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Anarchy - 02/13/20
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02-14-2020 10:59 PM



- vs -
Dustin Holt
Parking Lot Brawl!

John Black
- vs -
Last Man Standing!

Amjetkun Socio
- vs -
Noah Jackson
- vs -
Atara Themis
- vs -
Fatal Fourway!

"Notorious" Ned Kaye
- vs -
Geri Miller

- vs -
Phantom Panzer
Punxsutawney Peekaboo Match!

Punxsutawney Phil has been kidnapped and will be sleeping in his hutch at ringside. When the activity in the ring makes too much noise, Phil will poke his head out to see what's going on. Pinfalls and submissions may ONLY take place while Phil is watching!

- vs -
"Big Beautiful" Bobbi London
Internet Rules!

Barney Green
- vs -
"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane
Unsanctioned/No Holds Barred!!

[Image: gR8affl.png]
[Image: avatar_2410.jpg] u feel it?? it's coming..... the air is filled with electricity. every arena we visit is anticipating, waiting, HOPING..... for a change. there needs to be, MUST be a change in this company. the XWF has reached its pinnacle, and it was merely a matter of time before you all dropped back down to the basement. the xwf is dying, it is dying because YOU PEOPLE DON'T CARE. yet you act like everything is peachy...... well it isn't. ....we have been watching. We have been watching things transpire. Things continue to become more and more bleak with each and every passing week. the promotion as a whole is becoming weak, from the wrestlers, to the management, to the fans in the stands. energy in the product is slowly being sapped away...... apathy runs wild, and all involved only care about themselves. there is no comradere. we have comradare. there is no caring, but WE CARE... we care to show you all the errors of your ways. a company once so proud and amazing has fallen.

you people don't know what is best for the company, but WE DO. you can't escape the future, we ARE the future. we ARE..... the future. try to avoid us and we will only grow closer. try to run, try to hide, try as you might but we will see you fall at our feet..... that is, unless you heed our words and decide to join the right side. do you want the xwf to succeed? then PROVE it. show us just how much you LOVE the xwf by joining forces with the only group of men and women who know what's best for you and the fans. my brothers, my sisters, join us and show the world that we are STILL.... x-treme!!! when one door closes, another opens, and the door is wide open for a new opportunity, a new horizon, a new day, a new era.... a new dawn. we are united in our goal, to replenish the greatness in the xwf, and to take out anyone who gets in the way of accomplishing that goal. either you're with us, or you're against us. believe....

.... or be left behind.


Lane sits at the booth in confusion.

[Image: gR8affl.png]

- vs -
Dustin Holt
Parking Lot Brawl!

Vinnie Lane: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a guest joining us as the announce table for this contest. "Chronic" Chris Page is here!

CCP: Thanks, Vinny. I couldn't miss this absolutely HISTORIC moment in XWF history. I'm so excited I just must piss myself.

Vinnie Lane: ...please don't.

The crowd roars to life as the theme of Centurion hits the speakers.

Tig: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Atlantic City, New Jersey. He is the XWF Hart Champion - CENTURION!

Centurion steps out from the back, Hart Title around his waist, to a huge reaction from the crowd.

Vinnie Lane: Here comes Centurion for the first time on Anarchy!

CCP: Wait, wasn't this supposed to be a parking lot brawl?

Vinnie Lane: Yeah, but the Township denied our permits to film outside.

CCP: ...fucking Township.

Centurion slaps the hands of some fans as he walks down the aisle before jumping onto the ring apron. He waves to the crowd and hands his title over to Tig.

Vinnie Lane: The Hart Title is not on the line tonight, but for Centurion, this is...

CCP: SHUT UP, VINNIE! The man is about to arrive!


As "Glorious Domination" begins to play, ten Swedish models step out from the back, wearing bikinis and military hats. The line the rampway and salute. As they do, a layer of fog begins to raise up from the stage, and strobe lights begin to flash. A man dressed as a town crier walks out from the back, holding a scroll and parchment. He raises a mic to his lips as he reads.

Crier: All rise for the arrival of the often imitated, never duplicated, master and ruler of the world, "King" Dustin Holt!

A spotlight shines on the middle of the stage as Dustin Holt slowly begins to rise up on a platform wearing a lavish robe.

CCP: This is a historic day! Dustin Holt is making his XWF debut! The 184 time World Champion has graced us with his presence!

Two more young models run out from the back and walk in front of Holt, tossing roses on the ground as he walks. Every step he takes is slow and deliberate, and he turns his nose up at the fans ringside as he walks. As he gets to the ring, the two models jump onto the ring apron and hold the bottom rope down and middle rope up, allowing Holt to climb into the ring.

CCP: Quick! Someone take a picture.

Holt holds his arms out to the crowd, who barely give him any reaction, before handing a piece of paper over to Tig. Holt backs away as Tig reads it.

Tig: From Orlando, Florida. He is the founder of Dog Pound Wrestling. He is a one time GGW World Champion, 13 time DPW World Champion, one time HWF World Champion, four time HCW World Champion, two time C2CW World Champion, six time VWL World Champion, five time CZW World Champion, and ten time FWE World Champion, for a grand total of 41 World Championships.

CCP: 41? I think Tig is missing a few zeros.

Tig: He is known as The Living Legend and The Most Loved and Most Hated Man in wrestling. The leader of the Killer Squad. This is DUSTIN HOLT!

