, I have told chu all that I didn't get de job done in de matches I lost. I told chu all that I came up short, but I vowed to get better. Chu walk around like chu es untouchable holmes, and I proved, just like I proved to Thunder Cunt, that chu es more than touchable......chu es vulnerable.

Chu say all these names, throw them around like nothing, but let me ask chu mang....have YOU beaten any of them? CAN you? Just ask Tony Santos, mang, he will say that Hanari was one of de toughest matches he's had. Robert Main and I neva cross paths, but best believe if I didn't beat him I would have pushed him to de limit also. Ned Kaye? De same Ned Kaye that chu lost to also? Centurion? Daniel...chu es naming off the big dog names when chu pack a small dog bite. Chu stood no chance against dese men either....hell chu couldn't even beat Scully.

How much longer has chu been here den me? This is only me 19th match......look what I have done in less den 20 matches.....chu boast about everything that chu have done......

Holmes, we have held the same number of titles. Sure, my reigns have been short but I have adapted and overcome....chu have stayed de same. Like I said in my first promo.


I am going to go on to be El Rey of the XWF, and chu es going to continue to boast about sub-par accomplishments like chu mean anything to anyone. I even admitted that this was going to be a tougher test den de previous two rounds...way to pay attention mang.....but ese let me inform you......this has nothing to do with luck. Dis has everything to do with Hanari, flat out, straight up, being better than Daniel. Chu can downplay my accomplishments all chu want holmes, but in de end the results are de same. Chu sitting here, tears in ya eyes, holding ya ravished arm, while Hanari Carnes dances his way to glory.

I think chu es making de same mistake as everyone else who has crossed my path. Underestimation. Everyone wanna sleep on Hanari Carnes until they are locked into Viva la Republic. Everyone wanna sleep on Hanari Carnes until their career is in jepordy. Bad move.

Chu say dis is all or nothing for chu.....dat is a losing mentality. Dat es a quitter attitude. When I won de TV title, den lost it, I did no say it was all or nothing. I knew dat I could recover, because I am confident in myself. Same with de tag belts. De fact dat chu say chu "fall short and make up for it in a year or two" tells me that chu es no confident. Chu don't think chu can be something. Why chu think chu can be KING with dat mentality baffles me, ese. Once chu reach king chu has a target in ya back, everyone wnats a piece.....and chu basically ust told us all that chu don't think chu has what it takes.

Let me ask. Do chu prefer dangerous freedom, or peaceful slavery?

I prefer de first.

I have fought my entire life to get to where I am now, chico, and I am not going to let some out of shape frat boy in tennis shoes ruin it for me. Cinderella? Boy......dis ain't no blonde puta searching for de right shoe size. Look at whose left? A woman who has made her name being de Engineers mouthpiece, and a man whose career I effectively altered. If anything, chico, I am de favorite.

I don't even need to say that I es going to beat chu, holmes, because chu said it, once again, for yaself. Do you think before you speak?

BigDanielTheDoucheBag Said:By the end of 2020, I fully intend to be in the exact same position as Fuzz: at the top, preparing my final swan song. Hanari, nobody remembers who made it to the Final Four, hell, they don't even give a shit about the runner-up! If you're not first, you're LAST and I'll be damned if I end up a loser, again!

First off, Chico. Do not compare yaself to Fuzz. Chu aren't de Fuzzy One, and neva will be. Also, ya final swan song by de end of dis year? So chu already has a plan to quit? Chu already es giving up because chu know that being king es a responsibility far beyond ya capability. Once again, loser's mentality, ese. Hanari does no have a final swan song planned...chu es gonna have to kill me to stop me.

But the key words chu said was right at de end of dat lovely little display of loser-ness, and it was "again".

Chu be damned if chu end up a loser, again. De word again defines ya career. Chance after chance, loss after loss, big match after big match..........holmes, maybe chu hang it up. Maybe de wrestling world has passed chu by, dumped chu on de side of de road and left chu to die.

Chor not Jim Jimson, chor not Thunder Cunt, I know dis, but chu aren't the king chu claim to be. That es me. So bring ya A++++ game, ese, pull out de best performance of ya what chu thought until dis point was not possible..........


Only Then.......

Will chu have a chance............

*a snarl forms on the corner of Hanari's mouth*

To tap put to Hanari Carnes.

Consider yaself lucky I am giving chu de option to tap. If chu impress me, I may not break your Radius and Ulna in half.

Hanari es a generous King.

Long Live De king......

Larga Vida al Rey"

[Image: 2oZGv9S.gif]

Viva la Republic!
Viva la Dominicano!
Viva la Hanari Carnes!

[Image: jsviGwY.png]
[Image: jyx8yLL.jpg]
Your Next King of XWF
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