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Saturday Night Savage 03/14
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03-15-2020 04:07 PM

[Image: LKNS3dh.gif]




Jim Jimson
- vs -
Boeing 737
The Boeing 737 is making a flight from New York to New Orleans
Jim is on board and starts in the plane
To win Jim must beat up every passenger and crew member before landing the Boeing 737
If he fails to do so Boeing 737 is the winner

Match cancelled due to COVID-19

DeMarcus Johnson
- vs -
Finn Kuhn

Match cancelled due to COVID-19

Vanessa Gibson
- vs -
Zeebo The Clown
Clown's Rights Match
Zeebo must explain in 1 RP why Clowns can be considered hot
Vanessa must make a case on why clowns are not hot
Match is a standard singles

Doktor Trust
- vs -
Mick Ashcroft

Match cancelled due to COVID-19

Chaotic Blondes
Kalel Drake & Jenny Myst
- vs -
Shane Carver
2 on 1 Handicap
Special Stip: If Shane can resist making any sexual joke in both RPs he gets to go on a date with both ladies after the show

Match cancelled due to COVID-19

Thunder Knuckles
- vs -
Hanari Carnes
Xtreme Rules
Winner will move on to semi-finals

Geri Miller
- vs -
Madison Dyson
Xtreme Rules
Winner will move on to semi-finals

Atara Themis
- vs -
Big D
Xtreme Rules
Winner will move on to semi-finals

- vs -
Jessalyn Hart
Xtreme Rules
Winner will move on to semi-finals

Fuzz ©
- vs -
Olive Pendershore
Xtreme Cook Off]

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]
Noah Jackson ©
- vs -
Kieran Overton
TRON Cycle Match

The lights in the arena go blood red as Shitlist strikes up. Men seem to cringe and shudder as the camera shows pockets of women in the crowd that are super amped. On the XTron, we see a live pig, and Vanessa Gibson approaches it. She flips a butterfly knife in her hand deftly and slits it's throat. Vanessa herself steps out onto the entrance and begins to stomp her way to the ring, her chin tucked, her posture ready for battle, looking anything but like a glamour queen. She slides into the ring, climbs to the second rope, and begins calling out men in the crowd.

he lights flash rapidly multicoloured, as Zeebo dances mysteriously out from
The back. As Zeebo reaches the top of the ramp, a confetti cannon shoots. Zebbo walks slowly down to the ring, focusing only ahead. Occasionally spinning around in confusion. As Zeebo enters the ring the flashing lights stop. He walks slowly to the centre of the ring and gets a single spotlight on him as he drops to his knees, and removes his red nose. He crawls over to the corner and places it under the turnbuckles.

Vanessa Gibson
- vs -
Zeebo The Clown
Clown's Rights Match
Zeebo must explain in 1 RP why Clowns can be considered hot
Vanessa must make a case on why clowns are not hot
Match is a standard singles

At the opening bell Vanessa Gibson and Zeebo the Clown circle each other slowly, each looking for an opening to take advantage of. Vanessa shoots in to tie Zeebo up, but the clown throws a quick forearm into the face of Vanessa Gibson and quickly shoved her back into the corner. Zeebo tries to charge into the corner of the ring, looking for a lariat, but Vanessa manages to duck underneath and send Zeebo crashing violently into the turnbuckle. Zeebo stumbles backwards, right into the waiting arms of Gibson! Vanessa rolls Zeebo up for a quick pin, the referee sliding into position to make the count!



Zeebo the clown gets a shoulder up and rolls Vanessa off of him! He gets back to his feet quickly and launches into the air!

HHL: What a dropkick by Zeebo!

PC: Vanessa tumbles across the canvas!

Zeebo points out at the crowd before sprinting across the ring towards Gibson… but Vanessa counters with a drop toe hold that drops Zeebo to all fours! Vanessa bounces off the ropes for momentum before leaping into the air and landing a leg drop to the back of Zeebos neck and slamming his face into the mat! Vanessa tried to roll the clown over for another pin fall attempt, but somehow he’s alert enough to counter and sweep Vanessa to her back! Gibson is pinned! The referee starts to count!



Gibson gets her shoulder up off the canvas, but Zeebo sits up on his knees and pounds her with several hard right hands! Zeebo tries to flatten Vanessa out and makes another cover!


Gibson isn’t caught off guard this time, and kicks out quickly before wriggling out from underneath Zeebo and back to her feet! Vanessa and Zeebo circle slowly before lunging at each other and tying up! Zeebo has a strength advantage and manages to twist Vanessa into a standing arm bar! Gibson looks incredibly pained and rolls forward on the mat to relieve the pressure on her twisted shoulder, then flips back with a bicycle kick that dots Zeebo right between the eyes! Zeebo looks stunned and let’s go of his grip on Vanessas wrist before stumbling back into the corner!

HHL: Zeebo may be in trouble here! He looks really wobbled!

Vanessa rushes in, looking to end this… and gets punched right in the nose! Zeebo clocks her clean, and Gibson stumbles back a few steps! The Clown advances, grabbing Vanessa by the throat and squeezing until her face is nearly purple! The referee orders Zeebo to let go and finally he does, leaving Gibson gasping for breath! Zeebo flattens Vanessa with a clothesline before heading to the corner and climbing the ring post to the top rope! Zeebo is looking to take to the air! He motions for Vanessa to get to her feet, which she slowly does! Zeebo flies through the air with an axe handle smash…

PC: The Heart Kick!

Vanessa Gibson suddenly tears back and hits a super kick to the sternum of the flying clown! Zeebo is down, gasping and wheezing, rolling on the canvas in pain! He rolls to his hands and knees and Vanessa bounces off the ropes, running up behind him and punting him right in the undercarriage!




Gibson quickly rolls the bowling Zeebo over and hooks the leg!





Twenty midgets with sparkers in both hands held as high as their little arms can reach, line both sides of the entrance ramp. The sparkers ignite as Thunder Knuckles walks past them. Once Thunder Knuckles is down to the ring he rolls under the bottom rope and in one movement he pops up to his feet. With his back turned towards the camera, he raises his right fist in defiance. As soon as his fist goes up, counterfeit xbux with Thunder Knuckles's face on them fall onto the crowd.

