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The Hunt is On
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01-28-2020 10:44 PM

We are a few days past our last XWF event, the Noah Jackson and FUZZ branded "C*NT FEST". It was a.. interesting night of action which saw James Raven come back to the fed and beat Mastermind. We saw the Engineer retain his Universal Title over Robbie Bourbon and also Robert Main and Chris Page best Shane Carver and Tristan Slater.

But we also saw a brawl for the ages as BIG D, one of Chris Page's lackies take on the Xtreme GOD himself, Peter F'n Gilmour. It was a hard hitting affair which saw Noah Jackson get involved and actually help Peter a bit but in the end, Big D was too much for Peter to handle and he lost once again. Not a good night if you're the Xtreme Icon. But Peter has to shift his focus now to his next match which is next Wednesday on WARFARE.

On the show he will take on a young lady who's making waves here in the XWF, Atara Themis. We saw the young lass at C*NT FEST as she tried to attack Vita Valenteen but failed to do so. Atara is a tough cookie and could pose a problem for Peter. Peter's record against ladies is not all that good so he needs a win in the worst way. And to add incentive, the winner gets a shot at the Hart Title. Peter has to find someway to get a win here to get back into title contention. He also has a match with Noah Jackson coming up at SAVAGE a few weeks after Warfare takes place. Peter could walk out of Savage as the TV Champ if he defeats Noah. But even Peter knows beating Noah will be a tough task if his father FUZZ is around. So Peter has to train extra hard for these next 2 matches. Can he do it? We know he can but we'll see how things play out.

We now open the scene to a shot of a large plane flying high in the sky. It is a Delta 747 plane drenched in silver paint. The plane is coming from Australia where C*NT FEST took place and is heading towards Scotland where Warfare will take place so a pretty long flight.

Going inside the plane we see various people of all ages and sizes on the flight. Most of them are from Australia or other foreign countries and others are going to Scotland to connect to a flight to the states.

On the flight is none other than our hero Peter "OH for the love of Satan suck his mighty dick" Gilmour dressed in a black shirt and pants. His hair is down to his shoulders and he has sunglasses on. Next to him is his lovely wife Maria Brink who is in a nice red dress as her long blonde hair flows down her ever so sexy body. Both seem calm but we know Peter is not happy with his performance at C*nt Fest as he lost to Big D and then had a massive brawl with him during the Main/Page v Shane/Tristan match. He did do damage to Main and Page but it was Big D who took care of Peter and helped his crew secure the win.

A few hours pass and the plane is over Germany. We see Peter taking a much needed nap as he probably has a ton of jet lag or feeling the effects of his match with Big D. Maria is reading a book and has a nice glass of iced tea near her. We see the stewardess move up and down the cabin asking people for snacks or pillows or anything else they need. We see a nice young lady, probably in her late 30s walk up to where Peter and Maria are sitting. She slowly bends her body down and tries to wake Peter up. Peter startles as he gets woken up by this young lady.

Stewardess: I'm sorry to wake you sir but I wanted to know if you needed anything.

Peter: Besides a ton of aspirin and your number, a little privacy thank you.

Stewardess: I'm terribly sorry sir but we don't have any aspirin on the flight. Can I get you some ice? Maybe that will help?

Peter: Sure go ahead. And when you come back you can SUCK MY DICK!

The stewardess is taken back by that comment from Peter as Maria is seen rolling her eyes. The stewardess goes to get Peter some ice as she asks other passengers if they want anything. Peter looks over at Maria.

Peter: What?

Maria: Can we ever go on a flight where you don't hit on the stewardesses?

Peter smiles wickedly.

Peter: If it bothers you that much I'll stop but you can't blame me for wanting some ass. The Mile High club is a great club to be in. Care to take a trip?

Maria: Some other time my love. Right now I just want to get to Scotland and get to Warfare. You know that show that Noah and FUZZ put on was quite interesting. Glad I wasn't part of it because I know those two perverts would try something with me.

Peter: Well, those two CUNTS had a great night. Noah retained his TV Title and then he and his dad won the tag belts. Made my journey to get some gold much harder since I know I can't beat Fuzz, but I know I can beat Noah Jackson. And I heard he put out a challenge to me on the next Savage. Well, I'm a little busy so maybe the Savage after that will be where I beat that sick Cunt and finally win the one title that I've yet to obtain, the TV Title. When I win that I will have won ever single title here in the XWF babe. I will further cement my Hall of Fame resume and go down in history as the best damn wrestler in this fed. But that's for another time.

