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Paradiso: Eros
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03-24-2020 05:26 PM

Beneath a vibrant sky painted a brilliant cerulean blue, a massive cruise ship parts the waves. And when we say “massive”, we mean MASSIVE. Take whatever you're picturing and make it the size of a small country. Seriously, this thing has it's own GDP and everything.

[Image: wonder-up-close.jpg?itok=cUNwr9V0]

As the shot closes in, you note that the name of the ship has been scribbled out and beneath it, crudely scrawled in black spray paint, is the ship's new name: the U.S.S. FUCK BOAT. Subtle!

We venture onto the ship, through the opulent halls, plethora of bars and indoor night clubs, and arrive at a majestic stair case.

[Image: msc-divina-msc-cruises-22719.jpg]

The Engineer stands atop the stair case. He's wearing an ornate theater mask. Beside him stand some of his closest friends and allies, also wearing theater masks. Shane Carver (who is naturally dressed in a smoking jacket and tighty whities), Peter Gilmour, one of the Hired Guns (who is wearing a theater mask over his existing mask), and Tristan Slater. Malcolm, The Engineer's lover and host in waiting, is also there, standing beside him.

Stretching out below them are more people wearing masks. A nervous excitement is shot through the group. The Engineer extends his arms in dramatic fashion.

Welcome, my friends, and VOX AETERNA!

The crowd repeats the mantra, sounding eerily cult like in the uniformity of their response.

I have gathered you all here today to reward you for your faithful service to the cause of....nothing at all! And rest assured, you have all been pre-tested for the Corona Virus and nobody is a carrier.

Gilly looks concerned. Wait, I wasn't! Shane elbows him in the side gently and shakes his head “no”.

So feel free to eat, drink, fuck and be merry! Enjoy the fruits of your labors and enjoy everything this massive boat I bought for pennies on the dollar after the virus bankrupted it's parent company has to offer! Aaaaaaaaaand....BREAK! The Engineer claps his hands together, and the gathered throngs of his followers excitedly dart off. Some of them, who can no longer bear to withstand the ache in their loins, even decide to start rutting like animals on the carpeting here and now!

The Hired Gun looks at Shane. Wanna London Bridge a bitch with me?

It's like you're swimming around inside my head! Shane marvels, and they both head off to find a suitable candidate.

Tristan then considers Gilly. You up for some sexy chicken fighting in the pool?

Pfft, like you could lift me.

Tristan rolls his eyes. The girl would be on YOUR shoulders.

Oh. Gilly smirks. FUCK YEAH THEN!

And they're off to the races too! This leaves only Malcolm and The Engineer at the top of the stairs. The Engineer leans in to the side of Malcolm's head, his lips pursed an inch away from his ear. Pick which ones you want. His gaze goes to the masses below them, most of whom are already in the throes of ecstasy.

Malcolm considers them all for a moment, but seems to demur.

Is something wrong?

Malcolm takes a moment to reply, and when he does his voice is soft and a bit reticent.He takes off his mask. I was kind of hoping it could just be the two of us.

Oh.... The Engineer pulls his face back a bit as he removes his mask as well. Sure. Then, sliding a hand sensually over the front of Malcolm's chest, he steps behind him, beckoning him to follow. With a smile, Malcolm does, heading down the hall after him. Taking but a few seconds to catch up, he walks alongside the champion wearing an earnest mien.

So, I meant to ask you, any more issues with “you know who?”

Are we about business or pleasure right now?

Malcolm shrugs. I's important.

The Engineer relents a bit, but keeps a steady pace. Corey has been quiet as a church mouse since we last spoke. I dare say he's finally seen the big picture. The Engineer roiled inwardly, knowing this wasn't precisely the truth. Corey HAD been silent, but their last interaction was anything but benevolent.

I've been thinking a lot lately about you switching over to me. I think I'm ready.

Chewing his bottom lip a bit, his response is measured. What makes you say that?

I've been working out like a fiend. And I've been working with the techs at DRW non stop training my mind for the stress of hosting you. His voice caries a tenor that is earnest and sincere. I feel it in my fuckin' bones man, I'm ready!

The Engineer steps to an elevator and presses the up arrow. It issues a pleasant ding in reply. Malcolm, you're not ready. The response is impassive but not overtly cold. Nevertheless, Malcolm's expression drops.

Who told you that?

You understand everything physical between us would end, right? The mental connection would be all there is. He realizes he hasn't exactly answered Malcolm's question, but proffers the probe up regardless.

Yeah, of course I do.

And you realize....the elevator doors part.....that when it comes to matters of your autonomy, my word is God.