The crowd barely responds, though some give boos, but the sound of CCP audibly clapping is heard in the headset. The camera catches CCP standing at the announce desk giving Holt a standing ovation.

CCP: This is going to be awesome, Vinnie. This is step one of Dustin Holt's journey to the Universal Title!

Holt climbs to the top turnbuckle, and as he does, a shower of pyro falls from the sky, bathing him in gold. Holt slowly climbs down the turnbuckle and turns to the models ringside. He slowly begins to take off his robe.

Vinnie Lane: Alright, come on now.

CCP: You can't rush perfection, Lane!

The bell rings as Holt hands his robe to the two models at ringside...





CCP: What?


CCP: *dejected* No.

Vinnie Lane: Well, thanks for joining us tonight, Chris!

Centurion stands and the referee raises his hand as the crowd cheers on. Slowly, CCP takes off his headset and stands up from the table.

Vinnie Lane: An emphatic win by the Hart Champion!

CCP goes to walk away from the table, but he picks up the headset and yells into it.


CCP throws the headset at Vinnie before storming off.

Vinnie Lane: Woah, what a rude dude. Anyway, let's go to a commercial and see what's happening in the amazing world of advertising.

[Image: gR8affl.png]

[Image: gR8affl.png]

John Black
- vs -
Last Man Standing!

As soon Ice Cube blast on the X-Tron, the smoke arises on the entrance way and the camera pans around the arena, and then it pin points Black who's coming out of the entrance stage. He stand there, and walks down to the ramp, and gives some high fives to the fans. He climbs to the ropes, and enters it and gives out a fist around the ring, then he stands in the middle of the ring as his theme cuts off.

Vinnie Lane: “Oh hey, John Black changed his theme again, I’m shocked! Him and Bourbon should make a compilation album together or something.”

As the music kicks up, The Calvary can be spotted in the corner of the arena with his chest puffed out. He flies down to the ring before slowly descending onto a turnbuckle where he gives out a mighty bellow. He pounds his chest before stepping down into the ring and cracking his knuckles.

Vinnie Lane: “Such a cool entrance, I’ll probably never get tired of watching it! Unless he reboots himself and grows long hair and a beard, then it’ll just be confusing… You kids at home even know what I’m referencing?”

The two competitors stare off in the ring as the ref looks to each one before calling for the bell.




Calvary flies from the corner at lightning speed and nails Black in the back of the head with a swift kick! John Black is flung forward and Calvary darts in front of Black to knock him down with a heavy haymaker! Black’s head hits the mat first as Cal’s fist is planted into Black’s mush; the rest of John’s body falls slowly after and Calvary hovers away with his arms crossed looking at the ref who gives a double take before counting.




Black rolls to his stomach.


And lifts himself up which gets a raised eyebrow from The Calvary.

Vinnie Lane: “Looks like Calvary thought this was gonna be a one and done, a hit it and quit it! But Black ain’t no punk!”

Calvary doesn't waste another moment though as he's right back into the fray with a flurry of shots! Upstairs, downstairs and all around! Black is getting pushed back into the corner here!

[color=##FF1493]Vinnie Lane: "Oh man, this isn't pretty at all! Black's getting pounded worse than a porn star here, and it doesn't look like Calvary's letting up any time soon!"

Calvary backs up... before bolting in at top speeds to crush John Black with a Stinger Splash! Black's limp body collapses out of the corner as the ref starts counting.




Black is trying to shake the cobwebs out of his system, but he's been rocked massively here.




Black starts to climb the ropes again...




He's up! Black is up!

Vinnie Lane: "Ooooooooh shit! Looks like Black still has some fight in him!"

John Black is motioning for Calvary to bring it! Calvary can't believe it! He's slightly shaking his head in disbelief as he gets ready again...

Calvary lunges in with a punch!


John Black actually managed to sidestep it in time!

And now he's responding back with clubbing forearms to the Calvary!

Vinnie Lane: "Holy shit! John Black might actually be able to make a comeback here!"

John Black manages to push Calvary to the ropes! Irish Whip from John Black! Calvary on the rebound with running strikes aplenty to the gut though! Now a running uppercut! How is Black still standing? Suddenly--


Vinnie Lane: "...Never mind."

Calvary burst off the ropes continuously to hit Justice, Righteousness, and Due Process! Black looks like he's out cold now! Calvary sits cross-legged as the ref starts counting yet again.







Black is beginning to stir yet again...






He's starting to crawl to the ropes! How is he still in this? Calvary is in disbelief as he stands back up!


But at his current rate, he won't be able to stand up in time!




John Black rolls out of the ring! He manages to stand up with the support of the ring!! The fans are on their feet!

Vinnie Lane: "Holy CRAP! Man, I haven't been giving Johnny B enough credit here. He's putting in the WORK!"

John Black slumps onto his knees though, under the ring as Calvary rolls out after him. Calvary grabs his opponent by the leg, pulling Black out--



Vinnie Lane: "Holy SHIT! The reflexes on this Calvary guy is INSANE! Hat's off to him!"

Calvary takes the kendo stick in his hands...









HE STARTS RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




The Calvary is finally down, but Black may have taken himself out with him! Can he even make it to his own feet in time?












Black begins to stir!


As does Calvary!


Calvary gets to a knee!


As Black's face drops down to the ground! Calvary barely able to stand!



[Image: gR8affl.png]
Maverick has his gym bag on wheels, rolling it behind him as he walks through the back locker room towards the outskirts of the arena.

