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12-01-2019 12:31 AM

We are just a few hours away from the next XWF mega event entitled LETHAL LOTTERY 5! Everybody is gearing up for what appears to be the XWF's biggest event of the year. The Lethal Lottery tournament began in 2014 and has had a bevy of stars win the tournament. Sid Feder or Poppa Feder to some people was the first winner. And many have followed him. 4 teams remain and we will see who will be the sole winner of the tournament. Sadly, we will not see Peter Gilmour in the tournament as he was ousted last time on Savage by Big Shank and Vita Valenteen. He then was assaulted by THE Tristan Slater who is Peter's opponent at this very event. It will be in Peter's wheelhouse as it is an Xtreme Rules grudge match.

These two men have beaten the hell out of each other and blood has been spilled. But who will win this Xtreme battle? Will Tristan beat Peter in his own match? Or will Peter make do on his promise to end Chris Page and his band of goons once and for all? Can Peter do it? What weapons will they use? In any event, it should be an EXPLOSIVE match between two guys who hate each other. We will see what happens at LETHAL LOTTERY tomorrow night from South Africa.

We open the scene to a room with a black backdrop on the wall and the XWF logo shining bright upon it. Nobody is there as of yet but we here some commotion between the camera crew. Maybe they're making last second adjustments to the camera and mic. Who knows with those guys.

Anyways, we see a man and a woman come into the scene. We pan up to see that it is none other than the KING OF XTREME Peter "Oh my lordy, SUCK THAT MIGHTY DICK" Gilmour flanked as always by his demon assassin Valerie Sky. Valerie is in an all black outfit with her facepaint on in different colors. Peter has his hair down and is wearing a black shirt and pants. Total badass here. Peter and Valerie look at each other then get ready to speak to us.

Peter: So, tomorrow night is LETHAL LOTTERY 5. 5 years of this great tournament my demon. I have been in them all. I can remember the very first Lethal Lottery, back when I was just getting started here in the XWF. I didn't have a chance in hell of winning it but by the grace of SATAN himself, I got to the semi finals of the tournament but was bested in that round. After that event, people started to notice me and became my fans. They were cheering for me and buying my merch, which you can still buy now on

Peter gives a sarcastic thumbs up for the cheap plug. He smiles wickedly as Valerie chuckles a bit. Peter then calms himself and speaks to us again.

Peter: Ok, enough with the cheap plugs. Let's get down to business shall we? This is the 5th year of the event and once again I'm sitting on the sidelines watching others battle for the briefcase or whatever they will get this year. I was so close to getting to the semis but was beaten by Vita and Shank. My partners didn't really help much. I mean Ruby did a good job and Kris Von Bonn did an ok job but we got beat and we're out of this tournament. 5 fuckin years and not a sniff of the finals. That will change next year I promise you all that.

But this year, I have a match. And it is going to be the most horrific match in XWF history. This match is going to be bloody, it is going to be gory, and flat out XTREME. This is my domain and where I thrive. Now my record in these matches isn't pretty but I still beat the shit out of my opponents. And my opponent for Lethal Lottery is a man that thinks he's all that. He's a former World Champion and hangs around with a fruit loop named Chris Page. Yes, I'm talking about THE Tristan Slater.

Tristan my friend, it has come down to this. A Xtreme Rules match. My domain brother. This is where I get to beat you like the bitch that you are. I get to use any weapon I get my hands on. Barbed wire bat, chairs, light tubes, c-4 explosives, anything I can get to put you away for good and leave your bloody body in front of your dickriding buddies Adam Barker and Chris Page.

Now when I first saw you was way back when I was a nobody here in the XWF. You ruled the fed with an iron fist. You were the man back then. But what about now? What have you become Tristan? I'll tell you what you've become. You've become a arrogant, pompous, piece of dog shit! You hang around with Chris Page who is going to get his ass kicked by my good friend Shane Carver. He couldn't beat Robert Main and he couldn't even beat my best friend Soldier. So he decides to try his luck with the former owner of this place. Too bad he's going to lose and I hope Shane leaves some of him for me so I can beat the shit out of that fa... oh sorry can't say that word right? Stupid censorship.

