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02-13-2020 03:35 PM



Big Fat Bob, I know we discussed towards the end of last year that I had been in too many title matches and people were complaining.

I say fuck off to those complainants.

Anything has to be better than getting stood up by two fucking so called Rookies.

Come on.

First it was Michael Archer Junior, who I had a lot of time for, but that respect went quickly out the window.

Now it's Red-x who I have no time for, and the same fucking thing happens.

Come on Big Fat Bob pull it together.

I'm not going to stand for this.

When I'm booked I always turn up. I never miss a show. I never not promo for a show. I'm one of the hardest workers that the XWF have. Mind you Noah Fucking Jack has the Hardest Worker as a shitty tag line.

He may win more often than me, and he maybe the current Television champion and also one half of the Tag Team Champions, no mean feat by any standards. But he cannot just justify he's the only hardworker out there as much as I could justify my hardwork. We all know who the hardest workers are, and that should be the end of the matter.

Some of you would think that I should be happy racking up two straight wins, don't get me wrong, I am, especially when it comes after expensive and expansive losses, but the point here is, I want to earn those wins so that I don't have future opponents moan that I got the wins easily because of no showing promos.

If I was doing a promo and not a voice segment, I would putting up two fingers to those opponents who say what I just said, and say fuck you. A win is a win by any means necessary and how it happens to come to you. Deal with it and move the fuck on.

I say again to Fat Bob, Articus Black, White, Orange, Red or whatever the fuck you are calling yourself this week, Theo Pryce and especially Mr Big himself, Vinnie Lane. Remembee what I said last time, you pussy management sons of bitches, it is indeed true, the inmates are still running the fucking asylum and once a fucking gain you guys are letting them get away with it.

Do your fucking jobs and get order back in the place or people like myself may end doing the job for you. Or is that what you want? Anarchy? Excuse the fucking pun that you call your show Vincent.

One wonders some times.

Stop booking losers like Michael Archer Junior, and Red-x. Get your shit in order and give us real challenges. Even put me back in the title matches, at least you know I give a sit, and actually challenger those champions so at least they do their jobs and try again.

Yeah yeah I know. I've wondered a lot of stuff today. Inappropriate stuff, stuff that normal the cool, calm, collected, good part of me wouldn't say anything. He would just get on with things, and shut the fuck up.

But as you can all tell I'm no longer that mild mannered guy any more. He put up with a lot of crap.

No fucking longer will I be forced to put up with that crap.
No fucking longer will I stay silent just to keep people happy.
No fucking longer will I tirn my back and shrug my shoulders and act as if its just another one of those things.

I am the new me. I am the new and improved Mastermind.
Someone who wont stay quiet should he have injustices done to him.
Someone who knows what he wants and if he has to, go after things he wishes to he a part of.

Most of you will think that this could be a temporary thing, and I've tried in the past to change but failed
Because of that you all have every right to think that but not this time around.

Enough is enough.
It is clearly enough.
Times are a changing
And you have to go with those
Times and changes.
This is the new me.
The old me is gone.
Live with it.
Deal with it.
Accept it.


The camera fades in to the hotel room of Mastermind, in the unnamed hotel that he is staying in after his arrival from Aberdeen. He is heading to Edinburgh to take part in the next Wednesday Night Warfare.

The camera finds sitting at a table, looking at photos. One of his aides is standing beside him waiting on orders.

"And are you sure they were last in Larnarch?"

"Yes sir, my source said the female was acting weird, as if she was crazy."

"That'll be Melanie Childs. Damn it, I'm so close to gettong my hands on the Misfits, and yet they tend to be so very far away."

"What are your orders, sir?"

"They're obviously heading to Edinburgh to possibly get involved in Warfare again, so tell your source to go straight to Edinburgh and watch for signs of the Misfits and tail them."

"Yes sir,"

The aide left leaving Mastermind looking at his photos. He shook his head in frustration before turning to the camera.

"So again for the second Warfare in a row, I seem to have a no show. That's all well and good.... but.... FUCK SAKE...."

Mastermind turned back around, and put his hands on the table. The table and the photos go flying across the room. He takes in a couple of deep breaths and turns back around. He tries to calmly look into the camera.

"Red-x you bastard. All you had to do was just send in a promo but now you look like a dumbass, a wanker, and all those other curse words I could say but I'll hold back for now.

"So here's a question for you, Red-X. WHY? Why the fuck would an idiot like yourself put your name down for a show when you know you are going to intentionally not show. How the fuck do you have it in you to sleep at nights, to live, to breathe, to eat, to drink? Justify yourself shit bag. Justify.

"I've had it with people like yourself Red-x and people like Michael Archer Junior.

"Do us all a favor and fuck off out of the XWF, you piece of shit or else I'll fucking make you. With the mood I'm in shit head, you shouldn't have crossed me and I will make damn sure that you will reap the consequences from here on out.

"At least try something with a few days remaining until next Warfare. I challenge you, shitbag, to at least try putting out your one and only promo. Can you try doing thay at least?

"If not just fuck off like I said. You are even entered in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament next Savage. But do us all a fucking favour and pull out now so that they can find a suitable replacement because we all know if your ass don't promo here how the fuck will you promo for that.

"So like I said, fuck off now. Stop being a useless twat. There's the door, use it, and get lost."

Mastermind stands up and stretches.

"And as for the so called Misfits. I'm coming to Warfare in Edinburgh, and finding all 3 of you, and taking you guys the fuck out, just like the trash that you guys are. That will make you think twice before even attempting to make a statement using me. Just mark my words, it won't be fucking pretty.

"I'm done!"

Mastermind gets up and walks away. The camera faded out.

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