Danza Kuduro hits and Hanari spins and dances his way out to the ramp in traditional latin Bachata style. He is carrying the flag of the Dominican Republic on a flag pole over his shoulder. He swings his hips and points at the ladies in the front row, winking and making the gun symbol with his thumb and index finger of his free hand. He spins again and walks his way down to the ring with a cocky head swing and a million dollar smile. Climbing the ring steps he gets into the ring, getting on the top rope and waving the flag a few times before jumping down and preparing for the match.

Thunder Knuckles
- vs -
Hanari Carnes
Xtreme Rules
Winner will move on to semi-finals

The match begins hearty and heavy, Hanari Carnes and Thunder Knuckles trading lefts and rights. Equal blows nearly plummeting either competitor but neither successful. Until Carnes powers through it all and headbutts TK. It's a cheap shot but the crowd shrieks wildly for it. Carnes grandstands, arms raised like the smug bastard that he is and then he dives on top of Thunder. Wailing away after him with blow upon blow, each more furious and fierce than the last. Till TK can barely withstand the relentless onslaught of brutality. Somehow TK powers through though and does a headbutt of his own. Carnes topples back and TK rises to his feet.

Quickly delivering a Leg Drop followed by several kicks to the ribs. Thunder Knucks drops an elbow across Carnes' throat and everyone in the audience explodes. With excitement. From there he tears Carnes from the canvas and delivers a devastating PowerBomb. Followed closely by a second! This might be over folks! Cause TK is in it to win it big!



Shoulder up!

Competitors separate and then clash. A series of rights and lefts once again. This time even more heated and struggling. Determination is in the air tonight and one of these men will be claimed winner. Out of nowhere, Knuckles crashes against Carnes with a drastic chop across the chest that sends the man spinning. This is followed by a huge Clothesline that nearly takes Carnes neck off. Everyone starts screaming "Make It Rain" as TK climbs the ropes and perches himself atop the top turnbuckle. TK launches to the air and...


Hanari Carnes rolls away!

All Thunder Knuckles is met with is canvas and his body recoils from the impact!

Thunder Knuckles rolls about and squirms, while Hanari Carnes rises. Carnes runs to the ropes and ascends with ease. Mounting the top turnbuckle, with a confident smile. He points towards something. A man in shadows. Top hat, trench coat and cane. Wait. Is that the elusive Maxwell Maximus?!?! Carnes smiles again and the lights go asunder. Only to return with Carnes atop Knuckles and the mystery man gone from the scene. Carnes pins TK for the big 3.


Knuckles stirs.

Slowly the chant for "X- Bux Reigns" echos through the audience.

Thunder Knuckles kicks out and kips up in the process. Carnes flies off him and slams against the opposing ring post. His back slamming against the post. Toppling to the canvas, desperately clambering at it as he attempts to rise and fail, Carnes eventually gives up and rolls on his back. That's when TK slides in and goes for a Figure Four. The more Carnes screams, the more increased pressure is given. Agony radiates from Carnes eyes but he will not quit. His strength in fortitude is only met with more pain. As TK wrenches his hold tighter. This could be it....

Carnes stretches his hand out, curiling it into a fist as it hovers inches above the mat!

He about to tap!

Carnes punches down and roars; throwing all his weight to the side and turning the Figure Four onto Thunder Knuckles!

TK's face turns bright red in pain as he howls out; Hanari changing the tides to the roar of the crowd!





"BLOODMONEY" by Poppy hits the sound system as the main screen is flush with images of Madison Dyson in action interspersed with fascist imagery from Nazi era Germany including dramatic rallies, that fade into more modern scenes of right wing upheaval. These scenes are cut with shots of her bathed in a white light looking messianic, as well as her name in Fraktur font colored blood red.

"And here we go ladies and gentleman! The Action Saxon set to do battle with that stoned cold fox Geri Miller in round 2 of March of Madness!"

"Stoned is about right and if this goes anything like the last time these two met, Foxy Geri is going to be a fashion piece in the next Madison Dyson promo."

"Careful, PETA is watching....they're always watching."

Madison appears from the back and immediately is met with an arena entirety of boos and jeers. The sound is earshattering but largely dismissed by the Tournament favorite. All smiles, mocking the crowd, Madison starts down the ramp. Midway, to her surprise, there is a sudden pop from the crowd!

"Oh Boy there's Geri! This is one is gonna start sooner than expected!"

From the entrance, Geri comes running towards an oblivious Madison. Wielding an incandescent light bulb, Geri closes on Madison and with a deafening pop shatters it across the back of Dyson's head. The crowd goes nuts!

Geri Miller
- vs -
Madison Dyson
Xtreme Rules
Winner will move on to semi-finals

Throwing the remains down Geri grabs a handful of hair and lifts Dyson from the ground. Immediately Miller starts teeing off on the blondes skull while dragging her to ringside where she whips Madison into the steel stairs.

"Holy Mackerel! I wasn't expecting this! It looks like Dyson may have bitten off more than she chew! Geri Miller is playing no games!"

"Its still early and don't forget. Dyson always as a wild card in her sleeve!"

"A few actually."

"Fair Point."

Miller ends her assault long enough to roll into and then out of the ring for the ref to call for the bell and officially starts the match-up. Moving on the fallen Dyson, Miller delivered a few stiff kicks to her chest before turning and looking to the frenzied crowd. Pointing to the ground, Geri signalled what was next and began pulling back the padded flooring to expose the concrete beneath.

"Looks like Maddy is fixing to be turned into a bunker bomb baby!

Geri grabs Dyson and moves to the exposed area before stuffing her opponents head between her legs. Grabbing Madison at the waist, Geri hoisted her up and over and with a stomach turning smack powerbombs Madison to the satisfaction of the crowd!

"Where's Carver? Where's Gilmour? She's being murdered!"

Oh my god, listen to the crowd.

One More Time! One More Time!

Geri looked to the crowd in consideration then back to the flattened Dyson. To the crowd then back to Dyson. Nodding her head she confirmed for the fans they would get what they wanted.

Up. Over. Splat.

Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

"I'm not believing this. Madison is the odds favorite to win this thing!

"Looks like the only thing she's winning tonight is a free cot at the ER and honestly, that's more than she deserves.

Geri wastes little time and once again lifts Madison by the hair of the head pulling her to the apron where Miller finally rolls her opponent inside ring. Following close behind, Geri goes for the pin.


Is this it! This is the end of Dyson's March Madness run?!?


I sure hope so!