Just as he turns the corner towards the door, we see Jenny Myst standing against the wall, all casual and such. She had her Lil Miss Myst shirt on and a pair of shiny leather leggings. Chewing gum rather obnoxiously, she looks at Mav with a smile.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Jenny smiles at him again.

"What, you don't understand English? Would you like me to speak it in dumb blonde?"

"What I speak, Mav, is English. And I just came to wish you good luck on Wednesday."

Mav looks at her with a cocked eyebrow.

"You came all the way to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to wish me luck? Why do I not buy that?"

"Because your gonna need luck....Because you aren't smart enough to know I never travel alone...."


He turns around just in time to get met with a spear.


Mav hits the concrete floor hard. Chaos pops up with a sick look on his face. Mav is holding his ribs, wincing. Chaos picks him up by the hair and whips him into the steel garage door, and Mav bounces off, walking into a flurry of punches and slaps from Myst. He is down again, as they stomp away on him as he tries to cover up.

Chaos lifts Mav up, knees him in the gut nearly ten times, brutal knees that double him over each time.........He lets go and a coughing Maverick falls to the concrete floor again.

"You wanna call me out?! You wanna try to embarass me, Mav? This is what happens."

He kicks him again, and Mav coughs again.

A few more stomps and Jenny squats down, grabbing Mav by the head and bringing him towards her face. She smiles again, then slaps him hard across the face.

"Let the games begin."

She slaps him again as the two laugh. Chaos puts his arm around her as they walk off screen, leaving Maverick in a sputtering and coughing heap.
[Image: gR8affl.png]

Amjetkun Socio
- vs -
Noah Jackson
- vs -
Atara Themis
- vs -
Fatal Fourway!

Comes out clapping and smiling, then doing the entrance music video routine just killin' it like a pimp on the dance floor. He finishes that bit and goes back to pumping his fists and nuts like a champ until he slips on some grease and has a full blown roid rage fit, spinning clotheslines and uppercuts to dicks, so many fans and ring crew people get hurt.

The arena lights dim and shift color casting the venue in a purple haze while simultaneously the ramp and stage lights turn pink. Hello Doves appears briefly on the X-tron in pink accompanied by Atara's voice saying the same over the arena PA right before Venus by Lady Gaga hits the speakers. The crowd goes apeshit crazy. Arena lights start to pulse in time with the music and multiple vertical streams of pyro erupt across the front of stage as Atara appears from backstage in a full grunge walk to centerstage right before the ramp. Posing for the camera, she blows a kiss before throwing off a silk robe to reveal her attire for the night.

She full on grungewalks to the ringsteps and stops at the top to posture once more for the fans before going to the middle of the apron where she blows yet another kiss to the camera before entering the ring very Stacy Kiebler-ish and awaits the start of the match.


The crowd pop as Noah Jackson strolls lazily from the back and basks in the glow of sick cunt energy washing over him. He slowly puts his right foot forward and glides down the ramp on his heelies, rhythmically raising and lowering pointed fingers to the sky as the crowd chants.


Until he reaches the apron where he gracefully rolls under the bottom rope and goes straight to the corner continuing his motions and the chants until his music is rudely cut off.

Boris walks down the ramp in a slump, looking unwell.

All four of the competitors are in the ring as the bell rings. Noah rushes at the clearly ill Boris and tackles him to the ground, while Socio lumbers towards Atara who is slowly backing away. Socio lunges for Atara but she ducks under him. Atara dropkicks the back of Socio’s knee. He drops to one knee, Atara bounces off of the ropes and executes a step up enziguri. Socio falls flat on the ground, as Atara turns her attention to Noah and Boris.

Vinnie Lane:Well it looks like we will have a good one here tonight, despite what the Sick Cunts have been saying about this show.

Noah is stomping away on the clearly sick Boris, but Noah is quickly dumped over the top rope by Noah. Atara picks up Boris, whole Noah slams his fists on the ground in frustration. Atara extends her leg into the throat of Boris choking him in the process. When suddenly Socio clotheslines her in the back and into Boris. Both Boris and Atara fall to the mat. Socio licks his lips while bending over to pick up Atara, but is once again clipped in the knee, only this time by Noah.

Noah grabs Socio and pushes him into the corner and runs across the ring to the opposite side. Then rushes back towards Socio nailing him with a running big boot across the face. Noah walks over and sets Atara up against the corner padding and does the same with Boris opposite Socio. Noah looks around the arena. And walks right up to Boris and grabs him by the chin and jams it upwards. Noah delivers a thunderous knife edge chop to Boris’s chest. The impact echos throughout the arena.

Vinnie Lane: Oh god what is that little bastard up to now?


Noah stomps over your Atara and jams her face towards the sky and delivers a chop to her as well.


Noah struts around the ring and points to Socio who is still somehow in the corner. Noah delivers thunderous chop to him.


And then another.


And another.


Vinnie Lane: Noah just lit Socio up like a Christmas Tree my dudes.

Noah winds up for another chop and swings, but his arm is caught by Socio. Socio headbutts Noah, as Noah stumbles backwards. Socio stomps on Noah’s foot causing him to hop around on one foot. Socio laughs and elbows Noah across the jaw. Noah no sell the fuck out of it.

Vinnie Lane: Soico paying Noah back there, some real stiff shots there.

