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"The Omega Prophecy"
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02-14-2020 02:17 AM

Continued From: "Robert Main becomes the patron saint of toast and wrestling.”

“So, since Robert is being a cock let me introduce myself.”

Page extends his hand to Nisha

” I’m “Chronic” Chris Page. Robert and I are working together nowadays, so you’ll be seeing me around from time to time.”

Nisha glances at the extended hand pulling away.

“I know who you are, and everything that you’ve done. I have no idea why Robert is willing to work with someone like you.”

Page smiles coyly.

“Someone like me? A legend in this industry, a man who’s done it all, a man that’s pushed Robert through that glass ceiling? You should be saying you’re welcome. Sweetheart the proof is in the pudding, and yeah, I guess a guy like me don’t need an introduction I’m known worldwide. Listen, you don’t have to like me, but I’m not going anywhere.”

Page eyeballs the kitchen ceiling for a moment.

“Robert and I have enormous plans ahead of us, our past is in the past, we buried that hatchet, we have each other’s backs now, so don’t worry. I get it though, you're worried about his wellbeing, he in good hands that I promise”.

Nisha rolls her bewitching caramel eyes as Robert enters the kitchen there’s a shimmer in Nisha’s eyes. They glisten like an ancient diamond holding secrets, the same way a pot holds soil.

[Image: Chgjdwk.png]

” Everything alright?”

Robert nods as his lips brush Nisha’s. Not innocently, more like a tease red-hot, unrestrained, intense and demanding. She tries to pull away before losing herself but can’t seem to. At this moment, her rationality has been titillated as she can no longer think correctly.


He whispers deliberately, prolonging each letter as she beams, her heart fluttering at his voice as she clasps Robert’s hands-on each side of her face.

” I’m fine.. This burn won’t stop me from taking you to pound town later tonight. That tweet though.. That’s gained some traction.”

Robert’s pulls his phone from his jeans seeing he’s now been tagged in the twitter post.

” Well…”

Robert sighs.

“It’s official my burnt beaver basher is trending on twitter. It’s safe to say that my dick is now more popular then Chris Chaos was at the height of his career.”

Robert notices his kitchen table loaded with weed.

“Are you rolling a joint on my kitchen table?”

Page shrugs.

“Uh yeah…. And it’s a blunt Robert. You need to learn the lingo.”

Page places the blunt behind his ear.

“Tell me, what’s the deal with Chaos? The guy seems like a walking contradiction. I’m surprised he didn’t take the easy route and do an interview with Steve.”

Robert interjects.

“The only person that should be interviewing Chris Chaos is a freaking psychiatrist. The guy shouldn’t even be allowed to watch wrestling let alone participate in it. You see his trash promo? That was the easy route. He’s one bad match away from being permanently removed from the XWF.”

Page leans back in the chair placing his feet on the oak kitchen table annoying Robert.

“Oh, and what’s the deal with the power couple talk? These two haven’t done anything in forever. It makes no sense, the shit that rambles out of their mouths, all you can do is scratch your head and say what the hell are they talking about. It’s like a fat chick smoking Virginia Slims… It can’t be explained.”

Robert and Nisha snicker.

“Heard lots of impressive things about Jenny. She sounds like a real winner.. The girls got quite a few nicknames with the “boys”.. My favorite though is laundry mat.”

“Why laundry mat?”

Page grins from ear to ear.

“Because darling, everybody’s dumped a load in it.”

Laughter erupts from Robert and Chris.

“Ewww gross.. It’s probably true though. Robert, you think your one-eyed wonder weasel burns? Imagine how Chris Chaos feels when he sticks his needle dick in Jenny.”

Robert waves Nisha off.

“We just ate, and I don’t want to imagine that. Jenny’s gonorrhea would give the Corona Virus a run for its money. I’ve heard she's infected more people so far than the virus has.”

Robert slaps the granite counter next to Nisha.

“They’re both irrelevant jackasses and belong together. Chaos is the biggest moron in the history of the world and a liar to boot. All I can say is this at the very least, I’m original or try to be. He cut’s these half-assed promos, says a few idiotic things then fills the rest with quotes. It’s cheap, lazy and boring, who is he trying to fool by doing this? It’s frustrating facing a man who’s just so blatantly lackadaisical. Speaking of lazy what about Tristan?”

Page stands up placing the joint in his mouth.

“No need to worry about that has-been, I’ve got that covered, Slater will be off the table after our match. All I need you to do is watch my back, we all know Carver will be lurking.”

“Carver? I’m past that whole situation, we hashed everything out in that cage as far as I am concerned.”

Page speaks up.

“I agree but you never know. I’ll body Tristan, we wash our hands of this mess and move forward with the next step of our operation.. A tuggy from Jenny, then gain some GOLD!”