KICKOUT! Somehow Madison is still breathing and the disbelief in Geri's face is priceless!!!

Geri stands and looks to the ref immediately beginning to plead a case for a three count. It's a heated debate and Miller as all but backed the ref into a corner when she's spun around and catches a swift Madison Dyson foot right between the legs!

Geri buckles over and Madison drives her head into the mat with a well timed DDT! The crowd isn't having it though and the boos have once again filled the arena. Madison responds in kind giving the finger before stomping the proverbial mudhole into the back of Miller.

Oh my god! She is superhuman! Do you think she can make me taller?"

Madison, taunting the crowd, moves to the opposite corner and begins to beckon for Geri to rise and slowly but surely she eventually does. Geri gets up to one knee and Madison sprints off connecting with her patent step up enzugiri.

Back on her feet, Madison lifts Geri to hers and holding her head in place delivers a series of closed fist right to the jaw. Dyson whips Geri into the ropes and attempts a clothesline that gets ducked.

"Geri with some life again!"

On the rebound Geri connects with a flying forearm knocking Dyson to the mat once more. Both competitors are down and after a few miniscule moments the ref begins a count.




Still nothing, both women seem lifeless in the ring!



They both begin to stir, rolling to the flats of their belly and attempting to push themselves up.



On their knees, the both them dig deep and continue to get up.



And they are both up! Listen to these people!

Geri first, then Dyson. Both beat the count but it's Miller with the initiative. She delivers a right hand to Dyson, then another, and another. Madison is reeling. Geri connects with a kick to the midsection.

Oh no! Geri is trying for another powerbomb! Don't do it! Maddy's back can't take it no more!

Geri positions Madison's head between her legs and mustering strength hoist the Action Saxon into the air! The fans are going nuts.

Drop That Bitch! Drop That Bitch!

There's a lull in the movement and suddenly Madison springs to life using her vantage and dropping vicious continuous elbows to the top of Geri's head. Geri falls back, Dyson sitting squarely on her chest and the ref hits the mat beside them.





Hello Doves appears briefly on the X-tron in pink accompanied by Atara's voice saying the same over the arena PA right before her theme hits the speakers. The crowd goes pops like crazy. Arena lights start to pulse in time with the music and multiple vertical streams of pyro erupt across the front of stage as Atara appears from backstage in a full grunge walk to centerstage right before the ramp. Posing for the camera, she blows a kiss before throwing off a silk robe to reveal her attire for the night.

She full on grungewalks to the ringsteps and stops at the top to posture once more for the fans before going to the middle of the apron where she blows yet another kiss to the camera before entering the ring very Stacy Kiebler-ish and awaits the start of the match.

As "X-Men Theme" by Powerglove begins to play over the PA system, spotlights begin to shine all over the arena of a 'D'. After a moment, Big D walks onto the entrance ramp. He puts his arms in the air, before heading down the aisle, focused on the ring. He then walks up the steel steps and climbs into the ring, before walking over to a corner, climbing to the second rope, and putting his arms in the air once again. After that, he hops down and waits.

Atara Themis
- vs -
Big D
Xtreme Rules
Winner will move on to semi-finals

Big D goes to lock up with his opponent, who ducks under D's arms and delivers several kicks to his legs. Atara then runs to the ropes and back at her opponent who lifts her up in Spinebuster position, but instead charges at a corner and drives Atara’s back into the turnbuckles. D shoulders Atara in the gut multiple times before whipping her to the opposite side. He quickly follows his opponent who uses the ropes to leapfrog over D and land on her feet behind him. Big D turns around and is met with a kick to the stomach and quickly followed up with a jumping bicycle knee to the face. But D sees it coming and falls backwards and rolls to the outside with his hands on his hips, shaking his head.

PC: Big D looking a little off here to begin with...

With her opponent on the outside, Arata grabs the top rope and springboards onto it, before attempting a Dragonrana. Seeing him at the last second, Big D catches Her and Powerbombs Atara against the apron.

PC: What a brutal counter!

HHL: There's the Big D we wanted to see this entire tournament!

Big D wastes no time rolling his opponent back in the ring, sliding in after. He stands up and grabs her by the hair forcing her to stand. D then hits a Scoop Slam, followed by an elbow drop, staying on for a cover.




PC: I don't think anyone would've blamed her had she not kicked out.

Big D gets up and drags Atara with him. D gets behind her and attempts a German Suplex, but Atara uses her leg to block it. Then she elbows Big D three times, causing him to let go. Atara attempts a Butterfly Kick to reposition herself, but D steps back, wraps his arms around Atara’s waist and hits with a German Suplex, keeping it bridged for a pin.




HHL: Atara’s heart must be bigger than D!

PC: How the hell is that possible, Heather?

Big D signals for his finisher before bringing the limp goddess to her feet. D then lifts him up from behind, but Atara does a flip behind her opponent. Big D turns around and gets met with an Enzuigiri that drops him to a knee. Atara then runs to the ropes and hits a Dropkick to Big D off the rebound. With D on the mat, Atara takes a moment to catch her breath. D begins to stir on the mat. Atara tried to lift D off of the mat but is dragged down to the mat where he mounts her and begins wailing on her with lefts and rights.Atara does her best to cover up, Big D eventually relents and lifts her to her feet. Big D whips Atara into the ropes and waits for Atara to rebound, But is met with huge Front Kick to the sternum causing Big D to fly backwards on the mat with a thid.

PC: That is incredible! You don't see Big D flying around like a rag doll from moves like that!

HHL: I'd actually like to see more of that from Atara!

With her opponent down, Atara begins to stalk her prey. She circles him slowly and begins to pick him apart body part but body part. D fights to his knees, and is swiftly met with a running knee to the face.

PC: Atara’s opponent looks like he doesn't know what hit him!

Big D tries making his way to his feet, with Atara using his foot to help him. With D up, Atara attempts a Birth of Venus, but Big D blocks it and spins around to face her. Big D wraps his arms around and attempts a Belly to Belly Suplex, but his opponent jumps up and wraps his legs around D to block it. She then grabs Big D's arm and begins attempting a Kimura Lock.

PC: What a counter!

HHL: It looks like Big D's strength might save him here, though.

D fights letting Atara extend her arm fully, before running to a corner and once again ramming his opponent's back against the turnbuckles, causing her to let go. Big D then goes to whip Atara to the opposite corner, but doesn't let go and instead hurls her back first into the same corner. He then drags her away before covering.





