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Finding one's self
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02-13-2020 06:30 AM

[Image: CircusofHorror.jpg]

[There is rain falling in sheets. It is torrential. Lightning flashes, almost the stereotypical horrific weather scene. The rain lashes onto a big top, which blows in the wind. The tarpaulin makes a pitter patter sound as the rain lashes heavily onto it. Sitting infront of circus tent is Zeebo. He is sat upon a small stool. He is holding a knife, he strokes it. And then stands up. Zeebo then hurls the knife against a board which has pictures of the other three competitors on in the fatal four-way this coming Saturday on Savage. It slams against a picture of Jim Jonson with a thud. Zeebo smirks as he looks at the position has landed. Smack bang between the eyes. He produces another knife and throws it. It slams on the heart of Red-X's picture. Zeebo sniggers with joy, as he produces one final knife and hurls it. Smacking into the picture of viper, right on the groin area. Zeebo slightly winces then laughs maniacally. As he skips over to retrieve the knives from the board. Pulling the knives out of the board with a venomous smile, he begins to chant to himself.]

Zeebo :

A knife to the heart

A knife to the head.

Just a few short days

then 3 will be dead.

A knife to the groin,

Stabbing the vaginal stabber,

thrusting it deeper,

than Peter Gilmour fucks at her.

But that's just my actions now,

it says not about the match,

Four people to inflict pain upon,

So much pleasure, but what's the catch?

A man known by X,

A letter coloured Red,
So insignificant,

he might as well be dead.

A moron named Jim,

His surname beginning with J as well,

Boring name, boring existence,

He might as well be taken to hell.

Then comes Viper,

Embodiment of a scaley slithery bastard,

Though he's nothing but delusions of grandeur,

His game plan I've already mastered.

[Zeebo stabs the knife repeatedly into all the pictures again with increasing viciousness.]




[Zeebo skips about the now sodden ground, splashing through muddy puddles, as he bounds across the ground to a trailer. He bounds inside and inside the trailer there is sat a bearded lady, and a man dressed as a ring master. Zeebo opens the door and bounds across sitting on a stool directly infront of the Ringmaster. The ringmaster stares intensely down the eyes of Zeebo. Grabbing his face with both hands and kissing him on the nose.]

Ringmaster :
Ahhh Brian... Brian Brian Brian. I am so glad to see you embracing the spirit of Zeebo which was ALWAYS in you. I'm pleased to see you have finally succumbed to the truth that the incidents which took the life of one of your own, was not an accident. But was in fact, you living the life you wanted to LIVE. You're a killer Brian. You weren't cut out for the Hollywood lifestyle, nay, you weren't cut out for bringing your Hollywood lifestyle to the XWF. You needed to embrace something. You needed to embrace the terror which is actually within you. You needed to do what you needed to do to feed the demons that consumed you and realise the truth. You are no longer Brian O'Haire, you are Zeebo. And you... YOU are what you need to be now.

Zeebo :
Master. I am. I am doing not just your bidding but my own. Brian O'Haire is DEAD to me. I am who I need to be now.

Ringmaster : Wonderful! Delightful! Now, you must continue the games. I was most pleased with the games you inflicted upon Boris. That no good, pathetic vodka guzzling oxygen thief. You took him to places he needed to experience. But, the poor man was a martyr. You asked the XWF to embrace you, to humour you and no one stepped forward to play the game. So you took the game to the XWF. And poor little Boris was the one who had to experience the game. He was mad. But, has he said much else beyond ignoring your extended olive branch to join us? No he has not. Instead, he has just ignored it like he ignores the underlying stench of stale alcohol attached to his breath. So, Zeebo. To you I say this. We need to create our army. We need to start to take over the XWF. I say we give him one last chance to answer us on Savage. And if he choses to ignore us, or to not join our crusade to make the XWF our own. He will absolutely resign himself to the sentence of the eternal hell and torment that you'll bring to him.

