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01-25-2020 11:58 PM

7th of January 2020
Hall of Tards
Miami, Florida

Since it was revealed on the news report on the 5th of January that Jack Campbell was missing, Natalie had been frequently questioning Scully's involvement. She wondered whether Scully was responsible for the disappearance of Jack Campbell. After all Jack is the man who had caused a car crash whilst being intoxicated in July 2018 and put Scully on the shelf, whilst also killing the cab driver, Kyle. Jack had been missing since the early hours of the 1st of January 2020, and Skull had received a number of phone calls from Jack's father, Jeffrey. He kept asking what Scully wanted but Scully denied he had Jack at his disposal. Skull told Jeffrey he wishes it was him but it wasn't! It certainly wasn't over between Jeffrey Campbell and Scully. But was Scully telling the truth?

Scully hadn't been to the Hall of Tards for a while. Curtista and Alfie had been taking it in turns to do the sessions and have fun with lots of different activities with members of Scully's Flock of Tards. Skull decided it was a good idea to just pop his head in... Scully pulled up outside the Hall of Tards, parking his car in his own, designated space. He switches the ignition off and exits the vehicle. He then enters the huge double doors, proceeding to walk down the hall way and then opens the door to the hall. Skull is greeted by Tom, Lenny, Charlotte and Ruby. They stopped colouring in, and all got up from the table to all give him a huge cuddle.

"Hello everyone, missed me then?!"

Skull smiles as the Flock smile. The Flock go back to the table to continuing colouring their pictures. Scully then greets his best mate, Curtista who was running today's session.

Curtista:"Remembered where it is then?!"

"Very funny!"

Scully looks around and asks the question, "So where's Sloth? He still not been in?"

Curtista:"Nope. He hasn't been in. We've tried calling him again and again. No answer. Luckily we have that seven seater to pick them up, seeing as Sloth has the bus!"[/green]

Scully wonders for a while before turning his attention to the Flock, "Have any of you guys seen Daniel?"

The sadness appears on the Flocks faces as they shook their heads. Daniel aka Sloth was like their big brother. Skull turns back to Curtista.

"I'm going to have to get his address. I'll go in to the office and I'll have a look at his paperwork. I'm a bit worried. Concerned."

Curtista::"You don't think he has anything to with the disappearance of that asshole, Jack do you?"

"I'm thinking that way... Yes. I'll go and sort this out."

Curtista nods and the two shake hands before Skull goes to find what he's looking for...

"Let's just get into this thing, The Calvary, I heard what you had to say and you don't half speak some drivel. Most of your first promo you decided to try and educate the XWF morons.. I mean, Galaxy about Destiny and Lady Fuck me sideways.... Blah, blah and more blah. Thank you for that! I thought listening to Noah aka Sheila Jackson overusing the word, 'Cunt!' was boring but you certainly knew how to beat his record for saying the same thing, over and over. And over again.

Lady Luck gave you this? Lady Luck gave you that? Lady Luck is a twat! Fuck Lady Luck, fuck! Lady Destiny is a Slut! Don't come preaching to me with all that bollocks pal. Here it is, served on a silver platter; Destiny isn't a lady. I am your fuckin' Destiny, you speedo wearing, nerd! Yeah you heard me, and at Cunt Fest, your fate rests in my hands. You're about to suffer your first defeat and you can thank Destiny for that!

Listen rookie, I appreciate your concern about my downward spiral since tasting success, but you obviously don't pay attention like you make out, do you? Just recently, at the last Saturday Night Savage, I won the XWF Television Championship not once but twice.. I don't have it now, I mean by the end of the match, with just thirty seconds to go.. You know how quick thirty seconds is don't you? I mean you do suffer from premature ejaculation or so I heard! Think Batman told me. But anyway as I was saying, I tasted a little bit of success then and I will again. I'm sure of it. Call this the 'Resurrection of Scully!' No I didn't say erection, you sick freak!