Big D squats down by his opponent and goes to lock in the Big D Face Cruncher, but Atara uses her MMA training and fights out of it by rolling forward and yanking his arm away. She grabs her by the arm and his the rolling double northern light suplex and bridges for the pin.

PC: Titanomachy!!!

HHL: Atara has covered Big D, who could be out!




HHL: Big D's foot is on the rope!

PC: The veteran using his instincts to stay in this match!

Atara gets to her feet then drags Big D away from the rope slightly, before climbing out on the apron. She makes her way up the ropes, climbing all the way up top.

PC: She doesn’t usually fly, but it looks like she’s pulling out all of the stops! This could finish Big D off!

Atara jumps off the top rope, doing a full rotation. Big D rolls out of the way at the last second, causing Atara to land on her knees. D gets up and behind his opponent, lifting her upand bringing her down for the Dan Slam.

HHL: What a dodge by Big D!

PC: He's got the cover, Atara might be finished





Big D holds his hands up in celebration, when suddenly the lights in the arena cut out to complete black.


Fuzz comes walking down the ramp, X-Treme title draped over his shoulder. Big D begins to stare daggers at Fuzz, who’s gaze hasn’t left Atara. Fuzz gets to the ring apron and slides the title into the ring and pulls himself up. Fuzz slowly enters the ring, picks up the title and walks right past Big D. Big D gets a confused look on his face.

Suddenly Fuzz spins around slamming the title into Big D’s face. Fuzz grabs D and lifts him up, and nails a huge Afterthought. Fuzz sits up and watches as Big D rolls out to the ground. Fuzz waves his hand as a microphone, as one is tossed to him.

FUZZ: “Listen D, you are just a by product of bigger things that are happening. I am usually a man of very many words, I mean like I love to hear myself talk. But I’m going to make this short and sweet. You go in the back, enjoy your victory, and makes sure you tell Chris and Robert that the Sick Cunts accept their “challenge” to face us for the tag team titles.”

The crowd erupts upon hearing that at March Madness the Tag Team Titles will infact be defended.

“You can leave now.”

Fuzz shoos Big D away with his hand, who slowly walks up the ramp. Fuzz then stands to his feet and reaches a hand down to Atara to help her up.

In frustration she slaps his hand away.

“Just let me help you up...”

Fuzz reaches over again, but again his hand is slapped away.

“Okay. Fine be like that. I know that right now you and I aren’t fully copesetic, and that’s fine.”

Atara slowly gets to her feet and is leaning against the ropes to help hold herself up.

“So I’m going to give you the opportunity to get all of your frustrations out in one single night. The night I leave for good. The night that I choose you over everything else, I choose you again.”

Atara doesn’t say anything.


Atara mouths ‘Are You Sure?’


Atara nods her head in agreement, and climbs out of the ring and slowly up the ramp. Fuzz looks over the crowd and smiles. As the camera cuts to the next segment.

A figure is seen walking out from the back wearing a black hooded sweatshirt on. The hood was over his head so he couldnt be seen, and his head was looking down.

He stood in a stance. And as a white light appeared on his front, he unzipped his sweatshirt and showed the front of the t-shirt:

[Image: 4235893084%20Front.jpg]

As it continued he turned around and took off his hooded sweatshirt and revealed the back of the t-shirt which read:

[Image: 4235893084%20Back.jpg]

He turned back around and stood in a pose as the white light bathed on him to reveal: MASTERMIND

He then smirks as he walks all the way to the ring, with the Misfits Manager Antony The Jerk, walking not far behind. Followed by Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs and Kris 'The Hammer' Von Bonn. Mastermind jumps into the ring, and awaits his opponent.

The words NEVER...BE...SILENT!!! appear on the screen as the song starts. Lights go out Stobe lights at the top of the ramp illuminate the silhouette of Jessalyn. The lights come on to her facing the facing the ring. She runs down the ramp, slides into the ring. Climbs the turnbuckle with arms stretched out.

- vs -
Jessalyn Hart
Xtreme Rules
Winner will move on to semi-finals

Ding Ding Ding

The bell is rung to start the match

PIP: "So here we go the winner of this match will head to the March Madness Pay Per View to take part in the Semi Finals of the King of the Ring."

Jessalyn Hart walks to the center of the ring, and starts talking smack. Mastermind leans casually against the corner, looks at her in contempt. Antony The Jerk is right behind him whispering into his ear from the outside of the ring. Mastermind nods, and smirks his infamous smirk. Antony jumps down and immediately orders both Kris The Hammer Van Bonn, and Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs to different parts of the ring. Kris goes down the left side, while Melanie goes down the right side. They watch on from outside the ring.

HEATHER: "What do you think is going on here?"

PIP: "Well it is an extreme rules match, technically you can have outside interference. But I'm sure Mastermind doesn't want to go down that road, surely?"

Jessalyn yells at Mastermind to at least try to be interested. This makes Mastermind head toward Jessalyn and he starts mouthing off at Jessalyn.

They meet in the center of the ring. They have a stare down.

Suddenly Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs jumps up on the ring apron, and starts squealing. The referee rushes over to the Melanie and he is distracted by telling Melanie to get off of the apron.

Meanwhile Kris jumps up on the apron on the other side of the ring, and quickly throws his hammer. Mastermind catches it and dongs Jessalyn on the head, in one complete quick move. Down goes Jessalyn. Mastermind throws the hammer back to Kris, and he jumps off of the apron, and then Melanie does the same.

The crowd is booing big time. The referee returns his focus to the match, but sees Mastermind standing over an unconscious Jessalyn, smirking a real big smirk.

HEATHER: "Wow, what a shocking turn of events. Why would he go down this route?"

PIP: "He's frustrated with the amount of opponents not bothering to send in a promo before hand. After all he has just been voted Superstar of the Month for February. And the fact he's turned nasty."

Mastermind turns Jesssalyn over onto her back. And places her in


This automatically wakes Jessalyn up from her being attacked with the hammer. And she starts yelling in pain.

The referee checks with her to see if she wants to submit...

Jessalyn says no.....

Yells some more.....

Mastermind puts more pressure on the MIND CONTROLLER

and finally

Jessalyn has no choice but to tap.

PIP: "It's over just like that. As easy as that.... as quickly as that."


