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Back in Jack
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03-23-2020 04:40 PM

Good morning my fellows I am back from the war only to have been laid up in the hospital bed. My Helen of Troy visited me in my dreams. I was seldom heard screaming her name but when it did occur I felt good. I am sad to hear a man of your ill repute wishes poor things happen to a Good Doctor as myself. It is true I have not promised myself to practice medicine in long while. Lol god bless you my good man seems you are not all there. my condolences on your wife's behalf marrying one as you. lol.

hey you know me, you all know me for I am the Docktor the king sends his regards, my prince healed me well. I know Helen loves me so I am an animal. sorry i am still healing from my time in the war. I belong to a class known as Legion 125 the ancient legate who consul's many men. But in truth it has been made known that fear was with me in my darkness let that be known.

all humanity saved me in my deepest of war wounds. Helen thoughts of you keep me from my darkest gravest nights. In truth sir black water i am lucky to be alive so i only wish to honor you in the fight we are all but children before the king. I am who I am. what i say to you is peacefully i destroy kingdoms by sneezing why they say god bless you for I am might with much sight.

hunger for my loins young one fear the burn of my turn in your bed.

[Image: Y4TGOBQ.jpg]
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