In any case, Tristan, I can't wait to get my hands on you. What you did on Savage was just heinous. Real classy there buddy. You handcuff me and then beat the shit out of me with a kendo stick just because I did the same to you back on Warfare a few weeks ago. I knew you were going to attack me, yet I was already winded from my match on Savage that I wasn't prepared for your arrival. I'll admit you beat the shit out of me. But there is one thing you didn't do to me. You didn't finish the job. I'm still here breathing buddy. It's gonna take a whole lot more than a few kendo stick shots to beat me. Sure, I spilled some blood. So f'n what! I've bled buckets fort his fuckin' promotion and by God I should be Universal Champion again. The ratings went through the roof when I was champ. I'm not lying there go look it up you lazy fuck.

But yeah, I've bled before. Not the first time and certainly won't be the last time I bleed. I know this match coming up is going to be very bloody and it might push me past my limits. But I will sacrifice my body once more to prove that I am the Xtreme ICON. I'll take a few kendo stick shots. A few light tubes to the head. Barbed wire, c-4 explosives. Been there done that. That's why I'm a 8 time Deathmatch Champion in Japan. I'm an animal in that ring when it gets Xtreme. And you're going to find out first hand why I am the most sadistic, most brutal and most vicious person in all of the XWF. I'm going to make you bleed and scream for mercy. But I won't give you any mercy. I'm going to beat the hell out of you and drop you in front of Chris Page and Adam Barker a bloody, broken mess. They'll have to mop the ring just from all the blood we will spill.

So Tristan, you can come out here flapping your vagina saying you're going to beat me and shut me up. You can come out here spewing your venom and calling me names. I don't give a shit about any of that. Your words will be the fuel I need to give you the most vicious beating I've ever given an opponent. Worse than my matches in Japan. And they were brutal let me tell you.

But tomorrow night will be very different. Like I said, I'm going to use whatever weapons I can get my hands on. We're going to go all over that arena in South Africa and make those Africans go fuckin' crazy. Hell, we may see some people puke from all the chaos we will deliver. It's going to be fuckin' EPIC I assure you Tristan.

I can't fuckin' wait for tomorrow night my demon. You will see first hand the destruction that I will hand out. Hell, maybe I'll make a sacrifice to your master and give him Tristan's head on a silver platter. I bet he'll like me more for that you think?

Valerie: Just the sound of his bones breaking will be fine by me. But yes, his head or dead body will be sufficient to the hive. The shadows will eat his rotting corpse and throw the bones away. It will be a exciting feast I assure you. Just get the job done!

Peter: Don't worry about that. Just try to stay out of my way. I don't need you getting seriously hurt.

Valerie: I'll try to stay away. But I can handle myself you mere mortal. The hive and the shadows will have my back.

Peter is unsure about Valerie's promise as he gives her a weird look.

Peter: Ok whatever you say my demon. Tristan, back to you buddy. Tomorrow night, we will get Xtreme and we will beat the shit out of each other. But when all is said and done, one man will be left standing. And that man.. IS ME! I will stand over your bloody corpse even if I'm bleeding like a virgin on her period. I will not quit and I will not go down without a fight. I will show these idiots in the crowd and in the back why I'm still relevant in this company. After this match, everyone will be chanting my name. GILLY! GILLY! GILLY!

And as for you, they'll be picking your body up from the canvas and putting you in the morgue after the shit I do to you. So be prepared for your funeral. I assure you this will be the last time we ever meet in that ring.

So tomorrow night Tristan Slater.. your pathetic ass will get taken...

Valerie and Peter in unison.. TO THE XTREEEEEEEEEEEME!!

The demonic duo begin to laugh very wickedly as the begin to head out of the shot. We begin to fade out with Peter and Valerie still laughing as they leave the room. The scene now begins to quickly FADE TO BLACK!


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