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I Wanna Rock
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Barney Green Online now or has been in the last 30 mins
The Monster

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(the perfect heel; hated even by the fans who usually cheer heels; pisses off internet fans too)

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02-12-2020 10:32 PM

The scene opens up inside of Xavier's Lair where we see Barney Green laying down on an examining table. Green is completely naked and we see Xavier walk onto the scene. Dressed in his trademark black robe, He reaches into it and pulls out a xacto knife. Green is completely unconscious as Xavier goes to speak.

"I'm very disappointed in you.", says Xavier as he moves the xacto knife towards Green's right eye socket and slowly cuts it open.

Blood slowly spilling out of the empty socket. Xavier just continues his work. He reaches onto the table set aside and grabs what appears to be a mechanical eye of sorts. He jams it into the bloody socket.

"This should correct your vision problem. It is a new eye that is gonna make you stronger.", says Xavier as he aligns it up with his left eye.

Xavier reaches onto the table and grabs a needle and thread. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter. He sterilizes the needle and starts stitching the eye into place.

"The so-called "rock star" owner is in for an awakening," Xavier mutters under his breath as he finishes up his work.

Xavier places the needle down along with the thread. He looks back at his monster.

"You better start winning some matches or it will be a permanent sleep for you," Xavier says as he grabs the cables and attaches them to Green.

Green starts twitching and awakens with a jolt as he slides the cables off his hands.

"What..Happened?" says Barney in a shocked voice as he stares at his master.

"What happened is simple. I added another upgrade to your vision so you can see better than most humans," says Xavier as he looks at his monster.

"Sounds..Good..." grunts Barney in between breaths as he gets up off the table.

Xavier just cackles as he sees the monster start walking around.

"Vinnie Lane has gotten a tad soft in his old age," says Xavier with a smile on his face.

"I..Crush...Him..." says Barney as he walks towards a chained victim that isn't even moving.

The victim is out cold as we see Barney start to wrap his hands around his throat and just squeeze with such force the guy awakens with fear in his eyes. Gasping for air as he sees this monster just crush the life out of him. Snap goes his neck and he passes back out.

"Yes! That's my monster! We have more work ahead of us." cackles Xavier as he reaches for a goblet that has a blackish liquid in and takes a swig of it.

Barney just stares off into space and releases his grip as the blood starts flowing from the guy's face. Barney grabs the guys right arm and just snaps it with ease. CRACK! Barney leans into the guy and licks his face as the copper liquid just goes down his throat.

"Show no mercy at Anarchy," says Xavier as he watches in delight at the carnage.

Barney looks at the lifeless body still chained to the beam. The body not even moving at this. Barney just grabs the left leg and rips it clean off the body as even more blood splatters everywhere.

"Look at the carnage my monster is unleashing. Imagine what's gonna happen come Anarchy. Lane, You have signed your own death warrant," barks Xavier with venom in his voice.

Xavier takes another swig from the goblet and laughs evilly as he watches the lifeless corpse of what used to be a man just lay motionless. Barney just continues this brutal dissection as Xavier goes to speak again.

"With this new eye in him, Lane has no shot at winning. This was once a human. Gone is his humanity when he was reborn," cackles Xavier as he motions for his monster to come near him.

Barney walks towards Xavier holding the leg of the fallen man. Xavier pours some of the liquid from that goblet on Barney's head and goes to speak.

"This is the big time now. You are to show Lane why electricity is always the best cure for everything. It will never go away," says Xavier as he rubs it into Barney's head.

"I...Hunger...For...Violence..." says Barney as he gets this done to him.

"You will get your wish at Anarchy. Now clean up this mess," barks Xavier as Barney walks away.

The scene fades to black.

[Image: dewKzVH.jpg]
The Monster Lives...
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