Socio gets angry by the disrespect and elbows him again. Noah once again no sells it. Socio is enraged at this point. Noah looks dazed. He puts his hands up and staggers around then ring. Then.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Vinnie Lane: Did Noah just flop on the mat without anyone touching him?

Socio looks around the ring and sees Boris laying on the ground holding his chest. Soico picks up Boris and begins to shoulder tackle him over and over in the corner. Meanwhile Atara creeps up behind Socio and delivers a low blow. It doesn’t faze Socio one bit.

Vinnie Lane: Atara just made a mistake there, if you’re going to do that to Soicio you’ve got to have the aim of a highly trained sniper with how little those grapes are.

His gaze falls on Atara who slowly backs away, glancing up at the ramo, but no one is coming. Noah slides back into the ring and runs at Socio, who somehow side steps just in time causing Noah to run into Atara as both of them go crashing to the outside of the ring.

Socio shrugs and turns his attention back to Boris who is finally on his feet. Socio grabs him, and tries to whip him into the ropes, but Boris reverses as Socio goes tumbling out of the ring and to the floor. Boris shakes the cobwebs off and sees all three of his opponents on the outside of the ring. He points to the top rope, and begins to climb.

Vinnie Lane: Boris don’t do it….. I actually like you my guy….

With a quick breath, Boris launches himself off the top rope and onto all three competitors on the outside. With a loud crash all four competitors are down.

Vinnie Lane: Now would be the perfect time for some sort of shenanigans…. Hmm I wonder where Fuzz is? His son and his “Friend” are both in this match and he’s nowhere to be seen.

Slowly Noah makes his way to his feet, followed by Socio, Boris and Atara. All four are now back in the ring, when Boris drops to a knee and looks as if he’s about to throw up. Noah rushes at Atara, but is shoulder tackled by the advancing Socio. Socio ends up taking both of them out, as Atara rag dolls to the outside.

Vinnie Lane: That’s the only place where she will be able to stay away from Socio.

Socio stands up and drags Noah to the middle of the ring. He goes and drags Boris and leaves him right next to Noah. On instinct Nature Cunt, rolls over and places a hand on Boris.


Vinnie Lane: That was nothing but instinct… Does Socio even notice what’s going on?


Socio quickly breaks up the pin and begins to get furious. The two men shove each other a couple of times before Noah attempts to clothesline him, but Socio doesn’t budge. Noah runs off of the ropes to gain some momentum, but Socio once again doesn’t move. For the third time Noah runs at him, but is caught by a huge spinning power slam. Socio quickly jumps to his feet where he grabs Noah by the feet and lifts him high into the air. Noah’s body locks completely up.

“Not this shit again…..”

Socio swings Noah down on the prone body of Boris.



And then again.

Vinnie Lane: Hey that’s my move dude!



And then finally a third time.



Vinnie Lane: It didn’t work for me, but Socio made that seem easy.

Noah’s body goes completely limp after the third hit and seems to be knocked out. Socio checks for Atara at ring side, but she’s already halfway up the ramp.

Vinnie Lane: No backup and a monster on the loose looking for you? Yup that’s where I’d be.

Socio begins to kick the bottom rope in a furious rage. Socio grabs Boris and holds him up and delivers a devestating PHPPP, holding on through the bridge for the pin.


Vinnie Lane: Yup this is academic. Boris was sick before and now he’s basically DOA.




[Image: gR8affl.png]

Alex Paen: Last time on Missing, we spoke about Thunder Knuckles. After our hotline hit the air we got a tip.

[Image: missing-poster-template-5912111e5d415c2d...screen.jpg]

Jimmy: From who?

Alex Paen: Robbie Motherfucking Bourbon.

Jimmy: Great! What did he say?

Alex Paen pulls out a piece of paper and reads the quote.

Alex Paen: “This is Robbie Motherfucking Bourbon. I think I might have seen Thunder Knuckles. When I was in a gas station, could have been him, could have been a bag of pretzels. Not too sure. I guess I'll go back to the gas station and see if they have any presents. Good luck.”

Jimmy: When was this taken Alex?

Alex Paen: Tuesday, February 4th, 2020.

Jimmy: I think I have an idea about what gas station that is! We should investigate!

Alex Paen: Stay tuned and call the hotline for tips!

[Image: gR8affl.png]

"Notorious" Ned Kaye
- vs -
Geri Miller

The entire stadium goes black as the song begins. Slowly, the X-Tron begins to show scarce, glowing embers, the light of each one illuminating smoke growing at the entrance of the ramp. As the song continues, more embers are seen until a large fire is displayed on the screen. The ramp then glows Ned's famous blue, revealing a silhouette in the smoke. Slowly stepping from the fog is none other then Notorious Ned Kaye. He stops for a moment, calming himself in front of the clamoring crowd. He lifts an arm, eyeing the stands to watch the many audience members who follow suit. With a single smile, he drops his arm and rushes towards the ring, slipping in from under the bottom rope, picking himself up immediately.

Geri strolls down the ramp with a blunt in her mouth.

Vinnie Lane: "Next up on Anarchy we have The Goddess of Ganja stepping up to the Notorious, only called so by his mother, Ned Kaye!"


The Notorious One circles around the ring just as Geri does. The two look at one another knowing there’s only one hope to win this one and that’s to do it quickly! Ned rushes towards Geri who slides underneath him and comes out on the other side. Ned turns around only to catch a kick straight up between his eyes. He staggers backwards as he clutches his nose. Geri rushes him, grabs his legs and brings him to the mat before bridging over into a pin hooking his legs her arms!



