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Orange is the New Black
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02-12-2020 08:30 PM


“Get me OUT OF HERE!”

The sound of shackles welcomes us to the scene as the younger Calvary sits alone in a cell. There seems to be no escape as it’s a completely four-walled room with no door. The future hero sits on the floor with chains connecting his hands with a metallic necklace around his throat tightly. He tugs on the band, but to no avail.

His hands fall back to his lap as he sighs.

Finally, a mechanical whirring is heard as a door opens up across the room from Calvary. He leaps to his feet and looks over, but he can’t move more than foot towards the door. The door pulls from the wall as if it was piece of the wall. As it moves out of the way, another person is shoved into the room with shackles on them. A loud whirring is heard as the new inmate is quickly pulled across the room towards the wall as if the shackles themselves were magnetized to the wall. The two stare at one another.



The door closes as it resumes its appearance as part of the wall. Vic’s eye is nearly swollen shut as he looks over at Cal.

“It’s just been a great couple of days, huh?”

“You said it.” Vic laughs for a moment before stopping to cough and grab his ribs.

“What did they do to you?”

Vic looks down at the ground.

“Well, you know... the works. Torture, intimidation, lot of insults. They wanted to know what information you had told me.”

“What’d you tell them?”

“The truth. You didn’t know anything about your father and where he might have gone.”

“Then why do they think I do?”

Vic shrugs.

“They seem to have found something in their investigation of your desk and belongings in the office.” Vic straightens up and meets Cal’s eyes. “You have to be straight with me, Cal. Is there anything going on with you and your father? Where did he go? What do you know?”

“Like I told you, Vic. I thought he was dead until you told me.”

There’s a beat as nothing but their breathing can be heard echoing through the room. Vic settles back against the wall.

“Then I have no idea. I don’t know what they found or what possible information you could even have provided for them.”

Cal leans over and tugs on his necklace, but collar seems steadfast upon the neck of Vic. Cal begins looking over it diligently.

“Hey, what are you doing?!”

“Be still, Vic. I want to look at these devices more. There has to be something wired into them to keep them secured and powered up. Perhaps I can figure out the source of power and deactivate them.”

Vic looks at him frightened.

“Surely that can’t be safe.”

Cal smirks and shrugs as best he can with his shackled hands.

“Better than rotting in a prison for false crimes. Now tell me…”

Cal runs his fingers along with the necklace carefully, feeling for a weakness.

“…you ready to fight?”


“You’re a nut, John Black.”

It’s another normal day in an unremarkable forest as The Calvary finds himself sitting with his legs folded over. He sighs as his eyes open from what seemed a place of meditation. He smiles as his eyes drift off.

“I don’t mean that as an insult, Mr. Black. I mean that as a term of endearment.”

Calvary raises a fist and punches backwards onto the tree that creaks from the impact before it rains down a slew of nuts down upon him. He reaches down and lifts one up before twirling it around his fingertips.

“I mean you’re strong. You’ve been tested over time just as evolution has done for these walnut trees. These nuts that fall to the Earth’s soil are strong. They’re build to protect, and they’ve been increased in strength through the millennia. With each new generation of nut, the shell is a little stronger. The barrier is a little thicker. The nut’s inner contents are more and more secure.”

The hero rises to his feet in a hovering motion as his eyes continue to scour the casing as if searching for a minor flaw.

“You create your own little prison within yourself containing these emotions and inner thoughts. Surviving for years within the harsh environment of XWF has forced you to evolve and adapt. You’ve grown far from where you once were, and you continue to adapt to the X-Treme world that surrounds you.”

Calvary twirls the walnut in his hand before slowly reaching for the shell with his other hand.

“Unfortunately for those who haven’t been around to see your transformation, all we can see is the current. We’re not blinded by the transformations, and we’re not thrown off the scent by what’s new or improved. We just see the situation for what it is.”

The sound of chittering forces Calvary to stop as he turns back to see the nuts being attacked in swarms by squirrels finding easy food. Calvary smirks before crushing the Walnut in his hand.

“We don’t see the prison for the new fortifications. We see the shell as nothing more than a deterrent for what is within.”

Calvary opens his hands to show nothing but crumpled bits of nut and shelling before pouring it off onto the dirt.

“Your future is with me, Mr. Black, and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“As you’re just one more nut for me to crack.”
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