Yeah...yeah, we've been over this. Malcolm erects a brave front, but there is but the slightest glimmer of a stammer.

The Engineer steps into the elevator and Malcolm follows him in. The doors come together and they begin to rise.

Why don't you think I'm ready?

Why do you want this? The Engineer cuts in so quickly Malcolm is caught off guard. He takes another moment to formulate his reply.

Because I want to be part of the thing that makes all the pain go away.

But we're going to create an awful lot of pain.

Yeah. Temporarily. But in the end, it'll just be quiet. Peaceful. Malcolm's voice drops. It'll be nothing. Nothing can hurt when there's nothing left. His dulcet tones bear an edge of sadness cut with bitterness.

Licking his lips a bit, a thin smile starts to serrate his face. He stops to consider the upraised flesh of the scars on Malcolm's back that peek out from underneath his tank top, the parting gift of his father's brutal take on affection. Reaching up, he gently places his forefinger on the edge of the scar. Malcolm winces slightly, as he always did when the lesions were met with human contact. But he didn't intervene. He allowed the young man's hands to roam where they may. And roam they did. He traced the scar beneath the fabric of Malcolm's shirt, eventually splaying his fingers out to take in more of his muscular back. The Engineer pulls Malcolm into him, and their lips meet, open mouthed and hungry. The elevator doors part in front of the entrance to the cruise ship's magnificent penthouse suite.

[Image: 10-best-cruise-ship-suites_600x400_21.jpg]

Tearing into each other's clothes with frantic abandon as they make their way into the suite, they litter their path with discarded attire until they are clad in nothing but their underwear. Malcolm takes hold of The Engineer's face in both hands, pausing a moment to gently plant his forehead against his lovers' and whisper him a breathy oath. I want you so bad....

The Engineer kisses him again, and then takes hold of his hand and pulls him over to the couch. Malcolm slinks onto it on his hands and knees, and he bucks a bit as his underwear is pulled down feverishly. Then, wrapping his arms about Malcolm's stomach, The Engineer slides the whole of his torso onto the other's back, maximizing the intimacy of their contact as he enters him. Malcolm gasps a bit, and then gasps again as their bodies swallow each other up, flesh stitched to flesh in a wanton flurry of passionate energy. The Engineer bites down on the back of Malcolm's neck, creating a dizzying admixture of pleasure and pain that causes Malcolm's entire body to tense in exultation. He gasps again, and before he knows it the words spill forth from his lips wrecklessly.

I love you. The Engineer lifts himself up off of Malcolm's back quickly, expression descending from one of pleasure to disquiet. Malcolm, sensing his error, quickly seeks to recover. I'm sorry....I...I don't know where that came from....I...I....

Setting his teeth together in a tense rictus of swallowed anger, The Engineer removes his hands from Malcolm's body. Removes all of their flesh to flesh connection save for his sex. Malcolm's frame shudders in response to the sudden withdrawal of intimacy, and he suddenly feels cold and detached. Pardoxically thousands of miles away from the very man making love to him.

But still, The Engineer takes what he wants. Just like he always does.


Staring out onto the open water at the churning wake left behind, the XWF champion taps his fingers on the rail with the kind of twitchy energy that comes from worry gone unspent. Breathing out a sigh, he's about to turn away when Peter Gilmour approaches him and thrusts a huge wobbly dildo in his face. The side of the sex toy has the words “Gilly's SUPER DICK” written out in a partially smeared silver marker.


Gilmour chuckles. I'm here to interview you for your big....**urp**....match at Mad Marchness! Gilly's clearly sauced but loving every minute of it.

The Engineer, looking like he's not quite feeling it, winces a bit. Right now?

YEAH RIGHT NOW! We need to put that noodle dicked bag of runny shits Ned Kaye in his place! Wielding the dildo like a microphone, he brings it even closer, causing it to undulate comically.

The champ softens a bit. Well, I've never been able to say no to a big black dick before.

That's the spirit. But also gross! He brings the dick microphone snapping back to his face, but the momentum of it causes the dildo to bounce off his nose. He barely seems to notice. First of **urp** all, why do you think Ned Kaye is being such a dickless little bitch about this match and not cutting any trash talk on you?

The Engineer makes a show of putting some VERY SERIOUS THOUGHT into this. Well, because I think Ned Kaye is a dickless little bitch all the time and this is just him being true to form. Look Pete, do you know what the 7 stages of grief are?

He wobbles a bit. Yeah, isn't the devil at the bottom?

