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Βασιλιά Μου
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(heel alignment but liked by many; has earned respect despite breaking the rules often)

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03-24-2020 10:22 AM

New York, NY

There were a millions things running through my mind. All of which were the numerous ways things would go down. The beginnings are always easy, it’s the ending that’s difficult to see. When you put your faith in others, only to be disappointed, or to be the one disappointing.

The blacked out Lincoln Navigator pulled up and the window rolled down. There he was, my oldest friend in the world. Jason Damon. Again like Jordy wouldn’t know him by that name, you would know him as J-Diddy. Again like Jordy a former wrestler but a few run ins with the law led him to be unceremoniously released. He smiled as he greeted me. The platinum grill in his mouth reflecting in the lights a flurry of different colors.

“Well if it isn’t the superstar himself.... get in the fucking car man.”
I walked over to the passenger side door and opened it up. Quickly I sit back, and before I could buckle up we were off down the road.

“So what brings you to my neck of the woods?”
Jason asked as we were driving away from the airport.

“Just need to take care of some things before I call it a day, ya know?”

“I feel ya man.”

We were driving for about an hour or so, catching up as we pull up to the brownstone. It’s an older one, but it serves its purpose. I bought it over a decade ago, for Jason. When he got out of prison we needed to get him out of Chicago. Some small town wasn’t going to cut it for him, so we settled on New York. I got him a job training at a gym out in Red Hook.

As we walk into the house I am blasted in the face with the smell of, well for the lack of a better term, embalming fluid. If you don’t know what that signals, then consider yourself lucky.

The gorgeous home that I had purchased for him was in disarray. Trash all over the place, holes in the walls. The constant sounds of dogs barking in the basement echoed throughout the lower level.

“Make yourself right at home.... I mean after all it is yours.”
Jason tossed his keys on the table next to the door. As I walked into the living room it’s barren. There was a tv, some semblance of a couch being held up by crates, and an absolutely filthy glass table.

“What’s up man? Where’s all the furniture I bought for you?”
I pondered aloud. Jason comes around the corner and hands me a bottle of water.

“It got broken, and I didn’t want to bother you. So I improvised.”

“Well you know...”
I point across the room. “You could’ve called.”

“Yeah I guess, but’s it’s all good. I got a few things in the works.”
He smiled confidently. I’ve seen that smile before. He’s not doing anything that would be considered.... good.

“What you got brewing?”

He hesitated and didn’t say anything. Suddenly the door to the basement opened up and three large men all dressed in black walked into the living room. As soon as they saw me, I could sense the tension.

“Who da fuck is dis?”
One of them said as he walked closer to me.

“This my fucking house.... I should ask you the same fucking thing...”
As I took a step towards him, Jason quickly jumped between the two of us. Placing a hand on my chest and pushing me backwards.

“Yo, yo, yo, chill.... this is the dude... the dude I was tellin’ y’all about..”
The man takes a step back and laughs.

“This is the cracker...”

“Man Fuck you...”

Jason nods and pats his hand on my chest.

“Relax bro, he’s cool.”
Jason points to the basement. “That’s what we’ve been working on. Follow me.” I take a deep sigh, as we begin to walk towards the basement. I’m flanked by two of the three men and the other is behind me. Somethings not right, as Jason opened the door all I did was glance and saw what was basically a drug den.

“Nah, Fam not here. Get the fuck outta here with that man.” Jason stopped and turned around towards me.

“No I don’t think so. You see you left me high and dry.”
The look in his eyes changed dramatically. He went from friend to foe in an instant. “I had to do what I had to do to survive.”

“First off, get out of my face. Secondly this was handed to you and this is the thanks I.....”

Before I could finish Jason punched me in the jaw, and I staggered backwards. Catching myself on the wall. Jason lunges towards me, but I quickly sidestep him. I grab him by the side of the head and jam it into the wall, cracking the drywall in the process. I rear back with my closed fist.

Before I could swing my arm was grabbed by one of the three. Which one? It didn’t matter. I knew that nothing good was going to come from this. I spun around and swung with my left hand. Connecting squarely on his eye. The other two quickly jumped on me and took me to the ground.

I covered up, as I was met by a flurry of kicks to the ribs and gut. I reached my hand out and grabbed the only thing I could. A bottle. As one of them pulled me up I swung. It shattered all over the floor as he started to bleed immediately and fell to the ground. The others stood there for a brief moment, as I rushed towards one of them. I took him to the ground and leveled him with a few elbows to the face. The blood from his face soaked into my shirt sleeve.

