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New Beginnings
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11-30-2019 03:15 PM

Ruby walked into her apartment, her suit clinging to her body, drenched with sweat. She was still panting from the exertions earlier that night.

Fighting alongside Vita had been as eye-opening as it had been exhausting, and the Tiny Canadian dragged herself over to her couch, longing for its soft embrace. And yet, as she felt her body grow heavier and heavier the deeper she sank into the cushions, the more restful her mind seemed to become. Because there was still one splinter in her brain, driving her mad. One she was unable to pinch out or ignore. Her Anarchy Championship defense at Lethal Lottery.

It was gonna be rough. It was gonna be tough. Even if she didn’t have her Lethal Lottery semi final match. But as fun as tonight admittedly had been, in spite of Vita’s antics, here she was dealing with a cat of a different kind. One that sunk its claws deep into you and didn’t let go.

She sat up straight, her fingers reaching for the elastic band at the back of her head. She snapped her mask loose and held it in her hands.

Ruby: “Tonight’s been fun, hasn’t it, bud? A proper reunion, eh? You were right. I do need you. You give me identity. You give me purpose. But…

She softly shook her head, her ponytail gently wagging.

Ruby: “This one? This one is something I have to deal with all by myself. All by my lonesome. Just me. No façade.”

She got up and put the mask in the back of her dressing cabinet.

[Image: giphy.gif]

From Ruby’s Go-Pro

We meet our heroine of this particular promo on an open field, seemingly not too far removed from a forest. She’s not alone, either, there are a few dozen people scattered all over, each busy with their task at hand. Most of them are wearing shovels, others saplings or bags of seeds, and it quickly becomes apparent what they’re doing. Ruby points the Go-Pro at her face.

Ruby: “Yo, what’s good in the hood, my guys? Rubes here, and today I’m gonna tell you a little bit about the work we’re doing here. See, this was one of the area’s ravaged by wildfires lately, and it’s important we try and restore what was lost. How’s that for an analogy, eh? But seriously, guys, we’re planting trees today, from seeds and acorns to young up-and-coming saplings. Because from small beginnings, a mighty forest might yet grow. It’s important we take care of the lungs of our planet, because without them we’d be flipped beyond belief. So I’m here today to help out, because this is the only planet we got, and we need to take care of it. And we all need to do our own part.”

Ruby places the Go-Pro on the ground, aiming at herself while she places a sapling into a freshly dug hole. She gets on her knees and starts to cover up the roots.

Ruby: “Besides, it’s relaxing. Gives me something else to think about than my upcoming match against good ole Lackers. And seeing as one of us is gonna end up in an actual dumpster real soon, I’m taking every chance I can get to enjoy a bit of nature. And besides…”

She finishes covering up the roots and gives the soil a few pats, making sure the stem is securely dug in.

Ruby: “I can’t let my peeps down, eh? I got a lot of people standing up and congratulating me after my title win, for which they have my thanks. But the honest to God’s truth is, that if Sarah beats me at Lethal Lottery, it’ll all have been for nothing. But before I get into that, I just want to make her a promise. I know I’m pulling double duty at the Lethal Lottery. Meaning I’m in for one rough ride. But I will not, I repeat: NOT! Use that as an excuse if I come up short. Because Lord knows that you could beat anybody on even their best day. I’m not the person to make excuses if I come up short. If I was, I’d have lived a life full of those.

“See, you and I, we’ve been making these Thanos references all the time, right? You came into XWF and you hit us with the Snap. Or Blip, if you prefer. Then I came, and I went for the head. At Lethal Lottery, this is you coming back from the past to assert your dominance and wipe everybody out all over again. I can’t let that happen. Or my title victory will be as meaningless as a Peter Gilmour Promise of Chastity. So consider me Dr. Strange, planting the seeds of a future in which you’re eradicated. And consider me the symbol of all that is good and wholesome come crashing down on you. I said I’d bring Order to Anarchy since Day One. And winning the title was a step I the right direction. But if I wanna fulfill my true mission, the one that will make our brand respectable, then it doesn’t stop here.”

Ruby sits down next to the sapling and gently strokes its still vulnerable leaves like a watchful guardian.

Ruby: “This forest may have burned down. But I’m here to take care of it. Planting new seeds and giving new life a chance. And once I’m finished, this will grow into a mighty forest. This isn’t the end, Sarah. And neither is Lethal Lottery. There are new beginnings all around us. But first? First I have to make sure it can never burn again… Firestarter. I’ll see you at the dump!”

She rolls through, kips up and does a hands-free cartwheel, picking up the Go-Pro when in mid-air. A few shaky images later, it cuts to black.

[Image: M82teYF.png]
[Image: tumblr_mrokhgllct1sqhiuzo2_500.gif]
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