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Scene of the Crime:
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(the perfect heel; hated even by the fans who usually cheer heels; pisses off internet fans too)

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02-14-2020 05:34 PM

Thick grey clouds as far as the eyes can see are on display as the sounds of thunder in the distance can be heard every several seconds as our scene fades into focus at an undisclosed cemetery in Miami, Florida.

The sounds of the rain meeting the ground can be heard as we see standing at the recently desecrated grave-site of Patricia Slater where we find THE Tristan Slater standing at the foot of the dirt looking to where his mother’s headstone once stood.

”I wish I would have come under better circumstances, mother.” I think it’s safe to say that everyone knew this was coming. Fresh off the heels of Chris Page showing the world just how shitty a person he is that I visit the scene of the crime and see it with my own two eyes. As my eyes scan over the dirt you can still see the mother fuckers show prints which is almost enough to have me lose my shit, but I don’t because I know that’s the game Chris Page is playing. What transpired here a few short days ago came from a man that is exuding desperation because his back is against the wall. ”Up until last week I thought this was the only place that would be considered sacred ground, but a visit from Chris Page turned this into a crime scene. I hate that this happened to you but I understand why he did what he felt he had to do because when you’re a loser like Page you have to lash out to save what little face he can save” I don’t know what’s more pathetic, the fact that you stooped as low as you had to stoop to remotely tilt the scales in your favor or that you’re proud of it because you assume that you’ve won this game. Assumption has always been one of your biggest flaws alongside your ego and both flaws are on firm display which means you’re one step closer to where I want you which is right in the palm of my hands. This little stunt is going to backfire on you Chris and it’s going to blow the fuck up in your face on a national setting with the world watching and anticipating just what the fuck we’re going to do to each other. ”He came after you because he had no other ammunition to fire and thought that by using you that he would get to me… well… he failed… again. Mother, he thought that urinating on your coffin and shattering your headstone was going to flip that switch and send me into some sort of crazed frenzy; when in actuality I’m going to channel all these emotions, all these feelings and explode upon Chris Page like he’s never seen before...” I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life where I’ve been looking forward to a single encounter than I am right now when it comes to dealing with you Chris. Your stunt has not only reestablishes just how much I loathe the ground you walk on but all the more reason why you shouldn’t be allowed to be in our business to begin with. So I guess I’ll have to fix that on Savage and I guess Fuzz and Noah can thank me for eliminating the thorn that is Chris Page from their sides because Chris you’re not going to make it past Savage. You might want to do your fan base a favor and go ahead and have them set their DVR’s because it’s going to be the last time anyone see’s your pathetic, arthritic ass in the business! That’s right ladies and gentleman I’m taking Old Yellar out behind the barn and I’m going to put him down with a single shot gun blast. Ding Dong the Bitch is gone!

”But mother I’m not just doing this for me anymore… I’m doing this for you as well. You raised me not to take shit, you raised me to stand up and fight for what I feel is right regardless of popular opinion and you raised me to put a bully down if he ever tried to step to me…” Bully is the perfect word to describe you when you pick on someone who’s resting place is six feet underground and has been for the last eight years. It’s not in the realm of possibility for me NOT to punch you in the face and to force you to scream like the little bitch you are for the world to hear. Much like me you’ve not made many friends around here since you walked back through the doors so I think it’s safe to say I’ll get a standing ovation from the locker room after I humiliate you and BEAT you on neutral ground. You’re going to be brought down a peg or two and I’m going to use this as my springboard back into the limelight. It only takes one meaningful win to turn around a career and while my career might be in the shitter right this second it’s not going to stay there. You’re going to be responsible for the single biggest comeback story this federation has seen in years because when I put you down in the center of the ring I’ll move on and put my foot in Bourbon’s ass before taking away Centurion’s title and it’s ALL because of you, Chris. ”Mom I just want you to know that when it comes to the bully that is Chris Page I’m going to step to him in just a few short days and I’ll make you proud to call me your son. I make no apologies for my actions when I step into that ring because you’re going to see bloodshed like you’ve never seen before and will never see again. I can literally kill you in this Street Fight and face no legal ramifications, so ask yourself if pissing me off was in your best interest. One things for certain because once I bury what’s left of your career I’m going to dig it back up and whip my dick out before pissing all over it and much like I fired the first REAL shot at you back at the Lethal Lottery I’ll be shooting the final shot as well because there’s not a fucking chance that you’re leaving Savage in anything less than a body bag.

”He’s going to get what’s coming to him, I promise.”

It's then that a massively loud clasp of thunder catches Tristan off guard as he jumps backwards, and then sees a beam of light but it's not lightning. He shields his eyes and tries to make out just what's coming at him as the lights get bright, blistering white.

"Are those... headlights?" I've never seen headlights seem to descend from the sky and land in my path before, but lately anything's possible. As the lights grow closer, I start to hear something getting louder. A sound so beautiful and mesmerizing that it somehow calms me as soon as I can make it out. It's a song...

((you know you want to click play and listen to the entire track))

And somehow, some way, in this very moment, I had lost any and every semblance of doubt in my vibe. It was... magical to say the least.