Mastermind is still got Jessalyn Hart in the MIND CONTROLLER, he isn't releasing her. The referee is yelling at Mastermind to let go. It looks like with all the pain Jesslayn Hart passes out. The stadium is booing louder and louder. Mastermind finally lets go. He stands up and looks down at Jessalyn Hart, as he is joined in the ring by Antony, Kris, and Melanie.

Melanie can be seen whispering in Mastermind's ear, who's listening, and a bigger smirk crosses his face. He looks at Kris, and nods.

Kris steps forward and helps a defenseless, unconscious, Jessalyn Hart up. Mastermind and Antony stand to the side.

HEATHER: "The match is over. There is no need for this. Come on guys leave her alone."

Melanie gets in position and as the boos resonate around the arena, Mastermind seems to notice. Just as Kris gives Jessalyn to Melanie, Mastermind heads towards the ropes and demands a microphone.

YOU'VE BEEN CRAYZEED a.k.a Pile Driver into a DisArmer.

Melanie executes the You've Been Crazyeed, within seconds of putting on the DisArmer she lets Jessalyn's arm goes because she is deeply unconscious. Melanie gets up and high fives Kris.

Mastermind walks to the center of the ring, and speaks.

"Will you guys SHUT UP,"

The crowd boos more.

"I am not apologizing for doing what I am doing at the moment, not especially to you guys. But I have been forced into this situation, and my legion of fans who have been with me since day one, knows what has been happening to me and I'm sure some of you support me in doing what I have been doing."

There are some cheers from some members of the crowd, but they are soon replaced by louder boos.

"Get use to it, because this is who I am now, and I am not apologizing for my actions. Thank you."

Mastermind drops the microphone and nods at Antony who is carrying a bag. Antony unzips the bag among the chaos of the reaction of the fans. From the bag he takes a t-shirt. He then gives it to Mastermind, who unravels it, and shows it to the camera.

[Image: 2594071925%20Front.jpg]

Mastermind smiles then drapes the t-shirt over Jessalyn Hart's body.

Then Mastermind, Antony, Kris and Melanie all give each other fist bumps over the t-shirt and Jessalyn. Mastermind, Kris and Melanie start to leave the ring, but Antony picks up the microphone.

"Give it up for your Superstar of the Month for February."

Mastermind stops and holds out his arms as if to pose in a Randy Orton esque pose. Kris and Melanie then start clapping amongst the boos. Then all four of them leaves the ring.

Ready To Go by Republica hits the speakers and Olive Pendershore, emerges from the entrance, to be greeted by an alluring, transcendent mixture of lights, smoke and explosions, combined. The crowd gives a generous pop of enthusiasm. However, Olive is unfazed. She simply walks steely eyed to the ring, barely noticing or engaging anyone or anything, she eventually climbs the steel steps and enters the ring, via stepping through the middle and top ropes. From there, she takes her position within the ring and awaits the start of the match.

Fuzz walks down the ramp holding his bundle of achievements in his arms like a baby while wearing a large chef hat.

Fuzz ©
- vs -
Olive Pendershore
Xtreme Cook Off

In the ring are two small kitchens with a fridge, oven, grill and other appliances. Both competitors inspect there ingredients as a lively asian man stands between them.

HOST: "You shall both try and cook the best meal you can with the ingredients provided, your dish will then be judged by myself, Pip and Heather BUT there is one ingredient left.... Our secret ingredient."

The crowd cheer as Fuzz and Olive look at one another.


The two begin to rush around their sections as a timer pops up in the corner of the screen counting down from 20 minutes.

HHL: "I think Pendershore has some advantage in this match."

PC: "Because she's a woman, I agree."

HHL: "No dick! ... Because she's called Olive! Duh. It's food!"

Fuzz rushes through the cabinets and grabs some spaghetti in his hand; taking a pot and filling it with water before placing it on the hob; throwing the straws of spaghetti into it and punches down to make sure it all fits as it slowly begins to boil. Pendershore takes all the herbs and spices at her disposal and lines them up onto the counter, placing a finger to her lips before choosing one seemingly at random and deciding this will be her main go to for this contest. It's paprika! Nice.

Meanwhile, on Fuzz's side he grabs a large bowl and tosses some tomatoes into, adding salt, pepper, crushed chillis and way too many cloves of garlic into the mix, he climbs up onto the counter before jumping off and elbow dropping the bowl squashing the mixture down. He then pushes down hard so the mixture blends together, juices covering his hands and raising his tomato-juiced hands to the crowd who cheer him on, he then sucks his fingers dry to the audience.


Pendershore has removed some chicken breasts from the fridge and is cutting them finely into strips; using some olive oil she dips the chicken strips in and covers them fully before adding paprika, salt, and pepper, once seasoned fully she dips them into a small bowl of sweet chilli before tossing them into a frying pan, the chicken fries as Pendershore begins this slow, methodical process.

Fuzz keeps the bowl of sauce under his arm as he goes ham stirring it into a fine paste and leaves it to the side once he's happy and takes some mince meant from the fridge and placing it down. He then covers a cutting board with salt, pepper and mixed herbs; adding just a dash of cumin for some kick. He grabs a handful of minced meat and rolls it into a small ball in his hands then rolls the meatball over the cutting board to collect the spices. After doing this several times he tosses the meatballs into a frying pan with a healthy dose of olive oil.

Back to Pendershore, contrary to the slow process with the chicken, she uses a large boiling pot filled with water and just tosses a fuckton of instant noodles into the pot with their accompanying soup bases (I would usually go for any spicy flavours to help with the chicken but any base is fine) she then adds her secret ingredient, half a bottle of beer along with a spoon of butter and stirs thoroughly.

Fuzz kicks up on the counter and watches the meatballs turn brown as he relaxes drinking a beer himself. Once the meatballs are brown all over he splashes some of his beer into the pan which sizzles and pops before pouring out his sauce into the pan spooning the meatballs around gently, turning the pan onto a lower heat to sizzle.

HHL: "Smells good in here."

PC: "Kinda wish this was just every match, I think that'd make me happier in general."

Pendershore has added a tier steamer over the boiling pot and placed some Siu Mai dumplings to steam, usually, you can make these yourself pretty easily following instructions but there's really no need, store-bought is fine. She tends to her chicken strips making sure they are cooked all the way through and turns them in the pan on low heat.