NO! Kickout by Ned!

Vinnie Lane: "Well hot damn! Ned looked like he was about to get taken out early! Finishing early is probably an issue he’s always had. Poor guy."

Ned rolls to his feet as Geri does hers. She rushes towards him with a superkick! But Ned catches the boot and shakes his head before turning and sweeping the leg taking Geri down the mat with a thump. Ned quickly grabs her leg and leaps up driving his knee into the side of Geri’s leg! She cries out in pain for a moment before Ned stands back up and DRIVES ANOTHER KNEE INTO HERS!

Vinnie Lane: "Ned Kaye is really drilling into her. Wait, I mean, Ned is really knocking her legs out from underneath her. Damnit… Ned is really working over her leg. Yeah, let’s go with that!"

Geri quickly slaps Ned and pulls away from him clutching her knee in pain. The Notorious One rises to his feet and pursues, but Geri quickly grabs the bottom rope. The referee steps in between them and pulls Ned back who takes a moment to just put up his hands in acknowledgement. Geri pulls herself up to her feet as Ned rushes towards her after the referee has moved out of the way.


Vinnie Lane: "OOF! That’s a long way down for the Notorious One!"

But Geri sidesteps him as he manages to go right between the top and second rope and all the way to the floor! He lands in a heap on the outside as Geri grins seeing her opportunity. She climbs to the top rope and looks down at Ned clutching his ribs. She leaps!



Vinnie Lane: "That’s a great move, but maybeeeeee she should have done that in the ring instead."

The move connects, but both Geri and Ned are out on the outside of the ring. Geri rolls away clutching her ribs as Ned is clutching his in intense pain now. The referee checks to make sure they’re both conscious before stepping up and throwing a finger into the air.


Both combatants are just clutching their ribs in pain.


Geri Miller manages to find her way to the steel railing around the ring.


Ned is slowly inching his way towards the apron.


Geri pulls herself to her feet. Someone in the audience hands her a blunt that she shrugs before taking a quick puff.


Ned pulls himself to his feet by the apron. Geri passes the blunt back before rushing towards Ned.


SUPERKICK! Ned connects the kick, but he collapses after.


Both are down once again, but the referee continues his count!


Both are slowly pulling themselves up the apron and reaching towards the inside of the ring.


BICYCLE KICK FROM NED! Geri is blasted back into the steel steps where she slumps to the floor. Ned rolls into the ring!


Geri has been counted out!


Vinnie Lane: "Ned is on a roll recently! Maybe it's his hair giving him powers... Man, I wish I had Ned's hair."

[Image: gR8affl.png]

[Image: gR8affl.png]

- vs -
Phantom Panzer
Punxsutawney Peekaboo Match!

Punxsutawney Phil got ran over by a BMW in the car park! So this will now be a standard singles

Maverick starts in the ring.

He slowly walks out as the lights dim. Then they light up on the ramp only, and he walks out and as he walks along the lit ramp, blood seemingly follows his every step, coating the ramp. As he reaches the ring, the ring is lit up and before he enters, and as he steps foot inside the squared circle, the effect rushes from all four corners. After a minute, he throws his arms out fast upwards, and the lights brighten as bloodied confetti shoots out and into the crowd.

Both Maverick and Phantom Panzer have made it to the ring, and are just waiting for the bell. The referee calls for it and it rings.

Suddenly Maverick goes running at Panzer and takes him down with a tackle. Maverick jumps on top of Panzer and starts hitting hin with lefts and rights.

Phantom Panzer tries blocking. He manages to block a few but some get through.

Using his weight Phantom Panzer manages to push Maverick off of him, and as soon as he does, Panzer rolls to the other side of the ring, and uses the ropes to pull himself up.

Suddenly again Maverick is up on his feet and running at Panzer. Panzer quickly drops down, pulling the ropes with him. Maverick as hard as he tries to stop himself, cant, and he goes diving over the ropes, to the floor below.

Phantom Panzer is up on his feet looking down at Maverick who is lying stunned on the floor outside the ring. He smiles and backs his way to the middle of the ring, and gets set to lie in wait, like a hunter waiting for its prey.

Meanwhile Maverick sits up, and contemplates his comedy of errors. He gets his breath back and pulls himself together.

He gets to his feet and looks into the ring but from his advantage point he cannot see his opponent.

Maverick gets slowly into the ring, but this time it is he who is pounced upon when Panzer hits him with an ax-handle smash.

Down goes Maverick, Panzer grabs him and sets him up for a VERTICAL SUPLEX and executes it.

Panzer goes for a 2nd VERTICAL SUPLEX and executes that well. He leaves a stunned Maverick trying to grasp where he is and what is happening, and Panzer runs to the ropes, rebounds off of them, comes back and hits Maverick with a KNEE DROP.

Maverick cries out in pain as its obvious that knee drop was strategically placed by Panzer.

Panzer goes for a quick cover.




Maverick kicks out. Panzer gets to his feet. He pulls Maverick back to his, and HIP TOSSES him across the ring.

The force of the Hip Toss makes Maverick land near one of the corners. Maverick continues to move because of the kinetic energy, and Maverick goes face first into the corner post.

Maverick stumbles back out of the corner and the camera catches him all bloodied with a busted nose.