I'd like to talk about Big D if I may. Well, I lost.. AGAIN! Same old song and dance for me babe. I thought I had Big D beat but somehow that lucky SOB beat me. He put me through a flaming table to get the win. I can still smell the flesh oozing off my body. These bandages don't help me either. I can't even get any sleep without moving around so much.

Peter looks down as Maria rubs his shoulder. She feels Peter's pain and tries to help her man out.

Maria: I'm sorry babe. Wish I was there to try and help out. But like I said who knows what those two perverts would've done to me. But you fought hard and I'm still proud of you. Big D was the better man that night. But you got to move forward. You got a match coming up and it's for a chance at the Hart Title. Who are you facing again?

Peter: The hot as fuck Atara Themis. She's a hot piece of ass if I do say so myself. It will be an honor to fuck her.. er I mean fight her next week. Did you see how she tried to attack Vita? FAIL! But she's still hot though. But she's still my opponent next week. I got to focus on beating her and not trying to fuck her.

Peter looks into the camera as we see the stewardess start coming down the aisle towards him.

Peter: Atara, hello milady how are you. I hope you're doing well. So we do battle for the first time next week. Should be a killer match. You are pretty good inside that ring milady. I was watching from the back so don't think I'm going into this match not knowing what you can do. I know I got my hands full. But this is our first time. I remember my first time. It was when I was 28 and I met the lovely Ashley Marie who now is my ex. We met and had a special night. I gave it to her good that night and from there, I have been a sex machine right babe?

Maria: Indeed but FOCUS on the match not about sex.

Peter: Oh right sorry. Atara, I'm coming into this match to do one thing and that is beat you. There is a Hart Title shot I must have. I must win to face Centurion or whomever has it by that time. The world wants another Peter versus Centurion match. I want it badly but I know Centy would laugh if he ever faced me again. But I assure you when I beat you and face him or whomever for that title, I'm walking out with it. I need gold around my waist. It's been over a year now since I've had gold and I can't sleep without it. It's like a blessing and a curse. One moment I'm in love with it, the next I want it back. So there is a lot riding on this match and I need to beat you Atara. I can't let my mind wander and think of fucking you so very hard. I must FOCUS on the match. But maybe AFTER I beat you, we could go out for a few drinks, get to know each other better.

Peter winks very sadistically as he flashes his sinister evil grin. Does he really think Atara would want him? Well we know no woman can withstand the power and girth of Peter's SUPER DICK so Atara might succumb to it. We shall see what happens. Peter then continues.

Peter: Atara. Such a pretty name. I don't like fighting ladies all that much and my record isn't so good. I've already lost to Jenny Myst and Vita and Jesslyn Hart so a win could really help me. But I got to get through you and I will expose you. Not like that but you know what I mean. I'm coming for that Hart Title shot and I'll be damned if some whore like you takes it from me. So be prepared for a long night. I bet you've had lots of those so how about a long night with the sexiest man in wrestling? I promise I won't bite or go too hard. But I can't control myself or my SUPER DICK. So be ready to witness it's true power.

Atara, I'll see you in the ring next week. Be sure to wear something sexy because after I beat you, I'm taking you to my hotel and fucking the hell out of you. You won't be walking much after that I assure you. And don't worry about Noah. He's got a pencil dick and doesn't know how to treat a lady. I don't know what Vita sees in him. Maybe because he's a dirty CUNT, I don't know.

But I'll end with this Atara. If you think you're going to hypnotize me with your body and beat me with your strength, you got another thing coming doll. That title shot is MINE and I won't let you stop me from getting it. I'm gonna take your sweet ass TO THE XTREME.. In and out of the ring. Trust me on that. See you next week darling.

Peter winks again as he chuckles a bit. We see the stewardess come over to Peter and give him his cup of ice. Peter takes a cube and puts it over his brow. It feels cold so Peter shivers a bit. He takes another cube and eats it. Maria continues to read her book as we begin to FADE TO BLACK..


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