Ringmaster : Now Zeebo. What you MUST do. Is lay down a MARKER. LAY DOWN A CHALLENGE. There is one way to do this.

[b][[b]The ring master claps his hands and a clown on an elephant leads wheels out a big whiteboard. The Ringmaster hands Zeebo a pin....][/b][/b]

Ringmaster : Now. Lay down the challenge.

[Zeebo smiles as the pin is passed to him. He pricks his finger repeatedly, causing a flow of blood, Scraping his finger across the whiteboard he spells out..]

"Circus of Carnage Match?"

[The Ringmaster has a sadistic smile on his face]

Ringmaster :
Now. Elaborate

Zeebo : I really want. REALLY REALLY WANT. Much like a Spice girl and their Zigga Zig Ah, is to face these four people in the demonic Circus of Carnage match. A match so sadistic and twisted it would fit perfectly in a "Savage" environment. I fear it is too late to invite our new friends to this wonderful playground, so it is with much joy, I throw the doors open to invite any takers to the Circus of Carnage match. A match where bloodshed is standard. A match where all the fun of the fair will let you experience the thrilling highs and crushing lows of an intense roller coaster ride. A match where You may not make it out alive. Who wants to experience this one of a kind ride, where you won't scream if you want to go faster. You'll scream to make it end!

Ringmaster : Wonderful, Beautiful Zeebo. No one will heed the call for this escapade is much more devilish than anything the XWF has experienced before. Now. Time for your FEAST.

[The Ringmaster walks over to Zeebo and puts a rope around his neck. He leads him like a dog out into a darkened corner of the yard. There is piles of mutilated soft toys, heads hanging off, some with multiple heads, some with multiple arms. Eyes missing. it's almost like a soft tie graveyard. Within that, there is what appears to be severed arms. The Ringmaster releases Zeebo....]

Ringmaster : Enjoy your playground!

[Zeebo smiles as he goes and sits amongst this demonic scene. He picks up one of the fluffy toys and starts to sing to it. Tracing his finger across the bear ]


Round and round the garden, like a Teddy Bear.
One step, two step
Tickle you under there!

[Zeebo has a look of bemusement....]

No no no. That's not right.

[Zeebo throws the bear across the ground and picks up one of the seemingly severed arms.. Using his finger to trace the lines up and down the arm.

Zeebo :
Round and round the garden, like a Teddy Bear.
One step, two step
MUTILATE you under there!

[Zeebo chomps on one of the fingers and then throws the arm down]

Finding out who you are,

is something truly great,

Seperating truth from reality,

Ammending the mental state.

Violence is what is needed,

to advance in this game,

That is why I'm not Brian now,

And Zeebo is my name.

I'll bring violence and sorrow,

to all who cross my path,

in my first outing there'll be three to die,

It's easy to do the math.

I'll probably lose the battle,

in the form of the match,

but an X in the L column,
is only a little catch,

For the greater mission is one,

where I bring devestation to the core,

of the XWF and it's people,

to bring sorrow forever more.

Be it Mr X,

Or be it double Jay,
or be it Peter Gilmour,

Who I am certain is pretty gay.

He's not in the match,
but he's always with noting,

as is Boris,
who I am always always Doting.

The Roster knows not,
of the future that I bring,
and that is why, I don't care what happens in the ring.
I win I lose, I really don't give a fuck,

It might even taken a while, for me to break my duck.

All I care is that all,
will see what I bring.

The era of Zeebo is coming,

Your screams of pain will sing.

Regardless of who you are

But there remains one question...

A question I must ask.
A challenge for the roster,

To experience my special task,

But who's going to accept,

the challenge I lay down,

to come and experience,

the playground of a clown.

[Zeebo manaically laughs and does snow angels in the pile of dismembered soft toys and arms. The Ringmaster looks on with a seedy grin on his face as Zeebo enjoys his time amongst the piles.]
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