Jason grabbed me from behind and ran me right into the ground. My face bounced off the floor. I could feel the blood dripping down my face, I could taste it with every breath. Somehow I still managed to get him off of me. I staggered to my feet, and he did the same. There was just him and one other standing. I spit the pooling blood in my mouth towards the ground.

“Well come on then.”
A crooked smile across my face.

Both men rush at me. A quick jumping knee takes down the thug in a crumpled heap. Jason throws a punch and connects. I swing wildly, and stagger him. I swing again. And then again. Then a quick boot to the gut. As he’s hunched over I raise my fist above my head.

“Consider yourself evicted...”

I swung down with every ounce of energy I had. The feeling of his flesh against my hand made a sickening splat as he fell to the ground.

I stood there for a moment, coughing blood, and catching my breath. I lean against the wall as I walk towards the front door. I open the door and stumble outside. Some of the neighbors are gathering around the stoop. Some are concerned, others just look scared.

“Call the cops. Four men alive but unconscious. Drug den in the basement.”
I said repeatedly to everyone I passed. I walked down the street and it wasn’t long before I heard sirens. I flagged down a taxi. Even in my shoddy state I was able to flag one down.

“Take me here.”
I handed the driver my phone and promptly passed out in the backseat. As the pattering of rain against the hood of the car reverberates throughout.

We slowly pulled up to the destination. I toss the driver a wad of cash and slump out of the car. I hobble towards the door of the red brick townhouse in Astoria. I pull out my phone and check it one more time. Nothing. As I approach the door my hand hangs over the door bell.

“Don’t miss your moment...”

I let out a deep breath and push the buzzer. I wait for a few moments. I don’t see or hear anything. I push the buzzer again, this time a see a few lights flicker on. I can hear on the other side of the door footsteps approaching. Then nothing. The door didn’t open. No words were said.

“I know you don’t owe me anything, but please... just listen.”

My head falls up against the door as I begin to stare at the ground. A small pool of blood begins to drip from my lip onto the concrete and just as quickly is washed away by the rain.

“I know that I fucked up. Right from the jump I should’ve told you that is was always you. The decision never changed, it never faltered. Unfortunately for me, it took till now to realize it. I know that it’s only been a few days that you’ve been gone...”
I slide down the door on my back and sit on the stoop.

“I miss you. I miss it all. I’ve been cold since you’ve left. You’re gone, Noah’s gone, everyone else is gone... And like I told you. I’m right here.”

I pull myself up from the ground. And turn towards the door. The blood beginning to clot and dry on my clothes and face.

“I need you a whole hell of a lot more than you need me...”

I take one more deep breath, and cough as the taste of iron fills my mouth.

“Atty.... I need you...”

The FINAL Afterthought

This moment right here. This is what I’ve been waiting for. It’s taken me 21 long years to get to this point, and my foot is already out of the fucking door. I’m relieved, I’m happy, and I’m content. I always wanted to go out on my own terms. So many times I was put aside just to fade away quietly into the night.

I never planned on coming back, but we all know that story. Yet something happened when I did. I realized that I’m still really good, like ridiculously good. I know I wouldn’t have spent two decades doing this if I wasn’t at least a little bit confident that I was good at it. Yet something keeps gnawing at me. I’m not sure if I’m good. Maybe it’s the rest of the XWF that has come down.

There was once a time where there was a line of quality opponents for the Universal title. You actually had to fight for a shot. Yet today... not so much. I mean we were all about to to Engy/Robbie 2: This time it’s lazy booking. We all know that not a single human on the planet wanted to see that once, but twice? The XWF is grasping at straws and they keep pulling Robbie.

So the last time I had the open court I talked about a few people, soooooo Let’s do that again.

Big D, the man who thinks he deserves to be somewhere he doesn’t belong... well I can see how you could think that. I mean with the quality of people getting shots it’s amazing. Az, Robbie, whoever was in the chamber not named Atty... because you know... she tried to give you her spot in a fair trade. You weren’t content with that, and finally something got through to you, no more hand outs. Earn it. You’re on your way, but just watch Page. He will turn on you faster than you could imagine.

Moving Right Along.

The Spooky Group. Well where shall I start?