Phantom Panzer looks at Maverick and starts laughing at the good job he did with the corner post. This infuriates Maverick. He goes running at Panzer and hits him with a DROP KICK.

Phantom Panzer goes flying backwards across the ring, and his back hits the corner post, and stays down in a crumpled heap in the corner.

Meanwhile Maverick tries to get back to his feet after the drop kick move, but its obvious his bleeding nose is effecting hin still and he drops to his knees. He seems to be having trouble with his sight.

Now both wrestlers are down.

What the hell?!

IT'S JENNY MYST! She has a match with Mav on Warfare....what the hell is she doing here?!

Jenny walks down the ramp.

[Image: kOOdZdP.gif]

She circles the ring, obviously getting Mav's attention. He takes his eyes off Panzer for two seconds, and turns around into a drop kick, knocking him back into the corner.

Myst continues to circle the ring, clapping every time Mav hits an offensive move, obviously to get in his head.

Jenny jumps up onto the apron. The ref is paying attention to her, and has his back to the match. Panzer slides into the ring with a chair, cracking Mav over the head with it. Jenny smiles and jumps down as Panzer ditches the chair, slides into the cover.




Jenny backs up the ramp with a grin on her face as Panzer stares at her. Mav is flat on his back in the center of the ring.


Vinnie Lane: "Oh c'mon really? Vote Mav..."

[Image: gR8affl.png]

- vs -
"Big Beautiful" Bobbi London
Internet Rules!


The OG of PG comes out with her title to raucous crowd, she runs down the ramp high-fiving fans and kissing babies.

The Sickest C*nt” by Enkay1er begins to play as the lights turn up all through the arena. Bobbi emerges through the crowd, microphone in hand as she sings along with the words to her rather obnoxious and crude theme song. She prompts the fans to sing along with her, to the delight of the young fans and shock and embarrassment of the older people and parents, who attempt to cover their children’s ears. Bobbi slowly rolls over the barricade as she finally climbs into the ring, continuing to rap and dance terribly as the fans go wild.

Vinnie Lane: “Ruby has her work cut out for her tonight as she’s up against yet another huge foe in Big, Beautiful Bobbi London! Interesting she’s called London and she’s from Australia…”


The bell sounds as Ruby quickly rushes towards Bobbi and begins working her legs over with a serious of quickfire kicks to the side of her knees. Despite the barrage of kicks, Beautiful Bobbi London doesn’t seem too impacted by the blows. She reaches out and grabs two handfuls of Ruby’s hair and nails her with a HELLACIOUS head-butt!

Ruby slumps to the floor as the impact of that huge cranium may have done her in! Bobbi hits the ropes sensing this one is already over. She does a quick jive as she approaches Ruby before leaping up with he leg stretched for a leg drop!

Vinnie Lane: “We’re going to have to scrape Ruby up off the mat after this match!”


Ruby managed to slide out of the way just in the nick of time! She smirks as Bobbi is now down on her level. Ruby hits the ropes by leaping from the second one and connecting with a dropkick sending London snapping backwards to the mat. Ruby quickly climbs to the top rope and leaps backwards!

Vinnie Lane: “MOONSAULT!”


Ruby covers her and quickly hooks a leg!



NO! London kicks out powerfully!

Vinnie Lane: “Going to need to hit Bobbi London with something much harder than a moonsault to keep her down! Like a tube of salami or a tub of butter or something.”

Ruby is quick to her feet and begins drilling Bobbi with a series of kicks. However each kick just seems to be firing up the near three hundred pounder! Bobbi rears back with her right hand!


Vinnie Lane: “Clean up aisle 2! Ruby’s face was just broken into pieces from that shot.”

Ruby slumps down to the mat once more although there’s no faking this collapse. London quickly goes over and puts her body weight across Ruby!



3!!! NO! Ruby managed to get her hand out to touch the bottom rope!

Vinnie Lane: “Look at Ruby being resourceful. However… Bobbi’s gonna kill you.”

Bobbi London looks displeased before she grabs up Ruby and loads her up onto her shoulders and walks around the ring dropping a few fresh lines. She’s about to fall back, but Ruby nails her with a shot right to the top of the head as Ruby slips out. But Ruby manages to hook the head of London on the way down!


Ruby covers Bobbi!



3!!! NO! London faintly got a shoulder up!

Vinnie Lane: “The high impact offense is beginning to show cracks in the foundation! And Bobbi has plenty of those cracks to be sure!”

Ruby looks a bit shocked by this, but she quickly gets to the top rope. She points down at Bobbi before leaping with her knees pulled almost up to her chin!


The double foot stomp MISSES!

Vinnie Lane: “Bobbi showing some of her cunning there. Ruby better be praying for deliverance from what’s coming next.”

Bobbi managed to roll out of the way just in time! Ruby staggers forward before turning towards Bobbi who sends her careening over with a thunderous shoulder charge! Ruby does a few tumbles before slamming back into the corner turnbuckle. Ruby slowly begins pulling herself up to the top of the corner, but she’s met with a freight train! Bobbi London leaps as she rushes towards Ruby and just collapses into her with a corner splash! Ruby slumps to the mat as Bobbi pulls her towards the center of the ring.

She snatches Ruby up to her feet, but Ruby manages to get a knee into the face of Bobbi! She leaps up and hooks the head of Bobbi once more for… THE RUBY CUTTER! Ruby scampers towards the corner and climbs up before leaping off!


This time the double foot stomp connects as Ruby hooks a leg!