Uhhhhh, no. You're thinking of the stages of HELL and there are actually nine. But the seven stages of grief are the psychological steps people take when they have to come to terms with a terrible loss. And I'm thinking we haven't heard hide nor hair from good ol' Ned because he's doing a speed run through the whole damn thing. Because you see, the final stage is acceptance. The moment in which one comes to terms with that which they have lost and they commits to adapting and moving on with their life. It is, in effect, a laying down of arms, a resolution to stop fighting the cold hard reality of the situation and embrace it, no matter how terrible it may be.

So what's that mean? His eyes briefly go wide like hes trying to keep the world still. He brings the dildo back over to Engy's face in a delayed reaction.

It means Ned has accepted his lot in life. He realizes there is no point in trying to disparage me or to try to convince the world that he can win because he's knows he cannot. Moreover, he has come to terms with the loss of his 24/7 briefcase and with the loss of his career. Ned promised the world that if he did not win the Universal Championship by March Madness that he was through. And he is coming to grips with the fact that his entire time in the XWF, the highs, the lows (mostly lows), the friendships he made....none of it matters anymore. The curtain is dropping. The band is playing him off the stage. And he has wasted the last year plus of his life in pursuit of a crushing, though predictable, loss to the best goddamn Universal Champion in XWF history.

Hey, what about my reign?!

Sorry. SECOND best.

Damn right! Anyway....oh shit, you better be careful that railing is moving! Gilly points at the railing.

That's just the Jose Cuervo talking. Next question?

He pops himself in the chin with the dildo by accident, and then thrusts it away again in annoyance. So if Ned Kaye is just gonna keep dumping a heaping load of shit in his bed, do ya think it would be a good plan to start thinkin' about your next fight?

That is an EXCELLENT question. And yes, yes I do! Gilly now pops the champ in the face with the dildo. He brushes it aside and keeps talking. And you know what, I WILL go on the record with who I want my next opponent to be. We're going to breeze right on past Ned Kaye and onwards towards the future. Because lord knows I need SOMETHING to fill the time. He prods the camera with an exasperated look.

So....who is it?!


Gilly grouses. Awwww...that old fart?!

Centurion is precisely what I wanted Ned to be. The white knight. The light beating back my shadow. The advantage Centurion has is that he actually gives a shit about winning matches. Hell, he gives a shit about...anything at all. Unlike Ned.

But why him?!

Now it's The Engineer's turn to look exasperated. I just told you! Ugh, look...Centurion is seen as an “elder statesman” or sorts...

Emphasis on elder.

That may be so, but he has amassed a great deal of credibility and a reputation for being a legit legend. Hell, look at that Hart title run of his. He's everything Ned isn't. He's the challenge that I want. The only question is....does he want it? The champ looks askance at the camera. That seems to be an issue of late.

Yeah...yeah.... Peter looks distracted, and seems like he's having ever more difficulty staying vertical. Last question! He pulls the dildo towards him again, and it bounces off his eye. Irate, he reels the dildo back and pitches it into the ocean!

Your super dick!

It's okay it was just a reptoid of the real thing! The Engineer looks like he's going to step in and correct him, but then decides against it. Last question: a certain dumb motherfucker was talkin' a lot of shit about you today. Did you see it?

The Engineer's face resets in a grim countenance. I did.

You got something to say to this jizz stain?!

I do!

And just to be clear, the jizz stain I'm talking about is....

Smoke_Blunts_Erryday69 at!

Yeah! Wait....HUH?!

The Engineer reaches down and pulls out his phone. Tapping away at it, he pulls up a message board post from the aforementioned site from the aforementioned user. Can you believe this twit! He had the nerve to say I've never wrestled above a 3 star match! Three stars? Look you shit heel, I half ass a three star match, the sky's the limit from there. I bled and sweat four stars with Robbie Bourbon EASILY. What the fuck do you know reaching between your necrotic fat folds for the remains of yesterday's chicken tendies.....

Gilly looks confused. Soooo, there's nobody else you wanna respond to?

What? No. There is absolutely no one else worth responding to. Doing so would be an irreplaceable waste of seconds of my existence that would be better spent doing anything else at all. Like taking inventory of my pubic hairs.


Yeah. Another pointed look at the camera. Fuck.

And with that, Gilly throws himself at the railing to vomit copiously over the side of the ship.

My sentiments exactly. He clears his throat. Paste some hair on your balls if you have to Ned. But anyway you slice it, you should probably buck up and become a man real soon. I mean, you still won't win, but at least your exit from the XWF won't be as humiliating as it COULD be. Ta ta for now, darling. I'm waiting.....

He turns around to pat Gilly on the back as he wretches and the shot drops back for a panoramic view of the ship before the promo ends on Gilly's yamming adding a bit of extra flavor to the Atlantic.

[Image: Engy1.png?width=650&height=420]

[Image: OW3ycxe.png]
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