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Shooting at the idiots.
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Kieran Overton Offline
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12-01-2019 12:35 AM

TV title contendership discussions shoot.

"Seems like I get placed in a lot of title contention matches, don't I? I want wrestlers to start proving themselves, including me and this match is it. Three idiots, of course, want the shot for the TV title. I don't care or need to hear what you three have said about me because quite frankly, all of you are a waste of space. I can be creative by saying shit myself. If the belt is on the Savage brand, then why is Skully in this match? Last I checked, there were no Warfare wrestlers allowed to compete for the belt, but I guess it's globally. I'm sure you're good, but I don't have time to study what SkullHead has been up to or what matches he's won because quite frankly, I don't give a shit.

However, I know the other two, considering they are on my brand, people like Blackwater. You know the other day when I went to walk with my friends, and then I saw dirty water in the lake which spells trouble if your Donovan Blackwater. Are you sure you want to wrestle with how toxic you are? As I mentioned to Skull head, give me any kinds of shit you like, but I'll sit here and can't be arsed for what people will say about me. That's the attitude I have, along with calling female wrestlers staying in the kitchen. Everything will be the same, but you stay away from being in the dirty water because you will die if you continued messing about with dangerous water that can kill anyone.

Then we have a bolt of thunder called Thunder Knuckles. Who's so packed with energy, only I will stop him from doing so because he's a perfect definition of being a fucking joke. The guy doesn't deserve to be a champion in this company because he has done nothing to earn it. Again, I haven't studied people's wins and losses because I don't give a shit about them. All I care about is me, and it's funny to call yourself Thunder Knuckles when Knuckles in Sonic doesn't even use electricity. Or you can wear gloves with electric bolts coming out from the glove, but I suppose you never thought about that. What sort of sense does it make to call yourself Thunder Knuckles when you don't even bring proper electricity in the ring with you?

You're just a pathetic entertainer who needs to joke around with people. I entertain people with my fucking mouth. You might be overweight and ugly looking guy like myself, but I still don't like you because you're garbage and as I said, I don't care for what you usually say or do, but I can't figure out your nickname at all. Blackwater seems to be from what I remember one of this friendly goodie too shoes guy who wants everyone to treat him with respect. Respect him for what? Taking a shit in the park? Na, fuck out of here. I only respect my, myself and I. I'm going to fuck all four of you up or crack skull head's with my kicks and knees to knock him down.

I haven't forgotten about the TV title contention match being on the line for the match, which to many people is important, but I much prefer going for the X-treame title over the TV, but it'll do for now on this destructive beast's path of rising to greatness with giving each one of my opponents with a ton of pain and suffering because they are pussies and being too skinny and thin doesn't matter anymore because it's about money for some people or hurting people in my case for fun because I'm a violent wreaking machine and nobody is going to get in my way to win this match because Donovan may have beaten me in the past, but he's not going to win this time, no way, no black waters will pollute the company with waving his belt around and I will beat everyone down with and without weapons to win the match, 1,2,3 with me advancing to facing against whoever the TV champion is this Sunday."

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