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Collab #4 from the Muscle-Mind Connection bro we fuckin' killt this shit on lockdown!
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11-30-2019 08:22 PM

Random 5 second clip of something that will happen during this promo to get you even more excited and amped the fuck up about it:
Replay:Amjetkun Socio's face is swollen the fuck up bro. *THWOMP!* A second dumbbell hits him in the face.
Well did it work? Did that tiny clip somehow make you more excited about what's to come? DID IT BITCH?!?

Let's hit it! Click to play that music bruh!

Bro the scene opens up with a dumbbell in mid flight heading right for Mastermind's face but he catches it. He throws the fuckin' thing back at my face and I catch it. That's right broh's we're training like real men up in this muh'fuckin bitch and playing dumbbell catch!


Oh god fuck ing dam mit! It's always me who gets hit in the gottdamn face with the dumbbell! Fuck!! Now I need to ice my sexy ass fuckin' face down or the shit's gonna puff up like all the skinny boys' chests do whenever they see THE PATH MAKER walking along making them look like inferior lil' fuckboiz n' shit! BAYUM! My shit's poppin! Sad thing is I'm talking about my face dude! My face is swollen the fuck up bro. *THWOMP!* A second dumbbell hits me in the face. As if the first one didn't leave me swollen enough.

"Fuck bro! Thanks a lot! You threw two dumbbells in my face!"

"Well you did tell me too. You said it gets you fired up."

"Right! I'm saying THANKS a lot bro! Fuck yeah!"

I fistbump my Lethal Trenbolone tournament partner and I figure it's time to train now. But what oh what do I want to train? Should I train chest? Should I train legs? Nah fuck legs. Should I train ARMS? Fuuuuuuuuuuck Yeaaaaaah! I should but I already trained arms 9 days this week, twice on Monday and Thursday with an 8 hour arm workout an hour ago. Soooooo yeah I'm thinking I'M FUCKIN PUUUUUUMPED! My arms are jacked bro! Look at these shits!

Brohammers, you see these peaks? These cuts? These striations? These fuckin' rock hard chiseled bi's and tri's I got loaded up on my cargo bays? Hell muthafuckin' yeah. When you look at my perfect arms, I want you to answer only 6 questions:
Ok ok so 7 if you count the bro but the bro is like a fuckin' burger or a quick pizza that doesn't even COUNT toward your daily meals bro.

See the thing about it is you can't answer them 6 questions brahbrah. None of you can because nobody has the muscle bellies to hang with me on the field, in the gym, in the ring or in the fuckin' gottdayum streets beeyatch! You think Ruby has muscle bellies don't make me laugh? You think Vita has muscle bellies ok well yeah she has some nice muscle bellies in her booty bro it's poppin BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT DUDE! You think The Big Shanks has musc-HAHAHA sorry couldn't even finish that one it's so ludicrous to even ask! And don't even get me started on Fuzz and his arms I could use to string anal beads on. Dude's cool but let's not pretend he's bringin' the meat.

So back to what should I train now? Fuck it I can't train arms or they'll explode in a bitch's face so that leaves one thing bro....... Jaw.

That's right it's time to train jaw god damn it!!! And what better way to train it than to jack it! Let's wreck some cucktard nutchin tamponcheek fuccbois!

Fuck it dude I've got a partner for this shit right? So I should be able to just talk mad shit and he's there to chime in and give his take too right? FUCKIN' RIGHT BROH! We can jack our shit together! Let's traaaaain jaaawww! Hell yeah!

Ok wow so let's do this shit! Let's exercise that muscle-mind connection like a muh'fuckaaa!

Hey YO! Master MIND! You hear me bruh?

MM: Yeah dude I hear ya. Let's do this.

Suh-weeeeeT! Ok we ain't got time to waste! We need to talk mad shit about these flaming bags of gasoline soaked donkey shit we're booked against so everybody out in TV land knows we wanna hurt them so bad!

Let's start with that ugly ass bitch that's apparently half dog or some shit, Miss no-nut November poster child herself, Ruby!

Bro I got to tell you something straight up and I just don't giiive aaa fuuuuck. I totally didn't watch her gay as promo with Vita! Ha ha! HAHAHA! Fuck it!

MM: Ruby was my 2nd round partner shes got some guts but since shes teamed with Vita shes joined her nutty side.

They think they are super heroes.

Who gives a shit about super heroes.

We can beat them so they are not super duper.

Aw fuck no their asses ain't super duper! Vita's a cool ass bitch but I'll slip her a date rape drug and go to TOWN boy you don't even know! Let me ask you this bro would you rather have sex with Ruby or Vita?

Neither one. You know I'm a married man and neither of them are what I'd necessarily call attractive to begin with.