Vinnie Lane: "What a win from Ruby! Great job to the Super Dear'o. Now, I gotta get my fighting bandana on!"

[Image: gR8affl.png]
Backstage, we catch up with Amjetkun Socio. He is seen curling a pair of 100 lb. dumbbells.


He continues to pump the massive and heavy iron. He drops the weights and makes a weird kind of hissing sound that dudes with muscles in their shit tend to make from time to time, like the air leaving his lungs has to struggle past the lung muscles. He then looks up and grins.


The camera zooms out to show Robbie Bourbon. He's looking at Socio with a blank expression. Out of nowhere, a song starts playing.

Socio looks around confusedly. Robbie gazes at Socio.

Bro, I've been looking for a bro to be a real bro and spot me in the gym! Like, nobody else can hang with this!

Let's arm wrestle.

Woah, bro! YES!!!

Socio hops up and down in excitement. Robbie looks at him, standing perfectly still. Socio slides a massive trunk, the kind the XWF uses to transport equipment around the world from show to show, in between he and Robbie. Socio leans in and puts his right elbow on the box, his right palm open and waiting.

You're going to stop talking about raping Atara.

Socio looks confusedly at Robbie.

BRO! I was going to rape her so she wouldn't get...


Robbie snags Socio by the back of the head and smashes his face downward into the trunk.




After the third consective time Robbie slams Socio's face into the trunk, Socio staggers back, a trickle of blood coming from his nose. He reaches across the trunk and punches Robbie! Robbie staggers back, his head turned sideways from the sheer power of that punch.


Socio slides the trunk back out of the way and steps towards Robbie, ready to do more damage. Robbie turns his face back to Socio, a snarl formed in his lips. With a swift motion, Robbie kicks Socio straight in the dick. Socio doubles over.


Robbie grabs Socio, still bent over, and hurls him headfirst into the trunk, sending it toppling over.


Robbie grabs Socio by the back of the skull, spins him, and plants his face into the cinderblock wall of the hallway they are in.


Robbie stoops and finds, of all things, a long strand of cable that is connected to things not seen on screen. He loops the cable around Socio's massive neck and begins strangling him with it.

None. None at all.

Socio grasps at the cable as officials rush the scene, peeling Robbie off of Socio. Robbie steps away, his hands up, and Socio is seen coughing profusely, catching his breath.


Robbie rushes through the officials and kicks Socio in the gut. Robbie hoists Socio up.


The force of the Robbiebomb absolutely destroys the trunk, collapsing it. Socio lies still within the wreckage of the trunk, besides the occasional reflexive twitch. Robbie tromps off.
[Image: gR8affl.png]
Anarchy is about to head into its main event between Vinnie and Barney, when we see the screen fill with static.... an image then appears;

[Image: avatar_2410.jpg]

[Image: iAm_zpsfipyllse.png]

As the vision appears, we hear a voice through the speakers--

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the beginning of a whole new era in the Realm of Xtreme. I represent a group that is oncoming, looking to shake things to the core, and provide you people with an entirely new XWF. You cannot escape, you cannot fight this, you have no choice but to deal with it. I was born into a life of hell. the. My father spent every night abusing my mom and cheating on her with my babysitter till the day she gave up and ran away. Soon after, I escaped as well and found my way in life... the girl of my dreams became my wife, before she became the next person to stab me in the back, by cheating on me with my best friend. I eventually had enough and realized you cannot trust anyone in this life... sometimes not even the man in the mirror. But I vow to myself that I will let the past fuel my picture, bringing the whole goddamn XWF crashing down, so we may rebuild it in our vision. We are coming to the XWF to undo the damage caused by talentless hacks, and when we arrive? NONE of you will be safe. We intend on capturing every title in the promotion, destroying everything and everyone in sight. We are unstoppable, we are undetterable, we ARE undeniable and we will be the XWF's only hope. You will all have no choice but to bow before us as we rule with an iron fist. XWF??...... prepare for the worst.

" .....for even that will not prepare you for us."

[Image: gR8affl.png]

Barney Green
- vs -
"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane
Unsanctioned/No Holds Barred!!

Roxy Cotton: “Well, I guess this is what it’s come down to, everyone… my fiance, being stupid, getting in the ring once again when he damn well knows better. Against a loswer like Barney no less. Ugh.”

"Death March" By Motionless In White starts to play as the fans boo throughout the arena. Out comes Barney Green as we see that figure with him. The figure cackles as he sees Barney Green start walking down towards the ring. The fans look frightened as the figure follows him. He makes it to the ring as we see the figure pull out a car battery and jumper cables. Green just exposes his thumbs to him as the figure sparks the cables and then places them on Green's thumbs as Green just grunts. he removes the cables and Green climbs into the ring. Green just stares into space as his music fades.

Roxy Cotton: “I mean look at him. LOOK at him. He’s disgusting. He looks like a baloney sandwich that came to life. He’s like the Pillsbury Dough Boy after a Gypsy put a curse on him. Gross.”

Roxy Cotton: “And here’s my idio- WHOA!”

Vinnie Lane pops out from behind the curtain and is all business. He tosses his bandanna on the ramp and drops his entrance jacket before racing down to the ring and sliding in under the bottom rope. Before referee John Bihl can even react Vinnie has spun Barney around and begun peppering him with hard right hands!