Fuzz is basically done; he picks some spaghetti from the pan and tosses it against the cabinet behind him to make sure it sticks, that's how you know it's good to eat. Once that's out the way, he simply waits for his sauces to pop and boil in the pan, to kill the time he fills a bowl with grated mozzarella.

HHL: "Hm, I would have gone with a nice Parmesan."

PC: "Or Goat Cheese!"

HHL: "Ew..."

For real, fuck Goat Cheese. Pendershore's noodle begin to overflow as boiling hot water spills out onto the hob; Olive panics and turns down the heat, she checks on the Siu Mai which is looking mighty fine. She then looks to Fuzz as he takes some American Single cheese and begins hurling it over in Olive's direction.

PC: "NO! American Cheese can ruin any good Asian cuisine! Fuzz you monster!"

Olive slaps the cheese away, making sure it doesn't hit any of her food. As Fuzz does this with a smile, the X-Tron fires up.

Hey, Fuzz look! I'm on the X-Tron. Look over here!

Fuzz looks over to the X-Tron where Thunder Knuckles can be seen putting in the last giant can of butterscotch pudding in the 1994 Subaru Impreza WRX's homemade sunroof, courtesy of Thunder Knuckles and a Sawzall, filling it to the brim. Fuzz is baffled by this and when he turns back around to pick Azrael Erebus up off the canvas. He’s met with Thunder Knuckles hitting him with a running knee to the face. Thunder Knuckles rolls out of the ring and jumps the barricade into the crowd gesturing to the camera the universal sign of “making it rain” as if to say he was paid for the attack.

HHL: Think Todd was paid off by Thunder Knuckles to not put "moments ago" on the bottom of the X-Tron feed?

PC: That's dastardly!

Fuzz goes to his knees and cries "NO!" into the sky! His meatballs overcooking in the process. The Host takes to the mic.

"30 SECONDS!!!!"

The two panic and begin serving their food. Olive pours the noodles into a bowl and uses tongues to place each strip of chicken into the side; just poking out of the bowl but mostly fully dipped into the noodles. She places the bowl onto the tray and takes the Siu Mai and places it onto a small plate by the side of the bowl with a dish of soy sauce and another dish of hoisin sauce. Both store-bought.

Fuzz stirs his meatballs around, sweat on his brow. He fills a plate with spaghetti; takes a good number of meatballs onto a plate and places them onto of the spaghetti and pours the sauce from the pan over, he garnishes with cheese and adds stem of parsley for a finishing touch.

Once done, they take their dishes to the judges. Olive is first with her Thai style chicken ramen and siu mai.

The host... Gives a thumbs up!

The crowd pop.

Pip... Gives a thumbs up!

Pendershore smiles in delight.

Heather... Gives a thumbs up!

Big ol' pop from everyone.

Fuzz smiles confidently and places a dish in front of each judge.

The host takes a big bite and smiles giving a thumbs up!

Pip... Give a huge thumbs up!

And finally Heather...

The moment is way too intense...

Fuzz leans in as Heather swallows...


HHL: "Just like-a mama used to make!"

The crowd go apeshit! Two people begin to make love right there in the crowd as Fuzz acts like he won the Superbowl!


[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]
Noah Jackson ©
- vs -
Kieran Overton
TRON Cycle Match

The camera goes from the stadium to a specially built XWF Tron Bike Track.

In the middle of the track is a ring with a referee and already in side are the challenger Kieran Overton and Television Champion Noah Jackson. They have been informed by XWF Management that they must start the match inside the ring and then use the Tron Bikes.

PIP: "Heather and I are still in the stadium but we can commentate from here. So it looks like Kieran Overton and Noah Jackson are ready."

HEATHER: "Have you ever seen a Tron Bike Match, Pip?"

PIP: "I have not, have you?"

HEATHER: "Nope. This should be interesting then."

The bell goes.

Noah Jackson walks to the middle of the ring, and starts calling Kieran a big fat c word. Kieran walks up to Noah who is smiling, and hits him with a huge upper cut. Noah goes stumbling backwards. Kieran quickly follows up, and grabs Noah, and whips him towards the ropes, Noah comes running back, ducks underneath an attempted clothesline. stops, and as Kieran turns around, Noah eye rakes him. Kieran stumbles backwards, and the referee gets in between, yelling at Noah to stop with the dirty tricks.

This only forces a smile from Noah. He pushes the referee aside, and walks up to Kieran who is trying to get his sight back and delivers a OPEN PALM CHOP. The noise of the chop can be heard around the arena. He then THROAT CHOPS Kieran. Who stumbles backwards into the ropes, grabbing his throat.

Noah takes a couple of steps backwards and starts running at Kieran, and then CLOTHES LINES, Kieran out over the ropes to the Tron Bike Track below. Its hard. So the impact makes Kieran yell out in pain.

Suddenly there is an alarm that goes on for 5 seconds.

PIP: "It seems like Noah is in full control. I'm just receiving word that, that alarm was for Noah and Kieran to start the Tron Bike section of this match."

The referee informs Noah that he can now use the bike. Noah starts laughing and jumps out of the ring. Not before grabbing Kieran and throwing him into the side of the ring.

Noah heads to his bike. He gets on it. And starts it. He sees Kieran bent over, and taking his time to recover. Noah shakes his head.

HEATHER: "We all know how impatient Noah Jackson is. Kieran Overton is taking his time to recover from that attack. I think that's his best opportunity."

PIP: "Oh oh, Noah's had enough of waiting. You were right about him being impatient."

Noah stops his bike, gets off, and storms over to Kieran. He looks around and spots something. A jug of water, that has been conveniently left by the ring on a small table. He walks over to the table, grabs the jug of water, walks back to Kieran, and pours the whole jug over his head. He then yells at Kieran to stop being a baby c word.

Kieran stands up, all wet. Looks at Noah, and pushes him.

Noah pushes Kieran back.

The referee gets in between them and orders them to the bikes.

Kieran stands his ground. But Noah smiles and walks by him to his bike. Kieran has no choice but to head over to his bike.

Noah gets on his bike, and starts it. Kieran does the same.

Noah rides off in one direction, Kieran rides off in the other direction.

PIP: "Apparently from my notes here, the object is to make light come out the back of the bike and get your opponent to run into it before it disappears. If you do that you win the match."

HEATHER: "This is so very weird. Trust Fuzz to come up with something like that."