”Hey Tristan! Hop in! It’s about to really get bad out here.” - And as soon as I hear the echoing voice belonging to Elon Musk, I blink my eyes, having momentarily zoned out and stopped paying attention to my surroundings as the music took me away. Elon smiles at me as the passenger side door to the enigmatic masterpiece of technology known as the Tesla Cybertruck slowly opens automatically, beckoning me as I’m still trying to get a grasp how he magically appeared from the sky. ”How did you…” ”There's no time to explain. I've got something important in the back and I don't want it to 'expire'.” Naturally I wonder about that for a moment but as another clasp of thunder booms all around me, I reluctantly walk around the front end of the Tesla Cybertuck to the passenger side before taking a deep breath and getting in as the door closes automatically. "Buckle up. No seat belts in this model yet!!" exclaimed Elon as I was just reaching over my shoulder for the... wait WHAT?!?!?

But before Tristan could even begin to wonder, the Tesla Cybertruck seemingly shoots off at warp speed before disappearing into thin air.

The Promo-

”Let’s go ahead and cut to the chase, get to the meat and potatoes of this situation that we have found ourselves in… Chris. You’ve taken things to a completely different level with what you’ve done to my mother’s grave all for the sake of getting personal with me after I exposed you for the horrible husband and shitty father you was and are, and you’re going to be held accountable for your actions come Savage Saturday Night. Congratulations on accomplishing your goal of pissing me off; while incredibly stupid knowing that I’m about to be in an environment where there aren’t any rules or disqualifications.

Not the brightest idea for sure.

At first it angered me to see what you felt the need to do to the grave-site of my mother… but then the more I thought about it the more it became crystal clear as to WHY you went there to begin with, and it’s very simple… you’re desperate. You heard me… you reek of desperation because you know that I’ve been inside your head since the hood was pulled off and I was outed as the Hired Gun. You want to pretend that it didn’t hurt you to know that this entire time I’ve been in league with Shane Carver as collectively we calculated each and every move up to and including the one we’re about to make. For someone that claims to be so smart you’re incredibly stupid.

I could easily vent frustrations over your actions but headstones can be replaced and you pissed on a casket… BIG FUCKING DEAL! But hey, sell it like it was the be all end all of your career, sell it like you’re proud of it because all you did when you aired those actions was show the entire world just how much of a douche bag you really are. You proved me right and you’ve proven everything I’ve said about you to be correct and your only response was to embrace it so don’t you patronize me by embracing the negativity because we both know the only reason you did embrace it is because it was the only move you had.

You seriously are retarded if you think that you’re going to walk all over me or that you’ve pushed me over the limit… you haven’t… and as you would say you didn’t even graze my chin. The only thing that you managed to do was further motivate me into ripping your throat out on national television, it only further motivates me to gut you like a pig and watch as your inside fall out and stain the canvass, it further motivate me to humiliate and embarrass you because you’re foolish enough to think that you control the world around you. So let me tell you how this is going to play out for you since you’re hell bent on this being the end of this war; you walk to the ring, you fail, I win, you don’t accept it and come at me again… I win… what’s funny about trying to dictate a pace is you don’t really know which direction it’s going to take or what twist and turns it has along the way.

Let’s say hell freezes over and you actually win.

I’ll just jump you every chance I get until you walk back into another situation because as SATAN as my witness I will not rest, I will not stop chasing you down until you’re out of this business once and for all! That’s as real as real can get when it comes to you and I. The one thing, the one piece of advice that I can give you rests with this… You’re responsible for what happens to you next. Your fate is already sealed and I will lay your carcass at the feet of Shane Carver for him to do with you as he pleases.

… and then I can move forward to you… Fat Boy Bourbon.

I see you and I aren’t squaring off on Warfare like YOU TOLD ME I WOULD DO! Next time you flap your dick sucker about what I am or am not going to do might want to actually know what the fuck you’re talking about. I’m going to be seeing you sooner than you might think because I see you’re in the ring with another dear friend of mine in Centurion on the upcoming Warfare where you’re challenging for yet another title that you don’t deserve. Considering the nature of my relationship with the three of you perhaps I pop on over to Warfare and pay you both a visit. Two birds… one fucking stone. If you’re thinking about playing with THE Tristan Slater might I suggest you pay very close attention to Savage and the massacre that is going to unfold between me and Chris Page… and then might you pay attention to Warfare to see what I do to both Centurion and two tons of fun… because you’ll think again. I want you all to pay close attention to how I kill off the legacy that is Chris Page and send him back into obscurity where he belongs because as of right fucking now the XWF is my oyster and I’m going to exploit it at each and every turn. I’m going to strike why the iron is hot and while I have your undivided attention now I’ll command more of it when my prophecy becomes reality. I am going to kill this federation alongside Shane Carver, Peter Gilmour, The Engineer and a host of others… but it starts with you, Chris. It starts with holding you accountable for what you’ve done not only in the distant past but recent memories… trust me when I say no one is going to mourn your loss.

You’re first.

Robbie’s second.

Centurion is third.

Robert Main you’re fourth.

[Image: 8j7VT0K.png]
- XWF World Heavyweight Champion x2
- XWF United States Champion x1
- XWF Xtreme Champion x1
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