Vinnie is all over Barney, taking out all of his anger and frustration in the form of fists. Green is backed into the ropes and sent tumbling over with a huge scimitar of a clothesline from the former Universal Champion, and the crowd roars as Lane screams like a wild animal and follows him out.

Barney staggers outside the ring while Vinnie stalks him on the apron, dropping down onto Green’s back with a clubbering forearm that sends Barney into the guard railing. Vinnie pours it on, slamming Barney face first into the rail, then immediately goes under the ring looking for plunder. He comes back with a fire extinguisher which he then unloads on Green right as he turns around. Barney hacks and coughs and flops onto his back, clawing at his face. Vinnie then drives the canister into Green’s midsection before flinging it away.

Roxy Cotton: “Oh wow… Vinnie’s really mad. I mean I knew being bald was gonna make him grumpy but GEEZ.”

Reaching under the ring some more, Vinnie tosses out a few steel chairs and then pulls out a stop sign, since there’s always one of those under there for some reason. Usually right next to a bundle of kendo sticks. Vinnie pulls out the sign and lifts it over his head to blast Barney with it, but Barney blocks it and kicks Vin in the gut. He swipes the sign away and sends it crashing into Vinnie’s bald head. Vinnie is sent reeling backward and rolls back into the ring, and Barney follows him. Vinnie rolls to his feet and comes at Barney but Barney snares him…. Black hole slam from Green! Barney slides into a cover!



Vinnie kicks out!

Roxy Cotton: “Get him Vinnie! It’s going to take a lot more than that to put MY man down!”

Barney pulls Vinnie up by his chin and then drops him again with a big headbutt. Barney then puts the boots to him, focusing on Vinnie’s neck. Lane wails and rolls away, grabbing at the back of his neck with a face full of pain. Barney Green smiles SADISTICALLY and then heads back out of the ring, retrieving a bag from under the ring skirts. When he re enters the ring he sticks his hand into the bag and pulls out a fist full of gleaming metal thumb tacks!

Vinnie eventually gets back to his feet but when he turns to face Barney he catches a face full of tacks, courtesy of a fastball pitch from Green. Vinnie grabs his eyes and stumbles back into a corner as Barney dumps out the rest of the bag onto the ring mat.

Barney rushes Lane in the corner, smashing into him and rattling his spine against the turnbuckles. He then grabs him up and hits a devastating Belly-to-Barney suplex that sends Vinnie sprawling just inches from the tacks. Green pulls Lane up again and sets him up over the tacks looking for a powerbomb by the looks of things… but Vinnie drops to his knees in desperation, sending an uppercut into Barney’s nethers!

Roxy Cotton: “Looks like the T Girls aren’t going to get much of a show tonight! Barney’s cojones are out of commission!”

Vinnie stands up and tucks Barney’s head between his thighs, then hooks his arms… Operation Mindcrime! Barney is sent face first into the tacks with that devastating screwdriver… but he gets right back to his feet!

Roxy Cotton: “What the fuck? It’s like it didn’t even bother him!”

Vinnie is catching his breath but can’t believe what he sees. Barney is right in his face, tacks in his cheeks and forehead, grinning from ear to ear. Barney lunges at Vinnie with a clothesline but Vinnie somehow dodges. He grabs his arms through Barney’s and rotates him, lifting him upside down on his back for the Black Label Driver! But he winces in pain and lets Barney drop to the mat harmlessly, while he grabs at his neck in agony.

Roxy Cotton: “I told him he couldn’t do this! Vinnie you’re going to get yourself crippled!”

Barney is up and slams a double ax handle into Vinnie’s back, sending him forward and through the ropes to the outside. Following him, Barney pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up, then lays Vinnie across it. Vinnie, still writhing in pain and grabbing his neck, doesn’t offer any resistance and soon enough Barney has pulled out a box of fluorescent light tubes from beneath the ring as well! He pulls out a tube and shatters it on Vinnie, covering him with glass and white powder. Blood starts to seep out from a dozen tiny cuts on Vinnie’s face, and Barney lays other light tubes across his body.

Roxy Cotton: “What the fuck is this monster doing? WHAT ARE YOU DOING BARNEY GREEN???”

Barney lays several tubes across Vinnie and then pulls a second box out from under the ring. He dumps out all of the light tubes and grabs them up, climbing onto the ring apron while hugging the tubes close to his own body… and then he leaps off and through Vinnie and the table with all the tubes in his arms! A dozen or more light tubes shatter between the two mens’ bodies as the crowd gasps in shock!

Roxy Cotton: “No! VINNIE!”

Vinnie is foaming at the mouth and twitching as Barney stands up and hovers over him. Referee John Bihl can only plead with Green to take things back into the ring, but he has no control of anything else as the match is unsanctioned and without official rules!

Roxy Cotton: “No more! NO MORE!”

Roxy jumps up from her seat behind the announce table and runs toward the ring, pulling out a white handkerchief from… somewhere. She waves it over her head and throws it into the ring! John Bihl sees it and calls for a bell!


Tig O’Bitties: “Ladies and gentlemen… the referee has called a stop to this match due to corner stoppage! Your winner… BARNEY GREEN!”


Roxy rushes to Vinnie and screeches for help as Barney Green backs away, laughing. Anarchy goes off the air as EMTs and officials flood the area to help the injured XWF owner.

Special Thanks To:
Vinnie Lane
Jenny Myst
Robbie Bourbon
Red-X... I guess

[Image: V3i33MC.png]
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