Let me give you some more information. Did you know I was the actual sidekick of a real superhero? And he wasn't a fake piece of shit like you?! I bet you didn't know that did you? But Guppy Parsh was way better than you! Just like I am, of course, better than you! Guppy, one of the most underrated competitors in the Xtreme Wrestling Federation. I miss that guy. Me and him fought real villains, they were murderers/rapists/kidnappers/burglars, proper pieces of shit. Together we fought them hard, beat them at will and on top of that, we climbed the XWF Tag-Team division, rapidly. We entered a Tag-Team tournament to decide number one contenders for the XWF tag titles. We beat them all, but unfortunately we slipped at the final hurdle against the tag champs. People don't know this but the last time I saw Guppy, he had helped me save my Natalie from some shitbags. In the process, Guppy fell off a cliff with our main nemesis. They both fell off. I looked down afterwards but I couldn't see him, he was gone! I seen Charles Elton's lifeless body but Guppy? Nope. I was retarded at the time, a bit like you are now, and I even thought about jumping off. I didn't though. I got scared. I keep thinking he may return one day, enter the ring and Team Retard 2.0 can kick ass once again! So I'm dedicating this ass kicking on a fake bitch like you, Calvary to.... Guppy Parsh! Not in memory as I believe somewhere he is still alive and one day he'll return. So just because I can, this is for you, Guppy Parsh!

At least Guppy wore a decent costume, you're running around in tights and fuckin' y-fronts. Even my little man, Aston doesn't wear briefs any more. He wears boxer shorts, cuz he ain't a bitch like you! I offered to buy him a Superman costume, he wasn't interested. His words were, "Daddy, I ain't wearing that... I'm a big boy!" Had to get him an Incredible Hulk costume instead. He had the little mask, green body costume with the ripped shorts. Ya know what else? When I told him who I was facing next, as in you, obviously... He got his Superman figure and pulled it's head off before throwing in the drain, in the back garden. At first I was gonna tell him off for being a disrespectful little shit, but then I thought, that's my boy. Even he owned you!

Some more information for you; I am not Griffin McAllister, I am not Barney Green, I am SCULLY and this will be your toughest match to date. Mark my words... There's no shame in losing your first match to me, then you can fuck off back to that shit show, Anarchy! Anyway....."

Suddenly the door bursts open of the room that Scully is in. Skull turns towards the door to see who it is... It's a member of his Flock of Tards and one half of the XWF Dumb and Dumber Tag-Team Champions, Lenny. Lenny runs around making buzzing noises, his right arm stretched out, pointing towards his front, his fist clenched as he pretends to fly around the room. Scully can't help but laugh out loud. More so at the attire, Lenny is wearing. He is wearing a plain, blue, long sleeved T-shirt, with an 'L' on the front. Lenny has red bed sheet, which has been cut shorter and triangle shapes cut from the bottom. It's wrapped around him like a cape with 'L' on the back. The funniest bit of it all is that Lenny's ball bag is hanging from the red briefs he's wearing. Lenny stops, dead in his tracks and right in front of Scully. He places his hands on his hips.

Lenny:"Don u warrie Scall, I willy beat dat impasta for u. U stay-e at ome, I'll go ta Coon festifull..."

Skull interrupts Lenny....

"Not Coon, Lenny. It's Cunt, mate!"

Lenny:"Awwwww u swared!"

"You really need to get changed mate. Your ball bag is hanging out of them briefs."

Lenny:"Butt I wan ta be a supaero!"

"Get changed and we'll go and buy you one. We'll get Aston another one too, yeah?"

Lenny:"Ok... Wee-kid!"

Lenny hugs Scully in excitement before running off. Skull looks back into the camera.

"At Cunt-Fest, your amazing two win streak comes to an abrupt end.. Two whole wins? Woah! HAHAHHAHA. Destiny awaits you, Calvary! I will be waiting!

Da, End Scully Has Spoken!"

[Image: CjTzndD.jpg]

"Da End, Scully Has Spoken"
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