PIP: "Well he is the X-treme Champion after all. What's more x-treme than something like this

Noah stops at one end of the track, and Kieran does too. Suddenly Noah takes off and so does Kieran.

Noah starts to follow Kieran, but that's not the best thing he could do, as it's not the objective.

Noah knows this and veers off. Kieran tries to follow but as he gets near, Noah pushes a button, and light shines out from behind the bike.

Kieran veers off at the final second, just missing the light.

Noah tries to encircle Kieran while trying to keep the light going. But then Kieran comes to a complete stop, turns and rides off the other way.

Noah watches him go. He looks frustrated.

PIP: "It looks like Noah, felt like he had Kieran trapped, but obviously Kieran knew otherwise. He's not happy."

Noah moves around the track again, and waits on Kieran. Suddenly he has an idea.

Noah starts riding towards the middle of the track. Kieran watches him, and so decides to follow.

Noah veers off towards the right. Kieran veers off to wards the left.

Noah veers off in another direction, Kieran is forced to veer off too.

But then Kieran is caught in the middle of a circle of light, and has nowhere else to go. Suddenly Noah veers off towards him.

Kieran decides to play chicken, and heads straight for Noah.

HEATHER: "It's like Noah has confused Kieran of where he actually is on the track playing veer here and veer there."

As Kieran gets to Noah, Noah veers off again in another direction, and Kieran is shocked to find out where he is exactly on the track.

He is heading


The Ring.......

He has no time to react.........

Noah is already on the other side of the ring, and his plan has come to fruition.........

As Kieran Overton goes careering into the ring, and he goes flying over the ropes......

Over the ring................

Over the other side of the ring............

And just at that exact time Noah starts riding off, and turns his light on.......

Kieran Overton goes flying through the lights and a buzzer sounds............


The arena goes antiseptic white, almost blindingly so, as the odd opening notes to “Desire” hit. The main screen goes black though with nothing but the words “run engineer.exe” on them in blood red lettering that looks like computer code. Suddenly, that gives way to a strange inverted triangle, a brief flash of the words “Vox Aeterna”, and then as the music starts to kick into higher gear the Engineer appears at the top of the ramp as the bright white light starts to get pock marked with specks of red that race over the crowd. The main screen intersperses shots of The Engineer in action in the ring, cut with red lines of computer code, that strange triangle mark, and the words “Vox Aeterna” flashing like a subliminal message.

The Engineer walks calmly to the ring, title slung over his shoulder. He's wearing black lipstick, a trace of red or black eyeliner, and his curly hair will be pulled back from his scalp. When he gets to the ring, he'll slide in under the bottom rope, crawling towards a camera at apron level. When he gets close to it he'll smile playfully and whisper “How do you want me?” in time with the music before kipping up to his feet.

We're in the eleventh hour here, and the champion gets final say in the March Madness sendoff show.

And he promised blood on Twitter a couple weeks ago! I have to admit, I'm not looking forward to this....

The Engineer props his championship up in the corner before demanding a mic. Stepping into center ring, he considers the crowd with a wide eviscerating smile. You're all alive! He throws his arms out dramatically. First off, I want to thank you all for braving nothing short of a global pandemic to be here with us tonight. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you for participating in this gross irresponsibility with us.

Is he wrong though?

And you know what, this is exactly what I've been talking about. The hopelessness. The sense of finality! Sickness is running rampant all over the globe. Your government can't find its ass with both hands in response. And yet here you all are, watching this pageantry of violence in defiance of CDC recommendations. God bless us everyone! He smirks a vile cynical smirk. But I'll be the first one to admit that I may have had a tiny bit to do with the turn out here tonight.....

What's he talking about?

Considering world events, the attendance here IS rather surprising, is it not? But is it really THAT shocking? After all, who can turn down free stuff? Hold up, hold up. Let me catch everyone up to speed, including our illustrious management. You see, in response to the numerous refunded tickets, I decide to fill those empty seats by sending out free tickets to a number of select individuals. But not just any individuals. No! My choices were quite deliberate. I thought to myself, why not turn this episode of Savage into a microcosm of the senseless, burning world that exists outside those arena doors? Why not cap off this evening by giving social mores and human decorum just a gentle little push into something more feral, more natural....more REAL. He draws in a deep breath. Let's create some chaos.

He spins around a bit, turning to the other half of the arena. To that end, there are about a thousand of you, give or take, who have a secret care package affixed to the bottom of your seat. Inside you will find a weapon and the row and seat number of another person in this very arena tonight. Don't be shy. Go ahead and look! He gives the people in the audience a moment to check under their seats, and we see a number of them come away with zip logged bags. Inside the bags are firearms, or knives, or other implements of destruction, along with some papers. Yep, there you go, give those papers a read. Because when you do, you will find the yin's to your yang's. You will find that the people sitting in those seats will be familiar to you. They will be someone who wronged you. Someone who did something terrible to you or someone you loved. Ohhhh yes! My team worked round the clock to find your stories and bring you all here together. The champion's voice is buoyant but sadistic. Let's toss out a couple examples, shall we! Robert Morehouse, section 9! Let's get the light on Robert! A spotlight shines on a member of the audience, who is timidly holding up one of the bags. There you are my friend. Do you feel the power in your hands? Did you read the paper yet? Another vile smirk. You see everyone, 6 years ago Robert's son was injured by a drunk driver. A drunk driver who got off easy on his jail time and is seated in this arena tonight. Robert knows where he is, don't you Robert? The champ's features suddenly grow darker. And Robert now has the power to do something about it.

Oh my God....this is sick....this is so wrong....

Just then, The Engineer's attention is drawn to someone in the audience bolting for a door. But he's quickly cut off by one of the champ's eerie hooded cultists barring his way. Indeed, all the doors out of the arena and into the halls have been shut and locked! I'm afraid no one is going anywhere until this experiment is complete. Kindly take your seats. But instead, more people start heading for the doors, only to be accosted by hooded cultists as they try to take their leave! The Engineer starts to laugh. Nowhere to run....nowhere to hide..... And then, a gunshot sounds out! People start to cry out in fear and stampede out of their seats. The Engineer laughs again. Oh, a satisfied customer!

Jesus, we gotta get out of here!!

Was somebody hit?!

Don't worry about me everyone, you have your fun! I've got a shield! The Engineer gestures to the top of the arena where a beaten and bloody body is being lowered from the rafters.