Peter. I don’t like you. I never have. I never will. You are the most over glorified moron this place has ever seen. That’s saying something because I was around for Chad, Dante Anglias, and Mung. I don’t understand what people see in you. You’re arrogant for no reason. You bitch moan and complain when things don’t go slightly your way. You bastardize the English language. I just don’t get it. If I never have to see you again, my life would be complete.

Then there is Shane. Hiya buddy. The only guy to write anything about me in the Hall of Legends. I’m glad it’s you that has that distinction. It must feel real good to know that you were the only person to remember me, when you know, you banished all of the old guard to make yourself feel all powerful. And much like Icarus you flew too high and your wings melted. The flood gates were opened, and now everyone knows you for what you really are... someone who just doesn’t get it anymore. Oh well... there was hope for you and I at one point. That day is long gone.

And Finally rounding out this quartet, Engy and Maddy. The two leading the charge. Maddy in the Tournament, and Engy holding the “Top” Title here. So let’s begin with everyone’s favorite Nazi.

Maddy. I find it funny that you think anyone could possibly agree with you on any level of anything. Sure there are a few baron washed bigots out there, but it’s not much to hang your hat on. Then there’s the fact that for some reason, much like Peter, some people like you. I don’t see it. I wish that both you and Peter would Thelma and Louise right off of a cliff together. Just make sure that Engy is in the trunk.

Now let’s get it out of the way right now.

Fuck You.

Out of everyone here. I can honestly say I hate you the most. From the fact that you think you’re funny, when you’re not. From the way you think you’re above everyone else, you’re not. Let me be perfectly concise when I say this...

There’s a reason why I turned you down TWICE. Yeah, you’re people asked me for Cunt Fest, and March Madness There was a huge reason for it as well. Fuck the X-Treme title, or the Tag Team titles, or the excuses of me being TOO BUSY. None of that was the reason why I said no. The reason I said no, was to show you where you stand in my book. If you couldn’t entice me with a title shot, what does that say?

It says I have absolutely no respect for you, your friends, or even your friends of friends. If you’re left playing with your own dick by yourself then mission accomplished. Everyone can point out the weak opponents that you’ve faced, and be honest with yourself.... you hate it right? Being told your reign means nothing. Knowing that everyone turned you down and you were left hoping and praying for a cash in that never happened.

And won’t happen.

I don’t want to give to the chance to even think for a moment that I give a single fuck about you, or the XWF anymore. April 2nd I start with Defiance wrestling. You can take this briefcase and shove it up Shane’s gaping asshole. If you even think for one single moment I was ever going to cash in, think again.

All it was, and still is until April 2nd, is a bargaining chip. I can and have used it to make you irrelevant as a champion. You SHOULD be the face of the company, but you’re not. I AM. You should be respected, but you’re not. You a fucking rip off, you are the great value brand Champion. Meanwhile I’ve got two titles, a briefcase, and something you won’t have.

The title of Legend.

So before I call it a day, how does it feel knowing that while people may call Main’s run a joke, that people are calling you the joke.

Seriously get over yourself and all the spooky bullshit. No one is buying it for a single moment. You literally had people “shot” on live TV. How the fuck are you not in Jail? That’s right because everything about you is fake. From your title reign. To the people you’ve “killed”. To even your own fucking name. You only knew one thing and you leap right back to it the second you saw an opening. That’s the difference between you and I.

I know who I am, and I didn’t have to kill my mentor for people to know the real me. I didn’t have to hide behind pseudoscience to make people believe I was something I’m not. I’ve always have been just me.


Shawn Warstein.

Can you say the same about yourself? Who are you this week Corey? Or is it Lux? No still going to go by the bastardized Engy moniker? Okay. Good luck with that. When I told everyone I was leaving, a few people didn’t and still don’t believe me. That’s too bad for them. I don’t want people to be disappointed. It looks like they will just have to get used to it, I mean you are the Universal Champion after all. They already know about disappointment. It’s nothing new to you, so I guess it’ll just be the status quo then.

So I guess I should talk about my opponent now I guess. Okay, well you see I’ve already made a promise not to go after her and I plan on doing just that.

Keeping that Promise.

Fuck Me Then I Guess...

Atty, that was a phenomenal first promo. I’m excited to see where your story takes you. I really am. Best of luck at March Madness. I know you’re going to knock them dead.

And now.....

I can finally rest.
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