“I like the sound of that, except the tuggy from Jenny part. We just need Noah and Fuzz to bite.”

“What choice do they have? March Madness they’ve got to defend those Tag Team Championships. There isn’t anyone else for them to face besides us. These two wouldn’t accept lesser competition, it’s not who they are. We’ll get our match against those C*NTS. Before you know it, we’ll be the face of the tag team division.”

Robert stops Page.

” Oh, I forgot to tell you, I got the go-ahead from White to call your match. So, if anyone decided to interfere, I’ll fold up a chair and start swinging away. Pretty sure no one wants their brains splattered ringside.”

Page nods as he leisurely struts past Robert headed to the front door.

“Sounds like we’ve got Savage covered. I’m going out front for a toke, seeing how it’d be frowned upon if I smoked inside Casa De Main.”

Robert shouts.


Page promptly turns around flipping Robert off mouthing “kiss my ass” as he walks out the front door. Nisha places her hand on Robert’s chest.

“Do you trust him, Robert?”

Robert places his hand over Nisha’s.

“Page has given me no reason not to, everything that he’s promised, he’s done no questions asked.”

“But what about APEX? Chaos seems to think you guys no longer exist.

“Of course Chaos swears by that. Look at who this is coming from, APEX isn’t dead, we’ve all just got more imposing things going on right now. Ned has a huge match for his 24/7 briefcase against Big D, Centurion is making history defending that Hart Championship and has one hell of a match against Robbie Bourbon. We’re all just off doing different things, we all still talk regularly. It would be selfish of me to pull them away from what they are doing, that’s not who I am. Page and I will see this thing through. Hell, Drew is sailing the seven seas with a ship full of seamen. All I get from him is random coupon clipping in the mail with no return address. I did get a picture of him at a strip club in the Caribbean doing the special.”

Nisha looks perplexed.

“Wait.. What’s the special?”

Robert laughs out loud.

“As Drew would say if you have to ask you can’t afford it. It’s always been a Drew thing, pregnant strippers that are lactating, powdered sugar, it’s a thing. Says it taste like sour patch kids.”


“Listen after everything that transpired in 2019 these guys all deserve to go out and do whatever they desire, we all sacrificed our minds, bodies and careers for one another. I pray that Centurion becomes the longest-reigning Hart Champion overtaking my spot. He deserves it, I hope Ned cashes in that case and becomes Universal Champion. Anyone of these guys accomplish anything, I’ll be the first one down to that ring to congratulate them. Unlike my opponent on Savage, he’d just stab them in their back and try to steal there moment from them. He has always made everything about him, me, I can take a back seat and let others enjoy the limelight. That right there is what leaders do, what friends do. That’s something a guy like me will do every time to preserve the business. Chaos can run his manure spreader and say whatever he’d like, but as Centurion said APEX dies when we say so. At the drop of a hat, I could call any one of these guys, and they would be there in an instant. This whole thing pisses Chaos off to no end because he only has that broken-down trailer trash cum dumpster Jenny to lean on. I have more friends than I have enemies and I can sleep at night knowing so.”

Page pokes his head in the door fanning a cloud of smoke back with his hand

“Ugh… Main… There are people out here putting signs and shit in your yard, one guy is using your garden hose spraying his wife with what he believes is holy water. Oh, and she has gigantic jugs with a white shirt on. No bra…. That dick like Jesus thing caught on quick… It’s also hilarious… What…? Hey, there is a lady out here with her kids, wanting to pray with you, they seem to think that burnt wank is a sign from up above. This is too good.. All this happening showed me there is a God. Hell, this is priceless. Pretty sure you come out here and whip it out, you’ll have to stay at least a hundred yards from any school in the United States.”

Robert sighs

“Sorry babe.”

“Let’s go outside. I’m not showing anyone my junk though.”


” Chris, are the circumstances surrounding this match any different than any other match that I’ve ever had in the past? It’s evident that you’ll never be able to see the forest from the trees or wrap that elementary mind around what’s truly going on. I’ve always had the world in my palms, hell, in 2019 I had a record-breaking year, I’ve done things most can’t even imagine. So as far as that standing on top of the world statement, I’m still on top and if I genuinely wanted everything back.” Robert snaps “Just like that I’d have it draped over my shoulder where it was perched for nearly nine months.” Robert pats his shoulder where the Universal Championship sat. ” Then without notice, you reemerge from the shadows you were suppressed in trying to paint a picture of a grizzled man, a desperado who management wanted gone. Chris, if that were the case then why were you give Championship match after Championship match? If the establishment wanted you gone, the preverbal door for your abysmal return would have been padlocked shut. Yet here we are, you’re playing the victim card and I was supposedly the chosen one. How can someone be so inaccurate?