Who is that?!

I....I don't....oh that...? Oh lord, I think that's Ned Kaye's friend Ethan! He's appeared with Ned in some of his promos before....oh no!

Ethan's face is a mask of crimson. He gets lowered to the ring where The Engineer unclips his harness and takes hold of him. Your task Ethan, should you choose to accept it (and honestly you really don't have much choice) is to eat as many stray bullets for me as possible. Easy peasy?

The arena is quickly starting to descend into chaos! Stampeding and yelling and screaming as people try to rush for the doors. But then, another gunshot echoes through the arena! People dive for cover now! It's complete anarchy! The Engineer playfully holds Ethan in front of him, literally using him as a human shield!

This is insane!

Just then, the camera catches sight of somebody being stabbed in the audience! The masses surge away from the vicious act, causing still more people to be thrown to the ground or over into the next rows of seats! All the while, more and more of The Engineer's creepy hooded cultists start appearing in the aisles and at the doors, hemming in anyone who tries to escape. They also trickle into the ramp, barring anyone from escaping. But, they remain oblivious to a solitary figure who wants to get to the ring! Someone bolts out from the back and blasts through the cultists, making a beeline for the champion as chaos explodes all around them.

It's Ned Kaye! Ned Kaye is here and he looks like he's had enough!

Ned slides in under the bottom rope and the champion notices him right away. He drops Ethan to the canvas and squares up to defend himself. Ned launches himself at The Engineer, laying into him with a series of closed fist blows. The champ puts some distance in between himself and Ned and goes for a high round house aimed right for the challenger's skull, but Ned ducks up and under it and grabs The Engineer's wrist, irish whipping him across the ring. On the rebound, the Engineer goes for a spinning heel kick, but Ned ducks again. The champion hits the canvas and starts to scramble to his feet Ned nails him in the head with a Van Daminator style kick out of nowhere! Ned then drops down to cover the champion!




What the hell just happened?!!

Ned Kaye just dropped The Engineer and pinned him!! WAS THAT A CASH IN?!!!

Ned slaps his hands down on the canvas triumphantly and then goes to his friend Ethan, untying him and speaking to him in hushed tones before rolling him out of the ring and encouraging him to hunker down under the ring for his own safety! Then, Ned scrambles back to the center of the ring, picking up the mic The Engineer dropped.

Meanwhile, some people in the panicked crowd have had their attention's drawn back to the ring. The violence seems to have ceased and a hush has drawn over the masses.

Ned brings the mic to his lips, but his eyes bore into the downed form of the champion.

"Now, before anybody gets any ideas, I want to address something. And you might not understand its importance at this time, but I promise you that this can't wait. I know a lot of you think I'm boring. Because I'm perfect or something. Because doing the right thing comes easy to me, but that's not true. There is nothing simple in making the right choice. I struggle all the time to be how I am. It's not a matter of ease, but of effort. You have to try. And while many of you here tonight are tempted to do something that can endanger all of us, I am asking you not to. I'm asking you to try to do what's right, regardless of the circumstance."

"I know it hurts, but if I can do it, you can, too. And I can't pretend I'm proud of everyone here tonight. There are quite a few of you who have my ire, disgust, and disappointment. But that doesn't mean you deserve to die. So, while we have this chance to feed our base instincts and take part in some cruel display of vengeance, we're not going to do that tonight. You know why?"

"Because we're better than that."

"The Engineer set all of this up because he thinks he knows what we're all like. He thinks that we're just an irrational group of savage people, chomping at the bit for an opportunity to go feral. He underestimates each and every one of us. And if you give into this dangerous urge for mob justice, you'll just supply truth to every claim he makes. And while his demeanor and cadence may be convincing at times, you just saw what he thought of me. Engy made it clear he saw me as nothing. Not a threat. Not an adversary. Nothing. And now look at him. If I had cashed in the way most do, I would be your new Universal Champion right now! If he's wrong in his judgement of me, then his assessments of all of you can be wrong, too."

"So, we're not going to tear each other limb from limb. We're not going to devolve into a violent frenzy because some science experiment believes in only our worst! I believe in our best! In each and every one of us here and anywhere in the world! And I ask that if I can believe in you, that you believe in me! Even if it's only just for now. Even if it's only this once. He thinks he knows who we are! He thinks we are weak and cowardly and void of empathy! He thinks he has us pegged as a species! So, tonight and on March 29th..."

"Let's prove this motherfucker wrong!"

The silence in the crowd has continued, and now many more people's attention is on Ned. The violence and frenzy seems to have stopped.

Meanwhile, the champion seems to be rousing!

He's going to be pissed! Ned Kaye just completely embarrassed him!

The Engineer, lip curled up into a snarl, takes hold of the ring ropes and pulls himself to his feet. His expression is largely inscrutible though, seemingly torn between anger and genuine surprise at what just transpired. Ned stares him down, dropping the mic and not giving an inch.

This might explode here!

Ned says something to The Engineer, his tone barely above a whisper but it's still crystal clear. He's counting 1...2....3. Gritting his teeth, The Engineer finally makes a grab his championship and roll out of the ring!

Wow! He's not going to retaliate?!

We've never seen this out of The Engineer before! He almost looks...shaken!

The champion, backed turned to the arena, starts marching up the ramp. Two of his cultists close in on him to accompany him, but he brushes past them, his face taunt and tense. Ned watches him go before turning to the rest of the crowd, drinking in their attention and allowing a small smile to grace his features when he takes note of the fact that his words seemed to have helped. Then, slowly, but with mounting enthusiasm, the people start to chant his name!


At first, Ned seems to be at a loss.


This crowd seems to be firmly in his corner now!

Then, bolstered by their support, he leaps up to the top turnbuckle and raises his arms in the air, drawing a HUGE POP!

A truly shocking turn of events here! Ned Kaye has defused a sick spectacle orchestrated by The Engineer and shown that he's not the underdog in this match that most people assumed he was!

The Engineer is not going to take this lying down though! The main event at March Madness is going to be explosive!

Ned then drops down from the top turnbuckle and goes to retrieve his friend Ethan as the pops and cheers for him continue and the broadcast fades to black.

Special thanks to

Corona Virus
Donovan Blackwater
Atara Themis
James Raven
Noah Jackson
Thunder Knuckles

And everyone that RPed this week

[Image: V3i33MC.png]
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