Fuck bro you make a good point there about being married but I guess if it were me I just wouldn't give a shit and I'd smash. I'd look up at God and I'd be like "broh if I'm married give me a sign right now and have my wife on my dick right now" and then if I'm still alone in the hotel room with some random slut I just met that night and my wife hasn't magically appeared out of thin air then it's like fuck it I KNOW I'm free to get my nut on. You think I'm gonna walk around with full balls day and night when I'm touring the world and setting the trends? I got enough pressure inside of me and enough fullness up inside these muscle bellies baby.

Fuck it Mastermind let's talk about somebody else then. What about my boy Fuzz and that one guy he ended up getting teamed with that nobody can remember? Fuck what's that stupid ass dork's name again?

Do you mean The Big Shanks?

Yeah bro them! The Big Shanks!

Fuck I heard Fuzz and Shanks came up with some gay ass team name like team Fuzzy Shanks but wasn't it obvious from the first rep that they should have been cool as fuck and called themselves The Funkz? I mean if you kinda cram n' jam their names together you end up with that and as a really sweet bonus it doesn't even sound half as fuckin' gay as their chosen Team Fuck My Fuzzy Cankers.

And what's with The Big Shanks not knowing how to stay in the same time in the same day bro? Dude's all over the fuckin' place in a day, first bringing us back to the old glory days in 1890 or whatever when they had the very first X rated show he looked inferior to Fuzz on. Then next thing we know he's in the present but he's tricked us again because instead of the present it was the future backstage at Lethal Lotto waiting to come out and get FUCKIN' WRECKED even though that promo went up a long ass time ago! When where what? Is this dude Doctor Fuckin' Who?




He's Doctor Fuckin' WHO alright! Nobody knows WHO the fuck he is AND he keeps bouncing all over time because he can't handle his shit in the here and now! He's a DOUBLE dose of the WHO!


I should be embarrassed by being this excited by OWNING THE LIVING SHIT out of some dumbass bum who's literally right next to Peter Gilmour in the top 50 of all time but I can't help it! It's fuckin' pumping me up bro! The Big "Doctor Fuckin' Who" Shanks! HA HA HA Oh my fuckin' gawd bro that's never gonna get old!!! Who is he? Where is he? WHEN is he? Oh fuck, what's that you say? He's already teleported ahead 9 pay per views in his promo yesterday? Cool! That's The Big Shanks! What? He's back in 1776 when they signed the XWF's very first ancient scrolls dictating that future generations must always be forced to pretend they're not as swole as the old dudes? Sweet bro! That's Doctor Fuckin' Who for ya!

Bro I'm still going on about this and it's already been a done deal for like ten minutes but The Big Shanks just can't hold my fuckin' heavy ass, extra jumbo sized jock strap with a wheel barrel and a pair of Mechanix gloves. Ol' boy would drop my shit like he's butter fingers every damn time he tries to grip it! I'm tellin' you boy!

These fucks are too easy but you know what that leaves?

Bro, Mastermind, real talk time. Yeah we gotta address the big fat fuckin' smelly ass elephant in the room and I'm not talking about Ruby's out of shape ass. I'm talking about the fact that after we dispose of all these other cats it's gonna come down to you and me in that ring broheimer and that's when all bets are OFF like a woman's sexual desire as soon as she turns on a shitty ass Mastermind promo! Fuck dude your shit could be used as a gottdamn effective form of free birth control for the masses and also STD prevention because I can guaran-shittin-tee man woman or child straight gay or bi NO BODY and I fuckin' mean





is gonna be able to make sweet sweet love with a muthafuckin' promo on in the background from The Master Of The Minds himself! Fuck a boner! Fuck a wet pussy! Fuck a puckering asshole! It's ALLLLLL out the window as soon as that Mastermind shit pops the fuckin' airwaves like a water balloon popping over your faces that ends up really having been filled with piss instead of water oh shit that's fucked bro! Fuck! Done bitch! You KNOW that sexual desire IS. DONE. BITCH. PERIOD.

Now what brings me to all this sexy talk when it comes to your work Mastermind? Well broh I got bad news for ya but it turns out back at the mansion your wife was sneaking into the bed with me when I was having wet dreams about working up a hot ass sweat in the gym! She tried to lay hands on me bro! SHE TRIED TO LAY HANDS ON THIS BOY WITH THE BIG OL' SWOLE! That tells me she needs a hot hard dose of some of your best promos to make her want to stuff burning charcoal up her pussay and calm her lust for these muscle bellies.

756856vb&BV97^Bbv9576V76b5n&(9b86&^&*!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!


All fuckin' hell breaks looks as another bro narrator takes over and Mastermind just starts beating down on Socio like he raped his dog or something. Or I guess in this case like he insulted the ever living shit out of the man's wife!

