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11-30-2019 11:28 PM

The room was lit only by a candle sitting in the middle of a wooden table. Chris Chaos sat in a chair, his face only dimly lit by the small flame. He had a somber look on his face, but something about it seemed.......content.

"I came back to this company for a reason. Sure, maybe some may view it as a selfish reason, but it is what it is. I came back to this company because they are what I strive to be, the best. There is nowhere out there quite like this place, and believe me I have tried. I bounced around like a pin ball from place to place after I left here. I tried to ride in on my white horse, claiming XWF on my resume because it was the only thing I had left to validate myself after I let my career slip away. I have nobody to blame but myself for all that happened to me, but I was so obsessed with being the Chris Chaos I wanted to be I couldn't be the Chris Chaos I needed to be. I took my ball and went home because I realized I was in over my head. For the first time in my life, I wasn't in control of the chaos, so to speak. I couldn't handle it. Jenny had left, sought greener pasture's, and was successful. She was in other company's, winning titles and I was sitting home, moping about how I just didn't have it anymore.

Hell, I even joined a federation run by Gabe Reno. Go ahead, censor the name if you need to, whatever helps you sleep at night. But that was the low point I hit. Me and him sat around, shared a Scotch or ten, and talked shit like middle school lunchrooms about XWF and how awful they were. How Vinnie was corrupt, how the upper management were nothing but Stepford Managers who clapped encouragement and fair play but had to wipe the brown off their nose at least three times a day. Oh, he had a field day. I did as well. Did I believe any of this? Deep down, to be honest, no. I did not. Here I was, thinking I was a big boy and had overcome one of the major obstacles in my life, settled my differences, and laughed with someone I told myself I hated.

Truth is, he is a spiteful, hateful human being who is never going to change.

Truth is, all that did was make me miss this place even more. All the memories we brought up, though in jest, made me reminisce in the times that were spent here. I realized that through all the bullshit, I really was Dorothy, living in a dream.

There was no place like home.

Throughout my time off, I was keeping tabs on the XWF. I was watching the landscape change. I saw Hanari Carnes come in, speaking of gardeners, and an influx of talents much like him. New characters, new gimmicks, new faces. That is one thing about the XWF, there is never a shortage of warm bodies they label as wrestlers. I thought many times about coming back but I was too worried about my image. Too worried about how deep the hole was that I myself had dug, and how if I abandoned my quest for the Universal Title that I was doing myself a disservice. It wasn't until I saw one of my opponents in this match, Hanari Carnes, almost single handedly defeat the majority of APEX that I began to raise an eyebrow. I thought to myself about how this guy, who really isn't even that good, was able to do something I spent a full calendar year trying to do. I saw Soldier come in and knock off Robert Main like Mario jumping on a gumba.....and it clicked. I knew right then that the entire XWF fault line was beginning to split apart. That times were changing. I knew this was a time to make a move.

Guys like Ned Kaye were getting opportunities, and air time. Guys who were good, but never great, were becoming main stream. Guys who got chance after chance but always seemed to come up short were given the same attention as champions. Men who have a briefcase, and could take a shot at the champ any time they wanted, but hold on to it like the last TV at Wal-Mart on Black Friday are getting the spotlight now. The days of bug rying the mid card are over. Shit, the XWF feels like Germany after World War 2 ended. A new dawn and a new world. Guys who have only heard about Chris Chaos, and heard about the legacy I left behind. Guys who look at the Universal Title history and see my name there, knowing only that I held it but never got a chance to feel the spear themselves, never got a chance to be equalized......

Guys like Ned Kaye have made a living off being mediocre. There are no more legends left on this roster, other than Soldier. While I realize that new legends are in the process of being made, there is nobody there currently. They need a legend in their life, they need to see how the business runs when someone like me is in it. Someone like me can change the entire culture here. Forget the title chases, someone like me can shape the entire company just by merely being on the roster.

..............and there is the old Chris Chaos! I mean the original Chris Chaos! It took me this long to find him, to find myself, but here I am. Guys like Ned Kaye are loaded to the gills with talent but they are heading down the same road I did. They are heading for a slide because their ego is bigger than the North Pole. Guys like him need a reality check. Consider me a Martyr because 6 months ago, I wouldn't have been able to do this but now..........oh yes, now........I am in this to BUILD a future here, not just expect one. Legacies, sure, they are fun, but they can always be re-built. Win or lose tomorrow night, Chris Chaos is back and nobody on the XWF roster is safe.

This roster is loaded now, but was swiss cheese when I left. After APEX died, the talent came flooding in. The problem is, they are all so bland and boring. New faces, new names, new lacadasical attitude. Nobody has that drive anymore. This match is a defining moment in the entire event. It is going to decide who is going to face the overrated and overindugled, generic and flat out boring Centurian.


In the XWF nowadays, guys can fuck sea creatures and get title shot after title shot. Jim said it himself. Opportunity after opportunity.....and all he has to hang his hat on is the Heavymetalweight Title. It is people like him that made my decision that much easier........

But people like him that made me realize that not only did I need the XWF in my life, but they need me. They don't need me holding the top belt right now, hell they don't even need me holding the second top belt, but they need me to shake things up. It has been far too long since I laced a pair of boots under the blue and white letters, and it is going to feel so good to go in there and kick some ass again.

I look at this from the prospective of a fresh start. You see....when I first began here I was greener than a one dollar bill. I was spunky, fearless, and I blasted everyone in my path. I built my way to the top by saying exactly how I felt and not giving a fuck who was offended by it. I built my career in the beginning by being the best I could be, and never backing down from any sort of competition. Winning the Universal Title fucked me up, because when I lost it, I lost myself. I lost who I was, I lost who I wanted to be, and I became a shell of the person who had busted his ass to get there. If I have to run through the mid card again to prove myself, I will. If I have to run through a cycle of belts, competing on various levels of competition, I will. If I have to lose in the beginning to win in the end, I will. This is a fresh start, a new beginning, and even though records last forever, I am forgetting the past ever happened. This is a whole new demon you are all dealing with, and this demon is like nothing you have ever seen before.

And this demon is going to be here for a very, very long time.

I am home, and there is no place I would rather be."

He blows out the candle......the wind whistles outside as the camera cuts off.

[Image: GIIPyii.gif]

[Image: XEAuNYf.jpg]
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