Step down from that ivory tower pal and pay attention to what’s going on around you, if there is a “golden boy” it’s certainly not Robert Main. If management was keeping me under their wing dip shit, I’d still be Champion right now. What’s preposterous is you’ve decided to scrutinize me on who I’ve faced, that “lesser competition” included you jackass. The only thing that you’ve done since pilfering the Universal Championship is telling the same story repeatedly. You, collapsing underneath the weight of that Championship has been your crutch, you lose match after match using that title as the scapegoat. You’ve always had mitigating circumstances to why you were not wearing the crown, there’s always an out for Chris Chaos. Instead of being a man and admitting you just couldn’t hang with the big boys.”
Robert points into the camera ” You and only you are to blame for everything that has ever gone wrong in your shit career. You’ve incinerated ever bridge around you to its foundation and then you have the balls to wonder why. [orange] APEX never helped me win a single Universal Championship match besides my last where we were also defending the Tag Team Titles.” Robert takes a second before continuing

“I understand that most of my sins cannot be exonerated, I’ve done somethings that I wish I could take back. But in this business, there are no do-overs, such is life. I’ll forever have the title of a former Champion hanging over my head.” Robert lowers his head as his voice becomes sterner ” Unlike you when the house is on fire, I don’t tuck tail and run, I’m a committed man, I’ll stay in the kitchen soaked in gasoline, a halfwit, goofball like you can’t see my vision and that’s understandable. This game is up and down like a trampoline, you adapt to the scenario or you get slaughtered, it’s straightforward. All your doing Chris is shaking the tree hoping something will fall out and help your sorry demoralized ass over the finish line. How many times have I forewarned you, once again the hornet's nest is about to come crashing down on that blockhead of yours.” Robert raises his head leering back into the camera “I’ll be the first to admit I was blinded by the Championship and everything that came with it. Everything that glitters isn’t gold though. That feeling was intoxicating, a drug I just couldn’t resist, the adrenaline running through my veins, I can still feel it to this day. But as Champion, I did somethings wrong and I can only hope that the Lord above forgives me for those times.” Robert bows his head then looks to the heavens above.

“It was an awe-inspiring feeling, that is until you wake up from the dream and realize it’s become a nightmare. To find out just how far you’ve fallen, and nobody seems to care, that’s a sobering moment. But I picked myself up, dusted myself off and got back in the saddle, the sun came up the next day, the world kept turning. I didn’t let that Championship consume who I was or what I believed in. Now I’m at the back of the line, right where I belong, I can feel it in my bones that exhilarating times are just over the horizon, and when those times come and they will, I’ll become Champion once again.” Robert grins “Now let’s get to the best part of that promo, shall we? Unknown Soldier. Is he supposed to be my Achilles heel?” Robert waves his finger in front of the camera ” Let me key you in on the circumstances surrounding that cash in. You want the world to accept the fact that you had something to do with my fall, but you know as well as I do you had nothing to do with any of this. There was another behind the scenes playing backstage politics, we had a whiner among us. I was getting close to The Engineers record, and that baby nuts son of a bitch’s ego couldn’t handle it.” Robert mouths the word BOOM

” Enter the one active roster member with a briefcase that was somehow still active after years, oh and me saying active roster member was being generous. The fix was in. Just look at the Solider that faced me - vs - the Solider that faced Lux, two different people altogether. I got the real deal, Lux, on the other hand, got a man to lay down for him. He skated his way to victory, and if Shane had a hand in bringing you back, he’s dumber than we all thought. But I know better Chris, Shane is a master schemer and brining a turd circling the bowl into the fold isn’t something he would do. What you saw was someone finally got over on me and thought attaching your name to it would make you look better. Now you want us all to believe that you were the mastermind behind me losing the Championship. I call bull shit! You couldn’t pull off a one-man parade. What your doing is riding the coattails of others. Savage I’m going to erupt like Mount St. Helens on your ass and stomp your head until it cracks like an egg. You know once I have you in my sights, I’ll burn you to a crisp. My words are venomous, I'm poisonous to opponents like you because I don’t have to bend the truth in my favor. There’s no cure for people like me, there’s also no remedy.

I'm a sinister son of a bitch in that ring, ingenious when it comes to putting people like you Chris through the wringer. When that bell rings my temper explode like C-4, you are not facing the same Robert Main that you faced in the past. I’m a scorned man, a boiling pot of anger and I guarantee you I’ll have the last laugh. I’m going to peel your top back like a toupee, and when I go off like a hand grenade, don’t say I didn’t tell you to stay the fuck out of my lane. I might not always get what I want, but I know with one hundred percent certainty I own that ass.”

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W- "Chronic" Chris Page

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