Oh wait! Socio blocks a headbutt from Mastermind with a headbutt of his own and it works!

"Fuckin' forehead bitch! Yeah!"

Well we know who trains forehead between these two but what happens now when they lock up? Oh shit it's Socio just shoving Mastermind like 100 feet back like he was a small child's doll specifically. Socio runs at Mastermind but oh shit Mastermind uses the power of his mind to make it so Socio is running an anti-virus scan on his computer instead of running at him trying to kill him! Fuckin' smooth!

Socio doesn't know the first thing about running an AV scan on his computer so he's stumped as fuck right now. It would be the same as if he were just standing there all dizzy with cute little birds twiddling and diddling all around his face.

BOOM! Fuckin' BOOM! Mastermind just threw the trash can filled with steroids at Socio! Oh no! Not that! It's too much steroids at once even for him!

Socio explodes and screams like a bag of shit and his muscle bellies GRRRROWWWW in slow motion while the rest of his body and eyes all pulsate super fast to make up for the slow motion-ness of the muscle belly grow-ness going on up in this bitch-ness. You know what tho? This fuckin' dumbass bag of steroid needles just started his own fuckin' business literaly RIGHT NOW as a counter attack to Mastermind trying to run up and kick him in the dick! Super mutated GROWTH MAKER Amjetkun Socio THE NEEDLER OF THOSE NEEDING TO BE NEEDLED just starts a fuckin' business as his counter attacks and here's the business broh's! Check it out!

And yeah if you were paying attention and trying to tie this fuckin' horse shit promo together in a way that makes sense you might have noticed this new business and fresh looking banner were all made using Amjetkun "The Classiest Oat Cracker of The Gods" Socio's shitty anti-virus program that he didn't know how to use before Mastermind had the bright idea to give him super steroid powers beyond the tenth hundredth millitantond degreecree strombombleebumfuck or whatever the fuck he did.

Look at this shit banner. Look at that picture of Socio with his muscle bellies hanging up in the right corner looks like a retarded crack baby inhaling paint and gas fumes cut that picture out and pasted it on there. And oh great he's showing us the difference his version of "hard work" can do with I guess a before and after shot where the after shot looks like he's a cancer patient being electrocuted or some shit.

The banner confuses Mastermind. Remember they're still fighting right now and this new business that doesn't have a name but has a banner was the counter attack and OH SHIT it takes Mastermind down! He's down! He's down as fuck to order from the website! He's ordering the all natural steroid pills! He's ordering the 100% vegan human growth hormone pollen! He's ordering the all-in-1 home muscle belly maker for only $49,999 USD!

Socio suplexes Mastermind right out of the website and Mastermind regains his focus on the battle at hand. Those steroid deal website deals were some good deals but it's time to deal some punishment! Mastermind tackles Socio through a wall and both men fall several floor down into the abyss pit. There are dead skeletons and detached muscle bellies from fallen warriors of the past littered all over the abyss pit. Mastermind and Socio look around and realize they must kill each other to survive!


They charge each other, spiked maces in each of their hands, and their shields send the loudest CLANGS ever heard echoing across the lands.


Socio flies mouth-first toward Mastermind and opens his jaws to about 10 times the size his mouth should be but somehow Mastermind has reversed it into THE CHAIR OF MASTERMIND!!!

Socio can't help but to resist pressing the chair into the heavens and getting a pump wait no fuck I said that wrong I meant to just say he can't resist sorry bro this narration shit is for the birds and I don't mean the turkeys I ate whole for Thanksgiving dinner last month. Yup last month was my Thanksgiving because I can dance and dart all around time like The Big Shanks can!

If there was ever a point.

A single, solitary point.

At any time during this or any of the Muscle-Mind Connection's promos.

That you doubted the presence of massive, massive, massive amounts of drugs.

Please slap yourself up right now bitch.

"IT'S MUTHAFUCKIN' SHAKE TIIIIIME, GOD DAMN IT! LOAD 'ER UP!" *BzlzzzlzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!* (the sound of the blender mixing up dem sweet sweet all natural druggo's baybay! Order yours yesterday!)

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[Image: VK2ozDK.png]

(11-08-2019 10:52 PM)Amjetkun Socio Said:  "It's better to know if everything fuckin' sucks nice and early so you can be fuckin' miserable the whole time instead of being surprised later."

"Keeping this positive mindset is what has gotten me so fuckin' far in life."

"I am undefeated since my epic return bro! I fucked up a bunch of people ha ha! Don't make yourself next, dude!"

"Wow look at me beating off looking at nude pics of Vita that I took when she didn't know ha ha ha!" (plz don't tell her)
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