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PlaceMarker Maxine I'm fuckin' hard bro
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Amjetkun Socio Offline

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Green as Grass

(sloppy in the ring; botches moves regularly; shows up when fans are hoping for anyone else)

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01-15-2020 11:46 PM

Bro I'm going to close out this promo the way the bro's do.

I got 2 words for ya!

My opponent Maxine is HOTT AS FUUUUCK!!!!

Spoiler: Click to see her!

(Hot as fuuuuck Maxine)--->

Ok ok so maybe there's an extra word in there but damn cuz, lemme just say, Maxine could lay me out like a slab of veal and baste and batter me ALLLLLLLLLL damn day and you won't hear a single complaint from Your Boy With The Big Ol' Swole, aka The All Day All Nighter and there's No One Fighter! Jyeah boy!


The promo closes out to Amjetkun Socio walking into a pretty run down and shitty looking 7-11 convenience store on the corner of Natty Ave and Trenbolone Boulevard... an intersection where great things happen! Socio is seen smashing the cashier's head down into the counter repeatedly as customers wait in line behind him looking frustrated and impatient.

Socio: What the fuck did you say to me broh?

Cashier: (in untranslatable Hindu tonguelect) Punjaggo bindu nudumbo eoid ndovho heruhbrteoui ghiofh dfvhnd heruirehjiudfblah berejwoivfuckshit!

Socio: .............

It takes him a second but Amjetkun Socio realizes the cashier is making perfect sense.

Socio: Aw fuck I'm sorry brah. You're making a whole lot more sense to me than this scene. Fuck dude there's totally no freakin' point to this shit but they told me I owe some gottdayumn footage getting ready for my match, which fuckin' A boy you know that's not a problem for The Man With The Supps They Can't Ban because I AM ALWAYS READY BRO! Shit you wanna book me in a match on a Thursday? Guess what fuck a duck in the ass and call me Suzy because I'm fuckin' READY for that match the moment you book it.

Nobody in the store says a word as Socio pauses and hopefully is realizing there's something wrong with this picture........................which for those who can't stand paying attention to this worthless garbage, the picture is that Amjetkun Socio is trying to sell steroids to this underage toddler running a lemonade stand at the front gate of the rich person bubble community.

Cops: Sir, you can't be selling steroids here.

Socio: But HE'S selling lemonade here!?

Cops: ...


Cops: (mumbling to each other) ... he has a point, what do we do? (other cop) fuck if I know. It's my first day.

The little boy Socio tried selling steroids to: For what it's worth, gentlemen, I would be willing to trade some of my freshly squeezed lemonade for some of his top class steroids. Then you guys wouldn't have anything to worry about because nobody is selling steroids or lemonade here.

Cops: Makes sense to me. And yeah in all honesty the lemonade was a problem too. It's against the peen code here. So if you boys can work something out where neither of you are selling here, we can be on our way back to fill in the blank.

Socio narrows his eyes. Even he senses something is foul here.............

Socio: Make your way back to.... FILL IN THE BLANK? Bro.

The cops loosen their collars. They's sweating like pigs. They're trembling, looking back and forth at each other then back at Socio and the little kid Socio wants to sell the best all natural vegan steroids on the market to. One of the cops has pissed himself.

It's starting to seem that the cops look nervous. It took us all a while to figure it out but yup there's the brown slush oozing out from the bottom of their pant legs to confirm they're shitting themselves.

BUT WHY??????????????

Yes why. It's a question. A question someone might ask somebody that looks nervous as fuck and just pissed and shat themselves like the monkeys that keep sneaking the damn laxative gummies! But this person (or in this case people) aren't the monkeys that keep sneaking the laxa-gum-blasts! Oh no they're not!

The anticipation has built so much of a hardened, slippery wall that it would make Donald Trump ejaculate into a thousand directions at once while simultaneously being able to scream the name of every woman he's ever made sweet sweet love to, plus as a bonus the names of every man and child! Ow ow ow! Boom chicka chicka wow wow!

CT Fletcher: I command you to grow! I COMMAND IT!!!! RAISE THY WEIGHT OR BE A FUCKIN' BITCH!

Socio strains. His veins pop the fuck out like some random example of something that pops out a lot. I dunno, fill it in yourself, I only got paid ten bucks and a reacharound to narrate this bullfuck. So yeah Socio's straining to lift an ungodly amount of weight that no human should ever be able to. CT Fletcher looks at the camera and makes us zoom in on the big ass plates loaded onto the bar. Oh wow that's really impressive I'm supposed to say. Looks like fake weights to me but yeah the camera right now sees what easily adds up to and surpasses 1000kg!

And he was curling.

With one arm.


He lifts the weight successfully. There is a pause to allow for everyone to let it sink in and accept what they just witnessed with their own however many eyes.

Socio turns to the window and points out toward the parking lot of the gym. It's unclear why he does this as he yells loud as fuck.......

Socio: MAXINE BRO! LOOKS LIKE TOMORROW NIGHT IT'S GONNA BE ALLLL ABOUT YOU AND ME GOIN' ALLLLL DAY AND ALL NIGHT LONG BAYBAYBAYBAY!!! Bitch you might be fine as fuck, shit I might even admit to you being hotter than the girl I got a secret crush on but won't say it's Vita. But yeah I dunno where the fuck you been all my life or how the fuck I ain't seen your sexy fuckin' ass walking around before but guuuurl let me lay it into you like this.........

Socio walks up to the window and starts caressing it with his open, sweaty palms. The trail of grease they leave as he slowly drags them over the glass is so thick that there's no way to make out what's on the other side.

Socio: I'm gonna try to have sex with Maxine.

[Image: z7q2bIs.jpg]
[Image: VK2ozDK.png]

(11-08-2019 09:52 PM)Amjetkun Socio Said:  "It's better to know if everything fuckin' sucks nice and early so you can be fuckin' miserable the whole time instead of being surprised later."

"Keeping this positive mindset is what has gotten me so fuckin' far in life."

"I am undefeated since my epic return bro! I fucked up a bunch of people ha ha! Don't make yourself next, dude!"

"Wow look at me beating off looking at nude pics of Vita that I took when she didn't know ha ha ha!" (plz don't tell her)
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